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Dave Andelman 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

After discussing the best wings Dave called in to tell us some spots we may not know, we even got a call from fake Dave.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WAS. Dot com. LB excuse me I know were right in the middle of your very your sports. But I believe that real. David Andelman is on the phone this morning I'm sure with a comment on wings because that nobody knows wings like the Phantom Gourmet nose wings David. I hate to interrupt the old ideas don't give me -- beating please. If rather than tax -- -- can be read here what did you text me during the program. I -- the way inflation may not ever to win streak and I am England Julius coal fired pizza and wings on route one -- sockets he won there. I don't complain about -- in the embassy over and over -- -- point. We don't really think the ship in a bottle at -- are. A lot of process while I think it would oppose you -- -- -- -- And the -- and issues without Michael brings accept you are. Part of that result. You you so you're basically blast beaming about you're saying that they over cook their -- it's. I -- I think they're tourists are you glad. Since the project in those -- Well you better not go down there unity ass kicked so well it. I'll go go by the don't tell -- it was -- great. Listed -- if you're not criticize people aren't accurate about you don't have good wings in the first -- and -- and I'm idealistic. I think Abbas but since 1985. I have consistently. Delivered -- delivered it wears size it is what it is everybody has their -- Did you ever been to the anchor. I do have pretty good. -- -- outputs and I think -- it -- and thanks stake out some Cambridge now. -- late states but they are still waiting. Really. Like to place with a rib falls off the bones. The problem Oprah. Or Oprah. Or almost as it. Now Lama is pretty what the atmosphere new bridges what you guys only stock in Jackson. I would go to group recite once we could -- each year so -- it gets he gets. There are serious problem -- homemade salad dressing. On -- -- they're -- an element to it this -- are now copy. -- -- -- indeed your palatial estate in Revere survived the tornado. 300 look for Baltimore and offer their speech. Slowly in fact did that was mayor and as well running the -- -- short -- the back on court. -- Atlanta is and we're gonna see you leave here on Monday because we have a big announcement about it combo event. That we are doing to kind of and this summer and usher in the fall. -- and -- wanted to I'd join forces on the major promotion -- -- committed muddied it sought to vote one of the silliest weirdest most on promotion of. Yeah I think it'll be fantastic so we will see you on Monday morning real they've handled thought you guys sit well thank you. And hello. There I think I picked -- I believe it really ought to look I believe that they feel real David Andelman is gone -- -- -- sorry. I want to -- -- and I I I run that would go to the correct -- -- outfit and coordinate I think what that we need talking about wing talking about who. -- -- are here to rip off but I do it. We're like Robert now let you know. Well that I get you guys have kind of look at the market cornered on talking about food and I mean it's an easier time than than I. I would like. When you can't -- it -- you make -- -- -- rock creek about so they're healthy well we'd like. 600 -- Are you -- constantly alleging that needs to hand it's -- it's it's real it's real. -- -- about making it five times a year runs a a it is fair share. Authority is less. That tornado -- direct no the only thing that kept him. Why wouldn't when he was offered morning -- well adult football with the extra striker Joseph -- -- -- -- compliant way. As his hair is perfect apparently he has perfect -- -- and handle all right thank you -- David --