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Mistress Carrie and Darryl DMC McDaniels in the WAAF studio. part 4 of 4.

Aug 7, 2014|

DMC is part of the legendary group Run DMC. He's sold millions of albums, broken records and barriers, and helped to launch a new form of American music. But, he's also a Harley riding, rock music loving, comic book nerd! He's in Boston for Comic Con this weekend, so he stopped by his favorite Rick station to talk about his new comic book!

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-- is right station WA have broken out over there -- This is so much fun DNC is in a place that because the place the VFW 88 F because we all of the yes I love when you come to visit -- in town for -- time yes three days I'll be here -- -- and I loved once that was just Vietnam well I was just hit two days ago Monday. -- you are under way. Love -- -- -- -- -- this opponents are also important is just don't what might have to really molded a well they had I think there would be some kind of you'd barricades set up at the city limit of New York telling he had heard Eric goes into turning your -- -- -- time. I knew you did they did they played like they didn't have complicated you want to work with them. Berkeley yes I was amazed -- And did QNA with the is that not only know got to ask. What permission did that go do music you know kids this is still funny -- that stuff tastes and executives and go out there and play instruments that the let the world and the beauty this annual and then you worry about who's gonna put it out did you hear what their commencement speaker was at their graduation this year. Who Jimmy Page. -- That I've graduated from college Jimmy Page home not just began my commencement really adult and my -- is good news is a first time I've ever tried to go to graduate. Anybody anybody write anybody give me any graduate and -- give me and badgering you while you're here at comic con because you have your comic book coming out with books coming out this fall. And and your new album is coming out. But he is single probably be. On opening a million about Chris -- tough but he had new single new album the follow and then are you gonna tour. Yes some gonna have a lot here's what I do now because I don't want people to think there's a ton -- B Brian DNJ mama self no. Tim massive James Preston east Jay was the bay and now. I'm I have to be a different interpretation. -- hope more leg good stuff that we did way back when now. There is no way to DMC LA premiere run together we do some spot dates they -- probably -- at a festival look there's another we have the world -- There's no way to run in. DNJ. So what I do now is a -- run DMC stuff and -- -- -- that allowed Jumbo guitar player based player still got a deejay did you Jason -- When bands do that like Nine Inch Nails is doing that right now like they started as this electric key right reverend ever sampled that they had Brian. But the latest incarnation. Where they were just here a couple weeks ago or last week who remains a poll on plot Ryan got an electric bill I have -- I have a lovely lady drama of around a couple of lean no or played with Jeff Beck. In a post Obama people to show a six cooled on trying to make sure all the musical an album -- -- -- So that when you come see me in a funny thing up late San Francisco right so. Yet the young kids -- ending in order older women -- -- -- a total one lady after the so -- -- this -- -- that while she was cougar hunting succulent. Pat pat what she's slid up thought I was going to have some lame old school rap global stage this and you blew -- away. And many unknowns walked up to me and said this to me you know that really a man -- were -- if -- go. Young and he said the young and Sony reported down like you do you see that's because the music Israel you know walk this way. -- liked is there really Errol Smith you know people say don't do. Permanency brought Aerosmith that we never said that groups it's even Joseph -- like it was soul and fool. So we're really weird time in the bans on you know what they did like the same that could save run DMC board Aerosmith back but look what they did for me how. They love me and no rocker roll hall of so let's not get it twisted yeah yeah any you know I think the beautiful thing with -- just -- it is about to sell to Chanda and birds -- I don't love and sympathy -- favorite. Thing I heard it. Three weeks ago. It's all -- listen to right now that what that -- simple man version. Shine down version let me see -- studio is amazed and I think there regional upheaval of walk this way as we did their wrecked in open. And weed and ruin it -- that we talk about his rappers are -- stuff we -- -- talking about six -- him once in the B word -- but we just did direct you know -- now let me also say. -- originally Miro was gonna do raping a sample. Originally it was going to be -- what to do that. And then and then and then and DMC and placed the -- -- -- -- CNN just read about a month since 83 Villanova BMC to editor of bigger you know media com DJ grown and on number one. Rick I waited -- just spout that off because if I youngsters -- just in golf -- -- give -- -- Rick -- because it was -- who say. Yeah. Just who -- so mayoral run in. Bricks and now. You should do rescued over an incident. But was like of different strokes -- Gary Coleman who used to always wanted to about Willis. Coach. You know. That's not a good number of what I might be told me Iran tentative meeting with the potential about. As we thought all right we thought -- Ripken. But people put didn't walk this way wasn't the first rock rap record time with them. Walk this way it wasn't the first rock rap wreckage. The first rock rap rock it was rock box which was the first rap video on MTV memorize it right out. Iraq boxed in in a mile run from India to predict king of rock and you know minimum Robert dim room -- -- he goes. You should do. -- -- took us so we wanna go do it. We win a hidden in the basement -- week -- average on the phone where when you imagine we didn't do it. I tell kids they're all but two different would your life be no I don't just okay is this the when I go to -- high schools and middle schools so it's not so grown as now. Never be afraid to try something different. 'cause it might just change your life in my changed the world and -- was the studio. Covering walk this way while I love it when you come out and visit I love being an undercover two. I know we're talking about bikes earlier -- to be Dawson Harley on sat -- home visit I mean. Sound policy passed. So flag you're coming up to hang out at me about it Harley imminent either starting at ten so you're gonna come out -- period end. Now they're dead than not I'm -- come out -- -- not come to the mayor it's right if I wasn't -- -- -- -- -- -- a sense -- here iron and I got to be there for the mr. and we got to give people a -- comic -- this weekend and had to come through that I don't -- movies this technology. It's books it's. Coloring books it's all a -- Have a section which you can learn how to publish own stuff like I'm doing. It's great financial assistance. Cut. Output and all of my blog -- don't yet have dot com we'll get all the info out there about your comment but in all of that and then. You combines a high of Boston Carolina on Saturday and will -- -- -- -- EO most definitely I got -- deal WAA efforts to death thank you so much for common that I love and I'm here they are such a great guy thank you. We in fact I have Kings of Leon tickets to giveaway before I got here at seven. The -- fighters on.