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Hill-Mail 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now beats you to do talk. As -- Hill Man Morning Show present scale. Due -- bad today. Is it. Hole if you hit out back I have. On W any way. -- guys thought that that -- -- has another video out today if we might want to after things we might wanna find that listen that the little bit later. But right now. Today's hill mail messages which are rod do you buy Cadillac of Norwood. The dealership you deserve to visit them on route one the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. Send me more than 51 PM. Go back ever you know the message. We didn't -- until 9 o'clock last night which is great that. I was fired up because it ended just as ray Donovan was coming -- my birthday I navy fired our battle went down they always offers -- golfers Ralston now Boehner of Ohio is grace. It was great a barn burner right to be now it was exciting it really was. And Phil Mickelson I mean you know for his age shy and contention like that pretty good I get it done pretty good pretty good but -- well and I think. You know the best part of a Rory McIlroy is is welcome tiger. They've they've been waiting demand they be doing TV ratings they've they've been dying to get somebody somebody to step -- yeah. And now it's another young guy yeah I mean he's doing what tiger did yeah. Are well. I mean those are -- think of the attention when it comes to the masters you know because that's the next major and it's I think it's the only when he hasn't -- I don't think he has he won -- the -- Or as I know he's he's pretty easily won -- -- -- former -- -- yeah he's on our our -- yeah yeah so but now they'll try to do the back to back to back. Are you you know he's he's Jason Jack gray back to back to back. -- -- -- -- Either Cameroon. And like down. And the Kremlin to -- it yet but if you don't hit point four are very get a bucket that's. And the message. About the with the unit but not get a bucket. Yeah I feel this has had a big enough I think guys can check back here and answer that because -- Wooden Indian. I -- question what do. But during woman. And technical bird. On the -- and that's -- let's look at our case there has been -- -- you have to be. A emerge and to teach my my kids. There is -- there is a big controversy in Brazil because they're. Making teachers female teachers take virginity tests so that they won't have sex. And so bizarre. There really is especially in the land you in the land of the booty. -- I sure I you know what I should not I should not have allowed LB to change my mind here he has not won and I got. He has the he has he was leading on Sunday in any shot he. So heading into Sunday -- he has not won them okay so there's five there's five majors the majors are the US open the British Open the PGA championship and the and the masters. And so. He like why did I wanted to I think what what this what what he has done has been the the youngest to win the war. Majors are -- but it's so the youngest to win the four majors are tiger. Jack. Bobby Jones I think. And so he hasn't won yet as a warned you not want -- Grand Slam got you has not now the Grand Slam though. LD I hate to get all technical capacity. I have a -- at every mass there. In within a year. Yet read all -- when he got -- one and yes thinks. -- -- -- -- Hey -- I'm going into the Lyndon. It is stopped and comment on the -- Stewart situation today where remarkably good area. Is it the super moon thing. Maybe I have worked out of his brain anyway but it still listen. And that that. Little car. The very passionate. About. Auto racing that's why he was worked up about this Tony Stewart thing now you've seen the video yes. I mean. As a as an outsider as somebody who's not a fan of the sport. It's it's horrifying. -- it and breyer's. -- I tweeted a retreated the video on my Twitter feed. Tony Stewart is NASCAR driver. He was participating in this -- a race at Watkins clan on Saturday night. And he basically what are those carts is that what -- and I think he basically. Kind of runs a guy into the side of the track. The guy gets out of his car. And he starts pointing bright and double drivers. Drive by him in and miss them and then Tony Stewart. Comes right up in just hit some and kills. And it's creating a mean. People are a lot of it's a really interesting debate because a lot of people think he did on purpose I don't believe others say there's no reason why. This drivers should get out of his car and it's irresponsible and -- -- food and in the middle of the track and that point. Again you can go online actually if you -- I'm sure if you YouTube Tony Stewart. You know throwing his home letters from whatever you're gonna see him. You know in NASCAR and Sprint Cup doing what fact that Kevin ward junior did. And that is worst case scenario that is to a tragic worst case. Situation. You know Tony Stewart standing in the middle of I've super speedway archivist how matter and oncoming car is I'm not sit well yeah I mean you know I it's it's it's -- you know its irresponsible long. You know I didn't date people you don't NASCAR says don't do it for a reason right ya don't get out your -- accuse you might get it. Here is a tax which says the driver shouldn't have walked on the racetrack it's like walking across the firing range or. He was racing -- Hillman correction if this is correct this is that LB correction because he's the one told me it was locked in -- that was not our enemy was -- -- eight era -- a -- -- speedway or someone. Renegade it was a dirt track Saturday night they're dead Tony Stewart was supposed to -- -- at Watkins clan and yes under heated races -- right okay. Tony Stewart named our enemies guilty period attacks that's us well sheriff can you -- very you know it's a as did dart tournament given little -- turn. I don't think being here watching just is I don't know video from -- You'd you'd you'd see the depth or the angle and -- -- shooting so you don't you know I'll I mean that it's not you know if you saw the whole track or -- if the camera and was pointing down. This beyond the -- that the backstretch. Then and there may be different I mean not for another I think we were I mean they're big they're the police are investigating -- you know and treating it. There's no charges no charges have been filed yet it's you know on the we heard our share of per barrel. Of that county say that they're you know there's been no charges yet but it's under investigation. And you know the the professionals pulled. Do what they do and we'll figure it out down the road I just from. My eight stare and point my point of view I don't believe. That Tony Stewart tried to murder a man on a track. Now that text do say these are real think Tony Stewart is that true Tony Stewart is yet passionate and aggressive and yes. It is in and data in multiple. I like this -- -- and they are but everybody does everybody Jeff Gordon's been in a fight with a guy and a pretty mean. You know. Race car drivers -- fiery race car drivers since the beginning of time yeah. This. Is. Bob hello Bob. Hey Bob. Yeah let's. Say that our particular call or go to court LB correction yet. Internet where Tony Stewart group how much. -- you -- in the middle dispute way way like the guy. I can't let that happen you know we've actually got a pit road. The guy I -- drive by and you're walking with an official and he kind of go to Stephan from the crucial and -- prominently are. So we're quite the same thing go a lot of Smart move well. Not quite as dangerous so what happened to civil war. Yeah. -- Texas says Tony Stewart is the LB of NASCAR. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again you know the late great Dale Earnhardt people applauded him and his nickname was the intimidator because he'd run guys -- I mean. They say the -- you're not gonna convince me. That dirt track. Protocol. Is when someone's hair standing in the middle of the track. You do a drive by trying caught on to teach in molasses I just -- you know they did I would ever do that. What if indeed it is a hot head if he did ya then heat in them if if if listen if Tony Stewart meant to do there. Yeah yeah he should go to Joseph from yeah. But doesn't get it looked at different because he's him. Well celebrity's I don't know I mean he's first of all he's the sport is a dangerous sport. So you have to ask the question whether you can even you know is it right for a criminal charge to even be filed. You know as a result of a sport you know it can prove intent if he drove a guy off the track. Which is like common right that it is better and the guy died he wouldn't be chart right that it wouldn't be charged. -- there's a major threat but I guess as the guys in -- car around and around him protecting him in that case about -- don't ever think I mean how are they ever gonna prove what his intent is that you -- probably can't -- thing you know they'll watch the video I mean I just watching -- army -- and we grip -- one -- studio I just watched it again yeah I mean it big in the video it's in incredibly inconclusive. Yeah I it's hard to I mean the guy in front almost hits in the united front of cars -- -- doubt that almost polo match. What's up -- I don't think it matters that he meant to do it on purpose or not I think it sets he killed somebody. If anyone of us had been driving you are now on the road. And he can't do that -- -- well he's at a racetrack. The idea -- listen while not just as if I'm driving down the road and I stop in there in the end. In the middle of the bike and stuff and go out and start pointing at -- and I did I -- -- to the inside lane a semi trailer smokes me kills me I'm the guy shouldn't be charged -- Mean environment -- that if that's what you know that you know you're you're putting yourself in harm's way. Now a great example I was against Serbia -- -- enough for not the -- market across they're firing Julia. It's just not Smart to get out of your car and start taunting him like that however. You. You you've you've jumped in front of a bunch of car actually mean it dharma and it's like Stalinism. As worries today I don't like darwinism that's that's survival of the fittest the united that's like the Darwin awards somebody hello Eddie. It's what I guess what's up. After about all then second of all of -- like yeah I mean it's a life changer for -- -- -- almost always when you're able to even drive B drive and remembered you know. It's horrible or or you'll regarding illegal or -- race cars and -- content with figures closely could distort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bryant -- Indiana got economists and I think she couldn't tell it -- this policy what distort that it is such subtlety isn't that a little closely what it thought it was. So what it takes. -- the bullpen and yeah yeah -- it's it's awful thing hello Jim Dowd aren't what's up. They it's like to weigh in on the on the Tories do -- thing yeah. Seen it and do it on purpose if you look at the BR last night in online he catches them with the fact tired of that sprint those. There. The higher -- will be out the clip and with the Taiwan like he swerved to do anything. Why you have to hear -- if you or Tony Stewart's position he wouldn't even see you you're not looking for guys standing on the track you're looking at the two cars are going around. Coming out of the corner in front you. Saw it alienated Tony Stewart. Would see him for you would you know you have to set to do it they're probably going to he's probably doing fifty on on filing a five gates. Milder tractor yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's going on. This and I don't feel bad to the forty year old -- at all. I everybody's trying to be mr. intellectual vote trying to come up with a reason all all all the fact of the matter is that -- Got out of its top arraigned on true in the middle 08 racetrack -- start arriving all around them. I don't feel that they -- an idiot for doing it certainly is a good idea that the guy I just didn't work Jason -- look like a stupid decision. It's something stupid happen. What he does deserve to -- but the fact about the facts are you walked onto a racetrack -- by Cox who about it but yeah you know. Up nine you know what you're saying this is Andrew hello Andrew. You don't want that person almost got you got out of a cow that's pretty obvious but the two guys that. Eat bad thought champ first day bankable -- to dodge him and Tony Stewart goes to the right in its -- on the -- I I give it some some intent this year. You think there's intent. A little bit I think obviously he intended to kill the guy but I swerved to go. Too little white and -- scaled -- while the other two car starts last. Well you always accelerated the -- But the sentences aren't getting deep now. I apparently let me tell you that -- a word hysteria will -- of the -- and hello John. They're going. Yeah say. The church you're like thank god before. I still bear creek are obviously got to feel -- verdict you've been -- and light. We are although a criminal charge that the until he hit it like -- or. Somewhere work -- travel and just add it to -- racetrack -- people wondered about now again. Why I had that little bit. Like Egypt or anything there or what -- -- around the corner. -- Got content -- you -- and I didn't know -- -- want it Europe for some pop critic I got hurt but we'll. I mean it was so he you know you watch the video wood which I tweeted. He's not wearing. All black I mean it's 98 it's probably difficult probably difficult to see and what are -- don't -- -- It clear that I got there got a question. The the audit TU incidents whenever you wanna say the group that another caller pointed out. Two cars happen to go around him and one guy that did it. And you know hitting him whether it was accident are not in I'm just posing as a as a -- -- like the one guy that he absolutely let me look at it before the race. Let me ask you this that's the work done and done. No I know I know you can even know you apply everything after the fact. Let me ask you this -- been on the highway or a tractor trailer blows a tire -- those big -- -- -- I don't quite frightened to cars are -- a -- miss certain what you do bank. You don't have time to -- -- drive over it you have it right. -- But the fact that he had an argument with the guy before the -- yeah. But he had an argument with that tiger before -- -- -- I'm not trying to make right now that's chuck Donaldson and I like I said you know why aren't I I'm leaving it up to the professionals -- -- it's under investigation. I'm just believing in my heart of hearts that Tony Stewart. Did not trying banker killed somebody trying you know breakaway eager shoot -- -- and then killed. -- that there are guys loads up to the Al -- little -- -- You know -- you know shot it. Out and -- allocate. -- -- out why. Do you suppose this stay your vehicle yesterday -- lesser vehicles on fire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All Campbell he's going to be dispute pretax. You know paying attention you know what -- -- Arctic front and out hey you know. -- All right well. We'll continue with your helmet -- messages. -- -- before and. So they wanted to get that had the warm up autumn of his sport but yeah. Everytime you walk in the background Montreal. And block out your -- -- Tuesday tomorrow and fired up again -- Citing the smoke rose penalties that -- the thirteen AM. I've -- to the blue. We'll look at Craig little and be handled and -- and. We have not gotten it. Non memories here -- mantown film festival and amended and twin drive then. Saturday September 6 get your tickets now this will sellout and is only 25 bucks. National carload of six people we -- tell -- we auction of the three other seats in my in my truck and your -- sure. Well we're gonna do that we're gonna give laced them up front seat being in. We're gonna get some couches and there -- so you can -- -- very serious injury. Who else is sitting in your track little a mere three Czechs maybe the fortunate thing TPW post currency -- -- afford chicken there hello Jen. Any what's up Jack. I'm I'm the video he plans for the attorney spirit accident yeah. I think it was an act engines because the -- I was moving when he got his car you'd like starting -- In attracting that thought then went in lemon silent and back and you know plan. To hit someone and only let them when they're constantly moving back and forth and got it like that I think -- -- an impossible. And the way the other cars where it's probably different because he visited different spot and they want. Yeah house at night. It's I mean and look it's a really awful thing in and then less you know only Tony Stewart knows. But who would do what went through his mind or whether it was a complete accident and I'm sure he does feel awful about it. 7:13. Am. Right great if we gave battle but it looked -- that this is a fantastic idea pitiful really create. That wouldn't Colombia and break up yet but I -- with you. But but it would lead what particular I have -- marketable they bought. Rick in this -- he does -- Oliver there he does and a great candidate for these guys agree -- Alia is Jack runs boxes product. 430. Man. -- I get a moniker very good -- -- put -- lover. And then now we have locked up until she shared share based -- and his troops we found out today issued most the most -- -- can't do a bit of a job. -- -- -- BUN to step up again with a would you expect anything like dollar and message I've viewed your I really wouldn't follow Wally. Very -- -- I call someone only lovely Daryn you know -- them aren't you. And I can't wait you out remarks -- -- they -- And they could you don't party quite great. I thank. Should do that coming out maybe well maybe I'll clean that thing out like him. Cram six people and in the in the vehicle and landing of that everybody we're getting into the crash of water bottles and everyone's feet just tops it happens I believe who's going to your Turkey -- wants me. Week. Worry about it a lot of other eastern author of research. Is pretty nice kid and he's an -- and a victim of the occasional messy car with enough on the floor when not and it's nice -- -- it all you know liking you and your ride from here to let you humiliated like oh can you drop me off like. I'm over on Huntington we're at capital -- like. I you know I would exact to my stomach I didn't want to do it and I need to -- -- edit a gigantic yard Garrett. Keep people out there and keep people out in -- you're like the safest -- in a letter. Equipment that. I am ready to go inside the simple mail mine's -- -- nice ladies this segment is for you. If you do not understand the way the brain of the man in your life works LB won't tell you right now. So text your question to the WA AF eyebrow motor group tax line which is 97107. And you'll answer for you. It happened to me today what's. What day woodgate today -- Monday yeah yeah they're very. Yeah Mary go watch our program you forgot -- Mercer are.