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Inside the Warped Female Brain with Danielle 8-13-14

Aug 13, 2014|

We once again go inside the warped female brain with the help of Danielle. This time we try to help a guy who went home with a woman after the country concert Sunday night to find out there was a man in a wheelchair who wanted to watch all the action.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Are you ready to go inside the war female brain where this is. I got a taste. Excuse me. This is. A bit of an odd. Email that I received from -- and yesterday and and I I don't know what to say about it other than it seems like something that you would only hear about I didn't know it actually really happened. And I'm not sure. But what determination this guy wants to -- -- -- -- so freaked out that he wants to discuss that but I'll read it verbatim this morning and I met a beautiful girl named in Korea. That country's best on Sunday in Foxborough okay so glad that. Woman's name did not begin with the letter -- yeah because the Julia hill was a country fans but yes I met a beautiful girl named Andrea. That country -- on Sunday and -- she was flirting with me all night. Dancing at the bar with me and at the end of the evening invited me back to her apartment -- common practice. When I get there. She introduced me to this older dude GA. Who was in a wheelchair. And wanted to watch us. It was discussed at a I really liked -- And I'm wondering if Danielle has any insight. Into why. Any woman would do -- this. Now. He doesn't explain and help at ground on on January -- and art if he's really didn't order that. I wrote hey not only that it will be out well maybe she's doing what would you do if -- firms. Relative her out of your brother I know what I realized brother -- I mean yeah once election begin on the Somalia known. Us at what. What are some women. Turned on by this or is she just helping out her husband her -- her way. I I I think made the because the guy is in a wheelchair that might. Factor into it and guessing you know because he mentioned that so. That's at you know there are some people that have the I want someone to watch me finish like -- Friend dated a guy once who would once. -- another -- his buddy's wife in front of and music I want and that I mean like it's always sold initially what it's always different and yet you -- -- is our hope either. Come up with -- -- idea that guy I dated a guy that banging bodies like that opportunity -- So you know some people into that that and maybe it's that. Maybe maybe GU is not able to for babies get lower body paralysis and yeah he can't have sex may be taken correction. Maybe it in -- the opportunity for him to get any kind of erotic pleasure. Now only comes in the form of a viewing. Maybe they're just buddies hanging in and she was like come and go well like you know you -- he might have told -- like Holler really -- to elect a -- so much -- your man I I put two on a pedestal in my friend you're married. You're not my lover but you know. They maybe they had a relationship. And because -- -- I can't perform maybe there is an arrangement whereby -- Loudon and do something as long as he can watch. -- I never thought about that rain so they were together before yeah. He had an accident yeah. He allows her to do this right for her own pleasure man it's like guys guys that didn't know who who who have -- relationship. That we'll say like I don't care which you do not want is like and want -- -- that's its third and a. Text there says maybe it was a fake wheelchair that's the three that. What are -- apparently I landed beyond him Glaser a aggressive moment. Here's that line there Gulf Coast line out of Medicare isn't taxed through says. The guy probably is -- shared your daddy and pays their bills. No I don't now there may be Arafat could be yours could be. Here's the Texans just says awkward. And if there is that Texas says that -- over there well Andrea needs Missouri it was an Israel and then she needs love to end. Mostly the text -- -- of course her name and that we all know yes we all know what that means. Everybody everybody's texting and wondering if he did and that information is not. Contained here although he says it was disgusting. So I'm guessing that maybe he didn't. Probably not with the announcement for and one -- -- -- lot of pressure -- -- -- -- Pressure pressure to perform buys the spaceship that we never got -- I never make eye contact India and it. You've got -- mean you've got an audience pressure to perform in. So did he go through that every I don't know if it was could text and I'm sure he's listening. I don't think if if it was I would thinks if it was some kind of now sugar daddy your -- and -- I would think she would have given him a little bit more of a background other than you know -- and want to watch but probably he never would have gone bad. Rain like it if she said popular fifty -- -- -- I'd love for you to come back to the place and by the way there is my husband's in a wheelchair he's gonna watch -- I think I probably don't even when they got there. Maybe should I am just oppression is like hey here's the deal like they don't think this is weird like this is -- you're they have all -- got a friend like make up some elaborate story like. Diving into pool to save a little child rise so if you could simply -- in front of Gil -- under the wrapper that make that last thought about it I don't selling them. That's fine. That's having a crisis of faith and an -- 978 -- maybe she's a prostitute. And the guy in the wheelchair eager. To do that was somebody else -- I mean that's really. Hard disclosure policy the hooker brings you are just a freebie I would think so. Could be a robbery attempt somebody says it's -- -- that that very sitcom. CA you don't even think America think like you blinded by -- wind advice is this right so what happens there. That did they started. To get busy -- the and the guy pops out of that wheelchair and robs it -- Holiest I don't know Soledad your pants. It's terrifying. Bob why is everybody you know do you got to take care business like we have -- you say -- -- and you keep the wheelchair over the -- -- -- -- -- doesn't get -- I mean you know I'm not an effective strategy -- -- options I mean you know you wanna you -- eliminate. That the fear factor. Isn't -- there who says they would have no problem performing. And -- the guys that are to wheel around for a better angle and that would it would -- model if here's somebody says look at LB in the chair the it looks like -- beating me just property bring him Heidi you know there's a couple of different needs of -- army and yeah as a that wide chairs from the hospital 978. Tax -- LB do it. Our currency there's not a -- and follow through would monitor the speed and Illinois here -- -- like -- again I'd eliminate eliminate the room there's going to be some certain crimes. But well yeah the only drugs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello Paul aborted your gadgets. Now. Well -- one with the Soviet built up carpet yeah it's definitely. I mean it I yeah. And it did leave it to help either verified that there are back at our leader. A perfect back. Now are -- where is the tax values the work with a guy. Whose girlfriend. Had a stepfather who pretended to be asleep. So he could watch them. Later found out that the that the the stepdaughter was you know. -- DL what did you what's the big deal when -- where they also said they played it really checking your back you know you -- -- roomy they're -- QB you know -- -- in my -- he comes back particular pretend obviously. A softball and I -- went in when it's full line and that's when you -- it's early you do the option throw that she expected amounted to step forward -- Doesn't doesn't this doesn't well you know freak out period. I get I'm I have the email this guy back because everybody wants to now I'm guessing from the tone of the latter. That he didn't go down and now it easy now Amy says it was disgusting so it has -- the idea. Would really like run out of their screaming probably whip it into my clearance but yeah there you are like what. Not like would you do you do the fake text you just look at them like -- often now I mean how like your conversation would. Does that I think are growing happen anywhere -- Like. Yeah I mean we've taken back but Iraq well -- if you had to come. -- You know alcoholic drinks -- I don't know I -- you concerned about you know the formalities that didn't but now -- there's a -- so much after his tent here's attack we've we're going inside. The -- female brain this morning if you're just joining us. An email from a guy who met a girl named Andrea at the hunt country fest on Sunday. And she was flirting with a -- night front and back to the house and when they got there there was a guy. Older man named Jay who was in a wheelchair. And wanted to watch what they were gonna do. And so we're going inside though wards female brain to try to figure out exactly what what was going on for this man -- -- Fletcher. -- what's up lecture. Danielle -- now. -- that situation now. Yeah if you're a rescue may. And they had a pretty good position and I hate it says aspect of the gulf are already upset that are that -- -- but let him go. Oh yeah well how has mentioned that scenario before they used to be a guy used to do that up in Canada back and I never. I don't think I've ever seen this scenario where the person is innate in a wheelchair which makes me suspicious that the guy I was going to be robbed -- drugged and he's gonna. Wake up in a bathtub without a kidney or something and hello John bags. Say what that I -- it's a Johnny. -- don't think it got a lot of little Larry let North Dakota bid lieutenant Dan I don't know. Tonight. -- it would like to know what the deacon thinks of this. I don't know things have gone and so we it's -- meaner and only a decade ago is I still out party and but it happens to Mika. You -- turn around and really I wouldn't even say -- to nothing I have been quite scared you when I'm you were flared when he lady I was expecting to have you know. Come home to the freak show paid this guy's gonna watch and some of my pop out of the closet and make sure -- injury to anything he served me you know so I don't know -- -- break wreck in them evidence if you're seeing it in your case what what do booked us. What does she what she takes you back to the place the place is a man choosing the right there's a Ferrari parked in the garage the guy's filthy rich. And then he start paying you do like once a -- -- sucking up -- like 25 inch. To have battle with the Israel mean I don't know that I mean that scenario I -- -- -- -- the worst case scenario OK so it does case and I still right don't think I'm going down that road and hey listen this is just my preference is 31 year old -- you know this happened in -- I just I'm not gone through that especially with. This -- age of video cameras everywhere yeah I would ask this dude if he was looking around take notice because I'm sure this is a reality show instant read in -- I don't know -- But I have feeling and yeah I've got a massive house down in Newport with the -- dots on people on the table I always take my job. Here's somebody who he and his girlfriend had sex in front of somebody for their pleasure. And it was a World of Warcraft there. 20 Boeing is that the loop there. Yeah it is impresario youth and perhaps -- wrapped up one dollar and scared people away. That is people are just trying to out do the things that they see on the Internet so I ask you how very Jim -- how crazy they -- get there. Expired channel I'm. As the second iron on the wheelchair should not at all mobile wheelchair challenge all of out of the water are you kidding me that's. I mean. Just talk about somebody you could never get out of your mind that image of like that but I think that there. Sir like you said it doesn't that your case you're not enamored I think if I'm Obama on the positive guy. Number one yards in a win win situation you will -- great concert in your and you will spare so -- get back. -- and you end up with a guy there's some guy in a wheelchair you know you make sure he's not he's he's legit paralyzed you know you -- -- campaign and smoked to do it on the leg -- Off -- that he's paralyzed and then what's the big opponent but you know -- of -- say -- what's your angle where you -- you know -- need within -- -- Miller.