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Mayor Martin J. Walsh's official proclamation of Godsmack Day

Aug 6, 2014|

The Mayor officially presents the band with this distinction in the Newbury Comics store at Faneuil Hall. The Mayor recognizes GODSMACK as international ambassadors for the city of Boston.

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Our ladies and gentlemen of the esteemed press and others who are also here thank you very much for coming out today my name is Mike Hsu from WA AF in Boston we -- Boston's rock station. And the first stationed on the planet to play god smacked and thank you very much for coming out. And celebrating got -- the day with -- us. You know. We do love seeing god smack start out. In the clubs and then one day you know one of our DJ said hey these guys seem to be making a lot of noise around town. We started playing him and it was great seeing you guys getting the bigger rooms. Doing shows like local bazooka doing shows like the indoor beach party and in the -- arena is in your in the stratosphere but always. Coming back to Boston keeping their roots in this area and another. Person that really. I was a supporter of local news there is a supporter of local music. Mayor wall sheer. On record store day coming down. Picking up some records for the drop kick Murphy's. As a state -- he was a supporter and I hope -- -- -- -- Martin -- the modern lovers he wants to make the state rocks on. Road runner by the modern lovers so. -- Walsh a supporter of the local scene in the arts here in Boston. So thank you very much for coming out and here to make the proclamation the mayor of the city of Boston Martin. Thank you could you very much. This marks my eighth in the month anniversary game NC Boston. This drive my highlight in my -- I mean this holiday guys that you guys those on the it's the highlight. I was on the all -- Arco bit about that about the old days would decide among the different venues in Boston's at least out here. That -- and Indians out of Kansas actually -- for me and you recognize them. There was talk about the channel we talked about the rest goes to two places out here anymore. That we went there and you know one -- embossed that we wanna do is primary back some of that tradition. And game culture that we -- in the city -- so many great performance -- their career right here in the city of Boston or in this area should say in the Greater Boston area. And want to do unbelievable things. We need to continue to do that and pushed that's a young people young talent has the same opportunity that that you're behind and I think that's something that who have worked with the radio station someone thank you Fred. I do have a proclamation here that I wanna read today in -- Often the shuttle take few more remarks are that. Where that's got -- -- American our churn -- metal band that came together in 1995. Playing bars and clubs in Boston and quickly climbing to the talk charts in the New England area they got their first on their pledge that the AF. In this first retail album sales in Newbury comics. And whereas -- -- went on to become one of the highest grossing artists in the United States. The band has released six full length albums six number one singles they have a -- 2010 hit their chops when he ten heads. Three consecutive number one pounds in four Grammy nominations. They won the billboard music awards rock artist of the year back in 2001. And whereas grudge match has been a prolific impart fear alive act. Headlining in larger Arenas and performing in many tour wasn't festivals from our defense to make -- -- -- brought. And rocket. On the range and whereas the accomplishments are credited to guards Max talents and artistic and the members Sully Robbie Tony Shannon. And whereas to mark the release of the six falling down -- 1000 horsepower at Newbury comics or its annual hall boss and its hosting got smacked day in their -- before I. Mayor of the city of Boston -- who wants to hit by proclaim August 6 2014. To be got smacked day in the city of Boston. I encourage my fellow Bostonians and knowledge and applaud the many musical contributions. Of the bands are offered by the music industry in the city of Boston in millions of fans across the world. And also did this doesn't today I talked them outside where it does them they know what to do what they Kindle can't do in the city buses today. And they know what they normally can't do in the city of -- they can do today so thank you very much. So he's gonna. -- -- venison and chicken now so -- Stewart myself. I am I just wanna say that this is an extremely proud day for for this -- -- nine for myself because you know I was born and raised here and I spent my whole life in in the suburbs of Boston and inside the city. Andyaat there's a reason why I wore the shirt today you know because I believe that where one of the strongest cities in the world. And dom and I love the integrity in the strength at leavenworth at work ethic here. And I and I believe there's a reason why got smack has gone on to be one of the best hard rock bands in the world because. As Boston is a very hard working city very hardworking town so is this band and and it's just it's a real honor it says it to be appreciated for all the hard work we do you know this is a band it's still plays are instruments and goes out there and sweat blood and tears for the fans and for the world. And it's just a really really a proud day so and so mayor Wallace who wanna thank you so much in my gonna present you with the first. Of the gods back 1000 horsepower touring jackets. We would love. If you had like maybe put the sun over that amazing. There was. Suit jacket. Looks very nice ladies and gentlemen mayor Wallace. Is -- -- -- the. Ice and scored the gods that jacket. Hogs all around us. So there you go it's officially got smacked day August 6 here in the in the city of Boston.