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Northeast Institute of Canabis 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

Mickey Martin of the Northeast Institute of Canabis stopped in to give us the information on the classes offered to become certified.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey let's let's get Mickey and here I -- I learned about making a living. When it comes to marijuana yes. And of course. I mean how -- you think before it's legal. To your entire country how long Ter years to me it's not -- Mickey stepbrother hardly had to please. Please please welcome to the studio making -- From the north east institute. Of candidates which is located where Natick Massachusetts native -- Natick Massachusetts. This is -- particular institute of higher learning is it licensed by you know the National Education Association. -- takes two years together credited her occupational -- who were working on that process where -- -- in the process of giving license with stated Massachusetts. The department of professional lives entered. And what is your eyes are opened fully if you did you can -- -- its early Maris or West Coast time. Yeah -- All right so I wanna hear a little bit about you guys and what you guys doing and sort of the listeners 'cause a lot of them. They actually woke up early on a Friday free usually they get up about 11 o'clock -- -- but today they wanna be here. How making com learn everything that they need to know to become a millionaire from pot. -- so I mean what you have is an emerging industry here in New England were all the states are putting in new programs and you have a basically non educated workforce -- never worked -- candidates and candidates industry so now he's at work with it. That doesn't mean like a rolling and joined on that album cover movies -- that running back count that's at least some base experience running out luckily you know don't necessarily have that -- -- -- you -- industry's top and off the people are investing millions of dollars into these businesses now and he got an uneducated workforce coming and so we're providing. While training courses to give basic certification that'll you know insurance you know everything about the history candidates. Cultivation and patient services. Media -- I mean now I'm all things that you wanted to straighten her out. Blood now Brad brown in emergency mind you run dry we'll we'll have some pretty nice -- mussina. You stock with the -- as the -- I'm sure you do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know around the course for everybody now -- class class start times concrete here it is he cute show up you know 1015 minutes. Ladies and we can't courses for the comedy you know people have other jobs you know we -- will be there on time -- on the about the -- -- I. Should there be some stragglers -- I'm sure -- well. All right well listen I think a lot of people have questions about this because all kidding aside as you said. It's a multi million dollar industry -- Colorado approved a -- yeah Colorado where for art form and and on now what's your background. Beyond that in. Street for about fifteen years so -- I started with -- animal company making food based medicines for people of California. We raided in 2007. Not by the drug enforcement agency I was allowed to touch marijuana outside became. A consultant and start doing business planning and help people develop applications into government relations. And -- the top of cities in the let people sell weed in their parents so -- -- You know journey sovereign a lot of the you know business plans and aspects and -- dependent applications for people to open these dispensaries and you know working with -- neighborhoods and other places where there's you know. And overcoming the resistance you know four decades of misinformation from a drug -- or bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We in my base Utley and I'm sure he's gonna be over their work for me when I was at and T in my yard and use our personal person. The joke and I am getting certified I don't know what's happening in Colorado yeah Sarah what's happening in Washington I'm this man. But me I'm thirty million dollars in the Colorado man's -- really. -- that's not a medicinal right that's recreational that's gonna happen in 2016 that's gonna be a referendum and we're gonna vote on it it's gonna get legalized in Massachusetts excel and I'm going to have the skills. To be in a business or start of business partner -- to cultivate portico cool all the stuff that they teach over. Please let it be a millionaire I'm moving in a year call the -- -- -- -- player to rush on the set up a PA on my roof to blur rushing her house yeah. We're gonna build the cul-de-sac beside your call -- toys is big enough that ambulance the blue barrel and I got started out -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nice to have drug -- could be a good -- just arousal gets certified it's gonna -- -- -- Jeremy yeah yeah we'll -- lovable. Yes I mean the tennis industry is grown faster than cell phone industry right now and I was awesome leaps and bounds you've got states coming on board right lap you know developing programs people put in businesses that are. You know highly regulated and you know have a lot of security requirements that though. Being educated that went to the people need to do yeah you know be a part of -- And indeed the public career counselors. Like teaching job man like you're helping people find there -- he's trying to do real bad because that's actually had -- Yes he stands and on Mondays -- Wednesdays strongest uses. -- I guess John went to jail. Results for allegedly selling a water pipe. But now that companies make in millions right is that is that the case like his -- he's turned that around and I was making millions off for the right. So -- -- -- -- he had busted bird you know being a figurehead you know basically the name on the title bars that I like he was actually blowing glass and on them right now. They're like Tommy can username and they're like he's lecture me yeah. And the operation pipe dream you know. So or the resources program what are attacked there would like to know what some of the classes are the you can take at the and -- northeast institute of Canada. Jurors are -- courts is our medical marijuana 101 on understanding the regulations let you know about all the regulations locally on vocational training -- -- goes over base of all the different. Aspects of industry. Candidates say the candidates are -- -- -- the safety. Well that's like not you know not to let it burn down in the end and burn your fingers on the goes more safe handling quality assurance lab testing security -- things like that. Candidates -- new England's gonna get into the -- of the laws and how we happily are. We all know how those work here so those are two of the of that and the regulations are two things that I suggest people dive right into yes yeah because as we all know with anything whether it's fixing the road -- selling an ice cream cone in the state there's like tons of regulations. That you got to go to any permanent threat right gala got history. Kansas we have. History of there's entered Canada so go to -- legalization as well as medical and you know and you know just go and tell people you know who got us here now you know what happened. You know make the law's prohibition and Howard -- out of the Bill Clinton he's probably in the right you know these are not and handle on the list yeah that's that's a big part -- how we know we are Canada's business logo about you know people who want to open business and our business and operate in the industry Canada science. Industrial hemp canvas cultivates and patient services and media training. -- Industrial hemp. So. -- house and now -- do you use the the the hemp plants that grow medicinal marijuana those -- -- those industrial. That's a completely different plan right. -- you know listen cross tide Marines go in there are you know -- cross bred with him to have a higher content of dvd which has been -- for you know movement disorders and -- and stuff like that so you could you could easily grow industrial -- and also produces. It's not so much how people it's more how it's grown so industrial has grown very close together. In long stocks when it's used for fiber yeah -- -- -- -- crops are grown more traditionally like you'd see Candace went wrong for -- on those as a matter of how its process. And how it's cultivated but because that's. To be huge industry to -- -- hemp clothing everywhere fire put out and have been such of personal. Plant itself the -- that for for fabrics and papers to -- Says there is some big cats it's almost feel you aspect you know as far as food fuel fiber and other things that you know it's you know I mean you can plan. Basically a -- worth things you know that process is up in one growing cycle for you gonna do as much. You know fiber and stuff as you with -- paper rather -- and -- -- out of you're in a pinch you can smoke your clothes. You could depend on his -- a lot of yeah. I he probably die on his professional couple shirts and this is Jo-Jo yes hello Joseph Joseph. -- -- Jo-Jo we're talking about the national institute of candidates -- Mickey -- Which is opening in Natick in September. Yes yes that Doug -- -- for this yeah great armored tired. -- from northern California that move back home to Massachusetts from my roots back in 2007. And been thinking about it they can -- get back here and get my hands dirty yeah. Maybe even looking at -- rather successful our cooperative in northern California. Her for a little bit of time -- -- I let my main question I guess for our. Our professional lives. You know is there it is certain setup the way of our car culture club read everything. It's close. Why would there really because there's some people they're they're good. What they do and they they had -- Born and works works really well currently. Is there a cost -- -- when you meet our recovery system like you know the third of what it comes down to the business aspect where you. Are recovered across from the square footage used to produce letter sent. The amount of time the electricity that but -- -- always -- -- -- whatever are you -- this is a formula Rio band are made up for the state of Massachusetts. Now. I don't know. Yeah I mean you know so blue business of going candidacy knows. It's not easy you know people that you do is drop the seed in the thing in your millionaire but I you know it's actually -- -- -- -- -- relative the other ultimately plans that are you know desirable and that have you know. The right. Strained right nutrients yeah and -- oil right. You know controlled environments you know you have you know pretty massive indoor grow facilities that. Circulation ventilation security systems and on that I'm such a high costs going -- I mean. I tell people you know Massachusetts programs set up where these dispensaries have to grow all their own medicine as well also like to be opened a restaurant. Imagine if the author and a brawl Leo although -- the two wanted to so there you know so. It's a pretty big investment going in about you know with. The market that they have here I think people out of their -- but obviously 182 people applied to run these dispensaries that are out via farm aria you know lucrative aspect. Now can you get credits for like life experience when you view of human spoken since he you know you were young can get some credit that the school without -- -- classes -- our -- we don't give credit -- -- you know that we go you can transfer over to another course that I Lazio we had apple regularly you know. You -- high five for your experience. And you know obviously experience goes into you know your job aspects and you know they're applying for -- having you know. Along lines of Canada's history will be well. I noticed this as some people are getting -- that and I'm joking about this. Texas says Greg you. You sound so ignorant that this is a multimillion dollar industry I know them all I'm perhaps I. I think it's great I think it's it's say it's a great opportunity for people how much how much of the classes like out of the is it arms are -- are 1990. Some people just wanted to take back the cultivation -- the -- so how -- -- about growing more of their 15100 dollars for all twelve courses the you'll break for taking the whole certification and and at the end there'll be an exam if you take that you know beaten down so the jets and competency in the field is Afro man a professor -- don't mind did you -- Lighthearted humorous -- it's OK okay you know I don't either don't embrace the parent -- turn them on the stereotype -- hours -- with that you know we think -- -- filters on an exciting as well it's just a bizarre world their deaths by just well and another. And accidentally got the pot smokers try again without a sense of humor out. By. Yeah they haven't had their breakfast at my house and Sara well if this person is like Greg he's trying to be serious -- -- -- and around the whole -- I'm sorry he ever listen to the show cutting. I have some five point -- isn't that the people had to drive around with their reads that in their underwear from our. I had about people not taking -- area where they're actually coming into our own and you know finding that out -- abundant and I love us now relax -- I mentioned. Do you also work with law enforcement. -- -- because the of these laws police are gonna have to you know get familiar with these laws do so you offer classes to law enforcement also. Jeremy Jeffrey law enforcement train now about once a month brown well invite all the local police forces in New England to come by and take courses and I. Learn about how to interact with patients and patient to cultivate in their house and you know it's it's did everybody -- knew them as well memorial we can educate them on how to treat us and why where you know just the people who like we didn't you know and it. -- with a certain medical condition than you know they become more understanding and less offensive in the field as well the F cheerleaders. Do we gotta do an hours program Johansson. We have absolutely win multi nausea right now -- -- into -- unless football team -- is totally -- typical analog at least you don't seem like come on -- -- video from the hit he hit the flag on the running track and -- I would do what what what we don't know -- and we'll talk about it with a walk okay this is -- PlayStation 3 that is coming out of Iraq. Half. The -- guys -- affiliated with last night's. Limiting -- got the run -- five feet in order to give it couldn't hurt I get the run out of California and yeah cost is thirty minutes launches two hours. Whatever -- to -- while listen I think it's pretty interesting me in the north east institute of Canada us. You can check us out institute -- back -- okay. And -- of course I would assume that you know when year when you're going there that. You can end up with a job at it anywhere and and and and that's emerging industry of Merrill one there's all kinds is gonna be job. -- everywhere in the future. I mean absolutely I mean -- it cheered liquor industry you know from truck drivers and transporters. Bartenders. The you know the guys -- the cells that Stop & -- you know there's. You know a lot of positions and aspects of it -- you know not even directly deal with candidates but auxiliary industries you know growth shops and if other -- measure it you know going to just you know providing vaporize there's another thing that people use just the user read you know -- we -- so. It's uploading -- a great -- his own line of custom marijuana teachers because he likes the blue bottles that I didn't get -- and yeah Wednesdays and later on in connection attractive base right. Another context there is concern as to how do you know that the guys taking no law enforcement classes luncheon marks they are about to have. After signing up for a lot of course it's it's not hard to read about it. We're shifting -- focus -- most guys must be bullies like when they show up at at the institute candidates everybody was upgraded and our class the car Mona. And not a negative from the other side that could. -- no -- we'd go yeah yeah yeah. There is a good Henri and she is that Tennessee. Here's -- -- -- who wants to melt the ice cream truck shows everything well like you said the vending machines that. -- they welcome. Well -- -- -- and then we have food truck stop them -- I'm not. A good market and reading of the candidates. Now increases your appetite and put clarity sat around for five years of college smoking -- most the time and play great again as -- just got a -- got to have a degree already in Atlanta that you think there are. At half off on the class is obviously very requisite for the immigrants to that I really a all right well listen good luck there and thanks for coming in and measure do we do and educating us absolutely. I'm sorry that there's many pot heads who feel I was I was really mocking you and unpopular as we care about their various. That is right mocks everybody saw Arianna and I said sure who's -- I let it get America -- And -- your bunny -- yeah I didn't kill anybody a group of people are very very clear that. As did the story of what your dad is trying to -- the chip Reid he's tricky. Please hammer it's amazing and it's in -- to me because the years they spent running from police I'm going up and made an announcement -- it's right and learn about it and grow learn to grow -- -- they can listen evening is amazingly vendors -- -- subject this cup hosts. Those proceedings went more weight they're putting Nate because they wanted to be right next the fun and games all right that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Specific type guys excellent thanks a common and good luck rather gamble redneck.