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Hill-Mail 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend topics included the Red Sox and cheap shots at the gang.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resistance hill man. Let -- -- market. OK that I put on WAA. We are no mail message is. -- are not you know by the city of busting credit union for all your lending needs including mortgages. Home improvement loans and home equity loans visit city of Boston CU dot com. That city Abbas didn't see you dot com and -- outlast number 403469. Equal housing lender -- -- get Justin quick before we get to -- male only jobs that. -- what's going on how much you know -- excellent thank you. I laden truly gay or bisexual woman yeah and we have -- all -- I'm proud of our all of and I'll go do -- remnants. Every day. Read it every other that's out all life on -- Sometimes still on Sunday right aero of course Olympics in Italy it got you got it made my -- 728. And again. You don't hear the end of -- has -- -- -- yeah. I was a body nice nice to catch up and pilgrims. And of course he did consent to any time we need somebody to throw costume line he will do -- on the show though. He will remain forever our vice president of costumes services -- and her com Boston that in England and. Hey you said the new -- -- is sort of like new group same -- days. Not really that eventually -- come alive in. And then -- to slam isn't. You're you were allowed to have the musical taste that differs from mine by the way. On the cover of the new AARP. Magazine. Not and then out under its of the Counting Crows. -- somebody tweeted that to me at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are you get an AA AARP magazine. I don't think I am yet okay. But the gamble if you get -- -- -- one -- -- save it for me it's like I -- a lot of ground you know what you know probably -- very idea of -- BAA RP computer -- -- -- -- I'm -- 60 that I -- it's your birthday -- all that -- yes that might -- -- is yet. -- -- -- -- But I about it and I have not worry about the looting that's another thing and you can't believe that the message that. It. Lot of yankees fans there on Saturday. And they are obnoxious. I mean you're just -- you know -- the ball they're all there to pay tribute to G -- which I mean. Ego acknowledged that guy's greatest I -- you know one or one of the greens but the whole entire game all of these dad that being you know the whole entire. Yeah. In America partners that were Stephen Drew -- two for four reviews yeah I did laugh beat guys when I was arriving at the game. There was like floor. Chandler's -- from New York in there yankees Jersey who had purchased. That. Bad tickets I'm I'm I'm -- like stub hub and examine and there are like talking to the security guys and they're like yeah we got that tickets. Looks like we're gonna need to get in the park and got this bike for Bob looks like you are didn't not have an article by the way it now sorry that's here is your bat -- but you can but -- against. What are allowing you to bra. To enter the park app for -- -- them. 620 times. And again. Now I don't want what emergency idea what the report says WA AF mobile -- important. Are you calling 91 report that everything -- fired yet but the -- they have more a little more of the wrong but it helped. And now. We're talking to us this story really amazes me we were talking about it earlier this morning on Friday. FaceBook went down for nineteen minutes. And all over the country. 911. Operators. Received calls from people who thought it was the right thing to do. To call emergency services because they couldn't get on their face exactly sir an -- how can -- post my -- Los Angeles they received countless 911 call I call. London meanwhile like what if somebody's -- you know I again rob. And people are calling 911. Because their friend camp like their status update there. I mean are you kidding me. An important that they're being robbed but it's -- -- help. Wonder why you know people wonder like they go. You know productivity is really down in this country went back -- -- a -- able to compete with the Chinese anymore why. Why is that well it's because people think that if FaceBook goes down they can call 911 and the possible to access. That that's one of the reasons. You wouldn't think only then that I had. Not written them better into message. There. Thanks for me and even -- we live view that we didn't do it. And that message -- 7:12. AM. Is there any -- restaurant. Aren't they yeah -- looked at the -- women. Now now yeah a bit act. -- that obese if they didn't want to -- -- why I thought it was timing and now. Only thirteen out today. Thirteen at -- -- but there just nine and about just nine minutes a night out of that second wild -- 1101. -- game winning streak. Right there. May be John Henry could petitioned. The commissioner and get like a fourth and a fifth wild card spot that it off. -- -- exactly all on Wednesday but it's what you think about that everything is is even if we get and I don't know who we got a good chance of winning a series monopoly -- optics aren't rock and you know surrogate season maybe -- Seven -- 7 AM. Pocket now and August. But a million game out of first place no way to make it well very well be out there on the bandwagon. Effect to what it was Welker. -- culture. I'm not Watson you culture -- -- its has taken a little excerpt -- that's do you think do you think that you'll pay off your -- tapped to promise before the Bruins season's start parents need. -- guaranteed. And it's guaranteed me a 150%. Guaranteed okay. All right guarantees while we're we're all in all. Got that word that I'm. -- -- -- -- Who does is it Dick. Fully men who is the Sox announcer now they're very yes straight for the ballpark announcer the first time when he was doing though the lineups. Like completely like screwing up who's where and -- like who these it's far this month and -- unclear. I don't cook apparently Allen's I'm not there -- found no idea who's playing where whose anywhere. -- -- -- A great site walked into the yeah I'll market basket that I have to. Basically -- a morbid. Curiosity it was -- I get through that door -- a balloon drop music playing and then people coming over congratulate -- I'll attempt Cutler of the day. I I guess that's it it's an amateur. When the Connecticut. But in Tennessee say the -- customer they get to be the next CEO they're probably giving that the for that away a surprise over a market basket. Well today's the big day. Their there's the market basket saying that you have to go back to work or or they're gonna replace the cracked soul we will see what happened. LB you know who did the anthem on Saturday at socks and no Trace -- are they do. There is got to be like six -- I guess five. Because you guys do a great job with the anthem don't think I actually don't they don't Africa yeah you know -- -- -- just go straight street. And -- aspect down he's got that deep. Baritone country voice he lonetree you do that you played really like New Yorkers are like the -- guy like your average brother -- -- group -- -- New Yorkers Corey Brothers that he is 66 how 6666. Gigantic -- Eight home only man. Yet but expect those who are thought but there LB I doubt it at the news that. Good luck but also. And to a dollar store before but the leadership whose you're so sure cleaning products. -- -- A mop Danielle always tries to. Make me out to be some kind. 1% I think he's doing decent as well actually it's not it's just hurt trying to. Elizabeth Warren me and I don't even listen to it. 7:18. Am. I don't want to let alone and include content EMI has. -- the gun and I'm wouldn't that help you don't look at down. And that could have. 720 rule and and now Barack LB quote of the day. Not a guy in the planet. But it was definitely. But does the blues. Are right. Is that it thank you very much. Or your hill mail messages today.