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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lydon Byers, this week we help a boyfriend who only does missionary because he sweats, and rage over clothes everywhere and not making the bed.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I am ready to go inside the simple mail mine's -- rights. Ladies this segment is for you. If you do not understand the way the brain of the man in your life works LB won't tell you right now. So text your question to the WA AF eyebrow motor group tax line which is 97107. And he will answer for you. It happened to me today what's. What day woodgate today. Mary go watch our program you forgot about cars or cars out today's your anniversary out. Well just got attacked in her mind about himself has got to be an accessory. Reminding me that I for. Here we go. I can't get my boyfriend to try any position other than missionaries. -- He's -- your guy and he says he splits too much and other position and ask architect -- I'll wait managed what is my best bet to try to convince him to tries them. You know shut them off my -- -- early just shot often it listen this is this is what I do not I would shot a mock. And then when when he when he snaps like kids at first he's not gonna get it to do you know obviously if it's missionary it's maybe once a week mean but I'd shut him off and then I'd buy a gym bag with some gym clothes and some new sneakers and a membership and -- -- it. On the united kitchen table and then tell him and say listen -- -- shape -- get in shape because I wanted to do a little Ronnie do Garrett who are carrying our whole sideways action with the right ankle opera armed Europe. -- -- LB 978 taxed why do guys pull away after having sex for the first time after dating for two months while. This and good for you nuances give way to give an upper Watson utterly from being an -- I'm around you know Thursday -- Good good good. Good job but just does it take take some time young guys aren't serious you're you don't like you just stated you're dating mountains here it's just sex it's not love it's not romance it's just to go to -- open in the -- them. Just in York. I have asked my husband 800 times to pick things up. You know this morning I walked into the bathroom and it's clothes are all over our floor why can't men make a simple effort to clean stuff. What woods what would you like would you like me not to shower and have this one asks -- -- my clothes being in the -- but would you like my under -- to be clean. I smell nice little deodorant and do my where the semi closed on the floor. What's -- big deal if you know again this is -- this is something like I I never understood you know women. How they have to make the bed yeah likely get some sort of major. Catastrophe. Now if the bed isn't made or -- god forbid. You leave the pillows on the couch where you -- land bottom right hand of blanket out on the -- not full the blanket up imploded in not blanket basket or just. Giving him back in the bad and then yeah when nicely I made bad guy but if you pushed that the flashing and all down in the bottom right your movement. I -- in the ask. Ash. Why you and -- -- and I -- now and do an integrated and until we need to stay in the hotel isn't it nice -- host didn't come here. The medical care to guess Becky it I guarantee you -- the camera bag you'll like I remember. Understand -- when we we go to offer no man's golf tournament. I never leave the make the bed thing on the I'd like to I don't need you to make my dad running I'm going to be here to report days what do you but I ticket dumped in the bed now maybe you know. Yeah -- hey yeah this you know and have preferred for you ladies you know what's awesome just lead yeah if you don't like the clothes on the floor of the -- just -- the close. Into the betterment leave -- on the floor I am and putting was not a close. He's gonna have to -- -- -- you know do what I do you know I just -- the pile you know anywhere between wants and hospital where an air where again and -- once you went on a pile twice it's time to do -- want to do laundry. Just enjoy life like insulting you -- so much easier instantly instead instead of making the bad. Outside -- Jack. What an ice making but just sort of with a line. Great -- to hang on 93010 o'clock or doing house working out you know like like really. Like four dishes in the sink is just driving you're not you're losing your mind -- on the patio in the -- -- have a couple of cock still start the day right. Com I text there says making the bed is the most redundant thing on earth and chicks get all nutty over it. -- crazy -- -- things that the first thing you should do is make your bed it gives you a sense of accomplishment sets you up for today. I don't have shown what you -- and hey you have Ehud at least he eventually nicely made bed. And and and here's the other kind of some drive you crazy to -- up and move on and nobody enough -- -- Public is stupid pillows you don't use that on top of the popular here yeah. It's not I don't you know what's great though. Is is that I don't know why young kids that you want into the bedroom right give him bad throw those pillows on the floor fight right now and they -- -- -- to come out of it that bad that it -- the dual. -- added that the duvet cover air India obscure reference along came Polly when Jennifer Aniston makes and still in ciller's character not rip apart the pillows with a butcher -- got a. Well the thing is. Who is like walking into your bedroom anyway who's gonna see an -- break. Greg is -- and what do you think seriously brain what is enough for now the wind or -- off. I look at my body green and my body -- darker more -- led lights from rank and they want through the house. I think my door wide open is that you all of that comforter app on the floor pillows everywhere. There do right now -- be must've been on some movement. And a master here is Amy hello Amy. And let's -- That money guys just wanted to say that I am a check I do not make the bedrock say it is absolutely ridiculous. Argument again. Good for my you know time you make the -- is when you wash. To bed sheets in your comforter in and out there and you've got to put back together now. I mean. Ally and oftentimes I will be watching a television program via mrs. hill will have taken the sheets -- to wash them. She will come in and she is and rage that I have a that I am lying on the -- and that you're watching television and out without -- comer I could not have time to put an end she will -- Than usual so far as to put the sheets on all around me that I could not move because I am watching my television. Like an annoying to him tonight it was a program. LB I'm dating an incredibly nice guy he is awful and bad. My last boyfriend was a real dink but the sex was incredible and why are good guys always bad and bad. It's a career in concept crazy when give drove back me up on this -- you know I'd say -- you've got to settle that they've been -- avid Sox in the rapper probably wouldn't nice job nobody owns his own house -- variety are aching generally alike used to teach you not to be did you -- it here and it. Again he just a quick you have to deal with guys its second the rapper is go. Yet like an old school Marilyn chambers John Holmes Norton in Asian team gold old school and insane look see this done let's let's let's try and restaurants that. I am seven months pregnant and my husband rob won't have sex for me because he says he's afraid of hurting the baby not true. It's healthy it's healthy and by the way and that's it it's as such as scared man that's freaked out can't can't cope with. Just realize there's a human up in there can't help it and I don't know -- to get yourself a guy possible I don't her -- I don't know -- in -- impossible. Yet India unless you know -- -- like oh man well you're like yeah and if you've got to -- stock the now. It they'd still can't happen OK now what number it is so number one for all the guys listening. It's impossible. You you you reviewed your Boehner cannot -- your kitten affair but today it's impossible. And number two thing. Doesn't it. Sounds sacks late in the pregnancy is very very very healthy and good for your your on your spouse is well it helps -- Zuckerberg think it helps the birthing process steady diet -- okay doctor lessons along yes you will panic and not for an up and it's that one time yeah you know -- -- pregnancy. You might the only little third and -- We are going we are going inside the simple -- mind with your questions for LB. I listen to LB every Monday really appreciate his advice I'm a 34 year old virgin well. I know I have had the chance to have sex but just never thought it was the right guy for you I have a really good friend named Josh. Who offered to be my first because I told them I didn't want to turn 35 without having sex. Should I do it. Or should I wait for mister Wright since I've waited for so long now. The number one he can't do with your body to -- their relationships over right. -- -- it because he's -- your virginity you're gonna you're gonna cry and he and then -- not an expert did it. You're gonna fall cramming I mean he doesn't really wanted to fall for -- give way to -- for -- he just wants to take your virginity diseases -- schooled in a hotel is buddies with. What I would do is if you don't wanna be averted by 35 albeit WA AF dot com. Or some other stranger. Yeah there's no there's no -- you know I'm I'm awesome in the rapper but I would just do go out a couple of cocktails at a bar a little guy and I. And how about it from. And by the way ask the guy you don't throw a couple of sexual positions are majors -- -- -- on him -- -- a young man on the Arizona -- leveraging the Nokia reverse -- us. And it. He says yes you're good to -- that you know Jack camera that caught a couple there you're my guy so you would advise her not to do that would ya know Josh -- -- that's just it's just hit and badly and today. My boyfriend is a -- with toes at first it was cute now it's just weird that streaky. What is what's up I don't even you know foot fetish stuff I -- -- into that gap and I don't. I don't get a lot of Spanish stopped in on I mean now. By character in delegates should do wants to be fickle you know and going and you have a brother not another feather out I think no question -- -- -- get -- to spend over the kitchen table and it doesn't want something crazy rules announced their original Marcia let the. But see I'm getting married Saturday congratulations. But seriously thinking about having one last pulling this week with -- old he asked yeah. He's down one that should I do it. Definitely -- -- get out of your system and they don't don't get married what if you're -- -- -- -- with its. And I tell you -- get married you probably may -- last -- you know it'll be all right for the first like. I don't know. I think it gets sick anyways after year history. Mean that you're given and a -- their mind. -- -- -- -- -- year history. There are 200 different fungus on the human foot -- I at all times just so. That's why it's even a hundred and it but I picked me is that the Internet the -- part of it you know like you like the finished artists. We have to do they want to taste in this staying in the I don't know I don't really -- it right along with that or -- and keeping me. I'm I'm never -- vodka and then in the -- -- to have -- my boyfriend and I were talking the other night about how many people we've had sex with -- I'm 28 and I've had sex with thirty guys. He went first and said he's been with five women. I was horrified that I that he would think that was a slot. But I've slept you slept with several people he knows. -- tonight fess up and tell him the actual truth burn their diet if it comes up never deny deny deny -- -- anytime. -- -- and he's appointed there's there's no way we have. Sex with five chips holy cow that horror over there third right. -- -- or not you like the 100 dollars. About the fact there are a lot of later sixteen nearly twelve years at least 393. -- not beat 300 and don't Johnson alone a John. They don't know -- what's up John. There are couple contact ago that was the issue that thirty -- -- week -- the right yes yes well unsure honorary. -- and -- sound like just the guy that he wants.