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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers to figure out why men do what they do. Some interesting topics this week include why men juggle their junk, a guy with no muscles wearing a muscle shirt, food play suggestions, and a strange portrait in the bedroom.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Are you inside the simple -- mind. Decorum care because it's a Monday and there -- -- -- ladies have a great week people lady this ladies this segment is 30. If you do not understand. How these simple minded. Of a man that you care about works now is the time. To text your question 297107. -- text line and LB will allow you inside for just a few moments. These simple mail -- wind and are you ready yes there are right. I have had. -- Friends With Benefits relationship with a guy in the downstairs apartment for two months. Old can -- doubtful -- -- All we do is have sex we never louder or anything. I'm starting to like him romantically how to how to -- turn this into a real real. You have to ride the -- of the -- no you can't do it because hey listen the only way it's gonna work is that these service. I did did you why I want you to be my girlfriend that's right he. There's nothing she can do no change this really is it because it started off in a sexual way. One he would RD URTE he would already said something. If he wanted it and hit it in the yet registered it's like -- bop and bodies exist in Iraq and it made a hole in the building that you're smashing of the -- she's a nice and well pretty I don't I don't mean to be -- but you know what's gonna happen here -- -- gonna say something that is going to be a compliment she's gonna have to get -- move out now get a new apartment after his early surely won't do it done but he you'd biblical hole on comparable us because Dan. He's gonna find another smash but he. If he's got a bump into that smashed by him I miss being smashed mention likes it just about that OK so she's never. Turning back to. -- but he relationship into I don't know why don't find another guy that'll take you up for dinners and stuff you know and then and then you can still -- -- 215. Tax where's this from. 215 I had no idea. And why do you guys always juggle your junk. What's going on in your mind there fulfilling not because it's there what's it -- it's now because it's there. That's like dating. It's I guess they think it why do you pick you know it's you know what's not you know you're not supposed to death you know it's that look silly you know people humiliate get out of the bush he's there he's got. But if the boobies are you gotta get why do you why do you get your ass my immediately would not even caring -- -- around. You have to attack that niche right now high right now you just yeah it doesn't matter where you are gives everybody understands. You got it junior but you got a dead. Sometimes I think women need to know that saw also the way things fall -- thank you need to be adjusted for for comfort or are we and that's I mean it's hang in there or did you know we you know I mean and then everything I say this all the time -- women don't understand it. But I guess I have to ask Daniel Daniel do you guys have been a spot on your body that you when you its shape like. But you know like I know he -- women love getting back -- But I say this all the time. And I I don't at all so I don't get outside of the queue to get near that like incredible awesome feeling that is the same feeling you get when you're scratching the underside. Of you're -- chair and you could dispute that like I can watch TV. And just keep doing that for our whole late don't all movie -- and you wouldn't understand it if you don't understand what good it feels. 978 -- have been sleeping with a guy for seven years often on. We go months without talking and then we meet up to sleep together -- -- I'm getting worried that he doesn't find me attractive and uses me just four sacks what. There -- and AM holy well he white flag football pocket when. -- just -- going -- marriage if it's not yet met but. I'm 28 point friend is 41. She. He insists on wearing muscle shirts with the sleeves cut off but he has zero -- definition. I don't like tell him he looks -- Just got to view you've got to be honest guys but sometimes we just don't get it kind of sometimes we just don't -- them like in my our race. I was at the I was sector at the Brunswick OK it's Saturday afternoon and in my world. I'm a smoke show -- right. OK I had my short -- I had my -- on yellow sneakers Soliai and I was wearing my black. He ushered in with Barack knows sleaze in aren't -- -- world you're the guy with the pasty white -- arms. It has that weird patchy hair on the back that doesn't match the rest are generally our she handles why they made -- -- they make the four bladed -- a little eight to shave and a whole lot. Let me move the order here because you mentioned you mentioned shaving. Listen this yet. My friend Deanna and I met two guys at -- leader Sheikh yesterday. Who -- shaved all the hair off their body right why do men think this looks good. Because of what a lot of women like it did a lot of women like the you mean that the hard part about it though because it. Member I was wrestling back -- 20032004. There was a problem of course I Madonna has every all -- yes. I shave my chest. And because you deficit yeah yeah it makes you look more defiant to the hair covers up your absent if you're if you have -- like I've been working out of time lately. And I dropped what -- 5060 parents aren't I've got I've got -- guidance going at the apple banana. I get a decent chest or now by Shea my -- look fatter the problem with that is Z. Half did you little every day because when -- double comes back if I need it are you trying to have Sachs and it's like needles on the girls boo all you gotta keep a T shirt on which is really really you know. Danielle weird dude do women like this when -- -- some hard -- is alleged -- and he's walking -- is arms can't move and as if you. I'll tell you -- yeah I it's and I don't mind body shaver appearance however. I do like hair on the because for the reasons public does not endorsing huddling. And you get like. Vijay should get -- two days Leone at the needles coming out there poking me in the back to the lately I can get you next -- -- -- but the guys are clearly a little adjustments testicles when those guys -- -- tax. That shape they're dedicated achievers right what they -- and today they shampoo their aerobic condition -- -- came in their body brightens and I'll -- it is 818. We're going inside these simple -- mind as we do every Monday at this. That was really funny by what their vote at -- early on in the -- I don't know relaxed as it's -- gotten out of -- back muscle yeah no answer. Did that and -- might -- now. LB my boyfriend wants to try some food play. Can you suggest some food items that we can use that won't make a masks. Americans now cucumbers don't -- I don't know I'm not not not not the little little weaker Q anger against but the medium size cucumbers you this -- quickly -- this. -- -- a big future you like I was you know he's -- -- the question atlas and yeah I think they think you're talking about. Like chocolate strawberry -- -- To me at this time I'm Douglas and just not applying captain nine and a half weeks and on our he sees some of the younger course chuckles drivers whenever -- not old -- shaving cream pole you know. But ultimately you're gonna -- -- I mean I would create -- What you need that help get Joseph he put shaving cream shops here in Atlanta -- Details that are -- and limitless and we invented the -- Kidman knowing OK we. Now that you know like -- -- your medium vegetables that's always hard unique because you care and you can peeling cut the cucumber in to like him you know -- Swedish -- yeah -- could make an artist and make of you can make you can make a bench to bowl. Boy and give them a salad that the homeless -- zucchini and Clinton and it's a cigarette and -- -- look at me and I mean panels that's what it's a -- now. Here's the Texas says pop circles -- -- hospitals -- experience yet you don't listen -- -- don't -- what Lawrence you've seen. Don't push children your vagina -- serves to -- and now I'm usually. There aren't I don't hear it but upon obstacles are awesome how come when I call my husband out work he never answers that sends -- attacks -- -- and busy hooking up with a guerrilla war. Those things camp. And our parade ordinary gives -- -- -- -- where you are -- a couple of the young chicks that like John drives -- nice Kerry's Gibson security got money in his. Wallet every day combine an odd cocktail on Fridays for the ladies and back in tell all the best jaw looks and and nine has all your life experiences counseling me I -- you know -- story and all the younger when -- do you any. -- -- nobody else you. Don't -- it may be just doesn't wanna give into eight and it is to -- and saying well I don't even about nothing. He just wants to text back and go yeah I got it I'll probably I'll take care that Al. I don't know but that again but again I I just don't -- postings I don't understand unless there is some sort of emergency. And a I don't understand why Blake married people. Communicate. During a work day right I mean that what the supper tables for when you get all Notre Dame got -- right exactly. My fiance is still best friends with his ex girlfriend -- -- -- to -- FaceBook and text all right time why would two people who aren't together be friends just because at some point you're gonna toss them up off the balcony get rid of him and he stepped out I talk we talk about this every week the guy cannot you can never get rid of your black -- he can never get rid of anybody that you can keeping contact where my job because. At some point exits and proof in the numbers -- 55% of people get divorced however I mean think about how many people break out with people if they're married they get it. That many people get married and get divorce. Boyfriend and girlfriend you there's not there's a security relationship in these days here's a text from a woman. 857. Taxed is it possible for a man to be friends with a woman only never. Never we we always dream of that day you give -- and and you let us out there who are at that Ollie I don't listen I just for the record guys can wait for a very. When it comes Sarah slightly Daniel Francis -- talked about it she's got that one Fran down. And it's on tender -- I'm my time on my -- I ask -- you grow and you know once a month or once every six months as a -- so I mean I mean you think about us you know. Not just isn't it. To cheer when she retarded border area last week and maybe he wants that one's going -- already obese. But the I'm 25 and my fiance of a year and a half is 41. All fiance -- I have this 41 don't do I listen to this. I need to have sex more often how I go about this politely without hurting his feelings. There's nothing you can do you're done and toasters need to listen to on an island analyst he's going to get on the Viagra. But she's 25 he's 41 category and it working you know he's got to be loaded yet he's idiot you are totally fine enough evidence you get married that went down. You're still down you must have some economy issues that maybe she's pregnant. -- he lied about his age -- him. Or. And I here's the 702702. Taxed how cycle is that check the guy doesn't answer at work because he's worked getting. That's why he doesn't answer your phone calls or are easily hurt them on a conference call the IR Iowa Iowa I love about the seventh semester varies where I learned it was then what is force on eleven -- there. All right listen to this this is the one I alluded to earlier. LB the most uncomfortable thing happened this weekend my girlfriend and I were out at Clark's on -- I know. Grade Sunday while Saturday Sunday -- great and it's part I met a forty something guy who I ended up going home with -- we were both drunk and started to go added in his bed. Halfway through oh I noticed a portrait of a woman hanging over the bed hopefully he told me was his ex wife. It completely ruin the -- what you and why would -- and still have a portrait of his ex wife over his pol let it grow here. He got a camera. I get over it selling. Hasn't invested in that can't be bothered to decorate it doesn't think that's why this this probably wouldn't bother me. It's -- in a little lazy men are when it comes to decorating and I probably looked Natalie Keeneland I if he doesn't like -- to death. And -- murder her equally cannot whenever get till I get to its thumbnail not the guy lazy yeah when you. Just one of six children did. And you know what I'm really to be. Probably doesn't even know it's fair yes -- he's just like I played some random. 300 when you think he's changed anything in the house and nothing left and nothing. -- I mean but he can't take the picture that why why it hits the bad and yeah it's like whatever put some more now. Emily and brought you think I'm okay I'm getting a terrible a one night -- might -- -- really. Play our oldest makes you uncomfortable not the fact you know why was this morning I kind of like you where you do an -- no telling me and. Here's -- Texas says he's probably not divorced. I never thought about that that could be -- don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a broken TV in my bedroom since 2008 pregnancy right you know this is there's really one in the living in sports person. No amount of -- put that space anyway what they take their team nothing -- -- -- put something under -- -- Here's attacks it says he's house sitting for his acts he lives in the trailer can she took everything. I thought that's probably why it is.