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Inside the Warped Female Brain with Danielle 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

We once again go inside the warped female brain with the help of Danielle where we try to help a man have sex with his wife who had a baby 8 months ago.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- for the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We have to go inside. The war bizarre female brain this morning yeah. And Danielle my apologies in advance yeah because this particular guy is dealing with a topic that. You are often ridiculed for on this program OK I promise you that. I just wanna help this man additional I did not particularly target you know I'm sure you didn't and one of the things that you are most upset about in your life who will win this but. Here's the email I got from this guy. My wife Priscilla and I. Had a beautiful baby boy eight months ago gradually -- congratulations. We are very happily married however. We have not had sex since the baby was born -- Priscilla. Did enjoy giving birth. And she says she is still uncomfortable. I think eight months is wait too long to wait for -- why do you think she doesn't what -- -- -- this. Poor guy and I happened solid data did it doesn't look good if you carry me you always get my body you Burlington I don't have blown this. -- happens is that what this is. About a lot of that she's probably dealing with a mean -- you don't granted I haven't gone through this we know that's I think it ladies yeah. I need your help on this there can be some. I Leon -- king you can get a little feedback on why he may or may not at citadel game you know excellent 79311. Day after this call. You know for my friends. I that I -- have gone through this thing a lot of its physical discomfort because -- she said she had an uncomfortable. Issue a difficult time with the birds. Things get all banged up down hair you know if it's natural. If they had a caesarean throwing your intestines back in all of a sudden your gas senior comfortable all the time and I happened I. -- definitely I never used to have -- that -- guy at night -- and -- hard and number one culprit as opposed -- hard yeah yeah. So fresh and it could if I mean you -- saying that you think eight months is way too long we you know she's feeling it could be an emotional thing maybe she self conscious that. Well -- -- they had. There's -- their economy and all there's. That's part that before you have the baby your body used -- -- -- smoke show friends -- in the hole I might use completely believe your back girl your body's gonna go right back to the way at one. Here's a guy 781 taxer who went eighteen months after the birth of his divorce I care. 813. All right make a deal law zones are reminds earned this idea polo Kayla. He finally endowment what's happening. Until I went through something -- com and fortunately I -- -- my daughter and I had a really really bad -- Can definitely play part -- something like that yeah I'm. I wouldn't be surprised if that was marketplace. And -- -- -- a certain amount of discomfort obviously but that's on I ate my cell. How are you how are you make the -- -- here Mary to wait. I didn't it was probably a baby but I would beauty backed out of and it was not true. I -- kind of lose your phone's gonna -- now you out with it was it a body image thing because somebody just texted and and said that they guessed it was a woman. Who said she was completely. Disgusted with a -- body elected that's why she didn't wanna. -- I don't have that problem. Okay on oh it was there was in Taylor's case it was postpartum. Depression yes they did it. I'm. Here is older listener who says wait till she hits a man -- I've gone three years without a hot. Well Ali yeah blue silk pocket that's going to have occurred and what you didn't like hearing clapper as she loaded NASA image he's got to be -- -- And anyway. Forget Fitch believes the opponent now. Here's the Texas that is being Albert the litter of kiddies and you in that section of the boyfriend for a whole -- that's not -- I. I can't expect -- Atlanta. I only assisted gravity of the -- One was stuck in the bring -- for deployment -- it it's very very oh well here's. Here's a text there who wants to know where postpartum. Fifths. On the spreadsheet of excuses used by lives. That guy man that's that he hates hands that he can't throw that and it and it's somebody post -- can be a real nasty thing. Why do men who hears the Texas says why do women blame men for what happens to their body. After giving birth when they wanted the kid in the first place and because. The -- and it's just it act back in every have a less a full one of the kid your ball and die and you did this. You know then you're Brian there at the fear is her sister's wedding. He's trying to tell you love -- doing great job shop. -- -- Here's the 76. Zero tax or that is let. Thing you know -- San Diego North County now why not go to California -- -- -- not show up early enough. -- -- -- Here's what happened this guy he he wants to know of anybody else had this problem he did not. Want to have sex after watching the birth. I dad dad ya know I think for the guy. Why that's why your divorce my first wife really aren't you look at the same not a member told you guys we retirement just wants to end her blog like -- point five and it was ridiculous. -- -- Yeah. You're I think you're asking the question I don't guys want I don't so so so the next scene now it does it didn't even look the -- it was my. -- the wanna know rarely. I won a close friend and I just couldn't I couldn't do it who's what are they didn't -- -- her ribs and if you get -- -- even I hostile -- just -- -- I mean -- is here and it. -- -- -- -- -- So here's a woman. Tex thing. Similar situation. Had a baby a year ago and I'm just way too tired. Yes well I'm you're always gonna be to -- -- Yeah can make room for -- -- I mean that's right I mean even when when Manny like -- -- -- didn't wanna do I'm just just layered Atlantis Eric Harris. I think that Clinton at a certain. Let's see. LB is much more qualified to answer this question multiple wives multiple kids -- get everybody that's ever female brain method the does that a warped disturbed female -- work together -- helps me do my resolutely the I was present for the birth of both my daughters and I don't have any problem of this policy that he you know -- -- now. Let's see Danielle needs to stop getting legitimately defensive over comments that are clearly meant to -- or just in the process -- -- this person that. If you actually believe I'm getting legitimately so about those comments a -- needed junior sarcasm Diallo also the right. Well not that can happen when I'm throwing them that I thought. Well I was warned on the golf course to never look down there and when the during the birth the guy you don't wanna -- you don't want it you just though. Now like you he had a brand new Ferrari. And the thing rammed into a -- prevalent. -- you just you what you don't want to watch I mean you don't you don't need you know the thing will be fixed but it is not there and it if you saw the accident it's -- -- -- wanted to drive and ignorant not. They really is all right so this guy I mean that is there anything and a then ending an -- -- -- well hey I mean. Listen you gotta put your view is about -- -- what you gotta put the effort in it's one of those things you got to give the -- -- like once a week to some super special -- girl that makes her feel better mr. feel better about she looks now and have six months from now it doesn't changed moved cult lawyer. -- -- -- I agree to them on every minute of the the club and look I can they do think the guy you know it needs to be put in the -- very -- god but a high and in my gonna get them a lot. I happen again but again -- -- on day you can't you know three years down on the road. Here you're going to be you know that ended when you might as well have a lawyer and save yourself to -- -- -- and got back here in the game welcome him back to back in the -- and seeing. -- -- your motives at all. Start moral of the best without assured. -- that taxes said the doctor told me it was like getting food poisoning you'll never eat at that restaurant I have to expect that's true that's her life right but the doctor is that that was -- -- You know. They say hello hello Mike. Yes Michael. You know I get it you know everything gets stuck down there now let's start side. You know what you have to figure and -- are getting it hurts but you have a toothache. You know they can -- period that we -- -- You sound like a real sensitive romantic and it really can't -- an advocate whose growth pattern -- reason whatsoever -- an -- -- I don't like a really really sensitive man.