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Wing Talk 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

After LB said to bang out of work and get some wings, this discussion then followed.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Do you rank the bus swings the rank of ambassador to the guy that I -- -- debate I had the editor -- best in America. You've got wings at the actual. Home of the wing the anchor bar and buffalo and tonight where that where that where the -- the buffalo wing was invented and you say -- are better yes. Really yeah yes. And I beaten mentally it well he's doing you know listen every time we played the Buffalo Sabres never in our division so it was about walked. Four times a year for ten years. And our double order which is guy double order wings twenty Eric 38 wings in six but lights okay sealer -- -- can make. So that's forty games. How many warnings thirty DD -- -- times 38 down and you know what fifteen point. Okay 1520. Wings and what do you say six buds yeah I -- I was forty but it's not a minority is mine you know every night before. Finally puts a lot of people say when Google's wings in your hand Wendell. Norton -- you know. When bills and everybody says -- -- pretty stock -- about high level we get into the food battles with -- near Talladega then the info via. People say the anchor bar is a tourist trap in the wind tunnel a tunnel their wings are -- of that -- I really don't think it's a torture. And now let's just say this. It for as many tour has many locals go to the anchor bar it's tourist dramatic work. If you're if you're Buffalo Sabres fan yeah you pre game at the anchor barges are you go to the greatest. And by the way going back to bust through second -- excellent Chile is well really Los makes phenomenal talent and the other Julie hello Jeff. About I. Ought to order women learn honey pot. -- odd going on in order I'm a born yeah I was on the money and. I've been the anchor many times -- is not as food. Well -- -- ask LB about funds these wings in Birmingham. -- Birmingham Birmingham and what Birmingham al-Qaeda in Binghamton Binghamton. -- I think authority -- -- these I you know I guess you know it's one of those things the actor -- my place I mean now -- -- -- place. Anchor bars scared yeah. Find -- keep your -- you know it's it's like anything. All all good wing places Odyssey is all good wing places. Are places that they'd they'd buy the fifty I well I think what's what's topic now for wings -- fifty cents to five cents cents probably fifty cents. The big time when I advances achieved yeah that's that it was a -- right there's no let up another as the the as yet -- but I'm a non branded guys that get there and grab you spread your wings base. Where are reading them and I'll -- my my own -- slowing home a little spreading. Text from mom somebody who is from upstate New York -- -- news shows since PGA's. In buffalo is way better than anchor and while PJ maybe eyes again -- -- -- and how launch PJ he's been around because I've been to buffalo died in for a long long term thank god. Hello I Billy I'd be -- and your. -- -- -- -- -- I'd be good for the -- We're grownups as a text -- said the same thing 339 text their jobs in buffalo is. That bullet really really -- our local little -- -- it. Again buddy in the -- of our media days I haven't been the anchor bar since 19950. God I don't you know not for nothing you want -- -- because our raiser activities to fight on the sabres -- times retired we dual TR. Together the open on hot dog shop you know -- yeah. I drove it out. -- million Euro you know old right at the very beginning -- see the it would first first. Bruins sabres tilt in Bartlett's let's road trip. -- live look right or should we email with your number albeit WA AF to account so Billy what when where what what firehouse. Follow up there and I don't capture and Eric in. -- Park and a little while ago they're now what color barrier -- -- -- You're deserving and thank you everybody going yeah -- -- -- random after every random act. Wings -- as I'm concerned hello John. They got a dog what's up John. It is so it doesn't get it certainly felt very well and didn't. Yes well. DOS attacks -- says -- is really the original buffalo weighing anchor stole it. I see again yeah yeah I'd have to I'd have their -- the to be honest. Sinatra's. Which clothes. And I was there in 1982. And I was taken their -- you know the old school guys cash marquee. Pads. Odd that that that was the place before the anchor bar. The doctor is really invented the buffalo wing yes Danny standing. Deed done largely large blind yeah Iraq soon deficit actress. Unlike the teriyaki. Hey Terry -- I love Terry if we're gonna make a lateral move on the labor scale -- buffalo shout out to the long family you can't beat this August wing column really yes. Better bet like unilaterally unilaterally yell what do they mean you know solo is different flavored -- in the novel in the act at the site is swings at the garlic. Now. I feel -- David Andelman call coming I know render them out real or -- they've -- I feel that the Daniels 617 -- wrestling soccer swings at the gallon up. Using religion days that they're delicious fun when mills is right up the street from memos which might she was talking about. What's going on -- that other ice bucket challenge popping up on the policy. -- -- make -- I get them Dylan and -- yeah and it's Saturday and it went Danielle is doing the guys but the challenge on Saturday. In a white halter top -- I know there are increases but it challenges a self. -- teacher can't compare quality take a cooler high wind loaded up with ice in the in the water and no -- there's no number. Let it marinate for a minute so I -- these people that -- in the bag of ice they throw the water and then they -- on himself around our secular religion and like Tony the money anyway yeah. Let it let anyone athletic Atlantic it really relieved really really. Her Rick -- pub in Newport. When it comes the wings and -- chairman never I don't know commitment and -- road trip a minute hello Josh. There what -- what's up Josh. Hey I just wanna say that that link to ever come in much you'll agree. Window or there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No way I don't things up here topped near well all I'll look here -- all of this way it went so it was just awesome mr. scanning. There's a guy had. Mike couldn't quite finish in Basel Paris but I had about fifteen heavy metal wings of the hard rock cafe last night. I'm scared that I have been robbed I wonder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Know how to make a great products now it was delicious calls the wings over who was -- pass -- good they do something there it's I don't know maybe. I don't know what they're using I don't question that but when you get a giant -- -- wings from there it's great in their -- -- -- -- -- -- like the -- -- -- -- -- yet again also it's a different you know kinds or would they get the full weighing Missy -- the little wings -- -- fingers all that stuff but you -- have the meat off the -- that's the -- can't have -- the boneless chicken wings. You just copping out there. Yeah yeah everybody -- grown on the international human being -- -- that meet -- rip it off the bone -- it crunched down -- cartilage -- anything left -- now not out of the -- now out of mantown should only you can only -- if you're an adult and the only time she -- -- those long -- -- as when you're gonna put them on top of -- sandwich -- that's like thirty LT and are there because so like that's the first days. Killer what -- -- checked -- shortly go I'll go as usual for Beers and energy costs Bobbitt she orders bar that should get -- -- -- that tricky spot homeless with no socks right -- no known as a positive sign up. Do you go blue cheese or ranch. For blue cheese but I rarely uses the cheese -- you wanna you know get the -- in the celery -- cheese sauce I just go the wings -- now straight. Do you wanna know complete -- And I was introduced to this. By. None other than Lyndon byers and a friend of his and it I'm guessing it was. LB you're playing at the time so it probably like twenty. Two years old beater -- here going I'm talking about Israel I'm talking about t.s -- -- buffalo wings dipped in sour cream. -- hope hope hope hope that the -- you are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know it's good you know you get that contrast the burn and in this the blue season at a nice but. Only once they start on one wing it's like a baggage ship and the next you know those urges Japan machinery around right now muffin and on -- 852 he should entirely we'll bring you some yeah Brooke I'm going with a view of I -- Hold the fort down. A text there says its defenders if you're going to the Counting Crows show that's right you get in the tender all over today speaks community center wearing any socks on a button down shortly. Tommy bahama. We'll let you keep the lobster -- from the from the from the tailgate but yeah and then when you're so you don't give us honey mustard on yours. A. That doesn't Greg does his trademark three foot Leno over likely he's gonna taste something. -- -- yeah Stanley -- four feet away from a New Orleans for the. Tyler it's all the way until I get only on your serve fast enough for now the putting perspective the at the sort of the -- gates. Yeah the tenders will be kind of show and then there would be -- put in my little individual yeah. And there. I mean like how you -- what -- your toddler. -- doesn't cut the mobs that material stuff don't. Like Johnny has never cut food for all of whom never happened because -- up and your buddy especially -- -- -- at that point he -- -- -- elegant -- like Alicia -- -- I couldn't go Greg. I don't know I don't I can't but I've I'm having a guy he -- ask Diana's -- That he served. Service -- accountants and his drag but it whoever's got that. Initial -- -- -- right off guard but he never when he does security yeah it's okay out front takes care of everybody does part gangly and trying to pull up illegally on on -- query does -- matter he's like even on the -- probably not going to be any way -- out of integrated via partner carrier campuses that is reserved -- like -- how well. -- -- about it it's like -- apologized to -- times over like oh my god it's as -- I'm sorry about the best ever was America Monday -- evaluated he he was a waiter. He'd he boss that -- -- security. And the best ever once again that way when I'm from America you walked in front. And then he went to walk up on the job -- wheelchair ramp up there and Johnny management barbies like certain. He's -- Category goes to aussies -- certain is that he's a good guy like that is a good man he just -- someone's business hello Kevin. Boy yeah what's up Kevin Doug -- or yes wearing a moody street Walter. Several people have mentioned wings express -- says in malls and they say it's it's pretty good for it it's by February go to lunch can I Dallara and -- -- Hello Mike. A guy -- about for a reminder chapel of the perfect recipe or how lengthy actually put the -- -- -- crumbles. In between shots before he puts it on the wings just serves the wings with a group blue stat sheet -- our capital and. It it. It's actually in the so it's basically the body -- it onto the wings. Yeah explicitly makes the thought he wrote the blue cheese crumbled in the -- -- -- and -- that we achieved it inside the you know put up and then. Google for the blue cheese on the actual wearing that some believe. -- complete -- Russert says -- -- accurate like any inmate like blue cheese injected wings for helping in that flavor inject -- Canada. I think I need to work and then as the Q you've probably should put -- and so yes and you match Jack and -- -- -- clueless she's Monica blew cheese vodka -- in Cuba. Values attacks -- says screw winning 617 Dexter I'm heading to the -- well don't give us on that yes. Well let's don't do that -- faster every time somebody mentions. Our pizza I immediately feel like I have to go right after the show all the way down -- pounds -- -- later John. What's up John. Pay out now they're learning and they have roughly almost entire rest of yeah. And they have wing weird how lucky no one here I'm -- into. On the an -- I just like unbelievable. I don't like the I don't like -- Al penalized. Are not going to I don't with some story -- -- the law stretchers. While somebody says that -- says you're -- meantime if you even -- in blue cheese or -- I don't -- -- I don't you don't you know ha -- It's -- my vegetables and yeah in any -- journal also sorry that just. We like you -- fourteen wings spread and you have to what he -- Hillary Valerie -- and you feel really good about yourself.