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Hill-Mail 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours, which did spark a good conversation.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now teach you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazil and -- made up. I hope they wanted to get debt that the -- on the bottom of the report but yet everytime you walk and yet but I'm Montreal. On WA. Expedia Montreal. I saw art Powell Ken Casey of the drop it murdered must -- authorities golf tournament yesterday I senators if you haven't seen that we should put that video up on our face a castle. At the show the other night in my through job. Big huge festival show. -- sun goes out with that Canadians doll on artists stick yeah and beats the crap out of the thing and that rips the head off. And the U Odyssey that Kenny was showing me Ali's tweets and people are losing their mind -- saying that they should never go to Montreal again they could get out they should never be allowed back in the country again. They're absolutely losing. When one guy Garrett direct tweet Cammie and a few under cern yeah I mean it's he -- that video up on the -- but I'm going to. That's FaceBook dot com slash WAA. For -- That's local guy commercial is -- bags -- yes snags did a pretty good job because he had to have. You know you -- Yeah what about mobs who like -- Bob does a pretty -- -- -- furniture you can't -- nineteenth home furniture back in the online dean dean told my staff. We have anomaly -- but it's pretty is that why he knows it that's sick he's marketing director that this this smoke show -- yeah that's not -- I was wondering like is that -- that the other name that reclining on the on the -- Brian -- other opposite ends of the sectional Greg and since then let's not an increased. Right. Today's hill mail messages are brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on route one the -- mile or on line. At Cadillac nor would dot com. Monday for. 57 PM. They kick me out I'm in -- -- -- the next level. I'm nicked -- a bucket of water over my head -- on it and also the gap Emma. Now I don't would be awesome and put it past. That video coming today yes. How will you be distributing it since you not to -- my I would for a I was already on the -- sort of TU RX -- -- to me and then wool -- of course exactly. Well to get did yesterday pushed toward -- turn it took admitted that term you guys thanks. To look up I'm trying to get to get a commit to -- it -- -- -- I don't know if he's in our -- get a little reluctant YE I don't know who until the beginning of the money. Got a good deal from charitable these -- don't get decent two got trying to get to gonna do the two could Tuesdays are. Tuesday's that the public is as you can. Monday nine. 48 PM. Good morning everyone. Some light -- read on the dot the trauma of the Kings of Leon. -- -- -- -- thinking well wait too tight and you were too busy high I think all this broad. From protecting himself well enough but the other -- -- -- take a break. -- this truly eclectic -- low blow back do you wanna go. And then now we'll show post approach. It can easily somebody will be fighting broke a few. Of which it sorry chips are really on -- for -- did -- -- -- there -- calm and it costs me. That's places and in dollar drop in merits like that debilitating back injury I had where -- brand afraid -- -- or you don't wanna move while whiny because. Monday 1133. DN. And then the iPod out there on the streets of like I'm quite there. It's. -- You look terrible. Well -- on that and. -- it's. I'm a bit thank. -- Greg -- IPod. Ever. -- young men did nothing gets you going like cassettes. I mean real. You know put things in perspective at the -- because oftentimes hear that music anything tears up you know what my life is not that -- It is. We love -- -- course you have you have a moment of course you do. What was that second tubes and then went on Saturday afternoon and -- this -- an -- without -- there is feeling man. -- speedway yeah Mario Mario. Orioles -- -- Orioles beat oral Oreo Kerio -- illusion of being great entry. Oh Orioles beat Atlanta. -- I can't decide -- the new team and the moment because that's what -- See what happened there was. What started off as friendship. Has grown stronger now is not that you know -- district between two guys no less -- two guys. Colorado idealism and and I believe it was a man -- news -- heroes you believe it was a man -- woman. But he thought in addition mr. Burress was started up -- friendship has grown stronger and the poor -- can't fight the feeling anymore. 31 AM. There are a number of these people brought -- the planet that he had it -- again. -- wrote it's been reported that his girlfriend actually got on the plane though he jumped up and get away too much. And. On this message. That lady in Canada. I wonder how where she fits on the crazy -- meters. High. This kick in Canada Halifax. For boyfriend I was leaving to go visit another woman. So she went to the airport tried to have the plane stopped by border Topper. When I hate when the gay people would stop the plane she scaled a chain link fence and ran out in front of the object that was taxi barbed wire on yeah that was not -- on the top of the fence. Yeah at the mounties over there that it is that is it just. Completely. And utterly. Crazy. Room. -- -- Well Eric has ever let me do that apple -- really what we believe that I. In the pocket and don't -- he had waited for the great okay -- -- And the message. I can't believe Ethel Kennedy 86 years old. Calls out the president for the ice bucket challenge -- doesn't do it. What is that man ever not accept it and -- media a press opportunity I now remember why he's been on Mythbusters and we are you could I think. I thought -- challenge and a I think innovation I. Want. That would be a blow but he's he's -- -- but. Don't interrupt his vacation and why everything else is he's got meetings that -- -- crises. Mexico White House and he vineyard you couldn't you know -- -- little on the -- it was the perfect time to do it on vacation or any. It's the end at any time. In college you the company's watch downtown bigger turnout and you know mad Martha's ice cream whenever there everybody. Presidential -- specially made. All the vineyard people would be like a whole outlook keeps pumping water on in the world or all people. I mean I mean the drought in California I'm surprised the I'm I'm surprised he didn't do and I guess it's -- presidential is that it is our guests. Now idea I don't get it. But going on -- is an -- -- maybe maybe doesn't wanna pick one charity over another. And that was when it did it -- now when if you do one and he got a Duma maybe that's lose. It cat food challenge yet to do every what's the what's adult Canadians don't look at voted donate a hundred bucks to my charity -- used to -- -- integrated is a W yeah definitely. I think -- that -- that they -- and what it certainly did that the people shot to raise money engine is sharing these people wouldn't force cheered here and do some. Apple -- food or the -- the point. That was the whole point of the ice hockey challenge in the beginning and local water challenge who's gonna wanna do that right. Who who like who would pour cold water on themselves. In the middle of summer -- out and Cheney's idea about it. Well let's raise like they said yesterday LS it's raised one point five million. In since it started in that time from January acting July 24 to August 11 last year they raised 22000. Same timeframe this year one point three million an animal -- -- that's amazing stuff. It for me I don't know man. -- -- -- -- There -- no ice bucket down there close and stuff that happened. Why not for granted regular program it's guys prudently want yet but it night in -- is that they're moving pieces -- -- -- in the end of the -- can't. What did you that was it directed by like Lucas oil and again those of us that fact but I mean I -- I didn't know was it to the three camera shots. So that president to do airbrushed and -- -- but I can't I am I somebody else. Our photo shoot later today at a different story that. Danielle does and it's like Courtney studs boobs. Aaron out I had never replace my own Booth sale of these things out you know looks pretty good I tweeted a link is. Jessica Simpson yes she did go low Weight Watchers -- -- in Pasadena and Elena. It's march Georgia I just tweeted a link. It's on my Twitter feed Greg -- W. So you should be following me on Twitter. So you and I can communicate 24 hours today and so you can see the stuff that we're talking about on the show. Hello George. What's up George. I think the problem what to try and it is like. He's got a lot of stones the start work. And like cold war on record disappear completely Mexican -- Borger Joseph Barton for. -- a big sell the bucket a blotter. They give the -- it'll honor and I am surprised the guy didn't answer the request them. The Kennedy's. Often put some old. Guy but not a real. Incredibly talented back Lenny Clarke said like may be the funniest guys ever worked with the news on our show this morning. I know I was more of our it was a huge fan all right from the more communities -- it through I thought he was amazing and and he started the series for. In the so they did a good job as a serious actor you've been like yeah I mean. Good Will Hunting room where all the abuse that it maybe has taken over the years is is is a good movie is really really really isn't any is. We're it would -- youth. Popular. Next thing and people around him like he is clearly there is I have got my favorite -- all sounds a -- -- and edit my favorite movie of all time has everything. What do you mean ports Apple's board of Apple's love story I can dawns. -- Robin williams' role -- that unrequited love by the way not your fault yeah right. I mean she's gone. Skyler I am I'm still -- the second one. But it's what you wanna sign on California. I navy's -- get their kids there -- -- all of the -- got back heads there. On the end of voice and then you know some happens. What was the other 1 he said this morning that I haven't seen. What dreams may come was -- that wanna ask. Well it's a really good Robin Williams movie. -- -- -- People may not like it but it begs -- whole afterlife question what happens it's and a group it's just interesting to see somebody's interpretation of have manner. You know how whenever. I think he'd be a -- Played a really good cycle like in that one hour photo moving out and I also calm he was armed criminal minds know what. I know SVU. Playing a Psycho. Like a just a couple months ago he was. I think I think it's I more and more I feel like it's the money thing I think the three ex wives. Were bleeding them dry like an -- And handle aren't aren't you -- under your soul and then he. You know he had it that show are carefully get back garden network TV. And that show that canceled and he was it was getting killed when it comes -- money. Now. Often couldn't prove -- oh man. They're playing. No it got out. In Britain India and that your husband who cricket series this morning we did that story. Don't know children. Please cern fired a freaking out thinking you with a possessed kid like you want to bubbles. Really Damian so much because it's like Utley -- even -- -- listen. When -- when that trailer when the previews for child's plea came out on TV whenever that movie came out late eighties Allen is there ever was. I literally could not -- months it's a -- you know it's baking talents not his -- -- -- not that from so possessed kids really -- -- -- -- does a little boy behind -- there's -- light shining and -- it's cracked open a little there's a kid inside innocent than an -- you know -- -- they opened the -- it's like Johnny in the -- Money. Mom and -- and a musical about and I always running. The theater some weird demented version of a nursery rhyme -- how well yeah. Where -- -- -- cars and breaking out like slower. Are you know and -- -- yeah. And the kids just like repeating it over and over again with a weird eyes and then Jack Jill Jill good. Honey I think a that I felt like I was freaked out spoiler -- by the -- -- movie orphan. But when that. Surely came on like this movie looks really good -- this little girls possessed and -- -- like 33 Earl hooker and it's okay. -- An excellent question hey Greg what still gets married three times while some people are. They're optimists don't look and there are no looking for a Elizabeth Taylor. Carl Edwards -- -- twice as -- sometimes you're looking for money off epithet sectarian -- Well he's been married three times they're right but I did it right that there are there times there are loaded. -- -- is a company and the -- -- -- -- And I think what which -- I think I think the mile -- a 190000 dollars last month month. -- -- I'm sorry Mike -- I don't quite ready let's Michael Albania and you're up she. I. Let it all out but oh the record and a dollar challenge what god and -- I want to protect government do what fees. Shall we are the first place hours but you know I -- it doesn't it -- -- -- -- ultimately. EB. I'm sorry and I'll have better and keep it turned out guarding me. Maybe Romney should challenge it. He met me and -- doing an ice bucket hair you -- -- I can -- they would replicate. Mom I'm going to removed my shirt so what doesn't get left. And my hair yet his hair he would not gonna get their hair -- -- -- a 100% ready. If if I was the president I would have what would have been fine. Would win it would have been the president going I accept your challenge and then have five CIA guys are five or the to preserve Secret Service guys do the job. Have death what forum death now put Ali to our area -- I would have been great. You know I think you're supposed to by the way. Donate either way -- tablet is it does that it is a lesser amount if you do the challenge -- -- if you can afford it don't it under my anyway. Somebody says they think it's just the social experiment to see how much people will do to get out donating to charity I don't think that its board. Worked pretty well. -- look at. Greg good morning buddy list. -- -- this oh this is this is special care and pop art Powell Ken -- from winter Wyman yes carry. Greg you know which they continue to open golf tournament yet should say what -- Arctic challenge what so what -- finished third. We've finished third yeah. There are certain it would control of yesterday were Tuukka Rask -- -- any Qaeda take a look -- well listen I just want double there'll be interpreted to stroke the old. Well that's why somebody was saying earlier required spirited and bring him a trophy or somebody was ahead and that's -- it is -- -- -- we get a drink first lap we got -- we got -- -- you might as -- been thirteen or not. A trophy. First -- and and I think what Ken -- is pointing out is the you have a guy who's a bit past his prime. Although it was a great athlete in high school. A bit. A bit past its prime how to play a lot of offering. -- played like two rounds this year I'm still able to carry my team to victory over. Professional athletes like -- important Tuukka Rask. -- IA. OK so a Lyndon byers thought he -- Bob's and who won the thing Kenny who won. Sure I would I would actually borrow nearly brought up and probably gave our honestly they probably gave it to like Jenny -- -- something to make her feel good I'm -- -- her car caught on fire yesterday -- -- Educate those car caught on fire yesterday what was some crazy. Obviously keep I can I was playing with -- -- with. Two guys that work at NASA and and the one kid took off in the cart someone called American authority comes to getting dolls cars on -- g.'s free around bonds public -- -- such a smoke show I. It was a -- probably just really got our current it was a Mercedes or -- recently. You know -- as a woman running away from the scene wearing a mrs. middle -- -- public that. Not I don't do actually asking Alberto if you don't -- on -- this middle. I thank you to I had a great time playing with -- went through -- and people they're good people yesterday good people that in Aaron told him. Then he held up clap clap. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it didn't it didn't you got the talking about are we. Cannot. I ask. You that it's part of drug blocks care -- find a cameraman got scratched -- fire. I'll tell -- this. That that audio of the shadow person talking. Bush a blank did you say that's a class age. What who -- no I'd say EB PE VP who it is is this is ADP sample electronic voice phenomenon. You can -- that right now in its electronic woods phenomenon as those stupid. Who doesn't know that so this is from Pennsylvania yes caught on film. Woman's house. Paranormal. Being of some kind saying come here. I'm here. So it -- -- just choose to like why would they say. Come here. You idiots really are coming here. Yeah like they must know the people's names -- -- gonna host since they bought it they only do when the cameras around the only cabinet. -- -- I want to mention that he's waiting for good well I think actually come -- yes. I don't have cared -- -- I think we're yeah. And I don't ought -- Hollywood and -- you're calling it. There are products that Good Will Hunting two hunting season. -- -- I don't eat eat more and they don't let it -- then I'm gonna be done about it I would say but then governor if there are -- -- that here. And -- the event will be left. Greenland and then all. This message. I don't know. Somebody said that there's a video idea and -- FaceBook page of somebody doing a dry ice count I find it. Liquid nitrogen challenge Nadal Nadal now. There's a mom. This story is amazing I guess it's not enough in the in the world we live in now but there's a mom who's got gonna go to jail. From North Carolina. -- she helped her aside and do the fire challenge. And I believe they did it would nail polish. Yes. And so. I think it's great. As the date drug that -- -- did make this right there. I mean yeah yeah. Moments 41 years old forties she's 41 yup and she's helping your kid let himself on fire to the interwebs son is sixteen. Teen suffered minor burns to his chest and neck and one of the witnesses. That -- one of the neighbors who helped put the fire out. Notified social services police started an investigation in. And now she's in -- -- I didn't know I can't imagine you can actually if you freaking China I think a lot of things they can imagine that hey they're kids it's definitely a nightmare economy my son for life it. -- -- -- -- -- Shattered the back side you know we are united. Probably her probably LB tried to do the fire challenging Jimmie Dale's car yesterday. A -- Flank yet here you don't have -- But I was I was invited known I would have been there still smell it below that I can't put it out with my hands and Jenny. -- -- -- -- -- Often blue moon and like everybody worry about Kevin -- good night. I mean it's I got a lot of great yeah mrs. doubtfire -- a lot of great catch phrases and probably good morning Vietnam news. I mean right up there wouldn't non non Aaron -- Yeah. That was a great move -- was that was a great --