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Hill-Mail 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics included the rain, the new Mass Highway signs, and the Brighton Peeper.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each user -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians hill mail. Those -- -- -- peanuts I'd like my giant bag of cash for being exploited that might not -- out there. For years. On WA. Well messages today. Brought to you by Cadillac of Norway the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the -- mile or online. At Cadillac Norwood dot com. We in -- 802. AM. Good and -- entrapped they're not at why. Did his best. Got down the pike just got that right here outside of our building in beautiful unsafe creepy Brighton Massachusetts dollar -- Planning on getting on the Mass Turnpike east and heading into the city. Plan on and it taking a hole. Heck of a lot of time probably because of the construction in the Victory Lane you sell or rarely the next next month and a half this and the days is the only real -- just gonna blow. Wednesday eight. 27. AM. Who's -- more popular and what pat is here is -- If you don't believe that that it yeah. I don't think that those. You know zebra. John pictures and the donkey jumped pictures yesterday and would not stop coming on to my Twitter -- -- yet you might want to rephrase that they could if you call it you know I would. What has the ability. Really. Amazing hello -- Obscure effort Sunday -- shoot yes. And Walton is different to a spoiled entitled -- of route goes from little Balkans. -- -- -- -- -- I -- you. Fill out turtle Fredricka. Big sneaker collector when -- 4:18. PM. There's -- -- outside right now coming down. -- I think it's. I think it was eight. Isn't that I don't know what really hit driver I think I -- about -- I think I'd be okay. If you really quietly and I don't think -- -- -- -- people -- please try extremely bold and we really care. And keep calm and drive on -- stop it what was the cheesy out of everything we talked about this earlier the minister. What you remember. I give credit to the math Department of Transportation because in May. They threw up on the highway signs the slogan usually a blink yes everybody got a little chuckle. And they decided let's do a contests. What's the slogan that you like this. And they got some phenomenal trees then and yet they choose as as the winning entry. Keep calm and dropping moment and keep comment sparked. -- all the site mad I mean -- com drive what's the point of doing all contests. Appeared on. The issues that create these -- did the best ones. Let public here's some of the best ones -- -- watch -- bike does. Jack yeah Mira. Waiting to answer that tax the best decision Al -- Let us not too long line but that was too long that is like he stopped switching lanes you not going any NASA cut you. If your drive -- -- -- -- -- Someone on your bump up move Joba why did you did you just say move blow buck yeah that's what did you just say is move over. When Tony 908. PM. Okay boys and girls -- and what we weren't. I think it's black hole and admitting what they weren't already -- there were out there and DNA. It is a very specific part of the body would be extremely tomorrow. And apparently. We don't black out the back -- chocolate milk. Thank you very much but there -- -- about Greg. And then now learned from the IR I guess my comment my question. Why this zebras penis is in stride. Freaked a lot of people out they can't believe and that that I asked that question I mean I think it's a valid question you know I LeMay now it seems like a normal that the whole rest of zebra -- -- -- -- -- while in the -- he has Easter I've. A lot of the wildlife experts like captain copper over here. That was a stupid question. 612. -- Independent feel a -- wanna put out. Hey at the -- I don't know ways yeah and -- The need to eat and then. Yeah I acted normally go to -- there but in my rec room where they'll have a heck yeah. That message. You know yeah. Guy died from that. As it was embarrassed about going to the doctor asked NASA today you know lesson learned here for area teachable moment there's nothing. Too embarrassing. When it comes cute. I did like the emergency come up with a creative -- I mean it could slip and fall and all of -- -- -- -- -- remodeling and he's really your -- and four guys -- your parents down today as yesterday crazy thing in my oh. -- -- -- -- Opening act and seeing it video on a nearby school board I'm saving them they. He says it's one of those. No -- apple all the banana I want you know that that oh yeah. Whom the -- a lot of people say. In your ice bucket challenge video you look like a reed Jack teenage mutant ninja turtles are so -- I -- 'cause I don't yeah I got pregnant teenage mutant ninja turtle without the show. I -- my show up here in my shall operate caught a corners. Great challenges finding out there merely for you for a challenge. No I you know I just I think it's really impressive vector. People of -- I'm bored like where were delegates are hurting nearing five million dollars he's saying that I don't. I don't know that I've seen that number he's not on TV and -- that really yet Good Morning America because we're just talking of the data that was one point 301 point 23 I want to -- yes how yes it's blowing out. Now let's nice job you can is filth that's on our FaceBook page yes put her feet. You wanna see LB -- LB answering that challenge. From Bruins president Ian -- And it is like his wrestling here and not much else. Much else else Mike -- Jimmy. Thought that they don't -- -- -- Jimmy. I don't know if you record the other straight to the original question yes. I'm back in the day what Michael Jackson trial indicated described it as a barbershop pole. I it is I thought that was the normal question I don't know but I'm an outline areas. Open hand and hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I note that at Wimbledon I do not. Steve I can barely do elephants and I had but this -- my front line ha ha -- -- you can you define me. More than 24 and. I'd like to say that all the people that things that -- are on order. In the words of the late great George Carlin should be locked inside of portable toilets and gunfire. I disagree yeah percent. I agreed. That -- twenty dew and -- Not -- watch what -- American people. That economic growth. And a bit. Okay. -- but couldn't look at home the message that. Guy -- 91 and one. Because there was that should get I don't know well. Talk about wasting that time. Of people who are trying to save lives but it's there's that chicken in the road so I'm gonna -- 911. Team. That's exactly got a cult there are that stick it out and let it -- which -- crop from the lights out. Think yeah yet this site religious ability -- -- yeah. -- not a terrible questions. Next time. Tonight. He didn't ticket. -- let's hit it. It's one -- once just once again. Probably gonna take the jig and 304050. Seconds to cross the road if you can get some cruisers out here immediately -- helicopter literally doubted it. -- -- -- at a here's a oh here's the Texas says if -- -- That you're gonna out him on the show for going to the Madonna concert he never went up and never would challenge DO -- ten years when Aaron yeah. I don't -- of them on now -- -- -- yeah we talked about some returns -- are we talking what Madonna is sometimes mentioned about. I -- zillion reasons it was back -- the -- you're young guys the had a shot there you know move on ourselves. Yeah that was early Rochelle whereas other times I'll be fist bumping and and -- high five invoking yet did you when cam Bogut and obviously we don't you don't dance the president has -- -- -- -- if you have the power you you're you're in -- the best shape your life you're you're the best that you -- you and your plan. Pro hockey thing you -- -- you know Whitney Houston went to -- -- -- costs. -- I'm -- the after party we get -- to react according to the Virginia is just think you know what what if Whitney. Wants to go to the doctor and ask you to -- What moon and again. -- all pet -- that he can hit. It. Yeah. And. What message. Not the better place. The winners though I'm kind of jealous they received a fifty dollar gift certificates. For any mass DOT. Rest area that they would like you does that leave it we take you know -- grab your life and say. Guess where we're on -- room where I'm sure it didn't work -- -- -- -- up on on 128 Lexington again and yeah and here. Little -- was. Now afterwards we're gonna get a slushy and you know what we don't have the break any cash out there at all. And then we're gonna top off the tank with a five dollar. A gallon so I mean you you better make sure that you're choosing. A rest stop to use your gift certificate that. That isn't on the -- because and you if significant costs involved in. He's Smart paying your tolls and everything Smart if you wanna use here fifty dollar gift certificate there hello Shawn. Eight -- your question or yes there. That's chickenpox and -- 911 caller yes you are that it in and what you call 911 hit it I would lay down on the road. To protect it from oncoming traffic 726. And again. We're all arguing it would only. -- that it. But I'll -- like you're golf that that it Mac. Yes I want to commend -- -- that is correct and I only did Mac daddy yes. The Mac daddy is sodomized I think we all know that -- It's truly Italy it would it would get a Mac daddy. If you're under like 26 you have no idea what that is what a well. I know. Archeologists and the he's CIA or FBI guys so I'm not an -- guys trying to learn as guys got to. Odd. YouTube channel where he says things like that but I think they realize that he's just an absolute religious zealot Luna that's who is. 7-Eleven. AM. -- I didn't get here. If I don't then all the bail out all the water out of a statement. Unfortunately it's absolutely golf. Course they're able to figure out they've got a good. And that is -- Pass tag ocean park strong out there. Epic flooding there I'm getting pictures at three random from the neighbors that does -- you know naturally insulting you -- the hands tanks surrounded -- listening. If that does they really didn't need -- in the situation. -- -- Is moving on from my arm is driving a rep buyer -- new guy I don't even know how -- are going to cull. What does this -- edition -- is Johnny has become so ingrained in your life -- every one knows Johnny he knows all your pain in the ass routine he's been driving for us seven years. -- Mike -- easy -- and higher in May be like some kind of smoke show. And I -- that's about five minutes -- How do you tell them to move the things that he and Angelina aren't here. I was denied there's no extra twist for Rivera now he would come and hire that. Check now that chick is not as effective business that I -- you want me do what go yourself. Good -- it's the Brown County. What is what I did I could do it penis and Sam and -- son. -- -- -- -- That's what you need now and now bill. That's -- that -- doesn't ever work is an intern in place we need to work to the top she's -- are going to be your driver error. Also all women drivers and Bahrain -- after -- America. Yeah you losing your mind. Never take your radeon are bad and don't even get me around I -- And I it's in now you Linda I guess sound. -- -- And -- eleven and then. -- not happen but like but I -- that. Talk about them where I want to know. Wounded man in the that this is -- from. The -- keepers to verify haven't -- as this guy that you put that video up on our face for pay cracked okay. Lady -- now this woman he would keep before corrects. And so she set -- the camera and that's how she copy -- it she didn't listen guys addicted to -- and not only she catch him before her her boyfriend. I was face to face of Virginia told the guy do you come back from out of town to face and I just as -- came back yes. I really can't have the -- and doctor -- And that's.