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Hill-Mail 8-13-14

Aug 13, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Each you returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill mail. Then they won't let this open I'm gonna condemn what it I would say but none Gupta and -- pipeline -- -- -- that's you know. On WAA. And the LP has successfully executed the ice bucket challenge. I buddy was given duty. Matty ice bucket shell after. I would never waste beer -- and a buddy did the -- -- -- -- that video up and I know what's the problem it's getting movie format for my hobbies iPhone -- -- -- -- it's not it's it's not we're not taking the post okay. And it wasn't something I can do it well now don't you know there's not these geotagging your videos known him your address. You can't even I however in order here are not turning around in your driveway don't Wear it and that it and it's. Ya will get that out soon but LB and and bill ballots Jack and Robert Kraft have all now done. The ice bucket challenge our president has not. On the but he donated the AD yes he donated it. I cannot exit the number we have put a dollar dollar amount -- that a few worthwhile. By your -- little messages today brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the auto mile or on line act Cadillac Norwood dot com you'll not meet a nicer man. Then my pal Mike acts who runs Cadillac the world would and so if you always wanted to Cadillac he will get you into line. Get down there to the auto mile and here. Are the best -- mail messages in the previous 24 hours. To me eight. 0:9. AM. And it is about I expect. I have I walked right let me anyway. Billy got the outbreak 13. I always at all. This method that's I don't think the governor has been has he done has been called out the item I haven't heard anything about it. I didn't seem to me blew it but -- and. I didn't but they were there and that you could. And the fact that it is rather than the better with a bat and down. -- I mean it's amazing to me that the details are out. Robin Williams hung himself. But also to also tried this us lose track today folks -- yes I'm so just. You know amazing first the ball how many people. War affected by that guy and -- right -- Lenny Clarke was on the show yesterday. Saying he may have been the funniest person we have had the opportunity to work with -- get to now and I think based on attributes. That's announced salute that everyone on planet knows who wrote yeah this announcement and it was you know if you read today. Anything on hand it appears that. The money thing was the real issue he was he lost thirty million dollars in -- through divorces. I'd. And they had been telling people that when this year when his show to cancel after year in the network that he was in. Deep do do money wise so. I don't know if you -- that to see that picture of him at the dairy queen. At the rehab. Last month. He was that he was at hazel -- -- And he's at the very could use some people and he just looks awfully looks -- on the and he is not even there now he's -- it looks to me it doesn't look anything like yes. Like the Robin Williams he would now it's like a body with those stolen -- ages -- -- turn -- -- it's awful. And mental illness depression and it just awful. Awful stuff. Horrible. Thanks -- he thinks and him. Attitude didn't grow up in any -- -- as good luck I need to. That -- good -- on that bad from being built with a look at. And then next election. Were talking earlier about the descendants of aunt Jemima. Who would like eight -- When it comes to the syrup profits like districts and Jemima worked for her that Quaker oats company who created. The Sarah it and her descendants say she never going to be cash for being aunt Jemima and they wanted to. Billion dollars that's what they're doing our only two. Billion dollars. Thanks to eat he had no comment that I hadn't met Bob. Got the guy who does the movie. One woman one man and one we. Have a comment that everyday well. At all. And the -- his look look back at that doll. Seven -- big man. If we go to the tiger -- a little bit and it reminded. -- It looked a little bit -- -- -- -- Hey guys that are compatible Nokia has. Well back I typed out -- -- -- Development and how well they wouldn't that ultimately don't come out. I don't know. Though don't have a message he said wield that. He meant to say we don't batic abused LB Stewart who wield that chick. 717. And. I they didn't run number I would I would infuriate you your -- -- I think I thought he -- probably back anyways. Now at a great time you know really -- -- so. We don't know each I mean what's the mind she's seventeen. Ali. -- -- shouldn't she she be eighteen before she is. The victim of these sick those -- -- into the program and I'd like to think I'm going to get I have to get off the radio -- fortunately it's eighteen I just thought about that. May have next year and -- -- that the bullying is only getting -- -- are extremely afternoon drive the car. Yeah. We -- in May. May have to get out of here 500 guys in Foster that there relentless police -- the -- Down. In 190. Man. -- -- -- -- They don't know I spoke out there about. And it has nothing no no there wasn't. Think we -- oh man. -- little peanut. Unlike -- giant bag of -- from being exploited -- that might not hanging out there in years. -- But mr. peanut based on anybody I am certain is -- -- -- in a monocle he's appeased by tenuous subpoena yeah. There was a program -- now. You know there -- actually. About to introduce knots. That don't that can be eaten by those with a nut allergy thereabouts they've created cash you know they're legit nights cap issues. But they don't affect people who have the -- nut allergy. In theory great idea however this is just a giant. GM -- manufactured engineered food thing that scares the guitar this doesn't not waxed apple and witty black death is so bad Iron Man iron and it just like what an estimate of what the messing with the food supply and. Haven't data what do you mean patted them on the always Malick people yeah herein lies the problem people have always there all dogs genetic modification -- bad. I mean. It's I think it's a good thing for people have not Carolina they -- they can finally ask you ranks right and not worry about it. 20 June he had. That's what does that got them until they want our estimated. I don't know how there is no ordinary bad note it on it we have yet. -- I -- and I did not I I've got up there are. Britain -- back -- low hanging fruit Topper. The nice but while -- while played -- played.