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Lenny Clarke 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

Our pal Lenny Clarke called in to talk about fellow comedian Robin Williams after his death. Lenny shared what a great guy and supporter of other comdeians.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I was texting -- -- our pal Lenny Clarke about Robin Williams this morning and Lanny is kind enough to come on. And join us here on the Hill Man Morning Show hey Lanny. All right what do you say -- I had -- -- it but while we're doing while we're doing certain there are hard hard to believe and I know. Early in -- it early in your career you had an opportunity to do stand up with the -- Robin rule Williams here in Boston and other places lining in I mean really just an incredibly talented guys. -- -- -- -- you know -- that it did you end up every. It was. Are you admit you're seeing me out -- it has serious. Side of all I won't mention that -- let -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I should read what -- -- -- actually slightly hurt this. That look good though you're a true cop. There are very little -- -- -- -- -- -- An -- -- you know commonwealth summit is proud -- -- -- -- Got one like this Gary. -- Republicans like Robin but I've got -- my mom -- -- so. Boutique called it actually if I would. I called my guess Mike is pretty good condition of probably. Overall but you wouldn't want to get someplace reload -- that we can't we draw Albany. -- what is the -- else. Eventually extra Robbins. Joined worldwide problem related lawsuit also -- They're always different shrewd disciplined and you know I'm into a this -- -- you've got a bad and we go back. And the -- I brought it up. Intentionally so much different solutions -- ensure that that. The inkjet like below us sort out out out on the my problem with that issue is. -- certainly aren't talking foreign policy as as kotsay and it took everybody out of the debt. Yeah. Ben -- you estimate. Was he so Lenny when you think you know because you've known him and known him for a long time. That was what was it obvious that you know that he was the press was that I was an obvious. Now no idea what I mean I could tell that he was you know. Sluggers did the -- occasionally -- -- on -- but not always around. It was you know he was it's surged back in the -- -- but it could sleep. The deal could -- will go -- and I didn't know about the depression at that now I'm stuck yeah I got. I've always you will -- -- Baghdad. There was no depression Baghdad because we we work we were so -- Admit what. You've done it currently. He -- he did a lot of cocaine he did he drank a lot and. And -- yeah yeah. Ruin your credit you people -- you could look straight game I didn't. I just never really. -- -- to try aside and as a result. At the time we went Darren and what that in your -- so let them and acting like we want all right and Robin. Would result was just don't don't you just trying to get straight you know yup so we just kept ornaments stuff. Instead it was mr. Williams and you know and -- shot at all. Ups packages I mean it was and that Iraq and assault -- and. Let's did you see now I was good you put it on his on his -- Everybody our department it may have been the subject I buy a would you circled back. And it and it was. Just a great guy he really was you know. He was wow -- -- he was one of the last people be with pollution. When -- before him. That's a stroke average Joseph that what are people like title loss to -- a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- once you run blocker there we want to because. -- you know -- I just. You know I think rob Williams yeah I think of you know -- what happened and that major -- Woodward. Decided to change. Evelyn knows about finally ultimately wouldn't really. And I mean like I can do and walking 101 -- actually had his own niche and he's great. You know you thousand. It would not unlike appearance all. It was resolved but he's only world else. Well that's that that's what I was gonna ask you any collect his -- like what it would guys that you -- you've performed with and and known. All you know most of the great comedians where where do you rank Robin going. Autism are -- about pop flies out yeah I do believe they've given up. Other recessions in how many movies you do you want. You know -- Change these -- I just found and I remember being will be it would bode -- one but tradition and that. A couple of guys in the dark look and we've just got to get that would create change you know I'd be. Talk to present outreach abducted. And that -- it's an -- What is being -- crystal ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All got our number one at that possibly. -- -- -- -- -- And we want to -- towels and that. It doesn't matter cat and he looked like almost you know integration -- felt. Greater and -- let me be committed to record it that way it should -- it is that this. -- on at all. -- -- -- -- Actually -- -- just sad -- so we walked. Ignored as pajamas. Accenture. And -- what I need to money should I told you to come once you'll see it -- -- that would -- -- -- -- But Robert that you sit back and -- -- what -- -- and I'll see your chance and that just -- widely practiced and I'll give them the gold. So we get -- -- and we checked into the Drake hotel stay the -- The I couldn't get out. We pretty good. Com you know do a lot of you know visited the troops a lot and and quite got into orbit Afghanistan -- Christian -- -- just you know he really really you know it. Egypt there's politics you know -- it would -- and he would -- to get troops and you won't bring up -- Virginia there. These guys went home and legitimate in my and he did that in -- at. Well listen thanks for thanks for checking in this morning and sets I mean just. An incredibly talented guy and. -- this -- yeah it was a bit much I don't think the picnic. I don't think there's anybody at some point by -- and make. Look what -- all of you you know I don't think. People -- Others argue he's making but bad guys made everybody back it's important partners are and what he's. Did not make you -- It'd be tinged and that just -- -- light. And -- -- -- -- what you -- let me get a great age and the state doesn't have a cold doesn't. All right let me it's -- to and I think that the I -- I -- -- There is is one client programs show. Errors or whatever weapons and doing that didn't -- a guy that's Lenny -- John and Robin Williams who committed suicide yesterday.