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Hill-Mail 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours topics included shots at LB, female coaches, and Russians stealing our passwords.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Each unit tuned to. Guys they Hill Man Morning Show presents -- old man up. Heard on WA -- This is -- yes hello Louis. They had dislocated JFK UN skinny dip in all the time -- keep the woman away from him but those are vastly different times. Well he had the interns swim nude with him in the White House. When they get never touching because you always come back or until early yeah that's I'll be weird that's drag. Today's hill mail messages the -- by Cadillac of nor would be dealership you deserve it. Visit them on route one the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. To -- 9:50. Am. And it. The little coughing -- team leading crappy food you can. And the message that. A lot of people are talking about how anybody who's been I mean this is kind of like. A martial -- kind of thing I'm not advocating it. But there are people talking about how anybody who's been to Africa. Within the last six months should be quarantined by the US what do you think about that. -- themes I think quarantines -- excessive but I mean thinking what do you the only air. We checked the other shoulder you just can't reach on say. Hey we need to come into the hospital and on the way you stop combined magazine and an interact with a bunch of people that play -- -- -- -- quietly building I grabbed the peoples they come. And get this done and we -- -- then you can't -- going anywhere until we know what the results of the tests are. In America. We would like you have to yeah I mean public health crisis yes I yeah I mean. I can't just reach Jones AII hey LB ice and see here you went to the World Cup's of Afghan we need you to come into the hospital to have some testing for Ebola. And a number one how many people you're going to be panicked yeah you don't even get a going into it -- -- I mean sweating yet. I mean you've got to go if if that's the case of this we gonna do go to the people Brent hospital -- in -- drag them out of their home you bet sterility. Wonder if if that's the case about if they're gonna do it that's how they have to do. Good time to know why would I want it I this a great time to have a bunker. I think I need a bunker. To me 9:10. PM. I -- sit down coat and who originally from big yellow actually. -- Joni Mitchell. Got off haven't you learned not to try to stop me when it comes the music. Mine my knowledge. Of music. Is encyclopedic. Joni Mitchell -- big big yellow taxi original cowboy. Giuliani Mitchell -- loses here at some founder hot back in that room on Joni Mitchell chip that I don't like that appeal I currently -- -- utterly she regret reporter -- elector of yeah Joni Mitchell back in the day. Five 41 AM. But I didn't know about the. I didn't wanna know iron very -- -- that we've got to you know except through -- didn't Penn called. Yesterday the patriots had in -- and -- -- All know why he didn't look at the music silent. On the -- into. People want a rematch what are you wanna. Perhaps Broncos rematch LB playoff -- -- there's of course -- -- -- that the act sort of Indiana very an analyst probably the oh. Apparently. As that young child like. Say apparently apparently the king of Spain used to have a list. And that's why the people there pronounces the beat that's an urban legend -- it is not pro they say they -- -- stealing Spanish was derived from king Ferdinand having a list that it's basically just a story it during their. Couple different sounds in the language in in different areas and he's like my high school teacher topic -- -- an accent so we spoke like that some. Monster shorts and enough. -- -- Mark what's up grow. Our work or not. Although somebody textures as LB have you ever heard of the constitution. While -- -- but I usually lines that I don't I don't have a break. Get T abide by wet when you were talking about a pandemic -- -- the constitution is the constitution's going out the window and by and mr. constitution guy. I can't wait to -- crying in your soup because you don't get vaccinated get -- very blue collar worker from. Bill rectum while let him by everybody at Capitol Hill sucking down on the duck the serum to be yeah be helped me. Oh yeah -- congress already has here they are right -- and they've already taken some kind of anti Ebola. -- says experimental serum they got it. President's already been given -- sitting right here for cancer is so old it's like that's gonna be the next generation and a half of them probably can't even reproducing know what are. -- okay let our executive guy yelled yeah yeah behavior -- about the constitution enjoyed -- only the 40% of the population and it's dead. Now. I don't bank I've got a copy of the constitution. Might actually issued and are important to you know to me. Seems so. So like leprosy he liked -- well you know I mean. -- guy you'd be in favor of that. Not I'd be in favor of a quarantine specifically because if you're gonna look at anyone has been there in the last six months your quarantine them all the sudden they've been out in the general population hate to break him but. I think you need to be vigilant about tracking people down and having them either be tested or follow up -- the positions -- that but if you and he's like this that kills 90% of the people -- you look at it. How do you. What do you do stopping the spread like how do you you have to argument I asked you these. People don't care right. The -- so guy's attitude that's been to Africa that -- told he's got a bowl you think he's going to be quarantined and never -- in the hospital because he's got 10% chance eleven -- can interact with anybody anymore -- and Martin I don't know he's not telling Leo yeah he's -- he's gonna burn every. Piece of paper that said he was in Africa have now he's -- party is Resop because he knows he's a dead man. Hello Lauren and Laura shorts. I think once -- got. Good morning morning. I am I I would content I heard you talking about. Hourly -- people -- six iron tap do. It has that they -- a bullet actually. Acting kind of Byron yes so if somebody -- Q. Company contact with that it would have sent them here really quickly and it happened so close to that -- and -- Gets sick delegates pick regardless neither can possibly would turn it or they're gonna -- and how long. The incubation period is sport. Actually -- The other big they do they do so they're not gonna say if if the incubation period Mano you're gonna have written like two weeks then they're gonna hit that -- that knocked out. How someone's -- Africa. The three months ago yeah you know I'm in I'm saying that I had a. But it you know would you Laura anybody who had come had been to Africa and -- come back. Within the last 21 days a lot of Texas thing it's 21 days yes that within the last month. Would you be in favor of those people being quarantined until we all know that they don't that they are not patient zeros. IE I don't know I think -- assembly. Do I OK so so good so would you not want to go get tested so that you and you you know usually -- absolutely I but I think we. I don't know enough. And make that the attacking quarantine can be very. That can be very. Eight -- and but even that word eight depending on the information and that the information pointed that -- -- that -- -- Carry on her back. It would be like what's that Brad Pitt movie planet a year. Players work hours -- -- you have those camps would like to like all the quarantine evil people would be trying to get out of it I'm just I just. It was also shortsighted -- we made it through the -- we made it through the -- saying the world got through the aids. I I know everybody was like they're really worried about rapidly. That people -- twenty world and again. Yeah I don't dot. -- noted that without the support it's auto lot. Well into the message I get a good. I don't I don't care if it's. It doesn't matter enjoy working the excavated it not that that's a good job it's it's a whole lot more work and I got to put an -- a -- -- Fourteen and hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- But again and they don't know every patent go to the bar to order one is that -- into it and then open. -- -- -- -- -- Hold on just the yen. I was I got confused myself because I I don't I don't like tonic life. But I do like you gin and tonic and are thought to myself and electronic maybe it was a drinking -- and it's just maybe you're just pregnant outrage and it wasn't it wasn't all below ten is good enough to drink this year -- it. -- -- -- I think that 730. And -- didn't -- not one involved in Oregon and playing. Yeah. At that point no joke -- that then it's not as then though they didn't sound and then. They'll be checking out that particularly -- during the live there including yesterday. All week -- that is one huge -- you have to have you had estimated. It went up and I think I can't or you're against not funny and changing colors and out of painful it's ridiculous. But my wife knew my help my whole life sports Salmons never -- I believe that you went to a place. Our lives. And old orchard that I haven't been to that pirate ship things cool and I to great spot there and there. I -- I don't know how that -- never here -- -- -- with pirate in the name is shocking just shocking we got pretty cool theme it's like a legit. Pirate ship in the middle of -- neighborhood dominance -- -- -- he will got to make the tour with -- yeah this. There may -- plays I don't know. I am just never heard of pirates with a called pirates pirates got pirates without dealing galli will pirates who wouldn't be there it. It's leadership that's placed in the middle of the grass. I -- a picture of yesterday. It's on my Twitter feed Greg Hill WA AF won't eat again. Apparently -- help them get that it. Apparently they already have -- don't. -- -- Monday. That's the apparently kid apparently evidently evidently -- Not enough and not for not advocates enough not enough then I you know I'm I've never been on the news before a lot of and map out and my grandpa gives me Ramona street with a lot of eyebrows -- the equity shop or not that. Yeah. Yeah. Tell me before. I. -- don't want strange how can you yeah. Yeah. And really more like yeah yeah and don't want to. A lot and always currently are currently our way but if you think. He -- and. I haven't been a bigger loser than that -- thought. Then I met so these and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who I am from the oral noises. But really. They're calling them in now and every time. Mass Turnpike cluster -- you learn anything 811 I didn't jinx it but Massachusetts turnpike east in the Boston at a standstill. -- Make plans accordingly we want to avoid the city. And we're listening to -- hill mail messages today show is brought to you by Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider for more information. Go to echo stored dot com -- 18 AM. So email at. What Doritos ads are actually brought -- -- -- find out that they're not they're going on without that he yeah not a Smart move. -- Maybe Delonte West. Can have sex with this new female NBA coach. Since he's now amazingly -- knowledge that he had sex -- Ron's mom. We we this we started the show this that's yeah. So there maybe some people who missed it. But Delonte West is the son is named cash. And he explains why he didn't want to name his son Delonte West junior. And during the discussion about. He basically acknowledges. Them. That he gets acts would Ron Ron's mom this is gonna send LeBron into an absolute. State of mental the rest yeah. 'cause that's what caused the big problem -- come before. And nameless thing cash -- that can play in John Cage in his middle name them on tape but. And they wanted to name him mom. Delonte when junior just because in this room. When my -- going to school way and can make fun they have some as big game and -- who evening and then there's this to the mom mom mom -- who are there. They did today he's been off and it was rumored your -- -- He's dead now get the other thing that's interesting to me. Is he's not worried about his son being ridiculed for the incident where he was driving the motorcycle with the the AR fifteens and now in his backpack notably the multiple weapon outside it was as I it was a ridiculous and give it was a guitar case and I was old school. He's worried about the fact that his kid is going to be made -- of -- that had sex with LeBron James -- Or maybe the kid would be high five. -- -- probably not your data -- who Mann's mom. 640. He had. And Soviet. I wrote I'm -- indefinite. All. Very very scary story this morning from the New York Times. Russian hackers have obtained at one point two billion password. The United States of America so. Passwords email it's all been compromised right if you have any kind of email accounts -- online banking. Online. Bid purchase saying. -- what are the odds and a how many email. Like accounts and and now online accounts you think there are in the US I'm. Ten million more of the more than axle. -- that a lot of people have multiple emails you've got. You get accounts with that with stores in the shopping web sites you've got financial accounts -- cards checking account I mean. Does it sound unbelievable stagger rumble -- 7:20. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- The walls are six my outlook some marvelous at it for eleven million dollars. Think we learned he had. I -- think that the iPad let this man. And -- there is a pretty I think it -- and I. I don't know what you should do -- I was talking earlier. These experts that all they say is you know you gonna have. Wildly. Creative. Passwords the best one is a combination of off five letters. Or numbers. Eight symbols from the periodic table. I I know how are you supposed to remember unless you use the same password for everything. How are we supposed to remember them and let me say. You can't write them down because I have somebody finds them so you get it. C Philly there's far less of a chance of somebody finding you know if you elect on notebook in your house arrest and passwords jotted down yeah. Then you know. It's a lot easier for hackers to break in your account I feel like you know -- have a random scrap of paper in your desk roar -- and we worried -- about your kids their coworkers on that this is like. Online resource.