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Masshole Theater: TMNT 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Every Monday we take a trip to the Masshole Theater to hear what famous movies would sound like using the Boston accent, this week we tried Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 80's.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show -- It's cold. Today's winner. During mass whole theater. Gets a pair of tickets to go see hail storm. Out. 29 outs are so great champ car right now. Call this number 6179311. A day after. And you can try to win mass whole theater today every Monday at this time we celebrate. The particular language used only here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by mass holes and if he can figure out what film. Has been -- hold today that he'll be a winner. Rob this is. A classic film and from your youth -- OK I was originally comic book and made into a cartoon yeah that movie animal they're even doing there -- the reason I got inspired of this one and I mean it's kind of giveaways whoever you know gets this yeah. Mass whole theater. Because they're doing a remake -- and all the people that are about my -- grow up what is ethical and okay. Who is who is the actor today this week well I gotta give they collect up to Mike hasn't. And his your sister and me and it doesn't present yeah there bill than the yawkey way extension. Right over Fenway all his guys listen every morning he recently he's been bugging me for like 23 weeks to do Adam on the air a guy for him to do it as an art fine. And give you guys -- shout out over there so he does it what's his name Mike Mike. Building the hockey way extension -- what does that mean what are they doing they -- they how are they where they extending hockey wait -- That's a good question big -- Narnia umbrella. Aren't now -- -- -- minutes on that side street where the part where you know the parking lot behind the idea bird. I mean I was there. That began Saturday. What they're doing something on it. I would be there for eight minutes but don't act like he took a tour of yawkey way and so on the -- -- and violence. I was outside trying to get my it's my hands on the bleacher seats up for Johnny pulled an escalator -- Well I did go to the I digress here but I I got invited to go to the game by the fine people and puzzling as -- Democrats and they have like the Gosling is board room. Where they Serbia awful like. Tenderloin dinner and everything Meade -- Well spoken for generics. In one of those sent into an accident ended the sixth best way -- think anybody and hi this is this is Randy hello Randy. Or so guys always the commuter rail extension and that's what they're building him Randi are you ready. I'm ready I take a listen to today's masterful -- election. Then one day walking through a sketchy part of the people's republic stumbled upon -- shattered glass -- out for baby turtles. I got -- hundred no one knows they -- you know wickedness that won't lose. Scooped him up and hold donkeys got a problem back to my place utter boredom because I figure this -- -- -- state tax chooses to Hollywood its judgment get a license form. And you. The next day they build -- -- a kid's belly of the free supper at the ninth as the Sox won and they will buy him back. One of them little for an internal spoke saying words late -- piston Jerry it was then begin their training and turn them into -- world class -- What I originally column was. It's the silly yes and Roland. But I change their names because at the time I was living at Alston rock city day in this wick is centered drug. And we use is always in the museum of fine. Anything to bag -- -- actually gave it some wicked 252 names trying to prove to this bravado world -- a column Leonardo Michelangelo. Otello and Raphael she article one of the angels that's worked my -- -- -- all the time. -- and do it up there. And you got around them that right in the middle. The zone yes congratulation -- -- -- it can't even figure that -- Here's that here's a Texas as what kind of a this is the guy who yells out during a Broadway Show. Not a jerk and -- Upon -- I thank you guys. Sit there adding I think its way to go see hailstorm and that was the palladium. I don't you. Rob said he as a female version of this also is that correct and his girlfriend has one of the greatest accidents that she was like let's give enemy can we get. And I we're we -- and a couple of cuts down because he wanted to get just right and she's. Q I've been doing this now let me tell them I can do is get you gotta do it like this and that you he starts to read and I don't you know of course I have to record this and I don't -- that I was and he uses a lot and I felt good and I came -- I said -- I got another one because her accident just by far one of the best of our -- chip credit -- -- -- out loud when -- let's listen there. Then Juan de La contreras gets hot people's republic asked stumble upon -- Shattuck blacked out booked for a baby turtles I called day. But notice they -- Ryan a wicket that is not -- whose ice scoop them up but no donkeys got that brought him impact in my place I didn't hurt the bottom 'cause that they get this gem of a state tax accused is probably what -- -- -- -- licensed arm. -- who the next day they doubled in that -- didn't valley at every stop but then nine 'cause it's not the line. And they blew my hip back one of the little strict internal spoke -- -- filed saying whereas I remain at that. It was like and I began it training to turn a minute what class -- but I originally called them as they see Sally -- as -- It changing names because at that time I was living in Austin Roxy date in his wicket essentially bride and we was always -- at -- -- by and I. And it and it being a crowd. Like it was a wicked act he thought he means trying to -- has brought I was wild class probably not -- -- Angela Thad Allen Raphael. Should call them the Angelos. That's right now they messed up. -- That's candid chick and she gets here in the night before -- -- zero always been an hour and a dead -- yeah yeah as the bonds this guy tropea that there are there. -- -- hot spot right nice work over there. By your cousin and his girl yeah she was gallery pop up but she didn't reply I'm not finalized he's now absolutely not.