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Hill-Mail 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics covered Greg and his concert attendance, and the ebola virus.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Each unit turned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man up. -- now and August. Brett but -- million games out -- no way to make the playoffs they will be out here on the bandwagon. -- good at what it was welfare. On WA EA. Pat Tuesday next Tuesday here on the Internet I promise and a different for you Sox fans are starting -- top would mean. Fourteen intent what I would support you intent what biggest amateur sport in the elite. Oh okay to point out that elusive second while current fourteen out of first. Ten games out of the second it's available wildcard spot. -- your hill mail messages today. Brought -- you by Cadillac of Norwood. The dealership you deserve to visit them on route one the auto mile our online -- Cadillac Norwood dot com. -- on down there they're free bagels and cream cheese. It businesses whether Tokyo -- breakfast I don't you know I mean practices and my Jackson the man in charge down there asked for him he is he's the best. Monday 146. PM. The way it was done well -- little -- -- open. I'm lucky maybe they -- What you -- really well then the manager yeah. They've gone through. And now there's a picture that uncomfortable hug between John Henry and unless they're one when it was all Arctic could behind that was asked loudly string of I don't think kind of got there what I mean it was just a lot debate that. The had a -- well I -- I I mean we'll just let that Jon Lester was -- -- you know Nevada there well that's because you have this ridiculous tendencies coming back that that's why you like I'll just say this I mean the deal and the Oakland eighties are not copping out. A 150000140. Million dollars. Back anecdotally yankees' big money -- of the Yankees lowland. He's an individual -- for the Yankees sure you'll -- would ever -- Are you kidding me but you're there you were scenario I'm not. I'm just the guy he's justified. I I would never judge Jon Lester. Got I have to -- offer the it in spring training and report spring training and and and basically is insult that why would -- go somewhere else and -- insulted well. You don't think so no I don't what what's it so it. He's gone from last place in the -- are gonna win the World Series now we have put another on his finger and then in getting into what are we want Alison I wish him the best he's. I yeah I I'm not. The guy is down and more than. Any great. Pitchers for the Red Sox and has won two World Series I've been the base. Since Tuesday you know I mean you guys didn't relatives since 2006 he's made this team I mean you can ask him an athlete for anything more than he's given to -- down into the Red Sox so I wish him all the best -- I'm not gonna stop treatment and I'm doctors stop wanting him to come back to the Boston Red Sox cannot be -- be the mentor for Henry Owens and now and Renata are not. And now ruby dealer -- But if there's stated philosophy is that they don't pay a lot for guys. On the backside a thirty year or just over that and why would they suddenly change that I mean they didn't want to offer -- money. A long term deal and money presidents age while they suddenly decide to do that. October. Because they got back. Now and in value the god back. Its success it is Yahoo! whose -- he's won only twenty usual that. I know you it's driving me crazy do you think they stated that I just want to. Let's get it yeah. Yeah yeah can I love it -- you lit up the other day from a different on that I have to watch -- ESPN and everybody on the planet say it's desperate it's. Say it five times fast I can do. The spurs -- on a -- one assist. At the Pentagon assessment of -- out. Your assessment of excellence into a good Hulu land at. I'd probably -- here. The ball -- if it is true. Fury. Around the ball or actually -- -- I shot 46 here at all. About 10 o'clock. Yes India and somebody's that I want to my age dawn hunt and I. Expect. I happened to break a hundred -- -- random okay. Family and thoughtful but believe me you won't believe me and them. -- Okay. Lou. -- -- alive it's a pandemic. You got a guy a random dude. Walking into a hospital in New York. Had just been on vacation in Africa. And he's got the -- so now you've got everybody did he came into contact with coworkers friends -- ambling. Sneezing. Sneezing Ebola all over the world like the -- -- cockpit where there hasn't America -- you some more shook hands with a cab driver Morris. Pass money to lose some sort of a Burmese he mentions of god who -- and yellows. And dean it's probably on our money. Apparently it's even that -- and you surveyed feel like there's more Ebola than cocaine on the averaged twenty dollar bill in circulation in the United States. Look what the 47 and then. -- -- That's pretty lucky gold is that in itself once. -- -- hey you know you're 72. I think I am I read everything you are disappointed in myself. And the man who yeah. That in hand and hand. What that -- whose day. And direct talks went through that can -- and it -- -- never. Yeah. Yeah yeah. That trio. Red sex abuse backing clinching next year. And I will have. That -- Politics here I'll -- -- -- of the Canadians. Yeah I promised I'd have a before the Bruins started the season out cash worst case scenario what Leo and I'm working on where he had two months the past September. When he first having September 17 this training camp month and a half away. Okay. Oh we need -- 911 what emergency. Yeah. I think I would say look for some reason and -- importantly I'm bleeding out of my nipple some a -- And that means. Kept -- at the open twenty is Ian. -- -- -- in my case you are allowed or -- there -- important I mean there -- a great job. -- -- Or news media and -- -- -- -- Retired us this woman from Florida who is in the news is it was an alligator on her porch and their dog as planned duque. And we're talking about how -- check always names her dog. After a fashion brown yes. Harbaugh as -- -- my -- as they are proud my darkest -- -- I mean I'm not our time. And that's coats. And that's to -- -- such a huge parent fan on and there's a lot of my cheetah print around her house yeah yeah D'Alema Rashid and whether it be an iPhone -- -- actually it's cheater -- pre. Mike -- Sunday. Author how to plan their my -- -- does have two little -- named Coco mention of course -- different pastiche like smoke show now well she's super hot. Brilliant she's super super -- picture or it's not true. I can show you I don't know her. Very powerful police officer husband would want between. Century depreciated the why would he care. A master the Arabs did you get the best Q and as everybody else you guys -- them out there have been. Or twelve million. Read you know all all the patients. Over on the Obama is political team in order event. And that message. Is he bullet covered under Obama. I doubted. That is considered a luxury -- it is this thing. So -- The everybody who worries about you worry about the depth of the United States of America know how this particular president has increased that. By about seven billion dollars -- took the first. 43. Presidents of the United States. The history in this country to get to us momentarily in that exceeds it is increase that by about 70 at. Just about seven trillion. 0:9. AM. Gregory you crack me up put -- back injury in the light of Tiger Woods is comical just curious how do you get into -- bat. When you brought all of you simply put -- And then not use the foot wedge Emma on a sculpture. You score is your store rank right a lot -- dollars seasons -- -- our body. Work. One of the great ironies of life. And how when and justice you know when -- star now playing off feel like boy I hope someday I can. Get the opportunity -- play a whole bunch of golf and by the time nears you're able to billiard you're working to -- skinny -- get everything working and babysitting. Watching the leftovers in a really important things that I have to do every day. 7:25. AM. At bad day all better than Marat maybe and he's got but he allowed him about them out my speed and -- beat -- -- the matter when -- -- good well I don't know. You didn't. He'll be bothered him I -- is that you know a Leon and I don't even going to do no ego -- note thing. Making this -- -- now I don't even care. -- -- -- -- Man woman twenty panel and again. -- and L statement is like The Library of Congress as. But the thing is that they didn't help but not your life. Query component of that -- cutting back Cloris. -- -- that it's 7:23. AM. And 11 -- it it's an -- but it out not all may know them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up the Sox are out and -- to play golf what I need to go to -- president apparently. -- Eleven Indians. Something even more I'm on Saturday at your seventh scholar at building. Not going -- game the way up. I'm -- method that's just. I'm talent -- Outdoors. Guitar and I -- it could snow and sub and one Saturday did you that he Guinness Serena yeah I was him I felt nearly four years ago yes. -- -- -- They play sex is on fire horse if it's sex on fire sex on fire at the Wacom it's sex on fire he sings your sex is there. I always wondered if that's the title in his abbreviated that's that's our our artists' creative license for a there than. -- 0:8. AM. So eclectic things that we -- and the Counting Crows. Now that they're very comfortable. When my vast. Musical. Appreciation I civic event. Like all kinds of different genres of music. And I'm fine with that organized and mockery and ridicule me knowing you want we will.