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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

A perfect LB made it tough on the callers today during Facts/Schmacts with topics covering the number of porn shoots in California, JD Drew Day, did a bear od on cocaine, and office hook ups.

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What happened it hindered Tuesday at Texas we hope we get -- Tuesday -- I have to do I have so they're real quick funny story about something happy with that so. It evidently I have another friend who's a contender wasn't the friend that we were talking about but -- was another one and I I've treated photos with her in the picture before from like Bruins games and stuff. So a listener of ours trucker Todd. Must have seen her on Twitter -- sent me an email Tony's like I found your ten different like little areas not the same person but that the that's a riot so I told my friend the story she liked it guys email address I -- talk to them. But the tour than this like back and forth the other day it was like hysterical -- -- aren't -- likes -- by -- and -- -- yet that she did not -- right on him but he's my -- on her she's outside outside she felt kind of bad about -- -- kind -- I it was weird because I got Daniels. Is a guy like found this screen shot is like is your friend like this is creeping on my level I was -- The united it was a president who comes out today yeah. So what's up tied how big listener the shall I the F swipe left a lot time a couple of -- now your friend how old issue. 35. Is there an age limit. On -- my elder yes I -- absolutely I mean that's pushing -- she see -- hers was more like exploratory like that you know like Paula we have to check this out and see if there's anybody we know or -- like that like the other friend is an elaborate recess after -- she -- she's going to be -- or the other at the -- -- friend prisoner is like two point seven. This one it's more like key in. That you see I think he see most people like that are actually active the dude be on the show up at her house or your dorm room -- and we'll have sex or like in somewhere in the twenties range if you're happy you're like. 30 AM Joseph 38 brutal wreck on. In that wanna move an alarm brow. Isn't gonna let that does everything I think it's just people like my agent. Yeah or you know I mean would your AARP dot org ask your friend if -- if -- -- -- -- if if I was on tender you in my in the wheel house now you do that it shut down at 5 PM. I you can on a bad thing you can do like. Players. And it takes the -- an -- to get over to your house because you have a car this scenic shuttle and yet we're doing I got a call ride. The -- out the -- over like -- overly an hour and a half they were called the rise. And I let's see here is 781 tax from a 27 year old man. Currently tapping a 44 year old woman that I met on tender and really. Real screen shot that it's set up there and I militantly day 6617. Tax found a 41 year old Milf on tender area I. Wanting out kids don't take seeded 62 seat like and you know what the young guys they're not beyond especially the recent deep worse days. Like they got married when they were like when he won and had a couple kids now they're like 43 and divorced now like that sit on doing -- I got a new set of teens. -- -- Here's the -- -- says there is no age limit on love Greg yes we're certainly -- when your timing anonymous. The tender age only goes up to fifty dispersants that this so help me here's an opportunity for you right on the way out you'll never age create. Create tender for old people -- -- Old people who just want to meet and they have. Crazy special on Viagra route five count now and where we go here's somebody who all wants to meet you know at that grinder. Is not about getting a subtitle yeah. It's being that's genius what's grinder is that like tender. Is that something you grind your eyes and -- And outcry grinder is gave me gay and bi curious. That's their game and their -- it was the game on an Aetna. So yeah they're definitely needs to be a -- for old people then I would have to be on the rotary phone knowledge you -- like a number. Like random calls just command -- winding -- bank because I there'd be a lot of accidental swiping in the right direction but I would I -- -- Here's seven anyone -- why is it twenty year old are already resorting to tender. Well what they do -- are doing on court according to it's it's I mean it's I'm -- we have -- well look we talked about this last tender Tuesday. There there this is the way. That. Set the sex is doing until let's go to Bahrain Moritz is the wegmans. Of of -- and yes sir Tony Cynthia debt in just -- record of the twenty something guy. That's what you did that's rich -- central Kitna 35 plus 35 -- 45 year old -- crude and half but look I mean there's no if you. Think about like when used to talked year old man yeah. And -- now. I think guy he sure he would tell you I think you know. How much work was he had to take a lady on the you know fives in an endorser and a quarter had to sit on the with swing on the porch I have one -- Larry had to meet the father and now there's none of that effort and ball and lock up your Condoleezza current -- -- oil beast is human fly under the let's see I have a friendly guy early twenties who looks for relationships through Tinder and takes girls out looking to find a relation track -- -- -- it's -- pages that -- it's gonna change -- -- -- -- -- you're just looking for -- to give -- a chance. Today. Albeit Texas as -- college duster dust and experience. Andrea hello Chris. Hold on. And hello Chris. Hey and I'm in no you know over -- hero and call -- bar. I'll play a lot of -- pretty good idea yeah and the -- plus goaltender a class like that. Who moved there are plenty here's I text remain there are plenty of people who don't use sex for tender. Okay Pennington -- for what is a Tinder for sex the -- that means what they're just looking for relationships. And there any cinema wrong and want to give the president is far perhaps. Yeah its. -- -- a bit but there are some people probably listening who have developed the relationship because the minute what do you -- simply price managed. All the green and -- yeah but what you people the one of your bubble I'm but you know that's kind of person that posted a picture from when they went high. Pink is they don't want to post a picture their face like what it is gorgeous landscape at the top of Mount Washington here's the 26 on 26 year old woman. I look for relationships only on tender want. Well crazy -- Let's see -- great comedic chick any day of the week is specially at night I yeah America I got to remain and used to have the lake on a date -- Talk on the phone. Arrogant about it and get to know senate -- -- out -- I don't they're like let's say the money and it's and movie ticket to Minnesota's. Battery creek active though them. Now dude do. Do people. Like will the guy does chivalry exist at all like all the guys at least going to pick the girl -- she forced to like to show up at his house. Well what we were trolling a couple of the guys asked if you do you uterus and do you look do you have the that was like he -- and looked at the Saturday. Do you have a car -- not knowing have a bus pass I can pick you up you can come stay with me I live in Rhode Island. -- I'm sure sounds reasonable and a sounds I don't never can be heard from again yeah hotel room thanks. 50 -- text from a woman does LB have an open relationship I'm in. Very vocal opponent of what the old school -- yeah. -- -- up scope old school that it could enter the -- -- thestreet. Send me an email I thought well aren't you pick me up retention team to win yesterday. I don't Democrat but a ha ha ha ha ha -- -- and we need to be picked up there with my current broke down I can't afford it that's -- -- you can give me. The other night. Yeah. I mean. Texas says this sounds like a prime breeding ground for the super guy we are married to an attack that don't show up -- Adams. That's I mean it is. I think it's probably those who are. Finding love on tender are well aware that they need to be. They need to do it safely that's rapid noted that let's get to the news and then we're gonna get to adult -- price is right. Which is just a few moments away the news this hour is brought to you by firework. Over the border it's that time I hear again beaches barbecues parties fireworks and fireworks excuse -- in fireworks and fireworks over the border. 87798. ABC NG or visit them on the web. Fireworks usaid dot com. Richard also by Duncan donuts introducing a new French Vanilla and hazelnut swirls enjoy your favorite Dunkin' iced coffees and lattes -- -- sweet creamy -- flavors were. America runs on Duncan price participation may -- So we've got to get to an irrational fear that actually doubles as Florida not like the rest of -- this morning great. Foot alligator on the porch and they couple's home Thursday morning. The wind and Jorge Alonso woke up. To hear this loud crash at 5 o'clock in the morning so of course she grabbed the -- and said go outside now that is a must be a burglar that -- save me. So. If they have a little dog that likes to sit in the windows of their thinking that the alligator may have been trying to get to the dog -- -- -- because they want him early in the morning and spirits so there's this giant thing sitting on their porch they freaked the hell out this is -- -- -- -- well last night again because I always take them like two or three. I thank -- that didn't -- that happened last night I would have gone on attacks. Let me do I'm not out there and not much you know much -- is now out of it now cook little meals she handled molested. UT now we keep -- -- houses -- man animals' territory. He got into some sort of find journals you know given that those streets of London LB year the wildlife expert isn't that the -- as dangerous as the jock to -- it's now after two mile back snapped awake now happier Barack. On the cars drive and obviously -- love -- tip you'll. Yes Libya and can't simulate a little bit I just in China and a coming out of Atlanta and I. Now firefighters and there's physical evidence that's fabulous -- it is actually in the studio break the tibia and I have a that of course this account -- -- -- out. It's like -- you've done it several days -- -- out of the center in Brooklyn reviewers. And they didn't but the government. Mountain. -- -- -- Texas says what is nine foot alligator doing on our porch anything he wants to recruit her I asks ethical artists. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In advance us. We need to get lucky you I know -- for a while I used to dip it in the blood of the Allegheny. There you go there's -- like I enjoy it and -- I just -- -- What was the -- dog's name Gucci. Gut check names are done Gucci Gucci Fendi product called the announced that check names her dog her tiny little dog out. After a fashioned product movement. -- -- Would you adopt and Foster analogy if it were so you know now okay no way. Don't wait too much food in my account it's there and eliminating kidding me -- like a clown but not with kittens -- -- neck UMass party when you they had an alligator and met a -- Really ran and god how big was that. Or that we do will look like a baby but they said you know there wasn't gonna give you it was what it was that problem. Like. In their path clear punch because that would be like I got a -- that properly the -- -- -- Topper would drink to ever clear punch. Right out of the the public that alienated -- like to kill the worm you now of course the -- and I had his attacks do that alligator pie in -- while -- was delicious. Any gators sausage with chili dip -- Mel 017 polo. I'll be here in Kitna is split oxygen in his stuff so Richard duck and -- That that chick also names her kids after lecturing cars correct. Are crap I used to work for the girl named her daughter Alexis and -- and always -- oh is it like this like short for Alexis and there was like no it's like the congress the yes. Policies here are their names -- little doggie. -- -- little -- after a high fashion brand and names -- kids after luxury to have because that's what that chick does lute move. Has cap in proper ever wrestled an alligator attacks there wants the know. I have not now. -- not interacted. Within now now yeah I mean I've seen -- -- yeah I mean I've been in Florida and seen an alligator are being when I was in Thailand there was an alligator pit window like. Fifty. Alligators -- just organic twelve foot the vehicle in the now they that we don't have thrown out of apart gives I leaned over into the pair to get a good self be. At which point. Three guys from flying over and grab -- no I do now alligator can like our John you up and snapped Graham are you now. Claiming the U invented the self because that was like thirty years yeah I was yeah it was 1980 yeah actually yeah it that was. Himself he will -- -- yeah what what. What do you -- only to quickly hundreds of pictures. My favorite pictures we got on the plane the the Jumbo jet in Japan -- the -- we're coming down can you come down the steps onto the tarmac. And I we we were standing in the middle of all the Japanese people who are only like five foot five and we -- like we were 22 feet tall. I mean I -- -- the pilot's hat and we took so you know the great picture of pneumonia at a picture of me cabinet and like nineteen dollars. Fifty cent bowl of soup for the Japanese airport and -- -- who marries them. Conversion rate on all order thing this year that's crazy it was nineteen by -- ordered it mean pentagon speak Japanese. And the that. That -- it means things after things she can't afford according to this taxpayer that's a clarification I wanted to add on exhibit that luxury brand that chick will name her dog. Gucci -- and then carry it around cars in a half and they -- -- up Russia Europe clutch and a that's a computer that Tennessee a doubtful anybody.