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Hill-Mail 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Each unit returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- So -- there. There -- -- editor. But rather. God is it fair. To handle it you do -- you -- do you you're you're you're you're you're you're you're. On WA -- I I. De -- mail messages presented by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the -- mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. Cadillac Norwood. Where Jon Lester but the escalade that he will drive through whatever city it's going to be traded to later on -- unless there I believe lest -- -- about the nice the big -- -- -- school and doubt cars -- won over there nice big one right here are the very best film -- messages of the previous 24 hours when. -- -- 39 AM. At that and you're good you're cute they're going to -- up. A couple of double bounce compare then -- And then -- his -- can't moderate man account the double figures are right now as you're right yeah. And moderation my moderation is to retreat doubled that causes that. Israel has the -- in gravel who's telling us that -- -- 0704. PM. So we are right about that actually. We feel wrecked car on the highway. There there little mind I would say he'll. Under management lets that amazing. Story yesterday in tops field. And irrational fears fear certainly out of as soon everybody saw I saw the picture when between you and me yes yesterday but landscaper. Driving down the road and the guy left his. Hatchet on the roof of this truck -- books and I'm sorry but that's the thing flew off. And landed him the windshield right through the windshield it's the day you -- Nash shot nobody got -- took that thing in the face and you guys crazy now on the guy was a fine. He -- get 200 -- failure to secure cargo could have -- and and do that I didn't think the guys -- yesterday with the coach and -- -- the end of distract them safe. We do have some audio from -- -- doing here yeah -- listeners. A -- around Spanish -- round -- and she'll get up. Of course it's frozen not in between fourteenth and -- -- important technology though in two I mean. Amazing that it didn't go. All the way through and -- to make him give it more that this doesn't happen more and more often I -- when you see. Some of the people now that just drive around all day every day to pick up crap off the side of the road to -- a jacket in the back of their. There may make me believe pickup truck with a that would sidestep. That yet. Struck the road surface bounce. Spun through the -- and went through the windshield was right at eye level with this -- so this actually penetrated through further and headed. She would have been injured or killed god only knows what could have occurred instead they actually -- -- true. Openly -- well on allows you wanted to make a movie camp right after it probably ought to refer burner issue raised Catholic but as Jennifer I'm in Illinois couple weeks ago any of the cab folds like tall chest and my Dresser drawers yeah like strapped to their -- their -- and -- Garrett when he hit again asked all the Dresser drawers came finance magazine has -- secured some. -- all over the -- I was like what happened watch. Really did you do that. -- only 8:41. PM. OK so I'm not exactly up the Red Sox bandwagon so there. Not physically eliminate that that we got this -- -- know what is the first couldn't football game season. -- -- -- -- -- New England Patriots -- -- -- RG history yes. So it's exciting when -- months training camp I've football's the best game IE it pains me as. As an over forty hockey superstars but it. I love watchable always having it because you guys lay's funeral affairs is known as once a week. Well what we you know yeah once a week while laughter when little afternoon that -- -- Sox this science challenge you put -- in the iron 62 years schedule makes every game what makes every game. Massively important. You know I mean there's only sixteen emblem and Sally and I really I guess throughout their team at three you know I do now right here now I've -- if it makes every game masks. You know I'm one of those Alamo I love all sports. -- to. You're watching him. Gluten and you know Greg Ellis they've been about the elderly driver and then I'd much rather old black no luck learned. -- it would -- that they then have to get up at the stadium on Sunday it my grandmother went pop. Some Latin prayer at all. And now -- right. -- good idea. Let's diesel people drive even if they're going Slough and does Obama left the right side -- -- it's no problem until we hear of the again processor the race and take out the little used to be. On the idea. Yes and is -- a I -- six we do and. They're very if the Red -- are able to pull -- that I think that it would have been in about you know work the first back to where. -- who's going to be the plane that. Are we don't know but -- don't think kick around anymore. I'm behaving that bush and. On the -- and -- Is has there ever been less interest in -- Sox yankees series the manner than this -- -- -- hey are you so after I guess. It's just meeting but a I think I might go to the game Saturday can they get invited to go by. By the fine people Gosling is Rahm yes but but -- it's like yeah I guess made about an iPad iPod and I mean I had. -- and it's it is you know it's -- Saturday afternoon. Act to get -- for kids could give dates can be nice weather I think my I called up my car I still this is my car more confident than ever just. Because I mentioned yesterday when she was in adapt I think Jon Lester gets traded -- yet. We get prospects -- someone's uncle -- there are multiple guys and that he comes and it comes back that's awesome signs with the reds at nonsense that's your week there was why would he do that while he come is not -- Amazon cannot content they haven't talked him out of him. -- let me ask you this. If -- if there's Jon Lester wants to be here so -- which he -- -- He said aim by the way by the way he was the wine dad said. -- I'll go somewhere. And then you know hopefully I'll be back. In November that case so he said that. And why wouldn't they why why late today wouldn't Jon Lester will drive over to Fenway Park and -- -- -- -- early. But can we just to six years 125 million. Well -- -- wanna do that. But that they think I think they think six years is to lock -- he's old he's old well and I just don't answer that -- -- only -- guys -- -- is that an additional four years under a -- -- for -- -- amount. Yeah so. Security upfront Korea front in the first year and then Taylor dance of the American bags on the on the board while then thirteen and then. Every. Is it that -- and why didn't. And that that it is well under fifty and figure Krug is lady. That wanted to name the the South Boston branch in the -- of the Boston Public Library to Billy Bulger library -- government they're all right there hello Kevin. Yeah it's good morning everybody LB is very outcome of the Sox haven't just done -- then -- W. Such as seven on what the big surprise -- coach on issues that you by the equivalent to what it back. 19 you know why because they want -- completely how great would it now and I'm thinking about how great would -- because the -- -- maker and apple and by the way Matt -- to block Arafat when he ran equity or Australia of course they became -- you magically get Mac account you're not gonna get Matt -- brilliant guy. You know I can pin for Jon Lester because there to bid that would that their pitching staff would be insane one but I'm gonna do that he -- a way to win a World Series where they're gonna get hurt it straight. And what I don't listen I'll tell you what I'll tell you what is this an incredible deal would be Matt Kemp for Jon Lester straight out of Lester goes -- -- good with the Dodgers goes to the World Series maybe when it. Comes back. Signs that the Sox now we have a slot now we have a legit power hitter if he stays healthy. Just see how he and we get Lester back yeah Lester back and they -- big guys but 150 million dollars on their payroll we create I am praying at the -- don't regret -- a popular man. -- -- -- -- -- More than 28 and again. -- at all. Do. All the things. Yeah. Wednesday and yeah yeah. Yeah. -- -- The message. Think 27 AM. Rec facility while the library. Hillary's only. -- -- -- -- Sometimes you need it sometimes those short guys -- power -- pulling -- Short man's disease. 7:21. AM. And why not everyone doesn't seem to understand that Greg is actually really happy about the threat -- is it. Because not everybody who is in the thick setting -- that look like that the movie that is kind of the norm. And now. Well. Sometimes you wanna beat the traffic you can hear that. -- our sister station W media does -- great -- is -- -- you know if they have a comfortable lead nothing wrong with that get a little head start -- specially if it is -- -- -- early. Put what do you think got better ratings last night in Boston Sox game or sharply you know to. -- I picture shot just that -- And it guarantees a no brainer if it. Let's see Greg you are so stupid. Stupid. Less there is worth more than camp. -- been heard and not played to his potential for the last two years yes that's true. We've played like a 120 gains the last two years. I just don't my personal opinion would be that. If you're renting Jon Lester for two months you're not giving up. Matt Kemp for that but you know that's the that is that would just be me. 508 tax please no more singing Hillman those women singing along -- John Denver not not -- and I do think that -- in West Virginia is I don't force me yeah order onboard chip yet you have to singing misadventures. You have to sing about that.