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Hill-Mail 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics covering various news stories, Show Us Your Junk, and the Red Sox fire sale at the trade deadline.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- turned to talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show resistance -- made up. We all heard about that actually -- Whitfield of that car on the highway but they know what mine I was. It's just. On WA today that it. Today's they'll mail messages brought to you by Cadillac of -- the dealership you deserve visit the Monroe won the -- mile or online at Cadillac Norwood dot com. 7:34. AM. I am ready to play Allen picked up that more -- not talent is a little over a little bit about. Hewlett-Packard. Bell is like what our fire. -- at our last hope it's. A whole -- will. How how. -- picked up your your finger. And then let them down challenges out there we've discussed -- The I assume that that's what that is. Also -- they should have been on fire. Probably like yes. Then -- in the 07. And again. -- -- I don't know wouldn't that be it didn't get -- bay hill man morning well I didn't go out. -- -- There's only 8:13. PM. Not wow what a big bad Saturday backed NATO troops -- blue. -- of the -- away from that. -- -- They're going to 43 PM. Well I would hesitate. Bandwagon. At a time. But the red -- bandwagon. -- it as -- and all that plus there's the band you know I thought well wait a minute episcopal. Get out of town but I definitely. And that meant that. There's been 3:28. PM. They got rid of basically everybody that I wrote it that we've confederate president on the site that they can. -- -- -- -- And -- -- not thinking of clay. Clay claim my -- clay knock out playing my -- not only. Pretty much. -- to me for 55. PM. All right so lucky gun because the -- for the bandwagon back Brett is gone we got the front -- back. Important but I'm but didn't bother the cricket helmet and hitting them. Thanks 32 and again. I don't think any treatment the other day I don't we're looking -- at the artist Alley. The -- and -- connect and blow it out. And the message. I think. 43 and again. Greg there's no need to panic great to see hammerhead -- everybody knows they're not eaten here. -- -- -- -- -- By. Is on our FaceBook page is actually therapies that FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks a grown man. Filming this camera wind to warn everybody and lost his mind habits. -- Good. It's yeah. Yeah. Take your child ID that's like taking it. Oh my god. Idiots how. But but yeah but the fact that that's on -- -- -- with Johnson and I'm like you know man yelling at someone trying to find audio -- -- -- time -- are you are idiot and maybe it's. -- -- But I didn't know what they're very important way that -- it was a particularly. This -- it will actually happen. -- lot of thought went up and now. There forty years ago today Danielle lost her virgins. When -- right now you're gonna ask you is regular and -- Boyfriend last night yeah. Her right now like I need oppression meltdown we I -- you -- -- when -- -- you get pregnant in India on the scene again. Trying to do -- -- that standard. That just -- me a lot of friends that really is a huge elephant that must bother you -- -- is now will be married twice since component. -- look at what I'd like I can do this time pales -- toys and I gonna go to work it is like up. For our -- and again I don't know my pantheon. That -- look into New England. Can't help. At spirit created it -- oh. That. -- -- Wounded now I want to get the -- flower on the show but you know as well yeah. Our rocket man now alleged Julie now lives in California does he goes out west where it was in China and benefit. If he's dead diet aren't. Seven -- between me and. It caught the end of the bat with a guy -- Act without the audio that baby been born in the play it. And that's good. A clever little suckers are often 18 AM. -- -- Good news. And the message. There's me I had 12 PM. What -- I hope that they'll. A -- d'antoni he's back in the -- yeah. An election year. But a simple 3:31. PM. Larry their kids play. It is there's little bitter battle back and. And that the pilot I mean some people think they gave up their -- LB still thinks they're gonna make the play this is. Wonder what things you we're capitalist and a boring interviews anymore unless how yeah. -- -- the agreed that the -- it department will continue. And. Guys out of his. The value we always say god no more. What would you do it again if I hit a. Yeah. -- think 42 and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you go and -- -- -- Lackey I mean he really redeemed himself about it is he was aided it is absolutely did ask that up years ago. And -- one World Series yup he really -- I don't trade poppy I can't believe they don't trade that bomb. Absolutely and I don't -- how -- how do you -- not you unload everybody but you can't download poppy and I -- that one of those things where -- like -- we're gonna -- tie -- I don't think you -- -- and he's tool for people who want don't you think -- put a lot of home -- 99 ER BI guy -- you -- you -- I longed for a long period and I ever wonder -- you're -- what I I. I'm surprised if they were fire sale and everybody that at poppy wouldn't -- you know did to a contender now. Maybe skies it's only it's only a else so maybe -- sentiment Diego comic. -- no time hitting men and -- wanna let him finish up the Bill -- don't know what he's good when you know I mean IE you know what they wanted they got they wanted power in their lineup. The Red Sox believe that they've got enough pitching ready in the minors. Attempted to have a decent starting five that's what I believe group ruby Della Rosa is pretty good the other night but they they they can't get any run support now.