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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Callers could not take advantage of LB missing the boat on the questions this time as topics covered are most cats right handed, Madonna doing name checks in a song, how many women have a third nipple, and the world record for eating a 12 inch pizza.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to -- you -- it's a again still please I've not Fernando and I just watched the whole scale -- that will I'm on the other side tonight with a jacuzzi. Is this walk before. Crusty man I mean people would choose their toenails -- -- -- facts she Max. Called out to try to win a pair of tickets to see Lincoln park at the X and eighty center this Saturday is that after inauguration in the weather looks good this weekend so. Being nice night to be out enjoying Linkin Park action Max. -- -- Every once in awhile. Challenge between now Lyndon byers and do you find listeners for intellectual supremacy hello Eddie. They know what's going on everybody how are you anti. Fantastic yourself. I'm OK yeah. Hash tag ocean park strong and he would handle little flooding up in Maine state -- I'm gonna try to where you from any. -- and over okay. -- the world record before eating an entire twelve inch pizza is 31 seconds. Back. -- -- Twelve -- -- yeah they're not -- I'm gonna go away. Fact only can they think. That's a little bit smaller than your regular -- it so yeah. -- I'm I'm gonna go on medical thought. -- -- Enough for NAFTA and if Kobe -- watt hours now he's not even the reigning champ by crazy ladies non crazy legs disease these parents Joyce -- something that's -- -- -- that there in the sixty dad died -- twelve minutes. I thought I would think it might be even faster but it is a fact men in him. Sorry what 41. Point three seconds. C 4041. -- that's -- 41 point three seconds and the twelve inch pizza hello Andy. You Andy how are you. -- Great where do you come from. I have great night Andy -- And to do two of every five women have a third nipple. That. Act -- -- map and number we were trivial occur or else -- wrap you in his hands on just for the record can I hate being a top. Yeah I'll I dated a growth throw line time that happened you think third -- you always equate our third -- to a third -- to -- you have a data that is not have pushed -- blue fact that laughter I think it's a hernia and slam. -- -- I would but you do it it's just like a little bit yeah if it gets touched my life yeah it's it's got to be fair it's. It's not it's only one out of every 51 out of every fifteen women it's some analysts is that -- -- the superfluous superfluous nipple there is that like it it I wonder if that's like the circumcision debate. Well you give the guy had to replicate what I acquired it and there had an election I think you should call on third and I you know. Let's ask Christen who's playing the game next -- and if you have a third nipple would you tell the guy before you fool around. Probably not now. Would be say hi -- like early. You know what's funny is practically all -- I think it only just like a little itty itty. Like now we had bacterial yeah yeah pretty critical thing really. Booklet and it like altering. You know the limit mile -- -- meal looks like is it now it. Hasn't it hasn't been faster now it doesn't -- I don't. Chris then Chris in all sixteen celebrities. That Madonna name checked in her hit song vogue are now dead fact bush Mac. Back with. Gosh isn't that why she did -- certainly wasn't that the -- -- you know I don't really anonymous on a fan and I I didn't see the book with a woman naked -- Garcia. That he does have a hot body and I will all come clean cam and I did -- seem Madonna -- you went -- and -- gonna show you didn't we were front -- of course you're as -- point down I mean I'm. Well here so much to me the that that's the it. Watson. Who. A lot of the symbolic. What the answer factors. I wrote him over grappling with as -- this track it's this is back. Yes it is back the last one to go was more important. Correct spots and Bob Randle was the fifteenth down to pass away that's a good candidate to know hello Becky. Mark how are you Becky. And it wouldn't -- -- back. -- I'm. From Maine. And. Hash tag ocean -- I'm Becky. -- 90%. Of caps at this question answered in you know 90%. Of cats are right he ended. Well doctor should act. -- And you know it's great. Again. We have a -- His name was Turkey. It was a thirty pounder but he was gray he was a complete street thug now would leave anyway he Hollywood due mostly in the out as any come in the house the morning. Now he ego he's been gone till we come back either -- begun to come back was another left and that's the reason it -- -- -- -- because every time you want Miami not his ball young schmuck yes -- -- cut different for blood I always thought with the right off with a right screw it's back. H back to 50%. 50% or right handed. 40% are left handed and 10% are in by doctorates that's out there pretty pictures and be Dexter this.