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Mike Hsu Talks To Sully Erna And Shannon Larkin From Godsmack

Aug 5, 2014|

Mike Hsu talks to Sully and Shannon from Godsmack about their new album '1000hp' and having the Mayor Of Boston proclaim "Godsmack Day" in the city.

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My -- what is -- Cabrera well holes well well the mayor of Boston is reclaiming a day for you guys tomorrow but -- I can't imagine that that's unbelievable. -- blossom as a whole world. Upside down the you hey listen you guys not just a moment -- babies so careful to -- all they wait a minute now we'll take we'll take blame for some of its okay. And let it let let me take blame for the purpose of the proclamation yeah. I. They congratulations -- a thousand horsepower men thank you. Such it's -- such a balls album I mean more so than usual. It really is it's just it's in almost talk with -- who did business the special when you guys and she's came back and said man that's. There's some Ross stuff on there and -- We're excited man you know we've we've felt like it's you know we really needed not only take a break and you know figure out what we're gonna do in the future but once you get back together like an -- and we need to kind of set the record straight again here and remind people of what hard rock music is -- enough of this magic dragon being. Hot rock and go back up and against the master your cool. For what they do yes. Yeah you -- -- your alternatives -- and his head. But it metal band Mumford and sons and we don't we don't think so. You know and so that's what it is and unfortunately that hasn't been a big wave of like you know inspiring music on the way and hopefully this you know this reckon we'll -- really get people light up again and appreciate rock music oh and by the way. Is what we're doing man -- column upon all rock fans around the world by the way because. There's another cool proud moment forgot smack if we can hit this. You know the band. If we get number one this week on billboard 200 for bestselling album of the week. It'll be our fourth consecutive number one and I think it. There hasn't been hard rock band has ever done that. And we need go down in rock history. Line though that I could be a really great thing but -- but the problem is that the pop compilation album don't. Which means public poplar. Like -- Rihanna -- on and on the direction and one direction now you know which again it is what it is but it's kind of cheating we've been deciding that it's cheating because it's not like the -- coming out with their own record yeah compilation of all the single authority came out and did everything -- -- against one. And they are -- songs if it was -- it's on that means they -- he had two million dollars or whatever so good stop to stop the rally the troops there -- that's right we need to the company -- about got back at this point let me tell you it's about this is about. Representing hard rock and carrying the torch for rock bands around America's -- Support rock music by picking up the new -- -- -- that's -- actually rock and roll has tagged 1000 they'd be pentagon. Ago -- lineup over there is tremendous that we think counts you know as a blonde in the record book it is great record it really is we put a lot of work into it man and it's strong there's a lot of great stop on the strike we wrote at least 25 songs and how to weed it down and so on how new we picked most powerful song. You can smell the -- on this record seriously a lot of record well it's coming out as a record to a violent put that in via you know it that's a cool thing not only for the artwork but. You know for for people worried especially series is back to a time analogue was warming itself -- real. And felt real and listen to the hole record and -- you -- Alex. Yeah as thinks exactly an experience that -- my big question Shannon is. Will have a double gate -- sleeve because I used to use those for certain and it. We so far we've we've the only other record is the first album and it's a double one and it also has a picture this suppose god. But -- say this cool thing that's true about the new final record is if you buy it. Because with a -- and it's you can get a talented anyway digitally yeah I think -- a free download if you get the final album -- get cool gossip all the feel like into that nostalgic kind of you're taking your gonna need it. Right and bring it along with the two I think vinyl I've been hurt me for Ron I think. Vinyl. Like increased by 300% in sales last year people -- election like he said to the experience of like sitting down with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would be cool to have these kids today is being held seats that. As well and and go you know in experience music and now wait to instead of just -- and so on here and so on -- like sometimes. Albums a sequence. -- -- have you know particularly journey there's a reason why yeah sort of as a reason -- into the connect once on the next. Because you wanna hear it as a whole body works so all the more reason why. You know you need to pick up the whole the whole record -- 1000. They've McEnroe -- you guys are awesome professionals to make history wanna talk a little bit about what's gonna happen tomorrow the the honorable mayor. Marty Walsh is gonna come out. Proclaimed god smacked me in the city of Boston. Which is pretty amazing do you guys have any of the an honor like that from another city your country or anything like that. I actually got the key Bill Lawrence Massachusetts where I grew up because of you know the success for the iPad in the book that I wrote about warrants and all that stuff and mayor Sullivan. Had a proclamation for me and and handed me the keys to city. So that was pretty pretty. You know honorable moments for me in very very cool I had my daughter there and my best friends -- the -- was condemned all the trouble -- -- So the other cool thing you know we're really really proud to know that at least so be -- data goes down in the books is -- god smacked. That's amazing gonna be in like this historical register of the city of Boston. That's craziness. Like what what -- do that's really special like you know that we hear the mayor doesn't play any instruments so you know -- judgment. On. It might take you up on that. These young and hip and gore I don't know yeah. -- guy you know he's supported he's he's. Acknowledged the Boston music community -- his support like the drop kick Murphy's and and our guys come I don't know if you guys know that he was trying to push for our road runner by the modern lovers to be the official state rock song. Well you know so he's he's got music on the mind so I think. Very cool man I didn't know that but that's awesome and even better. Now you know -- this honor you guys are gonna be ambassadors. To the city of Boston. So you know what that means that means you guys can't swear when you're on public anymore ever ever you're representing the city. No swearing. -- What makes you think I -- now that's a whole are on scene alive a couple dozen times. I was real me all really. But at at at my feeling some of those habits die pretty hard you -- in -- record yeah. That was bundled -- -- yes. Yes that's oh yeah and there's that there's that other son locked and loaded that's a good solid chocolate but I think those tracks six. Six yeah I would yeah that would two exes -- WiMax and so on are gonna look that up anyway you guys congratulations on the -- must be seeing it tomorrow with the mayor. Come -- a Newbury comics at Faneuil hall and really. Appreciate it might we really do man you guys have been there since day one we've never forgotten that and and we're really looking forward to coming home -- -- some shows there this year and you know blown this thing up all over again we're gonna bring back old school EC BC's -- PA lights and a lot of pyro. Nice. Nice a lot of the important week everybody -- county's support transport rock music let's not let pop music where and that's right it. Rally the troops -- 1000 HP. It's. Are you guys will see you tomorrow thank rather thank you guys.