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Mistress Carrie and Darryl DMC McDaniels in the WAAF studio. part 2 of 4.

Aug 7, 2014|

DMC is part of the legendary group Run DMC. He's sold millions of albums, broken records and barriers, and helped to launch a new form of American music. But, he's also a Harley riding, rock music loving, comic book nerd! He's in Boston for Comic Con this weekend, so he stopped by his favorite Rick station to talk about his new comic book!

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Plus -- -- station W band Van Halen. It's the embassy and DMC show this afternoon Darryl mcdaniels from run DMC joining me in this duty fellow hall hello hey Austin what's I have an interesting study for you that I wanted to get your opinion on. -- in a in new research according to our courts several lists several social scientists analyzed two groups of people and that were subjected to bass thumping music Blake fifty cents club or queens we will rock you war. Notorious BIG's big pop up drive and researchers discovered that of the two groups one that listen to -- them in music and one that did and it's right before a job interview or an important client meeting the people that listen to the music first did better and got the job is more office. Really so run DMC could possibly have gotten people employed in -- a not a lot of people. One out walk places like the other day I was walk in a war ovals treatment dot pulls me -- -- On Wall Street because -- you hit this. You've really got to see boys and Cody reverend volatile. Level Pep -- proudly out there well that's really scientific. What's your you're transitioning from your music career into a whole new outlet of creativity known as the comic book yes yes now you just got back from the comic -- in California the San Diego when you're. Our -- yeah right sister knows every year she's one of those nerds in the -- -- -- tell me how crazy comic con is because everybody that I've ever talked to -- consonant unlike anything they've put it like it's it's it's it's all comic confluence steroid. -- -- the -- let's make that. But -- if this is actually cool yeah it's really -- I don't really you -- all the celebrities like did you try to hide did you put all -- How they'll monogram as to who I am at the opinion openly with the -- medium cities there and you know people it's -- -- And it would be like what do you -- and -- be like what are you going to how many sexy principally as did you see. But while that was 22 I mean it's just cut the cut off. A lot of people -- common common look at the women and yeah so we don't know -- did did the did the anti Arab and when I celebrate the -- took. But there are a lot of ball blockers is that right well yeah I noticed a lot of guys that -- every comma -- just look at the women and other noticed superhero ladies. They with -- lead stand leak but are split when you're so there or you're got to worry about nobody doing -- you could you -- -- -- probably athletic. So I still can't cut in Boston this weekend which is why you're in town -- you and you have a book coming out yes some coming out what a comic book now. I'm not another rapper. Chun -- so -- culture where I -- Personal plug men they get a hit reckon any thing they can do everything. In on fame and 95%. Of whom can't rap anyway. Okay and hit records rank and I'm saying what so. Before I picked up the microphone. -- -- -- -- on the stage we run in today. Before run -- the mean down my Rahm walked into -- -- most -- new curriculum which in my group. All odd day I was the Catholic school you know -- that affluent school -- So for me which school. It was comic book. A solid it a lot of kids grew out his reading -- yeah you look at the success of these move yes yes and did like Taylor realized. The heat rule the world asks. The pig you know -- the world and -- and he so as a matter of fact more among new album -- us in Greek god really does help the 21 now geek god and god federal bureau so where ideas for a comic -- come from because the artwork of rain I'm gonna put some of it up on line and it into you can really -- we just we what we wanted to do something that was this this I would like even though as the MC. DMC it's the first superhero in this universe. In his not to wrapping superhero left Corning. -- thirty years since then DNC. Will go to Asia will go to Euro bubble all over the world and got him up to me. -- to used to -- -- just him Obama Bo -- showed just what thirty years -- -- with the economical. What if the wind. You don't label -- comic book you don't make that it's exactly. So let the people feel they act and you know an insane in Rome that the the people I convinced me to do at home I just that this Leo. This is a celebration. In the tribute to comic book culture sort of riding into the art. And the reason why I decided this dog with me as the character is. Chris Rock route 78 years ago they did this -- your role -- stone magazine when asked. Celebrities. And right is what's so cool about run mussina wanted to -- that was so cool about me room injured. That was you know people gave you notice -- that Chris rock's that this even diehard fan always has and Lou you have only -- -- Denny said this and this is what really made my editor in chief could go auto we have communication with. -- more rallies who worked with Eminem always is Eminem is is in the comic book so. To also a lot of us saw blood on Chris -- -- -- eight years ago but I wasn't about to become a -- yet he said. You'll run NJ a cool. -- DMC is like Boston Herald. And the way he felt that when he said dad I said to myself. Oh my god he's discovered him. Discovered to -- bombing. Every time that our approach recording I was a shot but with the Catholic school my whole life toward uniform. I got my money I wouldn't pay any amount of money ceiling Catholic school uniform Thomas in Europe it's only my god that would be Hawaii you know -- -- Catholic school I was bully you know saying Obama money taken. Every day 'cause it's funny public school kids -- this. Color you've got a uniform walked none other performers rich. They -- you. Go to I'm running his dugout model lets money take implode when -- you know for many it was terrible. Economy different home to school. But I made -- but when I would get home. Comment posted to three things to me. Became incompetent. It gave me a fantasy world to get away -- and a treacherous world of being a little eight. -- encouraged me also educated me. Captain America could tell me about wore world to. I meant to me about science and robotics and stuff like that but it bingaman we wanna do that comic book is. People think that own the whole comic book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- reading marvel comic book and -- McConnell they show New York City and I Spiderman. What's ought to tell me do you have to do comic book. Mistake about it you have to dedicate -- to do overdue. My publicist say. My first publicist bill Allison deal it was amazing to sit -- -- dressing -- to -- my old men at school kid to our McDaniel and now forefront of science you know -- little Catholic school kid into the king of rock. So put me in that means by them and don't they have Alter ego yeah yeah all all of the guys see the -- glasses -- -- we're glad that tomorrow. I. Probably so I just decided to do a comic book -- give a positive influence to the world thing where they were when my music. All right so we gotta talk more about the kind we're gonna go under the covers we have to go under the we got a lot of Metallica request because you're talking about getting inducted into the rock and roll -- -- -- -- -- I Metallica is huge I still do some Metallica the people's right all right old -- rock station W man.