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Mistress Carrie and Darryl DMC McDaniels in the WAAF studio. part 3 of 4.

Aug 7, 2014|

DMC is part of the legendary group Run DMC. He's sold millions of albums, broken records and barriers, and helped to launch a new form of American music. But, he's also a Harley riding, rock music loving, comic book nerd! He's in Boston for Comic Con this weekend, so he stopped by his favorite Rick station to talk about his new comic book!

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Some demanded -- Metallica feel right all must -- station WA have been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame class of 2000. You right there whip Metallica win Obama again -- it DM seed Darryl mcdaniels from run DMC who was in town for comic con got Zambrano isn't great days. You could come that the comic con and see me they know me. Take pitches and talk about comic books both big key role the war all -- Play Thomas -- -- tanks there is a going -- third to all you're going down. I don't so you've got a special issue of your comic it's only available at Boston's comic -- runs they had casual very narrow issues zero we'll get it. And an issue number one and you'll be able to get out -- so worth. Drops and October and October and you'll be able to get it like -- -- -- every comic -- are you -- comment on -- a lot of free order and we put we've been sending out all kinds of tweets since that and there's a cold that people can order it at halftime that's in all of our tweets death and then I -- my blog after the show we're gonna put up the illustrations are amazing you -- everybody is remarkable. -- we use an actual artists writers -- -- all of -- right and -- The marvel and DC -- Oshima. Did the -- -- first issue. It's -- it's one of those things that can I ask every musician when they come into the studio that has kids that no matter how cool you are you know millions of albums old grannies rock and roll hall of -- your dad. And most likely uncool in the eyes of your -- I don't buy eggs that the books in the -- -- can't notes I don't have a cat and a half a century old but still well. Still twelve years old sitting a mobile home listening to rock music but your kids got to think your cool because you're caught up now. Noted yeah they don't even know about comic books now that I'm going in -- -- I get a stop bone PlayStation and -- -- -- a bit dope but they don't know about depth or -- -- -- things some just on a -- with that -- and they're gonna stick comic books for me if you listen the king of rock. This salon and they would run goals on DJ run -- to scratch. And not just when I was rat and I don't know what to do a -- did she could draw. Every time I went to Mike it was mostly left on my whole delivery with base going. If I grow up marvel comic -- Captain America I'm in oaks by enemy so. If you listen to every rom or month deliveries worth I'm here to be in a local. Okay what a whole new. Crashed to the -- come to the fullest. You'll still within not from the devastated because if comic book characters always that the amazing vitamin incredible -- I -- Always had to have a title on the devastating my controller DMC and so every thing that ever said on erected a -- not -- from a comic book. Obama and think yeah that's yeah. And that's that's the key to my success from a living grieving comic book your comic nerd that rides a Harley. Rods -- -- elicits laughter roll and we have always talked about doing it he's gone out and ride together instead she got a promise me that one day we're gonna get out on the -- Have room. -- written -- W in my bathroom standard it's right on the -- Puts dumpster at our back for America haven't -- really a well liked -- It's written it's nice to know your opinion about me yeah I ask I had the issue of -- and it would Harley-Davidson shirt on. Announced that it coming half -- and -- it. Almonte have been written in like four years you gonna change that. What number I ended change that and and only reason is because when I took the ride is its course and holly Davis and facility you know when you go through the rules -- -- hair well -- If you're distracted. If you are -- green every year and even say it even if you have that argument with -- why put your husband or boyfriend. And everybody else and if so what -- put the last -- is you know on foam. Creative there. I'm working on this new album I'm really gonna -- thinking god. What Omar god -- I just didn't drop for you my first single is may. Travis more on Jones Mick moss for Motley -- on -- and some passion buckle vocal why. And it's funny that we did doing the public saying. The first single off the -- well home we did a couple of ram chips -- -- all -- what he -- -- because of the Bruins were -- -- -- because of the Bruins absolutely. And if I tell you -- -- theme song yeah and and it's amateur yes so that's the first thing but I'm working with what Tim Armstrong of rancid. I'm working with -- home home on generation kill. Rob jokes to almost anything of that this this whole album is -- King of rock on steroids like the comic con in San Diego's been steroids the -- comment on this album what is our real musicians that's so yeah I don't love oriented and then yeah we've got. It's a passion puck. As crazy as he is he's the gene yes in the studio. -- moss came in there. -- they can play I mean he was lying that is him move as much as I used to. -- this -- taught that put that guitar and it's a few warmed up for us but some way and now -- want -- let me get warmed -- he wanted to put twenty minutes. And when he finished we will all dripping with -- But it is the most incredible thing that -- I mean I hit -- unbelievable guitar and then with yeah he's well loved I didn't hit it so we did their record over sort of part the next angle. Off the four denotes single off the new album is the engine room. Which is a hobo with song we're talking about uncovers it we gotta do this if you want to jump in this act. Whether. This is the closest you'd get -- it. Under the covers with -- on WA AF so we always have people -- covers on request we go under the covers and this is the one that you requested which is a great cover with -- to -- -- I know my stuff I did my homework it's often the Nirvana unplugged album it's a meat -- coverage -- and it's plateau on WA yeah.