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Adult Toy Price is Right 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

Every week we go deep inside Danielle's sex toy dungeon as we play adult Toy Price is Right, this week we find out the price of the Royal Falace, and the MustachiO.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. There Hill Man Morning Show present. Adults facility -- And come back I just -- come here when he said come on down come come down here. All right if you win today. During adult toy prices are already a pair of tickets for linkin park at the XP and eighty senator on Saturday night offs that Rochelle I don't think that -- now. Not a -- show. Daniels kinda have to move entered into her own private sex closet this morning. And -- and some of her adult toys which you'll now described -- low fat. Good. How are you -- well princess -- where you from club so. Okay you're up big and Eric this morning. Direct and LOR do -- and want to go out and better. I knew where Eric where where where are you -- I -- a guy. Here is the first adult -- this morning during adult -- price is right well I don't know if this has official will approval however the first toy this morning -- is the. Blocking him. Analysts call the pocket and -- I thought into that and I think in my family who wrote this well yeah. It's in the shape for the queen -- -- in hand car via. From like a goal and type material -- a pun intended there. Now I have to let you guys know ahead ten to Susie -- see your item to keep that in mind it's it's a limited edition run literally a hundred made. They are hand carved. If it is it is I mean I have to tweet pictures is yeah. It's amazing it if it's the best for her badges street -- about -- that's about it but I was in the area that bear a striking resemblance to the green looks just like her it's about seven inches. And it's. Like I yellowish flesh tone Nelson and after -- -- I'm just like the queen who's a -- I would RX but if she's probably not looking -- you Selena and decades ago now. All right pat what do you think their actual retail price of the royal balances. Hey -- -- 2995. Eric. All of our -- and anti American tree trunk in the right direction -- -- yeah it was more expensive it's actually 200 dollars -- is a collectible that's happening here. Hundred dollars. Well nice job by -- -- that. 200 bucks for the royal talents -- get me once that just in time for the coronation. Hello pay a large well. Hey. How are your job. -- wonderful where do you come from. What are all right and Joseph you're up against Travis this morning hello Travis. There aren't W jobs where you from I Britain's Oxford greatness right here comes the next -- -- adult oil price is right. Next to this morning is the moustache he. The mustache she owe them an in -- -- Don't know that yet okay as -- -- bureau based on the pistachio AZ eight plastic. Think this dash. With two loops on it so imagine your putting on one of those face masks at the doctor like everything that's yeah that goes every year to go every year -- over the years and it sits above your -- -- like a mustache -- -- -- for the men to Wear -- when they're giving oral pleasure nice to enhance you know there are focusing on another lower area possible -- he now the new Iraqi boot. Now. What is material is made it's plastic I think it's it is softer so it's like you know the latex base. Viper did so -- votes yeah I'll Y 10 I definitely. Tried to locate him although it is -- and sent yeah we would wanna learn public but again. Are Joseph what do you think DA actual retail price of them is that -- elements. I'll go with. 47 magnet. 279. -- nine Travis. Although it in 19991999. Well the actual retail price 3999. There's youngsters -- -- nice job skills nailed so this mustache GO. Is making -- a big winner this morning I don't I don't know affected me. I guess I don't know but you get that done you know I don't know if I could -- that ridiculous excuse really. It excuse me sir but you have doubled down sauce on -- -- you know I just wanted I just wanted to let you know that.