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Movies to Watch Over and Over Again 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

A poll showed the most re-watched movie ever has been Indiana Jones, which prompted this discussion and a few interesting phone calls.

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Hill Man Morning Show on. And yes -- and hey I'm curious to know I know you you a lot of TV -- yes yes all accustomed movies. Other movies that you find yourself watching like over and over again you know the answer it is that it the other day this -- creepy per movie beautiful girls decide that something that I I don't I'm not somebody who watches movies other than beautiful girls. I can't think of a movie that I've watched. Let's unless there is if there zilch on yeah. And I go by the movie channels -- up. IE I might. And I really something that I've seen before rhyme I might I might watch it again if it's you know if it's like -- the notebook or something you -- I love the but but but. But other than that. I don't really go back and watch something. Like 345 times like some people do why do you -- I am asking if they saw. An article that a survey this morning that said. That there are some movies that people. Around the world. Have stated that they watch over and over far more than any others. As a company that sells like. Basically direct downloads like you wanna by the movie download a kind of -- -- -- that separate and forever. Here -- attacks -- says very they watch shock shank a lot -- constantly -- and -- RT you gets it Shawshank is movies if you asked by an anti B get sucked and that's a can or not. That's a 484. Text there and that is. The rocky movies really. -- is not enough. Money if my brief part clarity here what you want -- and I want once a week what are largely really yes. Do you forget the ending -- your contention and I love it yeah it's a surprise -- the top guy and it. -- -- -- at Talladega nights. What's the other with Tom Cruise the recent movie. -- -- -- -- See you know of cocktail old school here's the seven this this like proves my point 781 tax. Usual suspects. Great movie probably about. What would you watch you know these academic -- -- -- -- mean girls like you know tiny girls that watched it and but if you if if if it this is I wanna make this point. If a film how does an excellent twist of an ending yet. I can't watch it the second time request on yet because you're watching it the whole time in the knowing first time you watch it. You're thrown off by everything like what's the. Is it presumed innocent to Harrison Ford movie yeah. Where there is. The DA gets killed and he had sex he's name is rusty and he had sex with the VA is not -- and yes I got so -- Great great surprise ending to that. Why would watch it when the whole entire time I know exactly what the -- in the garage obviously theater artists are we to spoiler alert a nice it's like that it. Well -- well I know this for her. And I silent or nine but here's somebody who watches Forrest -- all the time yeah horse -- don't another great -- -- -- Flash -- demand -- you can analyze -- -- sure I think it's easier mainly with the comedies -- the only other -- was this what was the number one movie. Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost our -- area. People watch that over and over and over and over again. Well yeah. Well that's good news. Us edited jokes and -- for us hey look at that. Look at tech giant boulder if you think that's gonna is gonna be able to run away from that giant boulder I forgot from the last time this happened the suspense and -- he's did you win any. Our enjoyment out. Hello Chris. Every single weekend. -- Carroll walked -- shows the trilogy of the Star Wars how can turn that off your. Recruit your. Greatest trilogy ever Star -- most of them -- -- two of our allies step chorus of course that we Greeks. Look at those people they have my friend and party -- have these different out. -- -- data series and it's a party won probably like it's Friday night party won their watches star general judge agents. Hello Bob but the. Taylor -- say it is not. We look at it will be like usual suspects on site gets free DirecTV don't ask me how but I will be out thousands of times. While smoking stop if you look at that will be eight people symbols. The act is that you don't know what they were back then but -- -- superstars. If you look at things like that it was -- tend to like cocked an anti. Yeah. I've made about a watch that will be and Lee was wait to be getting into my mind that money is thrown himself. In happy group. I text -- once he is mentioned that you love cocktail again no. Obama cocktails and dreams you -- cocktails and -- Com. -- -- and I'm guilty and beautiful girls and I know every line in that movie so I mean it was. Goofy against that day that's the greatest thing about Netflix. Honestly not define anything -- line rent today right yet they're worried about whether they have an -- beautiful -- Stewart Kevin Bacon does traffic -- yeah yeah hello -- -- Are you don't hide under -- -- -- -- -- -- and you don't like that -- that -- -- you know what is the what's the derivation of that is that it we -- from. I can't sack the number number. -- Yeah I guess is that Italian. Woman -- is that the line. From now and I didn't know what what what's your family -- -- I know we have a lot of -- -- -- I think with the Iranian cash with the wing nightmare you grandparents from my -- born in America. I know there -- no I don't know and in they were born Conway. I'm LO unemployment down. And so yes you're films movies last. And my score it especially at what. Hours yeah you'd call -- departed I've seen them go past. I had and. Jack Nicholson's wolf now and I don't like and it's. I want I don't like I don't like the Ryder. -- -- -- -- -- do you like Chick Flicks are now. No not really you know about it. I'm more of mob movie and I am but I did like a fighter I don't know why I just haven't went -- OK okay. I didn't I'm not from wall I don't get it. I think that I -- I don't know and that. And you say anything led by Matt Garcia enjoyed much. What is it about it or what is it about the mob movies you like. Robert yeah -- -- about it to me what you've done legally what do you do -- -- Ireland and and the bartender at about Carlyle. That gave up on -- stimulate. Several people say a year that -- And well you have a small dog. Now I don't I have a guess can have done. Do you use -- cons. Do you use emoticons when your opponent when you're texting. Now. I even know I was -- the right number I ask a guy who -- area. -- want to yeah him and I darn thing available everyday guys I yelled at me and lived on American marriage. Some. -- says that what how is watching the same movie over and over again. Any different than listening to the same song over -- I think it's a little bit different hello Peter. But that later slot -- go to entry errors obstacles you could this be done team. Economic and it got really you don't suspects 08 I think the rubble -- -- -- -- -- -- Like a movie like memento is another one of those -- sooner you have it. Eighteen the wrong man -- -- I would -- what I do every night I wouldn't want to do have a good -- -- lose momentum not telling some guy can I'd like to watch a movie now watch a movie. I guess you can come back LB would that we LB watched because he thought that that it was mentos. -- -- -- It's one of those ones he have to figure out yet like that it's good NBC that I asked those are very good no great movie but again you can't see it. Bunch of times because you know you know the second time you -- you know -- kind of piece it together a little better than you can kinda understand ours and yeah oh. My attitude was chosen that he wasn't battling fierce -- -- date I appear yeah actually wasn't clinic director is really good movie though. I don't Italy analyst -- -- I don't care that's the big -- now. -- -- And everybody with the ball. And I. -- a movie about it in the paper about it -- Are more critical block -- -- and he's got the ball but a week. Did you upgrade to laser disk. I don't have. And I he's got to get the laser disk the laser disk. That flop it you can go over to tweeters there I have an Israeli case there are meets -- the that's a big sale on laser discs I'm gonna go get the wall -- way -- might have. Yeah out the Russian roulette scene in -- archer buck yeah property and -- Now I will tell you nominal you know what I'm wrong I deer hunter I've seen 10 times and I am -- watch at this weekend. Absolutely I'll -- one floor cuckoo's nest -- did -- used. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Listen -- on there did was it let me ask you this was the first time you ever side on that TV 38 back to back to back to back -- -- movie -- If I'd probably probably. In beautiful girls. Which takes place in Massachusetts yes they discuss the fact. That and again the -- now is not. I've got a the -- -- and they are debating staying home from high school reunion because channel 38 is showing. Richer poor get back to back in the hands without Edwards gentle 38 give like every other -- -- -- child play like that. Rich -- -- -- an overture for. I never gonna remember what that was before -- -- This isn't really know each item in any. I think that the consumer is very on the go -- emotional not a -- There's no show Nightline. You -- the -- motion guy or jeopardy. Good -- -- out of jeopardy. I don't -- big -- over again -- it. Real space knew it and surrounded math skills. A -- body allies. Body are high and -- unicameral Russell Crowe that's a year now and I can. Just watch and repeat really itself felony -- it about. Kind of by Iraqi war undercover insurgent really I oriented so if you are you gonna watch over Hasina upgrade for a humiliated. Not only zero point so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Leonardo DiCaprio. Not sure -- Gilbert Grape now know. And not protected and it went on channel and blows they know it is never on one's never won one -- -- If -- was -- Not too much you guys are talking about jungle until earlier yes. If you have these special edition dvd of the movie. Do it ends differently. Does it end differently. No but Thursday. -- special future that you can click on -- acquitted. If you answer all the questions correctly immediately starts playing the movie. Ports. Which is technically or us. All right I don't know why I gotta get on for a little bit I have got that I -- I'm hello Jackie. -- yeah I think we -- character driven movies over and over we don't watch story driven movies over and over. We only know the story you don't care about it anymore but like Raiders of the Lost -- The story is not as important characters you watch it or Indiana Jones. Ha you need and that's what I -- galaxy quest. Eden story doesn't matter characters are fantastic and I -- -- you sorry college does that it's not only green eyes followed the screenwriter -- now it's. -- Did you -- as a screenwriter. Did you watch shark and NATO to last night. You know I really wanted you. Well then. I didn't OK I guess than just. Help me out with something I think it's it might be it certainly is as difficult but it might be harder. To write an effective. Charity like shark NATO to. As it is to create. An Oscar winning film. -- He -- here. Doesn't -- -- serious I mean. That apple and orange it Oscar winning an Oscar isn't necessarily about them the right it's about -- -- -- saying and what you're saying about writing reading. Writing a great story with a twist at the end is really really hard -- writing a funny movie is just the heart. It's like for instance my. My novel smudge. Glitch which I've written and I've mentioned that many times in the show. Very difficult. To create. Whatever I don't ever potty mouth -- you hang out there are half price -- Ajax email me -- it WA AF dot com union next movie -- category I got a great -- your idea or -- a -- destroy generates in my life I'm out I'm there -- -- nine and it. Who would still are simple request -- you are as he let Ryan Gaza women's -- -- -- -- -- it play of my life who would play a young LB Ryan -- today. A little bit undefined I would find -- no name actors. Because it got another movie would blow all my. And make him a superstar. -- played Jackie K fusion smoke show blind. -- Liu was -- -- to a one year old girlfriends she she was my first crush maybe you can get -- -- No brits were cruel and I know. Perhaps some of the less emotional watch it fits like while. Older LB John Goodman Texas. And bad now going to be out Christian Bale. I put on a little. Crazy with them when -- out yeah Christian Bale -- -- gonna die from all the weight swings and removed Christian Bale and tell me attitude. And you look at they get into like one story and the movie would be three. Three efforts. I'm gonna have to be an epic with some imaginary -- at the mile twelve wires five the episode let's talk us through -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like to see that job prequel or -- -- I put the -- what about Randy Quaid as LB. It's and that's. You have anybody in the patio -- a young LB I think Ryan Gosling -- what I wanted to Wahlberg McGrath. Com might get out of his jockeys not bad for our guys back guys like you know on the play the -- mean you know movie be adaptable a couple of big idol -- -- Nobody except that it via via the idea to Wear down the Bradley Cooper in the beginning of limitless it was an extra pounds. How about Morgan Freeman as though but yeah by the color analyst at -- and I'm very excited seeing them be believable others he is an imaginary infrared apple won't pull on the lingo. Everybody would just fast forward to the the five on one entirely I was six six that's excellent unpaid skits are the other boring stuff.