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Dave Andelman 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

Our pal Dave Andelman stopped by the studio to help Greg announce the Mantwon Film Fest at the Mendon Twin Drive In.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark acknowledge online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com with the news. In the studio this morning the host of the phantom gore made Dave -- real -- -- not that fraud who calls they'll -- -- I love you until you gentlemen god this is the real -- -- -- you gonna talk about the -- cab drivers test this morning -- what the yes you know it is you know the issue is well you know they want to -- these guys -- Boston resident here's what I suggest a two -- -- number one. Are you unbelievably rude and -- -- -- Do you have any idea where Logan air and -- you can see the wrong about that and you're qualified to be busting out. I want to ask the guy who's this honest to god to larger amount paid attention I get on the -- -- Logan I see to it we took a known name restaurant in the -- -- yeah I put my head down I -- government -- I just got real friendly -- I don't think that's the way it is the color -- involvement. A bit of an issue and play your own and that's why honestly Hooper is done so well because you know you in that you get a normal and getting -- -- emotional guys it was friendly and wants your business -- there is an incredible. Service as -- you if you live in Boston and you just walking down the street and -- a couple of cocktails that done down yeah now you wanna go to Chinatown -- get on your phone. In a nice -- guard shows up in the right to -- -- -- -- heard about the -- vote. You're gonna have a little blow -- -- to -- in the you know it's like and Charles that and it's like yeah products beautiful towns that Iran is there is apparent town yeah that's pretty it's pretty cool you know now. -- of water. Have you been called out a hundred times on the ice water challenged Arnold hits of all I did get off FaceBook because. Her challenge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It will now well and it was going that. Wait a little bit on Friday with some of the news chicks some of the eyes just like Cano whitworth and others that stocks always good package that out yeah I don't gonna -- YouTube channel. But I wanted to play. Can't merely. Calling LB out the president of the Boston Bruins who has issued his ice water challenge in the direction. Our sports director here Lyndon byers. All right Shirley Jacobs except your FaceBook and challenge. To create awareness for AL us. That one. After they say challenge. -- -- Lyndon byers and Denis Leary and that's rarefied. Now. At least and candid onscreen either as an -- to answering and when you do that you're not letting go -- easier now I think -- you know right now you have 24 hours that was issued so what right -- because the golf tournament can do I get like do it wanted to do it grace period wanted to do and I can't do it at the golf tournament why haven't you tomorrow it is -- -- It seems that this incredible man in my body grubby little guy and shore we have this incredible idea I bet you a guy. What is the what do you do with tequila there public wanted that's just I -- I think you're gonna every I think I think it's gonna I you know I'm I'm hope the rising. The ice bucket I can't think for ice cubes in a and a pocketed tequila for a couple of but at you know we just can't do it like everybody else is gonna do think that he's gonna change it. Thank you had. Here's the 978 Texas says all I've seen is huge overweight soccer moms on FaceBook over the weekend him in the he's a -- thing they're doing -- doing something for charity could you give people a break you know similarly to draw attention to the cause -- like the ice girls gold down the line they Albright all with how -- -- -- -- back to back to back to back now listen I don't think that was the intent of the fine people at -- at -- but I understand what the kids collapsed completely. Yeah I talked to Andre. You work it -- comfortable. -- -- if it's like when the strippers do way do strip economy and donate the money. Scattered here and yeah. -- -- -- I shot a record 538. Ping pong balls and a certain area he won't take that money did you know that definitely. -- -- -- Hello hello Dan. Update yet. It takes buried back up a -- -- About -- I. And I have -- really cool thing I bet I'm gonna do and and and diss him appreciate I mean he'll appreciate a cat and I I promise -- -- waiting to get away. I just can't deal with everybody with the with the high dramatics that that. Like I just isn't there from maybe 32 popular nothing about equilibrium not in pain in high school science and. Then the daughter is not that called its audience. Texans as you -- captain Toppert can't just do the ice bucket challenged like everybody else. Yeah. Revolutionized every lead director and cruel and beat the ice and snow yeah. He's a totally different except. The auto body in the Russo Brothers an area where I'm Rob Lowe and now that my friends -- religion for sponsorship and video. Is gonna be -- KFC bucket yeah. You can do is gonna pour -- a second had 1030 everyday add different Monica and I went I. Had a hundred very carefully brackets and ounces. And camera. Are right David Andelman is here. Because we have worked hard on putting together. An incredible event and to and the summit and and I could not be more excited about this this is a very patient. I would say this is next level. Find something that we did several years ago which -- which is known was known as. The first ever mantown film festival yes there's -- Is I would say like the Cannes Film Festival only it's for degenerates correct price so so my Brothers and -- in March bought the men didn't twin drive it which is a sixteen acre beautiful drive in to the biggest movie screens in new in the I call hill and I said -- -- public soon we bought the men into and drive it. In yellow immediately without saying congratulations -- that's great set I -- do mantown film festival event yes I said okay but here's what evidence one only September's. September 6 Saturday Saturday. We are gonna turn this family friendly. Facility. All works in this vicious to generate audio outs one night and I -- I don't. And it's gonna be -- mantown film festival we have a list of nominated films -- a gradual announced do you yes we're gonna let you pick four of these flex yes -- gonna show you on each screen. Now let me explain what you got going out there because first law says that there's a lot of people listening who may have never been to a drive in before OK you are -- -- -- idea is that it is it's it's unbelievable. I will never forget. Going to the drive in in Conway New Hampshire and might in the back of my parents station wagon. And I'll when they went to seek cabaret. And -- and I believe I saw I may have seen a Booth. Yes I think I -- Ayman -- -- and my brother and I was supposed to be asleep in the back. So you know the they would load up the car and you'd make a little bit in the back and you know kids -- Now add. At this drive and we're gonna open up at like 4 o'clock that at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and come -- we have we have on pop's beard -- and we built it. So you'll be able to have a beer we might bring in some cigars. And we got down a grilled. Everything from pop corn popcorn chicken seeking eat drink smoke whatever you want to do while we wait for these flicks the moment against -- 20/20 one plus event because of course the beer will be flowing. Cigar smoking allowed so well that allows cigar smoking out there and on if you get your one ticket. That is admission for one vehicle. Containing six people are less well this is six people is very important to look you can beat. And image by bringing in a colossal wreck doctors -- exactly it's not dollars and ten -- and there are you friends in the I don't know wish we -- -- not yet future. Six vehicle that's widgets -- a type of car means so it's really of -- movies that. Now here's a Texas says this event is gonna be awful because Greg is gonna pick a budget Chick Flicks like the -- but now I'm out now. Yeah yeah and I'm a lot of -- rapper -- said one time I said one time on -- shows that I enjoyed the notebook and had been bullied over an Emerson and it receives a few -- servicing the notebook. I mean I would really suggest that. Well that we all of that movie that got to us that worship like what's yours. Again I got a much did have elicited -- -- eight years yeah yeah. I don't really glad you're here you are is has enough to make fun and about my and my -- airline -- like give them anymore inventory now listen let me go over some of the films. That have been nominated. And that you can vote on and and they include godfather. Course. Good balance. Animal house -- Scar -- of course die hard. Object top gun. Good to popular will look on a hundred off movies off. And I know how good sound. Yeah people don't understand I get this question a lot of drive and you get the movies emailed from Hollywood Susan woods the visual is exactly perfect yeah but the audio comes over your radio. You don't put that clunky that I write the speaker yeah quick question and that they can't -- -- right during your radio the only experience is all around. Here imaginable balls seeing right because I. -- -- -- I don't. With a fist fights are gonna be amazing -- -- build -- volleyball going on me. Despite his love and hope that by club shot -- Big of Palestinian might choose favorite so we want you to vote. And the voting is gonna happen on the WA AF website on the WA AF website -- and put it up on the -- -- gourmet FaceBook page the men and -- drive in FaceBook page will take out all your feedback. It will hit the flicks are thinking that the best way to -- to sports movies on one screen you know to mob movies on the others. Like it -- And we will give LB -- power it's not a television interview and I am yeah beat you can't make me responsible for -- so you're talking about as this this. -- when I -- again this Saturday. This is Saturday September 6 the mantown film festival one night only at the men didn't twin drive. We'll open the place up before it's going to be a party LB will be there the -- will be there I will be there Danielle will be in some of these backseat. -- -- I -- I don't actually you know if I'm playing a couple on his -- he admitted marital problems. It's been an honor America. And and and me and now. This will I would assume obvious so so I don't know what we're gonna put tickets on sale right now all on ace ticket dot -- -- 25 dollars a couple are -- twenty marvelous only after we get the feedback from your audience. We will announce the two flicks on each degree OK so that's 25 bucks a car accidents can have six people in the car answer those like four bucks a person. You can actually buy a car in a scalp the tickets -- trying to make money and I suspect that technically a -- -- caddie shack. -- army -- getting -- time and I mean there's so many great man down flexed so many great movies. I'm well and so that version of the big Boesky big basket get mentioned that so. Ace ticket is that where than you would have ace ticket dot com all information on WA AF stuck on -- but -- -- get your ticket because I do think that -- Stella the can opener FaceBook page to an adult only okay in the appropriate information on. Here's the text there who would like to be in DN -- strong -- I can't do -- If that it is -- men in police please ask everybody stop calling 911 if you locked your keys in your car with a drive that. I don't know what happens is that people during their batters our -- Don't you have your car on -- idol. All long that you push it a little too far to the right or left. Battery dies when you have to go to the snack bar with your tail between your leg excuse me can I please get a jump. That can be embarrassment which we're not charging for now but I think that can be lucrative and -- -- So we got another day Greg you know -- you should have like some kind of super expensive battery recharge thing you guys can run -- out and -- license and I drive the matter. Yeah we'll and we think about it at this event and I know we don't want them were -- -- the town and and I don't know how far wanna push this mantown film -- now we are thinking about having some girls to a car wash your a law that would ever ask somebody to come out of me off about it. I think the people of Mendenhall really like that. It is how little gentlemen welcome adjustments storming out justice -- -- that we may need to. I've been our relations with the puck. Follow this fine this'll be -- are responsible while I am pleased to be able to announce the first ever mantown film festival -- drive in addition. And it will happen at the -- in twin drive in on Saturday September 6 to get your tickets now. Once once we fill up we're full up and that's it so it's 25 dollars for a car you can -- six people in there. If you have clearly it is you know if you have people who. Wanna smuggle their way in electron gun and off the Immelman but do you check the trunk or not check these are curious not that I -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really wanna elect you see -- as drivers were Eugene -- like no matter how bigger small attack. Our town is in Camden -- and it's just when driving it was a phenomenal predicting driving you know it was unbelievable big Vernon used -- let me take care and our custom van with a -- back in the captain's chairs all. This -- is why it was -- -- -- Clinton did very popular little radio -- what was prosecute my might debate -- to two bars back there are so we'd load the -- up with like 34 cases of Beers.