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Show Us Your Junk with Spaz 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

Our buddy Spaz made his return to the studio to show us the best junk he has collected. This batch included golf clubs, a laptop, and some silver.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- And on your schedule had WA AF dot com. We are great pleasure to welcome into the studio a former coworker of ours now the CEO. Take junk the the fast moving rapidly rising. Trash removal service pack here -- in the come up Massachusetts Anthony parziale taxes. Best -- -- and award winner who want. Really now what's management but that's what I received the 2014. Awards for best of -- -- management company really who you up against I had to add a bunch of other clients that are palace had tests -- and but that's as long as you by the award although that's that's how I was I thought it was but it -- -- -- just. 199. Went into the awarding you can hang it in your office I'm I don't have an office -- when -- put in my truck hanging in your truck and -- yeah hanging in my try and an -- -- Kerry hanging in your -- worry if one of the guys who works -- -- gonna slightly. And I -- pocket. -- happened -- -- -- convicted sex -- working for you know -- -- -- everybody that works for -- has been -- real quick vote. Absolutely and I can I don't do you know wow I want to make home quarry checked out an -- of the utter nonsense what it's called -- checks that it is so I haven't this guy asks the list. Yeah this is now that I -- that is given name and the -- as -- analyst -- I was glad he's he's a really have work and we were driving by. Over here in Cambridge and as a prison I guess over by athletes general economic -- and I and -- I had no idea is that amnesty for two years and I don't follow. I. I know that what we weren't full yeah but yeah guys what I wanna why do you think they call me split corporate. I -- So people are always asking me. What is -- up -- how is -- the junk business going and so we thought it would be interesting period to have a little segment. Where you share some of the highlights. Of the John collecting business and as a service you might be able to as he jumped expert help some of the listeners out who have have an item at their home in the garage in their attic at a relative's house. That could possibly. Be worth something somewhere and it and it it's a great segment idea that I actually did show prep for him repeatedly blocked -- -- snatched -- -- throughout this shows up and actually -- he -- they get out of the way -- -- what what what what what -- review of it but it's just that he does absolutely. -- -- -- genius -- I -- you had to -- genius. -- genius -- -- -- -- -- -- listen let me tell you something if I was digging through someone's house and I found -- -- when and -- that is I -- -- -- truck and I don't. I take its Internet data. Well as a -- in our I I'd love this segment and I made the -- yesterday I just love the fact he probably thrown away I don't know like fifty grand worth to stop you easily thought was worthless. -- -- -- It's just a -- your life that. And what happened how VNU is bundling would be -- -- not what is accurate you know be you know we -- a nosedive in the and is now is knows read that looks good. You look and yeah. He's sixty now. -- Again yeah. Not going to have a couple of kids pulling down I 35 large if -- -- yeah our candidates -- I -- -- -- you're all right are you talking about that Taiwan as a -- -- I don't look like he was in plain -- -- I -- the same thing about a beyond that why he looks -- he just got off the -- I have to answer -- secret I wrote back in the third on another. This I sat in bed and I was just costs in the tournament I in -- -- a breach a mammogram wildly again and again this is a that Hillman allowed yet to come on the show when it went win column -- anxious I don't know just. You're making no money available were you aware of the bunch -- different in criminal. And here you're gonna get married again and you got nothing you -- -- -- on how she didn't jump up because he says that I possibly get I think wanted to be spats you know on the radio for an hour. And I just I am. I'm here because I'm working today right all right LWAA. Asked what a navy needed me to remove some -- John gets. That's the only reason I'm here now where does does -- not want you to come on the show she does not want me on the radio -- ever again why -- whenever amber amber tonight because this -- -- -- -- is sort -- she says mom I believe that I am an amazing radio talent I -- on this side of the microphone and already it's not over on the board. But I. My soon to be wife is that you know you're you're absolutely if you're you're going to Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 65 foot yacht thrown around -- black amateurs but it -- Now a lot of via a popular topic no doubt talk is about I got to meet hot at the gender reveal party -- Is a older man a relative of the espouses. Soon to be life from he lives in Maine and there and isn't it he owns he he's kind of like -- From mom can get checked out or you don't logging company that has never seen up and just you know checks come -- and all the time happening as well if. The -- -- believable it's like everything that you talk to -- could be anything in the world music contest he's just he's boost productivity probably. You probably spend this money out from my -- on his wife was right there I was gonna yeah. Say -- -- and editors -- think in the threesome that a here's -- it says that I has LB ever hit a guest before I think he gets that that went bad I -- an adolescent I was in the front jobless. I just can't understand it year after year at -- yeah I might not every single day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chance in my heart problem how anybody on the planet including my wasn't my son but that I want and that's not seen a lot of. Is that any edges of the Bruins sit there like -- -- you why -- you -- -- and I'm not a that you just have to ask you which wife in which he's not gonna all of our front and I. Got its myself before we get to it. They show this year jumped segment. You are having a daughter congratulations I asked our -- to graduate since I haven't I -- that I'm kind of nervous and hopefully my my soon to be wife is in the sentiment if you could see a photo. When I found out that it was going to be a girl video that didn't stocks rallied on minorities feel awful because my daughter's gonna see that -- and I was like why why did I don't want once say if you you don't -- your -- for a long time that you wanted to I agree easy dude like me and my daughter I -- Home if Giuliani wins if any parziale tomorrow. Yeah I know how do you think I'm -- -- you're just gonna have to deal with -- and then -- and then guys now I mean I think I'm an attractive personable I don't know that I'm not -- what this -- Donald looks like me. What is he hasn't changed question is glasses -- -- -- just the cowboy -- -- Then -- the drama the breakfast. Program but the producer I said on the show at a time and time again the worst possible thing to be doesn't effect. Ugly girl gives you get nothing her forehead is gonna look like that you know when they found that -- see things that you -- -- -- everything that's what. We're yeah -- You know hitting and you know lately when she first starts you know what you may eighth grade starts trying French kissing -- passenger and I don't want to. It's -- I was I was an MIT -- imitation is national news. -- the shell hit the guy in the nose breaches numerous. Here's the tax. That says don't worry about it it's probably ballots give anyway I gonna open is please for the love of god so that I can have an athlete my theme -- you have to princesses -- poignant and yeah that would -- Here's the text that says is the -- sitting in the corner like an awkward new friend. The has got some advice from that oh yeah he's awesome yeah the committee's eleventh spasms and listen I you know once and allowing it was a show you know we can't afford a radio and a -- yeah. I ended up creating an act I react to -- the -- and I could he can does a great job case and as things that he then -- Mike you banner read it's I don't know if I'm sure the gentleman right there. I mean Natalie opened this morning. And I have to ask about the Obama song and I can't hear it but I didn't it's very difficult to do those type things so I think I about being with solid kind of you don't like the the olive tree it doesn't -- group for about seven years. Trying to. See your vehicle -- the it's it's basically and yeah these guys as. Omar and Kevin and they think you know the cost meanings of course they have it down and give is yes unbelievable and I do think it's great that you still -- the minority employed which -- you were talking talking about -- -- I don't know Otellini didn't hit but it has acquired title -- also I'm and he kind of got nervous I was. This is -- unload bad. -- way to promote it I don't out of bed wondering why aren't all they're whatever when you're on criminal court. -- and are now I am -- Big Bang ribs but what if somebody has kids like I might not want to hire somebody to come clean my garage out. Who's got a bunch of our tax bonds were talking is that and is the only thing you need to worry about with the response is if there in your mouth because they're trying to go Annika actually -- the good stuff right on the drug that's -- other than that. They don't want the other stuff like these dudes don't wanna deal with. That kid's toys because they can turn and in the but they have been my gun into a house and you know you're like I would take in the stuff about you find them. Walking out with that should ask them you know they're jewelry in the lightweight outlets in what -- you win or not we're not doing that -- removal yet although I I -- -- -- process I don't want them to take stuff from me that I find certain things valuable you don't get a metals and sometimes now I mean and it may not take into. We'll see. The reason why did this segment show us your junk -- I think is interesting to listeners is because they wandered here's a man who leaves a you know very successful radio career begins his his own company. And he's out you call me a moron is doing -- without sending out collecting. Just trash from people who does he ever find anything of value and and I know. That there are people listening. Who have things in their homes. Or garage attic whatever. And that they think themselves -- this could is this is as valuable or is this trash sell some of the things anybody in today are things you found. While cleaning out the home supporters say pat why it think that this is. Its -- -- clean outs of these homes that are for Carlos OK for a little bit Wednesday at yup and then you have. Warner's quarters have people that we've -- you can't find them because they're buried in -- newspapers does -- -- -- a many dead people did not finding cats oh yeah. Although I ask. I do not dying -- a lot of good luck and ten years our idea here he lifted up and it's bone yes. And it's absolutely disgusted and also wanted you know dead dogs I'm really did fraud and internal problems rarely -- and how it turns durables and my east income all the time they've barely out of it yeah community but can get -- -- treasure is buried and me -- a -- myself on Israel's war. And as you take from the top of the pilots like digging into the -- As you know out on a -- -- 2014 on the palm pilots like 1970. But I can't get down into JFK was shot. Now so what did you bring in economy -- it's sent and -- we just offer up to listeners because you know if you -- them that you wondering about. You could text it over you could -- ask me Greg Hill WA AF but Twitter. If you go to FaceBook whenever. And and the the jumped expert this is our own low class version of Colombian peace road show like a guy who listens to the show. Rob he sent over some. Cards that he found. In the wall along program on his. Mother's house and they're like three stooges playing cards is deeply -- and stayed together as -- -- The eight the year that Davy Crockett. I usually you know should now special -- -- down -- the bank machine -- suggestion that you know I don't know I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Junk with any of my jobs at least the good stuff some of it's -- -- of some of the -- of his Brazil wonder if we're gonna see that you get -- -- when we get into the items I have done a lot of -- guys look for the things and I have a lot of value -- I look for things that are practical focus that you can use around the house and things that you can save money on you know because now that the move was as close like you know which -- and I -- -- I have to find stuff in people's homes -- That I can use decision to match what it's used Jacob. Simpson is that it is. Yeah. -- She wanted to join us for a show us your job. Come -- out -- I had had that we're gonna. -- him. A tape please don't -- elusive phones away and or through them -- -- -- -- -- in Rhode Island zero. Yeah here's the Texas as the LB does quality and machine. That's right and it's not it's the money machine could commence the money. It's as I'd like to ordered 520s. Electronics a sure thing with -- money and now here's. That's his attacks. They wanna know if you're seriously happy without being on the show. I'm very happy and the reason is as I I get this and a lot of armaments on -- funny though you look the same if I. And I. I do miss being on the radio for certain reasons I I. For example yesterday I go to this place votes scrap it's a metal buyer and is it. I also it's a medal -- to replace it's an average hi guys they wanted to shout out okay -- I get frustrated though because. The person who gives you the money takes around. The girls -- -- you know she smoke and -- -- that is a huge climate -- -- places to go back so. Normally I go on the radio and maybe it'll act simply -- yeah I can't wait. And you've got sick and -- just. -- At a time when you know rolling out what are syndicates Imus. And it's been able to see you know and I'm on a major market radio station and if you'll give me my cash right now I'm gonna -- show tomorrow morning animal like you while -- -- -- -- -- then after it makes it doesn't really matter you know you should do now that you're successful CEO -- if you go back to Royale -- it and then turn it into a parking lots. Well thanks for our mistakes and everything that scrap metal and scrap it. Fact you anything in my company we make great golf tournament right they -- the scorpion I. We I am a little altercation with -- an analyst of course you -- the last and not just gonna fight there it was just real well -- it was over of liquor so I laughed at. And it was because of liquor that's I don't know. -- it was overly so I'll get on with the shrine in my -- John who with -- I'm human just isn't room for something he came down and I bought thousand dollar bottle. -- yeah. The waitress and which are involved -- -- pretty much kick off the club because it's green and and the next I get my -- and bought thousand dollar bond. -- might I might -- you know that's a lot of steals. On the a substance called hello I. Don't care that's not the best and I give us all the time is -- Like I and I got -- I I got my lovely some -- life and you can and except the bottle -- at 5 -- quarter despite a court I buy music didn't pull it off one of those courses. I. Almighty god as an old lady in his news literally that's a nice -- a couple of people and how many -- that -- -- -- -- -- marketing and call 911000. Dollar bottle of -- what we're more than -- from now it's got somebody who's listening dug up from their backyard couple glass medicine bottles from the eighteen hundreds would that be gone out. That's a that's going to be that's immediately. That we clarify -- -- your. Spaz doesn't deal in and he sighed as he does -- no no no no you're not in and he can't even listen if you -- -- -- man there is -- huge. -- -- he's brought in some -- and -- -- -- -- -- around at -- valuable lesson that unopened bottle. Also -- expect. There are about. Actually yeah sorry I know you're a -- writing the Williams Cheerios is a bit I have bottoms up on the international press. Just aren't just about image from reading and if you know which Oprah not a the only. Still cruising -- an unbelievable. I don't -- -- -- -- because his junk. This junk dot com they'll -- crap about how -- a fact that so. I bottles and you can't get any money for glass bottles until everything as a market if you could find a socket by by the last few minutes sometimes -- eighteen hundreds glass bottles at 500 bucks so popular that what happens is so many of them right yeah I basically -- always something has value is it is not Mac -- album and and I and that's all lines and that's why I am saying. Don't ask this guy. Go to someone who deals and sandstone and I'm saying it was like well we said with at least hundreds of thousands of failure and -- -- -- -- that -- -- only one of them right. Right now what I. What about an open bottle of Coke from the 1920s. Like I -- and who spot argument like that -- drugs -- and -- -- now now now now that's something I really didn't have cocaine and it and -- when he's like yeah all right yes. This is it how much that's actually worth a lot of money. I like that it's not it's never been used yeah if it's still in its original package that that's we make you money because that's. Something that you could you can't really find that off down now let's before we take a break. Let's go to one of the items that you found that is really is really valuable when you were digging through the trash or shortly like let's start low and angle high. Like right -- -- someone practical ya -- we go in this state -- the good stuff related but I found this yesterday and and I am a huge in a crystal light. Yeah I love Chris like the little mixer packed up and I was doing an office clean offering out front in Bosnia miles boyfriend yet. And in one of the draws and one of the us gynecologists. The -- Yeah that's I found a package of crystal light amnesty and renewed it right a lot of -- as dominant on -- political. In -- we -- okay enough fun and I -- because this is like you know three dollars and in my pocket. So I've -- money or you'll actually shot change because. I don't say so -- actually make some crystal light up. From that and drink it like I already did OK let me have that great -- that time he snort it up sort of struck another great officially got one joke about that right. Yes I'm gonna say I -- twenty of these a year and it's always what's right you'll see -- 68 dollars and yeah that's the rockets played a few years joke but that you can already at that time that sixty foot by a hundred -- straight you know I -- but I know he's you know I will say one thing crystal light and and vodka. Makes a fantastic religious mix it in the vodka and I'm accident water water BCI just mixer at noon but I haven't named for the dreadful hello I called the -- -- 00 ball -- that's in the political panel lovers and island and he didn't know this is we have -- Stephanie and learned that yet but tell -- that sounds phenomenon Gupta tries to. You -- practice why can't I felt like if I you know I might even get back on that yeah did get on the cannot yeah. Alan you don't see now -- -- that's not right now we're gonna we're gonna go over we're gonna continue. Would show us your -- I had to stop and I don't mean I'm not you will -- it in a statement stopped because will allow will get to that. It is show with fewer jobs here at WA. Just defined -- So chicken and -- again. -- -- -- -- this case they Hill Man Morning Show. Or -- our. Yeah. Coming up out there hill mail. Excuses LB has the -- yet. I killed my husband because I was dreaming of bullying finish finals that is coming up at -- -- and I'll sell. Dramatic and Bill Clinton audio has surfaced and as I said earlier he's not talking about movies. Very interesting audio play that for you a little bit later on but. Right now we're in the middle of our new segment show us here John can win and Jon -- infineon parziale. Former partial -- producer now the CEO John hot taxpayer wants to know. When Arian grows up what your business because thousands side and I. And your big game wouldn't -- me don't tell me everything don't they went. Out near that now I'm not thinking might -- you're god as a he might she's gonna run the business honestly I think -- and -- -- well -- -- Now -- stout run and some of the valuable items that he's found while cleaning out the homes of quarters. And one of those that he just met amber showed us like tweeting that it's. -- half full box of crystal light powder and he said he's it's worth like three -- a welcome and that a text -- said. But did that's grow up during the Great Depression are subject to public. It my critics of mine I mean he said during the break he loves when he finds this next item because he's so that's where you find that's what type of the places it's. In orders us this morning act on -- -- home yeah it's an open -- dollars into Haiti from. You know 99 years I am not really -- -- -- an unopened bottle that looks like it's been open final action actually it's it's it's relatively near guys and argues that the price they're in America and unopened bottle of other side of time laundry laundry detergent now laundry detergent is. Is huge field for for two reasons one. You can sell it easier for drugs did don't they use it for drugs or Portland at least the -- to figure and they trail a breath of fresh fit for. I'd like cipher for that great theory get three. Well that's -- I anytime I find laundry detergent now I don't care if it's open or not. I knew I hate it and I just put into a bigger bottle now because it's so expensive my my my -- a twelve bucks for a -- when I get -- -- right now solar -- -- you're up fifteen -- yeah exactly crystal I felt sorry I -- yeah that's her answer yeah I didn't buy into the Sherron they may be on the street -- in these extremists -- why because it came on the front and tell you can tell you coming -- yeah she wouldn't he. And I -- honey -- you listen can I just apologized or Greg -- if you listen and I love you very much this is just something that's. Very important this is advertising's not yet -- -- a good friend puck got turned down Greg yeah. Don't take -- practices advertising people in there this is what the guy doesn't Waste Management legal -- on grass so I pastor a Texas says spaz is basically hoarding others supported items yes that's if I think yeah. Don't use them these did the what is have unopened boxes of stuff I just. Literally three truckloads of stuff brought to -- -- and -- -- stuff that -- from that our home shopping network. Now Dave that -- line wants to know if there's any value and a leftover medals when -- from seventy of course yeah is that ten cents a comedy at the -- that would it is so much money on nine cents upon how tall -- nine -- -- -- -- -- you run that thing across the speed of responding not that had BC prime and looking like 1015 so people get like nine. Is that her car it's hard. Yeah it's gotten out there aren't scared into -- stop Joseph man you know that man I was. I'm desolate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I -- -- an item that that -- you want to talk about an agnostic not part of Iowa I was cleaning out a home and I -- may foreclosure and and I found these these lovely Ballesteros. One ounce silver -- whoa I. I'm -- and I got to get a picture of that. The lord no sings of home ya so how many ounces is that buddy at six Troy ounces good work yeah competition. Are -- -- exits Cuba tonight so it certainly is twenty dollars a twenty point 5% that some -- that's on that right here we have 100 dollars worth of Sylmar but you can't really sell it to that you have right now without a hundred box nine you know I mean gay and if you're gonna -- you'd have to pay a premium -- somebody that's pretty cool moment stuff like that tees giving Canada. I'll just appreciates -- how many give that I'm gonna give those kids I -- No money so far what with us. -- would like the home of the DVD dethrone the queen of England there who -- who is I guess people have this stuff as an investment and they use the right again. Right you know like I find -- all the time on you know. All that it do what they called -- -- so any kind of point. Or not in an appointment a dime or quarter or half Paula it was maybe -- and I. 64 earlier yeah as ninety cents over them. Yes you find those in the stock amounts of the general quarters it's what's almost Warner all us. Have and have you ever found a text their wants and I'll be ever found any Unobtainium. It's definitely snapped a -- -- yeah but I'll be there never has gone back I. I -- I apologize and learn that there so brass and copper and Dexter says Edward Walker. That -- -- one that was even Basmati is trying to -- yet copper and number one which is really -- -- it's likely to some nickel and -- yeah and it's about two dollars and 88 cents other kinds of yet I but it depends and we take it so I'm considered a pat Miller and the metal business as I only come in with a -- whereas other companies have yet -- -- -- with the tons of stuff they gonna get more money you know get three dollars. Three feet deep and a couple of -- we are also considered a pedophile yet. I'm trying to pass on everything on five I think people familiar are what else is aware what else of value did you bring in I brought a defeating -- valued -- I have -- idea I have found a DS card at four -- DS II I found this last night did you honestly -- -- it I don't know -- Well -- I don't take it I think I probably saw this thing on eBay for like five bucks a month and do the great thing about that is -- and and -- and when you jacked up the rice every kind of World Cup embarks on -- stuff and listen to differ idea now and our -- were up to like twenty bucks disaster and then would not and that's openoffice okay. And this I don't know really don't know the value of -- this is just foreign point bullets it -- important to keep it in a case as it came in the case that is as -- Vietnamese in -- but foreign points. We know which country or roads or deny our -- hey I don't and I and is it is. Bunch of different points but I found at all happy cheese corn. -- she's had her car wash points and if that. -- -- -- -- how much that's worth maybe it is like five -- a little metal sludge from a thirty. And I. Bank mega crimes here's dot com text that says Caylee is clearly a sad because you thought spasms buying all those groceries at the grocery store. Coming from local artists. They make up from like 1968. At all -- person wants know how much have you made up of copper. And you if you had to guess since he started the business he has any trouble that was next across the and that -- Not following a lot -- and I think my tasks I came back sometimes cash goes that you don't know and you -- who knows yeah. I -- I have a lot that. It's just -- Atlanta -- -- enough to buy a bottle of not gonna cost a thousand dollars okay I probably more so -- copper is really lawyers for your most interest that -- when you have when you I do construction site cleanups in January construction debris removal I'm search at the with the proper because people aren't there. Dining out after this and and about from -- -- you have copper. So I just kind of -- and I put into a bucket and we always you know. Drew 300 pounds and then -- you bring -- -- now that looks like it might be the most valuable items that you found the pulled out of the the bags there yeah this -- this is a woman's most bottle watch Oprah yes and now I don't. No the exact value of it got I -- a guy -- win advice watch now is it spelled out on the watch. And AA VVODDD. Dvd. -- and everything. Which is funny because last time we discussed a watch that I am I have which was idea -- to -- but the Rolex has now been bought. -- so I was actually it's actually gone you I don't realize I don't go -- Brad somebody's house I did. Now on its stake I was -- second -- so I but I am gonna silent for a hundred bucks. It's my nestled it which I didn't know is I was going to pick it up so that I can financially guys I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it if it depends on if they're made out of aluminum and on yeah so if -- -- a woman immunity and a lot more money is like fifty cents a pound by and if it's light on its really not worth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure -- got the design is doing it with the values. What about this. Nitro nitro can. That's all I'm one girl -- the hey Tom I originally replace the catalytic converter in my truck economic trying to bully that is why I'm Blake celeb. Do we currently trying to open and we got we got a bit funny moment but Hamilton -- home. And that some fabric around it and do -- mile walk platinum flakes and there com. And that sellable or is this or any type of law or against them. Why -- -- catalytic converters all the people I. I think murders. Ladies and gentlemen I'm on the night you just take it to the scrappy and actually worth a lot of money and really just take the whole thing don't cut and I -- yeah. That's worth a lot of money Yankee dormant they would account conversion and a really happy with where the -- and there's a lot of precious metals and -- on how big it is and how much -- -- beyond it. Now you know couple hundred bucks more and more money. Is that correct colorectal. Good morning gentlemen welcome. To -- -- that we have got to pay him that. I didn't think you're gonna hang in there about it and that -- that I -- that sobriety being they get ballot bowl is good my body. That's what -- hey I just unimaginable to me Sunday -- -- you call. While you had to Bob and a predominant factor that -- the matter of fact I thought you would you have got an update we wait we don't get me about it is that people who like back back back -- -- but -- -- these beautiful mind. So that's what it's been an accurate -- trash is -- yeah -- And argued all along that Andre acknowledge your hair you can make an -- that millions because of what you got a little bit bit where you replied I didn't -- -- -- -- Yeah I just -- relentless and might you know I hate everything about I have a small -- my truck because you're you're in your building a company you trust in monument and we just created a logo -- gonna get out of it with a new low though that's not -- -- avenue which -- we're gonna have a couple of -- we're gonna have dumpsters and things like I'm going to be a full service they act I think is downstairs recycling removal -- Is -- slogans still is -- recycle it -- it will really help the rich and recycle. I recycle as the nearly recycling is usually with -- recycled is the biggest BS thing and americorps I I do you recycle Al -- but -- All right we do you know I hear so much about the area. I recycle it's it's not because they get two cents a pound for Todd -- -- products because I really hear about the. Earth about -- that's why I recycle. It now. Slow with that I'll take a lot I think first of all congratulations because he's done very well for yourself would with the business. And and down I think we you know I think what obvious from time to time command and analyze people's Johnston I'm glad I went the other stuff that I get another item I have to -- you're a woman's right to look up what while OK go right. In the corner -- -- let me just let me present -- -- all right I'll do that 2801. Here at WA AF amber and by the way I have you actually can spend as he throws up the trash is Castano is not a spaz he term that is my body. BC Anthony kicked -- but he came up thrown at Casey's. Demolition. Yeah champ Paula BC on -- It's thrown deep. Though we won't allow apple doesn't have that I was you're apple laptop that a lot that is yeah. -- probably clubs. So a couple of quick things and I just went as far as practical things I am a plunge in and I take all plunges on people's homes and when there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what kids these days as other allergic to everything Allen picked in musically and readers who -- don't reuse the monster we. -- really want to milk in the upside down one or not. I'm a little -- and when you need. Yeah you never know when you need to run into is that I know I go and homes all the time why -- talked about the why I cleaned on a house we had. Almost 75 bags of you and of human feces yellow on the I'm always got I always -- that you never know when you might only gonna need to find out who goes here WA AF anti Gaddafi I might need about -- -- you go to cinema John Dennis might -- the battle. And I can't figure it out and I don't want that happening I don't get that -- they don't end up in an era yes -- I get to attract questions that -- accident I had when I. So but another right in the had to talk about a cent a good randomized joined to leap from a capitalist or the -- by the way at ghost or. Presents the show how they Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information go to Echostar dot com yes. So I cleaned out his -- no doubt where I don't we don't as a matter where it is. And you restore on a bunch of great things -- for example I pulled -- a flat screen TV in my signed uses an Xbox that my son uses an area but he also got rid of a pair of titlist. Clubs and -- brought in today hair appeared to set a yeah I suspect is that -- That I used -- your golf tournament that are absolutely awesome they're probably a seminar on short clubs worse than nice nice item that beautiful and laptop. I was at this laptop. I am I do the recycling for the would public schools yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right so early but I have a gift for you come on man -- 'cause if you grow it what did you bring it. And this is the right up there with you know pitcher Freeman got you guys -- and yes yes yes. Oman -- opening the box yeah it's -- strapped to trapped and all right if this is Dylan Butler. And it's it's he and cop in Bali and Ali BA ally Wally Wally Wally on leave LA the Far East ten -- and all we have. -- -- it is up next you get. Look at that a little river won't slide out there and and exact is Bobby Joseph -- you think it looks like it's broken when it comes like this movie comes in that club that wow and somebody had that is line around their house and look at that that was that brand name our equities and concerns and I'm really means a lot to doesn't particularly help in Lausanne and appreciate that doesn't mean I have like when he comes off nobody wants that I. I don't know in the corner and it didn't look yeah it's really look at -- -- if you -- to a pitcher that held on and that's it you know I. Dropped -- yeah Detroit's all over the place the cluster if you don't have never -- -- productive work and and -- It's VI I I really I gotta get to the bottom -- this really upset. -- so you guys are doing great in the ratings were just awesome we're number one since lefty I think it's fantastic but it doesn't really you nobody fell off once or is what's what's what's I would have liked. Everything that's going on with that the move was invested bad guys yes there's a huge rally death hundreds of people lots of people yes yes. No one era costume was better -- on the road reporter rob. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a big money yeah and I met a video that was what was bringing it down canyon -- are right without the -- riot and hey listen I did your kitchen and. I I expect you know a certain level of would you be -- from this program -- be available on a costume by costume -- You know for for events and we could tell us can imagine what. There was really doesn't okay I'm I was very -- and I started on the radio that you don't like that on the flip through the dial on the net and on camp and I you know analyst and TJ and I was like I'm not just can't Sox. Sorry to say yeah. He'd teach you know we -- -- and other issues I think. If you really good job and just you know -- armies of the -- will be some ideas like an LP. So I expected that you know may be home on -- LB Muslim I think from time to time I wanna do that's not gonna how the voice of the people I think I think that would it makes sense as a I love it costumes equal funny I think -- a -- I would went over there and some we couldn't find something funny I would win over the megaphone -- and I would -- on some practice. Excuse me Greg could have -- a -- I. Let's have another great thing about grant an eye on practice disaster is. Greg will come up with these awesome ideas but they'll never tell anybody that he didn't elect you own them calls are everybody's face in your regiment here really -- -- -- a -- of time of the boss asked that what -- -- -- -- as the British cities are having on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm places and -- in those those four guys and a huge tree down -- back at someone -- to -- It sounds to me like this is the relationship that is going strong here it is and we've got China by. You know as my my lovely. You know girlfriend you know programs wants to -- -- Says without trust we have no huge and okay didn't teller that you're coming and I didn't tell irons on me I am really sorry yes I know this is riveting for the people who are listening yeah. Right now we're not to like here you -- I understand is I don't get become on the radio anymore and I think it's right this is my -- you know sentence I just like I'm you know I'm on my manager I think -- it was in the basket by the yeah yeah are you were there other than you would want one thing I know you guys around -- o'clock. Ernie if you're listening. I can I have my winning at your house you wanna have you I have my wedding yeah. Sorry -- -- yeah -- -- Ernie if you listen I'm sure you I'm sure he would open up it's -- October. Up next -- you know and -- you guys are all invited to go to Vegas. That's what I'm a party on Vegas okay Vegas next next spring so greatest injury you know work on it a trade deal for us -- how my bachelor party -- that and lawsuits -- you weddings a year away. Yet it gave me time to planners. What in time for her to back out there and I know we gonna have to be you have a yeah yeah I wanna have fun she doesn't have a baby bump -- you don't wanna have a pregnant that Oprah it's. I don't mind nobody in my you know she wants to have a good -- Johnson and she wants arts yes we are Bruce Jakes know anybody and I know she wants this diversity to perform I guess he's a new -- this and out a. Right now -- -- back -- and I'd -- -- well I think gurneys come on earnings I think you know I know she would. Five YI. I married my -- do you hear -- that year he made you -- -- you have your wedding and it sounds idea that he's gonna I don't want to talk is going to be on the show this morning so. All right snazzy every time testers say you've been -- some say I can't believe that this morons back on the radio I mean it's really the the aliens on your Mets and that his message or forwards center have yeah I do like this morning I was -- show notes that I it was awesome it was I was actually really an obvious toxins that I mean that's always the best of -- off the radio it's best thank you -- There's a pretty parziale here at WAA.