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Mistress Carrie and Darryl DMC McDaniels in the WAAF studio. part 1 of 4.

Aug 7, 2014|

DMC is part of the legendary group Run DMC. He's sold millions of albums, broken records and barriers, and helped to launch a new form of American music. But, he's also a Harley riding, rock music loving, comic book nerd! He's in Boston for Comic Con this weekend, so he stopped by his favorite Rick station to talk about his new comic book!

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Classic rock station W way out. It's usually the Mistress -- show but now it's amnesty and DMZ is that the name of the -- afternoon show yes yeah yeah I feel like that -- them see Indians these are the king -- -- -- -- the king and reclaim the fact that the mr. scoring very well I'd DMC mcdaniels from run DMC joins -- and confused so much could have been nice to have. So -- I was able to come visit -- we seen each other in a really long time at least in the studio I think we run into each other couple times out about so yeah but -- -- always -- -- you're one of the multi favorite places Obama you're the consummate new Yorker that. Which you spend an awful lot of time in the enemy -- Larry a lot. Let's hope -- but yeah I love the Boston red -- pretty. Get a docked to it gets back it up think I have already yeah. It's back to new yellow EMC news -- it's important to you murderous. And I'm not well and applauding your image area hey you know what a book I get these mainly look. And like you could you do a particular. Yeah do you sense you're DNC set of rules. Are completely different exactly what I have -- a fact of the Mets into the lived in Queens anyway and we don't pay the -- fans the wait and unknowingly in the Yankees and Mets the Mets like the boy scout I have to love. About it at the merits of like the -- -- right like he's the lead voice out. I just so good you know. The got the last time you appear we were talking about you getting ready to be inducted into the rock and roll right he ain't so they had to be local -- yeah like I don't want your in which young Q2. 29 dollars for your overall all of. Game now this is such it's a solo home. Incomprehensible. That the right yeah -- was the right weren't. Inconceivable. Yes I mean after it happening everywhere I go Google congratulations and went away. The human bow around -- thank you know what put elected. It's one thing to be really inducted in -- Play it was a privilege just to be considered worthy enough to be it took it into -- rocker hall of fame before the iconic rock not who we used to steal their music. Everything I walked this way was a break -- well we will rock you queen. Wellness don't we stole every day. Or not meet up with that of people on our throughout the history of creative ought to -- like fifth stealing music that's not. Just consider it worthy enough to induction with the big week thing but then he did in his own on the level while you're here in the audience. Which you know I mean your sit next guys from Metallica I still don't want aflame with Metallica yeah what he thought was the age not the -- And a -- Eminem. And go onstage and -- none of us would be here without run DMC visits is that adds a lot -- -- yes it's huge bombing even looked at assists as you guys that want do what you did you know. Did you YouTube -- just changed music to change lives that changed everything you'd change the ways and you know metal heads like me -- Looked that whole other genre of music. An end to break it well did did do -- video director for walk this way was genius. On the scene when Steven Tyler it's the minds yeah so and I did that that was his idea John small. Is that the video director's name -- believed non small -- so did not -- -- alcohol player jobs small -- -- what happened in a video really happened in life. Yeah I mean I'm hearing is one of those was that like we were talking about it you know some of the security guards downstairs. I don't you know they don't really listen Iraq music -- that much. Do you have any idea how cool I am to those guys are now really is kind of really cool prisoner nearly to the right now I took my son. At nine years old he discovered this from a video game. And who knows I casino this when he was nine he knows annoy everybody did you notice that. This just a lot of sub brought his greatest hits him and he knows everything from that to death. Of his game Jersey. His twentieth birthday -- took him to see this he got the -- guys. They went on stays put owners owning the Muslim was crying. He said -- I waited ten years who have roots in this case is common article and -- and you're exactly receiving explosions. And those are your -- them with you know all but you know -- thing -- -- of rock for us was even though we sampled -- -- not like the rapist a day. That don't care money anything. When we sampled in audience we studied did research on all the earth and one's right now saying you'll always been a huge huge fan of rap music show a little bit easier on right now you that's -- -- -- -- got answer I was thinking the rap that's at eight crop. Rob was manned us the -- of being a rat her own venal being in Iraq. So you know as a little kid to resume on as a little eight when I was going to be in Queens New York we had AM radio. And own AM radio you know they they did Jackson Botswana Emma Stone James Brown what do also played the Doby broke his -- up and Jim Croce Harry -- raid was alone in every way different and it alone. And there was something about the folk rock. In this so called classic rock gods of today at court you know Neil Young Crosby stills and young and actually just something about their music. I don't think most high heels and about. How what how to get hanging. Ended cello music and you know -- John Cougar Mellencamp and you don't -- -- sell about. It was just more a lot to me and how does so -- was cool but it was just like you know. We all. An ego aside and Tyrone hours Mon the -- but then there was also little songs like home. Ohio. And the funny thing is. I had to be a grown person to remember. You disarm Ohio is about to -- university thing that was on TV went. So rock and roll I did an ambulance at rock -- -- is validation. Of the existence of -- It is in on fame and it and it shows just by how much did the music is his last stand. Right how much how much people really a so's he you know it is I say it is reason why -- -- this -- -- to say that again. Classic. No -- classic rock. Plastic doesn't mean a whole. It means better than everything that comes a certain point -- -- and then where you know Marion and 3015. There will be something that's got no -- -- everything that is -- have a classic rock gains nothing. -- doesn't classic rock gained. Talk about it a pre recorded music wherever it indeed you know Tom Petty just no column. First time have a right to follow -- yeah. The only reason enough follow hip hop is the figure out -- but I -- Heard the NATO staged well I mean rob is just so much more demand and a lot of play this -- we're gonna come backing given a code word giveaway an -- thousand box and then we're gonna talk about your comic books -- -- and we're gonna go under the covers a little bit later on to -- got a human right.