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Crazy Ron Emma 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

Crazy Ron Emma of Emma's Pub and Pizza with 2 locations in Bridgewater and 1 in Norton not to far from a certain music venue. Ron brought in a wide variety of pizza's of all sizes and toppings, t-shirts, and bobbleheads to discuss his pizza and restaurants.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This is this is quite a thrill I've been doing the show nearly 25. 24 years I've been doing this morning show. And I've never -- crazy Ron. I'm a big fan of those who own their businesses and and -- acute their own commercials yes the -- phenomenal. I think the late Ernie Boch senior was one of the best right Ernie does a good job self -- But crazy -- get crazy run in here Mike Hsu went and that's caf today. Before a concert. Or after a concert. And whose stock in about the bar pizza we're big fans of bar -- on the shelf we've had a bar pizza challenge. And and -- you mentioned -- and all the sudden. Crazy run. Called shoe companies like let me get in there. Crazy Ron how are -- now demonic ally yet you don't look that crazy when I see in person you haven't seen me -- -- I was really is it great Isiah pretty nice I mean yeah how crazy yeah yellow we look at Daniel she has absolutely crazy. She's mean crazy crazy to me now yeah crazy. Crazy or not. Now how would you be crazy what's on the run they're sneaky treat you well know you're flat out in front of everybody no longer sprays and crazy not as crazy only in his commercials that now. Now listed. How do you how do you think you react when it comes to buy pizza. IU IE RE are you confident that Europe there at the level same level as the -- in the towns bond we that we've got to bark bar pizza competition on the show previously. Well I I think acting compete at least I got. We kind of close to probably other places I I'm friends and a lot of those guys at all those other places but. We got a similar to draw them down we -- -- -- That's the difference between all of them though I would than most people of course you could hear crazy guy. While you probably can't play very little tip here that you're doing your crazy could feel like work. And -- in this country in this day and age it is crazy like. I I don't even comprehend how -- have to I don't I don't get the gene -- to wait a minute are we getting crazy run Bobble heads the clothes. I always. -- bonus this is -- here on the business side. This is into hunting is on the way and I took my bubble -- man in almost. One ends and a plaque and arrived in -- the top of it. Now have gotten the construction site -- almost knocked to have top of the bottle that crazy on man I didn't even think of it. Now listen what is the key to making good -- pizza. I don't want you give away your secrets but -- I wouldn't you want anyway why does is that England. It's it's all about the ingredients in the freshness. And and the data -- rotation and just keep an an eye on the prize at all times -- make in certain that everything is rotated properly done probably duck and being suitable allies in organized at all times now what about the -- Lotta times people say the -- -- very important. While he is annoyed when I was a smaller place I used to use the -- Regular stone bottom -- and stuff. But because of the capacity and I sell between. Seven and 111000 pizzas a week so -- yeah. And probably Saturday night when my horn seven and 111000 always -- scene well -- -- he's been in the businesspeople -- our -- got to see you guys -- RS -- object because I didn't. By the way yeah angry hamster out of my mind my friend Dino don't venture and now he -- -- place called skills and though brief you want good pizza. That guy made some series angry -- -- -- had great pizza and people tell you that. And that's due -- -- keep him there what I. What about -- about a half a million dollars. What about that and what about the pants. Like the -- really important because sometimes. -- PNs are really important well. That's a candidate technique and ask those who -- that I would say is the fact that we do. We have no precedent actually and we use those. I I don't know what kind of stands they might let them on an adult sized enough rights they're crazy -- Kansas what they act now. Half an hour and a half three dollars and fifty -- -- could feel like crazy dance and -- tell -- don't Stromile. Paint and we've got to get. Crazy Ron from -- theater everybody's texting and thank you -- can you do it seemed for a we have a I think we do called methyl theater. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On Wednesday night say that he attempted. You. The pressure on your third -- crazy twister which have been able to he had complete idiots get fired as well as -- current camera right and yeah. That he because we've -- -- I don't know why. -- well just -- of this NM as you know it's it's just like Vegas what happens -- them -- stays and -- -- okay our guys -- I don't I'm glad to hear that crazy. He. Now what's the way you work about a new commercial these days -- what's I am working on one but that. I don't think you'll see one now until about them. To about January. Went into the frozen pizza business now it's really. Mainly am. Putting a lot of emphasis on the frozen pizza and the business was in we have the best browse and page AFLAC. He's got a great little trade. -- there -- where he's going a little crazy. All right. Well listen whereas some. Let me I have. A little bit of a slice of the big one is that the same as the little sound audio and he's -- that I've got a 24 inch sheet and management the sixteen and and a pizza that's actually differentiates us from most of the other. Places as we have three different sizes. But I did bring you'll. That ten -- ones also but I have them also that -- spot up guy the other ones. -- at room temperature but the ones in the had a -- cases in an ice and. So I'll play it's really it does compared I would say admirably with -- spot and with the Lynnwood. And -- we -- on this part pizza thing that towns by pizza people pocket they started a few weeks ago. And the guy I mean there's people who take a lot of pride LB going right after that. -- -- Chi's has got to extend -- well over the crust in the bar pizza. Correct that's Nokia which Medicaid every morning right to the edge yeah. And a lot of young kids they don't like Christ anyway I asked the nobody -- across I don't well we'll we'll wanted to -- nobody likes crossed let's cross. Though to -- the place Deborah -- things. No I don't know -- on some pretty good -- -- that pretty good route grazing on his on the ammonia and right now. Six speeches and for me. I -- Actually feel light element -- about 56 meets on what's called the ravens' starting and had a tag remains on the raven like RH BI and a possibly ravens. -- or -- like having not not agree parody. And yeah like the re ignited spelling but I like the ground I'll teach it says good at peak that the analysts and advertise good and in the in the radio acknowledge it we want we'll pick -- -- givers medium. Yeah. Yeah. Is that. Nationalize. Our sites well I'll tell you what I talked to wants to know why are not selling the frozen pepperoni. I tell the truth that's a USDA saying we -- gonna be USDA eventually got but right now I just wanna. Kind of get my feet wet and -- and and go from there. Also your -- William bomblets on Russia China's. And about 65 reasonable minds right now. It's just chips and -- it I know we get me wrong you know me I Pelosi and some -- -- also -- I expect you guys have put -- all right we'll get on that. Texas exercises sounds like a -- the box I mean I didn't box or is that -- -- -- comments on security and he started out our greatest -- thirteen pizzas and are there -- all right -- listen up. Buffalo yeah buffalo chicken she is now everybody's hungry I see people are saying you assets are making me hungry laughter. And -- we are feeding on that -- and you this place so we're making everybody hungry we gotta stop -- stop. All right -- crazy -- I wanna listen that's cheaper first of appreciate the back the -- starter Bob -- pizza Mike Hsu was the guy went to your place. And blow me on the phone we showed you bring in in the pizza on it's well LB does -- rob got in -- Obama ordered it on the way the case. And they don't make it okay for like three minutes disease that is crazy guy and impediments brighter eyes on you now in the hunt a minute while my thing and emaciated tell me there. The Arctic disaster crazy guy he's that crazy and the -- army allied bombing and he had a list and I want to thank you that Britain bringing me up here and I always appreciate when I have to get up a lot of foreign -- I. -- -- that's how you win. And I when it comes to being an entrepreneur who are right you gotta be up before everybody else early bird gets so that's right earlier I upload should consider it like another -- publishing -- automobiles and a crazy run. Rendition of mass hold -- Yucca -- get on that for the I'll have that for Monday on Mondays at 730 is a medium -- him. All right crazy ride but you can't hear you look at K okay where we're -- -- -- can't keep the commercials come get crazier. OK not great if not yeah. -- -- -- And I am a big thing had me up on the wall and it LeBron has -- now think it didn't honestly and -- outside. And I. Market players it is crazy ride.