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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

Hard to beat LB this time as the topics covered sex tourism, Sly Stallone in a semi porn and accidental gunfire by the IRS.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your -- Again still leaks when I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watched -- -- -- -- -- particularly. Well we don't know the chair was a hold their lives better real soon and space. It's dying to have facts she Max. If you are a fax she -- a winner right now you'll get a pair of tickets for -- This get. Happy -- -- -- house of blues in October wondered if express now he will he's -- RS. Tickets Iran until today at 10 o'clock through Ticketmaster dot com. So call 6179311. AA out and find out. Whether you are intellectually. Stronger. Then hours sports director who leaned in buyers. During that acts should Max and flip well wait a minute this football is up vs. Morning glove flip well. Hello how are the Dario where you from -- well at Gloucester -- Google book and kick it. And it but he like fish. Did it by. For the the most recent years that the data is available. Between the years 2009. And 2011. IRS agents guns accidentally went off eleven times that's more times than they actually fired them intentionally. IRS agent had gotten its what are you talking about -- that's that's that's the case you don't wanna pay your taxes. -- when you're knocking on doors you gotta be you gotta be armed and ready for the crazies to the. That if that audit doesn't go well then -- And you've got to be able pull your -- -- do you believe that is a fact -- act football. Yeah. There are stretch back arm -- Are you guys give me -- yeah I get people that have guns -- go off accidentally all the time just ask a Buddha who -- that New York giant wide receiver. After gridlock October let's -- spirits and look at that shot himself in the and the growing age he's having a lobbyist back -- right now. You Ali -- -- the eleventh although he. -- that power repeat itself excellent big plans this weekend. It looked at Canada oh well and really for -- vacation. 43 year old girl. I'll I'll I'll off the machine knows -- Internet. You know. What's your handle money and at the wheel of the youngsters pot meet. -- -- -- -- -- from behind me Pete wants to come to Canada -- any takers. Yeah we've got a chance and an analyst and Pete goes by the age old philosophy when in doubt pay for it right PS3. Not -- Pete none of the Leonard Skinner members who wrote sweet home Alabama. More from Alabama factors math. Move. -- Back yeah you know what the kids or another from the south -- they're not from them on the go back to America's well they both. The song was called sweet home Alabama and in that the what do you think you're gonna go back. Yeah I'm I'm I'm going to think when -- -- -- Travis Jones a stricter I was trying to make you question yourself that it didn't work you gotta get up pretty early in the morning -- -- leaders. Indeed a fact LaBrandon. Brandon how are you. Really why wouldn't look tired late -- -- You know you cannot care. Brandon your fastest growing -- Is on your big toe factors Mac. Well I know for a fact that you're actually -- thing. So my editor very very long at noon until you're gone she math -- distract distract. I'm a -- freak really when it comes in my hands but you. You do one of those most annoying habits where you. Cut your nails around everybody else -- Niles fly out to hit people randomly. At a premium they're just -- I don't get it creepy about the body part your your -- skin itself -- I hate people who -- on there. Tone mouse really -- -- now -- to -- idea -- -- because of the apple to big -- big don't know Israel today I'll enemy. You certainly -- and you don't mean like get paired toe in their mouth now. Do well you can do you can hear a leg up around your ears and such diligence in ads that abstinence. Jack hammer what's your answer I a guy it -- Mac and I I. I believe it's one of your fingernails Al V. Nailed it. -- -- It -- it smacked it's your middle finger -- yes it is weird middle finger that grows the past that follow any. Yeah. -- happy Friday brother know. -- Sylvester Stallone's first movie was a porn backlash back to back. The. We try to think -- what do you try to ration results so that it beat us. Many many superhero type on them up I would have the same question that. Sir. Sir shame on you for not DNS Sylvester Stallone fan I was not a full armed porn porn by a semi or off the -- was -- if I'm not mistaken. Before the lords of flat yeah which was his first real big screen move. You if anybody knows for you you know want Malone a -- Hello how are you hey I -- work actually got a whole way down what do you what do you do. I me info. And what are called that working at factory actually rule all -- -- him. On them off and it's not Smart factories could not come down their kids -- -- the cook. -- all right Nicole. 80000. Female sex tourists visit Jamaica every year. To have sex with the local factors should matter. -- Course if we were there I was there I kept -- but you know what I went. On a business trip to give a warning shot and ended up -- -- accidentally -- acquittal local woman from Jamaica and hedonism hot or not on the right studied in his words keep your clothes -- region -- swim in the pool with -- the you'll folks. I'm on the other side and I -- the jacuzzi is a swamp. Of Siemens. It's back. It's back. -- 80000 would you ever go on insects that it is not now now too tired. The talent I have and maybe you know cousin Mike pointed me to a freedom and bringing home from the near mile canal where are you if you just take pills from and you get out. How -- I can't really simple and I can't open up the beginning of the. Yeah let me go to guy. LaMont Sicilian a couple of -- that when you were all. Calls please grant directs to jump pocket near where I -- what we'll do it loaded quote of the day you just get some pills for that.