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Mike Hsu interviews Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Godsmack Day

Aug 6, 2014|

Recognizing GODSMACK as international ambassadors for the city of Boston and in recognition of their long success within the music industry, honorable Mayor Martin J. Walsh officially declared August 6th “Godsmack Day!” WAAF's Mike Hsu caught up the Mayor right before his proclamation.

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Mayor hasn't -- arrived at speeds proclamation of god -- day. Yes the mayor is in the building thank you very much mr. mayor for coming by today we appreciate it thanks -- disgrace. Now I have to ask you real quickly before we go into -- to do the actual proclamation. What are some of the perks that comes with having your own -- in the city of Boston -- say. In the guys and got -- now get out of there speeding tickets and they run a City Council meeting. Can name maybe. The in on some voting or something like that. On covering on the -- City Council meeting because Jamie what we get out of because -- -- may do little -- as the council hole that was a joke to the council to be a major story tomorrow. I'm you know I I they -- five data wanna build a building a -- in Boston today they certainly can. To bed on the sports seem to home price at the front row seats of some games so it's really the misses on a lot of things. We awareness and parking tickets and maybe -- speeding of this you know them. And the main thoroughfares. And you know I'm just hoping that God's -- turns into something that's similar to say. Opening day or Saint Patrick's Day where people kind of blow off work on their own not that -- heard that mr. mayor but. You know one of those on official holidays here in the city I think that is a look at the crowd some of the people here still celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. From from my seventy. But you know yeah this is something that we have to do you know it's it's in all seriousness it's great for the city of Boston in -- we were trying to. You know revive our traditions and culture in in the express our arts and entertainment -- we have to do that you know we're great city we have a lot to offer and having got smacked in the city Abbas is important. My Twitter account last that was going off to shot people just -- we're amazed by this and saying this is great for Boston and the salience. Well thank you very much mr. mayor I mean we appreciated and other guys in the band appreciates a thank you very much and we'll see and there are a couple of minutes next. The honorable I'm -- law.