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Dean Owner of Richmond Arbys 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

The owner of the Richmond Arby's called in to discuss his anti Patriots sign in his parking lot, and also talk a little sports.

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-- -- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more knowledge online and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Our next guest. Is clearly. Not a fan. Of the world's greatest sports franchise. And to make matters worse. He is now ruined for me one of the greatest experiences that any man can have. And that is enjoying a delicious Arby's roast -- analyst. I would like to bring on the show this morning. Dean. Who is the owner of the Arby's. And not Richmond Virginia asks where are New England Patriots the world's greatest sports franchise are practicing currently. Dean good morning good morning. Dean has some -- today special parking space at the Arby's the people were. The genius Bill Belichick. However. -- dean went to the trouble of having AS special parking sign created. For bill. Which I just tweeted a picture of my Twitter feed Greg Hill WA AF. And dean could you tell everybody what that parking sign on for any RB says in Richmond Virginia. This week we have reserved parking. For the former agency of the NY -- I'm. Not and and deemed. Hot item is is on that side. Some help their binoculars ended up on the time. The binoculars teen what I. Let me let me guess what we're not -- it's not a spy -- reference from like twelve years ago dean. Well our franchise is right across the street from the facility so I figured if coach what -- come in. And have a great sandwich and watched practice from the binoculars from here to stay up and he's -- he's Richmond. Out of everybody Baltimore to consider this I gave reference well I can't do anything about -- and I. Not a quick check. But I mean can you get over it and -- I mean it was a long time ago can people get over fifteen. Well -- and you know you know like they say sports -- -- toy department of life so why not have a little fun. I had -- just another -- we're not given me at three Super Bowl trophies. Well you know I'm completely missing one most of provoked over the Cleveland I -- him do so I can understand that economic. -- al-Qaeda. Cleveland to Richmond you've got real you you really got the -- and the life deeds. What else at the right thing to turn him after fifty years beta test. Why the talent unlike other football in -- who knows maybe a dollar data -- I had no idea it. As as bill come in yet. I haven't seen him yet but I'm sure -- been over practice. So you know hopefully we'll see him. It was maybe -- -- stop -- have a sandwich. A couple -- apple. Maybe Gisele looked at them if you're missing evidence that the how critical that -- be -- becomes images are plows through legs like re re Arby's -- Kucera and just finish up with -- -- chocolate -- Whatever you are gone out -- out. Why do it pays them then I hate to do this. I hate to do that the united. Do that don't do that -- -- the economic big Bruins fans grow up watching it brought them if it by the result and remember. Bobby nor the Stanley Cup and seventy's so I've got a little Boston in the. All right let me ask you a little test here you -- big Bruins fan yet. I'd like you to name. 33. Of the toughest Bruins from the 1980s. From the -- -- -- my guy I was stereo out -- -- into the eighty OK pretty good yeah I can learn them in Iraq yet stimulants and yup and god it was so many. And number 34 yeah -- do member number 34 for the Bruins not a -- ringing a bell about. And kids yeah I mean sorry blob blond haired kid from from Canada. And I wanted to do and gratitude and them guys do it from like the 87 denying these. Miller and buyers guys. I don't know it just right now at some point he was later. All I heard that requires Lyndon byers earlier in the 34. I guess so -- ask. Your restaurants. Are right seldom used so art please Bruins it's okay I. And that's that's actually LB right there that's him Lyndon byers former a former -- and I'm just Joshua just wouldn't expect you remember he was it was a Bruin in Tilly discovered -- and that and I think it -- -- article from there you are right so -- so I have -- this offensive signed. It's got their binoculars on it and of course then when bill. Left. The New York Giants he wrote that famous. Notes. Former former HC of the and why AG so that's why you did that it's. Alright we wish you success. Now I assume that you know your Redskins fan. Well promptly went on the browns fans so that they don't forming. But it but it seems like you're supporting the Redskins over the patriot. It was well you know we support everybody -- had the Redskins signed up to. Got it -- like in films like positive. -- -- it -- -- and I think there's look at that across the street we got a lot of Redskins standout in coming in from out of town that visiting the camp. The patriots people have been around and how many Arab from. Far away but a lot you know there's a big patriot obviously when you're winning you've you've -- fans of the big picture contingent here which -- Red Sox contingent here Richmond. So what it is nice -- by the way here you gotta be pumped Johnny man's well taken snaps with the starters his first Deaver right now. Well. Look whether go to Johnny Mandel -- but -- -- think -- -- when you're out to be blunt about it. Because -- be turned out well. What about LeBron LeBron going home. Well it's always -- it's always good to welcome home. You know then go away a few years ago but now -- back we'll embrace him and and and pray for a a parade down Broadway Cleveland's been fifty years since we had a parade so. When look at forward. Well listen -- good luck good -- any any new lab menu changes an Arby's it's been awhile since I've been there what's. The newly crafted -- -- -- speculative -- out we have the club stacked the triple -- we've got some great sandwiches down. So hopefully we'll get you get the people to visit -- and enjoy the experience and enrichment for training camp completely let -- visit. The news that the meat what do you say -- craft -- Make rapid build the -- is now estimated to -- that. A little mega mental battle and I found her -- pretty good I -- are they have been delighted you know I'd there is dean. Who runs the Arby's -- owns the Arby's down there and Richmond Virginia. With a direct attack on New England Patriots fan.