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Hill-Mail 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, on this edition our beloved Patriots took a beating for the Preseason lose to the Redskins.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to -- talk -- guys that Hill Man Morning Show present stalemate out. Feel -- a year earlier throw all the Philly wrote we immediately would look good -- -- Good people. On WAM. If you want. But. Pretty good job a month -- I can't wait. The -- ready to go. That the tailgate -- ago. Leave it to you yeah yeah racial -- to colts. After what's that -- Franklin I'll well -- is -- tournaments under now rap beef I was a little has seared -- I was thinking of quite frankly of those with bill -- the patriots play gotcha gotcha -- area just open -- the object if you must -- excellent -- -- a lot of one direction people. -- -- you know how many parents are miserable that they have to take their kids the one directional my guys is like the Justin Bieber of this generation that is Lotta dads were tweeting me that they have to take their daughters to one direction and it's hard because at the white -- to reduce its -- -- -- program. I don't even though they serve -- of course the they have -- -- -- well I I don't are very apparent in the if that I really hope they do. I write today's till -- message is -- do you buy Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on who won the auto bio or online act Cadillac Norwood dot com. There's only 9:38. PM. You -- correct but -- recruit uniform on and that message. That. -- -- -- -- -- Now we know like that the wallet open and eclectic eclectic. And then now. Like people who get dollars up about an exhibition football really I mean we're tweeting last nightly you know the world is ending of the patriot -- Yeah right. It by Tom Brady didn't play. I don't know enough about. I'm excited man you are I yep or error mean gravity -- object that people -- -- it's genocide -- pass interference. But it suited to -- of the officiating -- those guys who people want to pound those terrorist bases and after games -- -- Read this is it's exciting. To think about it -- -- -- he's a wily veteran you've got all all the corners now there have been around that were in the organization 345 years -- that Revis and I advanced big Vince back yes going to be soon. We'll put me me all. Mood that bad today it into the hole. It is. How it happened at. -- that check. As a cap. That she was trying to -- and YouTube and then that chick got attacked by the -- being too aggressive he would excel yes. She had other ideas on the channel where she's clearly taunting that can't really. We -- get it -- younger scattered and you can't do the full on arms and wrestle them and learn to be -- -- -- blame Bernard giant bombs like I think that. I believe that videos on FaceBook -- -- It's viable it's gone -- so that's on FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. You wanna take a look at that lovely woman whose trying to -- steadily. Seven 14 am. Fifteen million a week directly. That's that's probably right it'll go away like three months. And that that act that pat and Bill Gates a life on a vacation -- family. And the yacht that he's renting his five million a week. Five million bucks a week that's this beautiful high now just beautiful that I love capital out of its finances -- either like I mean designing is that all inclusive birdie get like the extra bill for like the voters. Yo -- think there's an ala cart -- now I'm sorry dad doesn't include the -- Trying to fumble around in his pocket trying to find some money to blame for drank half pound man on the -- Cash -- when you're when you're that rich -- when you're that rich you don't you don't you don't ever carry cash you have like get someone in your -- that no one knows which one it is it has I mean you know really I've heard. Okay she's a hockey for an opening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's security that's his super secret that you're gonna Oregon regarded black ops well god. You know you know that they. Think -- by the Somali you don't think the Somalis are trying to get on that yacht nevermind this Molly's think of the nerds who would like to kidnap them. Their lives a couple of cereal at the front four and his brand they want to -- animate your billionaire. -- is a -- 23. Old. Kerry got goals are. Ryan and look. And then there and come so why protection regime that abandoned years. Exhibition. And me 1102. PM there are no. Broad market -- now. And let me unlikely last is mine because they were asking NV had much time left to the poor guy yarder -- -- -- I mean it just socks being Tom Brady's back out. You know I mean age never get the way -- -- you know think about it did. It's such but it doesn't suck number one if Tom Tom Brady goes on you get too cute quarterback of New England Patriots who were very get I don't think -- can sell. Is that there and end and and Brian Hoyer. Are too bummed out -- backed up -- -- for five years. They both have big deals have been and are are in organizations and have made a -- adult. We call plays based on our personnel we have available not a thing we got too complex so you know that's what we've got to do got to execute and do our job out there you. You know his. For. But what the time -- for what. -- it. What went wrong and then. They're great I totally support my Tibet -- -- All they wanted their beloved you know -- repeat that. That's why -- -- a little accurate. Yeah. -- it. But this message I tried that it. -- 508 -- that wanna go to this Kings of Leon concert more than anything going through a break up and it's my birthday I'm 25 white checkered what it -- -- says -- hurricane I think it says what's the -- what's a girl would do well. Tomorrow and act -- -- some ads on just our altered the gas -- email Albania LB WA AF dot com. Then you're definitely not going what's. Well let me jump in front of letting us. Louisiana updated -- delegates you go on and bingo they everybody goes in what do we do when somebody's been asking a judge in the limo who was after a one of the guys he's working on the parking garage across the street yesterday was asking me. If LB ever. Because every possible female -- who interacts with the show. Or interacts in general in life and by -- I mean. Could be like walking by mail me back and every day I don't want every single one you he asked for nude pictures that LB. WA AF backdrop. And the guy was asking me. How nude pictures does LB debt his email everyday and like none penis -- Again I -- don't want. I -- I get I get to I get they get to offers for our. For for action this week your real what really got an idea I was again guys or girls those girls some guys some girls just. In the guy and -- lesson in the guy world I'm a big bear. A little bit of the equipment. There is -- 10:37. PM. And New England it's that they had -- then I'll pick on the vehicle to make it boot camp in the here. However it. And who. I -- -- -- its ports well a I -- really -- -- Howard and Howard and are excited about the patriots what happens when winning big big console. Much talent isn't really looks well you know these people are clicking yes rob what is it. Let you know Tom Brady right yeah we'll still trust him or is there are some gone on since I've been gone well alike. Well since he's gone and to the Super Bowl and I'm an embarrassment but they're going to want the life. As is he's distracted one's own life we're so spoiled here yet it's just. It's amazing to me here. Tom Brady wanted what are what are we believe that he needed. To win a Super Bowl last year our defense is better defense all right so we now have probably. A top three defense in the NFL how are you not excited about the New England patriot. Taylor stopped well last night off we are. I wanna know the records of the exhibition games of this season that we went and I wanna and one of lord just you know and I mean that I did really well in the playoffs I don't think we were -- by you know I don't need you throwing a lot of crap -- -- -- to do list -- I don't. A -- cares about -- exhibition seasons when we whine don't make any more work for real losers there you varied but I didn't ask him mallet. If his time luckily you know of his time running out there and in all seriousness though Tom Brady I mean we all want to live forever. It's not gonna happen -- now -- -- here right in his career is gonna at some point. Stop to be want to commit one and done this year and you don't know he dude he's got to win another one he's got to and then why it will come because people. Argue that he's not the greatest of all time what. You know and I mean you go to San Diego and those not bozos out there what they would Philip Rivers is a -- gimme a break he's the only number one and like yelling at fans with a similar thing he's. And accomplice to that -- the Steelers fan is on the show this morning. Good morning everybody how are you deal. I'm here Jessica earlier excellent thank you it's tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick this guy's Robert. These people panic we do we quit this team and it's got a black flag and no wins this season. Thank -- I mean they're going to lose. And in great in their got a feel the pressure it's a little early to be thinking on the you wanna be cleaned out how you know you know slap happy and it's a 303 wood and I think throughout like he's wearing -- what year. Okay I'll act you know I can get back -- in order to act and we. Of the season and you see about 30000 back and I. Hey you're -- thought you're forty for a walk the yeah a lot of Super Bowl little -- -- Okay kinda come -- the High Court and that can be configured so that they should remove the trophy now. -- -- not -- India was a play up front for the student. The court helping this and that's the peppers urging people look at what we're dishonest -- -- country well. We got a little departure we all you know we can't afford -- succeed -- Call it -- thought. Chest and he says you know if they need to have in their common in people like you know. I can do. What it is what the basketball talk. Because to. Once he goes it could be back could you know who want to Wear -- won't shoot a billion them. Everybody golf where you where were you not want to thank -- drop below is a phenomenal. At least not. They don't want now right okay do you -- on the field last night nobody can. Exactly. -- -- do you look at vehicle kicked out quite trivial or wherever they go -- all of sudden now he's going to be the otter. Limit to accept that everybody. I never played can't -- that leads me. And Bryan Adams. You're you are saying Al -- prudent -- you can below that level. Listen to what they are that -- -- producing content can fight through it all figured out. -- -- an odd night I did little homework guys it would it be your second. 20013 and 120034. No 20041. And three -- the years have been once it -- it without them out. And then Derek the Steelers philosophy is that text that points out as steady as you go. No way there. Yeah we're going to bring a lot of critics when if you call thought. -- that -- the Steelers these zones.