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Hill-Mail 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main focus was the governors new office.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- for the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- you to do talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- -- They'll be I was checking out that the moon to undo it there including yesterday. I am proud that this one huge kid who left the million that's that's the -- On WOK okay -- the -- well today. Brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood. The dealership you deserve to visit them on route one the auto mile or online act Cadillac and nor would dot com. A Texas says I've been hearing stuff about a guy at a burger king and apple guys do you know anything yeah ago. This is a great story today before we get the hill mail about a guy you have an obnoxious kid behind an -- that Burger King was this -- India. This is -- and. A guy. Is that January and that's the guy this night showed up on read it. Yeah so. And what happened he bought all of the apple pies that were available in the stores so the kid couldn't get -- when he three. Apple pies and saw this kid little kid got behind him is being in -- -- yeah. So the guy was like you know what screw this I'm not militants can have more even one apple -- eyes all of them with the leaves the play -- while Andre. -- you know did the guy asked the mom to please like you know Indian Controlled that you can you please get an example why I -- around guy he'll get his apple -- after I'm Donald making my order so the mind gets all of this day saying don't tell me how to raise my child. Don't worry you'll get too high -- -- -- -- -- so then he's like screw this is like coming apple -- you got back there and they said when he threes like I'll take them. A. -- -- -- This camp and apparently. We -- Don't -- Movies and we. And what I did and didn't want to bomb. William and knowing when I'm behind you in line cannot apparently -- apparently I want my apple pies remark. -- mark congratulations you won the Kings of Leon tickets are out there are so much we gonna go to the show. I don't agree -- that right now and by Hydro electricity stripper and a threat sister that are weary from mark. Quincy. Wednesday's. All what do you bill. I right now where OK that's it. Well and oral enjoyed the show if you're if you're the grand prize winner. You get a photo pass so you'll be right down front taking pictures of the band all the bands throughout the throughout show -- All right man thanks a lot for listening now all the best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. Wednesday 7:29. AM. My home country in Africa. Yeah I wouldn't. -- it -- a joke and you can also connect me. Joseph Biden believes that Africa as a country and but easy easy mistake -- 7:30. AM. You know Greg you -- here -- all the illegal feel immediately. We'll be here. -- I didn't. And the -- -- we will hash tag TH OT yes matched that he would have GH OT. When Tony 834. And again. -- -- -- -- -- -- Won't it paid ticket and Korea. Probably a yard back believe that why. -- -- Nothing against those who drive Prius. Yesterday whether or not mandatory to have -- Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker on them and meaning that it is verdict was that it seems that it -- what -- does probably Prius you get drills and they go do you want the the optional Elizabeth Warren co exists. -- fish change bumper stickers on -- and -- is their right their room. When they -- 0:7. PM. Agree. Has coached in the NFL being opinion you know about that out there really big win and you know that I pulled. Gatorade bath the head coach can get -- didn't let him shoot that side. On the planet might start doing a very tough slot to the legal never to this thing. -- -- -- -- But obscure reference yes Major League yes right in the Major League Q where the the chick took over the team and tried yet the Indians to and it wasn't at the naked picture the yeah owner she was. Yeah so with honor yes and an area every time they won a ticket check. Yesterday. We'll know who all -- A lot -- -- -- -- a lot of people and open it probably portal. Sorry I -- -- having a dollar and three model other offensive output and. Movement that -- commonwealth. State police there saying. That there are some. Thugs. That are are going over to the Tobin -- their license plates obscured so that they don't have to pay the new poll I'd be in the fast -- and I had that's that sets it's awful. I love to have the debate you this is gonna be great yeah. I'm not paying it. That -- -- get away early you get there or not if you're listening you don't have to pay your taxes again -- coming up Gary. -- and these guys and they are now. The governor the office thing that that man mentioned yet. We learned yesterday. That the reason the renovation of the governor's office costs two million dollars more than was budgeted. Was so that the Florida and -- that's what governor explained yesterday. This -- so little media. Some of the color choices. -- security system. The security system. The -- and. -- floor there there isn't it class. -- not collapse. Alia I like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One day like a few months ago the governor locked in there in the floored just started to collapse right away corporate they would like he wasn't wasn't that nothing happened whom. I hope Sharma and it is -- listening. -- please ask him every day for the next two weeks about the floor collapsed and about the office so that he gets angry the wouldn't. Please -- -- -- we must you be asking them Carmen. Think 49 AM. And. Weeks and weeks old and another Red Sox win in new -- -- -- knots yeah. Yes they did out now that they'll be outside Saint Louis is cared to notice it yeah. A rematch that was the bats last night that was the rematch from last year's worlds that you regret now is that. 708. And then. How four Saturday night and there. There's and it now and then it. Well it might double up on -- who I'm not and I -- according without them having and that they don't spell out of the Baby Doc. Our guys I don't I don't know what they did that comment about it being the man. -- -- -- Standard and tell each the fairy tales at least there at the beautiful women. I tell you what I don't watch Downton Abbey did LB does yeah why. The brits out process I mean mom I've never seen one -- separate never seen a line it's a great show but leftovers is get real good. How I would say they may have spent a little too long Sunday. On. The woman yes misses -- Little too long why what. -- what -- -- element one I don't know I think. They they had to get the people haven't logged on to her yet yeah because she's gonna become a massively main character because of hooking up a cop yeah. So I think it's -- yet. You know -- I mean they they did dad because there had to get some background garner yeah getter get decree easy going yes. Patient a great job yesterday by yeah there's a show where you run the mayor showed today you know -- demands that it takes. Taking him -- this belief that the problem. I'll be please just elevated to win the cavity searches before talking to on my Mike Hsu as the host of best -- -- day in Boston that's very exciting without your first time meeting Marty Walsh iron -- appear we got them in the studio that we talked about the you know it was work as a state -- trying to get road runners the state rocks and that's. Yeah though you have -- is a great guy -- great sense of humor when you're talking to moments. You know say he doesn't seem may oral. He seems pretty regular guys that regularly I a city like to have got smacked run a City Council meeting -- -- probably get more done. Which is great everything was good guys are really excited yesterday I think they were still pretty shocked that it was all happening. You know and then Marty put the -- god smacked jacket on and you know the press was there and then all the people who lined up and waited for hours again and they are pretty awesome yeah that's been able it was great -- -- good time all around -- that is like audio up and is going to be pictures up on the website and stuff so you know what's next. You should be invited to Canada for -- day when when -- when when the mayor of -- rush from Toronto yes when the mayor of when rob lord. I will do us any time Robby Gordon by smoke anywhere I I -- -- I mean I'm I'm their children go with him anywhere as long as he is not driving could look at the I him snowed in on anything he does they were opening up a new Ed Norton's banner that the Ford whose success it's. Him or owes him more and sari and diesel engines on the Canadian is Tim -- All right she will nice job goes -- was good times that things -- root for coming out and insane -- guys and and thanks for the mayor for coming out making a local official and now is that an official. City holidays like the vacuum -- holiday got -- previously they operated I -- -- the -- we should make it like opening day in Saint Patrick's Day and it's one of those blow off war. And now and get drunk days in which your pie looks like some people around here -- started. That it good advice jobs Thursday there's Mike Hsu who was the host of god smacked day. -- WA AF yesterday in Boston hello -- Are you know let's not. He left though yeah it a great show and it actually trying finally making that -- I don't you wouldn't even -- and -- at the -- and when they do enjoy that a -- you let the main actor award. That picked -- and remain accurate they and then I care. Well -- so you're the previous one then you would say was about the lady who is. The leader of the Q are or about his you know the cops wife being because that was about down and about the call in now. Well I bought and I want to know what that pretty you know the reverend the you have -- One at that point that out. Yeah now. It's unbelievable show if you're not watching the leftovers on HBO. Get on it it is fantastic what we can for them. The event itself. Was delighted that the size as an -- -- the attitude. And connected some thing else that it's a China. Or. Platinum yes the -- have to give for the twentieth wedding anniversary RT MC or throw struck like a car and -- SEC she already collected. About were still married I think com this is the idea -- just out of this this is as smooth move. She's got a new car doesn't that count the yeah I had an animal killer that think what the car yeah black okay. Into the silvery pentagon there's a platinum. What that it may have car yeah -- -- car you're indigo. That's how is he thinking giving I didn't settle a flyover here Thanksgiving Christmas. That's I think that's a gift that's -- accounts as -- -- I wouldn't run through that you don't run through. Now what's February that's talent and Valentine's Day what's February by the -- Second -- -- -- remember that it wanted to celebrate on track trying to I'm getting mrs. till Christmas present in refer back to yeah I don't know let's see how that goes album and a little over an upgrade now I am afraid. -- -- I always say cue cards GE. Or boo me and. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but not the clinic top ten million up about it but you know candidate but it won't affect you didn't get everything -- -- You know what that. It. Flat panel TV blank. Played solid. Debt and keep talking about 101000 dollar rate. Intellect and back -- out -- Now interest rates were 121000 dollars as of -- and in this -- That -- and that's very expand while their custom course their customs can fine not going by panels -- home -- he can't go to Bed, Bath & Beyond again twelve right you can't go to -- to grab -- six. TV but you have to grab the 5000 dollar 52. Houses of ours who. Wouldn't let them and. I don't know about every now and then now I didn't know what sat down. Message -- people here and there houses that damn tornado what does that. Mean if you're. Project is nine million dollars that's the budget. And you go over by 810%. That's property -- average that you have 900000. Dollars because this is a 20%. As at 22% 2% coverage. Now. I mean should have some sort of arrangement with the contractor there on the -- on the change orders -- the -- you know. Yeah you gotta figure all that stuff out in advance and then years if you're building I ordered eggplant colored -- yeah. They gave me twelve. 17 AM. -- -- -- -- Again and yeah. They want yeah. And -- Be a yeah GO. -- just shows his voice tracking the -- it. Where'd you go. Right that people were participating during hill mail this morning it is 814. And -- man morning show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information. Go to echo stored dot com. I mean -- very successful company absolutely. John Dooley doesn't have eleven million dollar office no regulars not even the regular old CEO of its office did not eleven million dollars and -- Most CEOs of major companies don't spend eleven million dollars in office the governor -- major companies and successful at that they're fiscally responsible act. They have some dip apples this went -- via.