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Hill-Mail 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours with topics including bashing the Sox and LB.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit turned to shock as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- man out. I don't need to know about that we spoke about that I think that out. Particularly good here. On WA EA. Well. No warning a lot of people are upset because the National Weather Service miss this one and drop them off big time you know. It's I don't know a lot about that being a meteorologist. Right so I don't know if you get. You know I assume that you don't always you're always able to tell us senate when it's gonna turn into a born in all of a sudden mother nature crazy ends -- -- related to Darnell you know not even a cloud in the sky right. I -- the water that we did six feet of snow comes -- to be an edge but it looks at getting a warning about returning -- and then -- there was the there was no warning there was that tornado coming to read the who. To me 7:32. AM. -- -- -- down under outside the editor. Lou. God they have handled -- is -- it is you do it you can't do it is is it is too. And that message and what is that like that -- and going down as -- and on what what what it's called timber timber and -- On today's hill mail messages brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on who won the auto mile or online act Cadillac Norwood dot com. -- -- -- -- Org got out there might get traded. And then read -- -- it would -- let dot I'd like a marriage sabbatical to make. Yeah right totally -- I don't know by by that or not but a lot of people are saying that. Wherever rents Jon Lester for two months of the Sox get something for that and then. Jon Lester comes back and signs back here. -- -- I don't know -- right. I don't know after the season the Sox saw the woman cough up a hundred flannel and if that's near magic goes there BA's wins a World Series are yet he'll take on about forty knowing. The 7:35. AM. Pork tornado. And the message. It's that the people 806. AM. A double payments to its stock on the well lot. That was -- -- they could have been so -- over the weekend. And then now. It. Hundred V they have ever -- -- grosses are totally and -- just the fact achilles' honored rejoice when and how what more do you need a place to be Keith well all the calories. -- buzz these was in my opinion. The greatest place to get a roast beef sandwich. Just because of your location and and the elect an animal sauce that they put -- Yeah but but Kelly's is is a close second they do a great job you better figure it really yeah. And -- -- the -- they're buttered toasted by course you don't have a -- roast beef sandwich in it did I guess it just dip extension but yeah that's really. They they do -- -- -- and. 515. Feet and again. So we're going to connector -- all of buying. They want to it's actually -- We've moved into the back of the pack. Yeah I mean -- -- -- on tender we talked about can we we we conducted tender Tuesday yesterday and then all of a sudden. There's been I think it's the first. Tender rate that has that been alleged -- I was arrested yesterday for -- I -- I mean are again I'm not surprised that he you know if you're going on to a site. We like where people are randomly meeting and and to have sex to rack behind it -- you usually if you -- -- its ID now do you think that this would be. Would this be the downfall of -- probably not now now. I mean there are so many people that are getting in on and that are fine and everything's in -- and they're okay because look you know you had. Look as luck. You had Craig's list they survived the Craigslist killer if so -- about Iraq -- area. Maybe this long. Eleven eons ago when you're doing Major League Baseball player -- an earned run average for the batting average of the poll or tomorrow I don't think he's got his way up -- -- Are they can't that's right we have simulated games and wait so you can improve as a perfect and probably has brought a new look like the triple. And then let this cup title and I mean little -- -- half -- -- there he's having careers here. It's I mean he's so in case you missed it. He scratched tonight which -- basically means they don't wanna. They think they're getting some forum they they think he's move and they don't want to risk anything happening tonight he's gone he's -- he's gone less -- -- is gone he's gone and and he's not pitching tonight because he's their team and get some gonna wanna him to pitch. Sure Saturday Sunday Monday immediately. Total world all -- Obviously at least to limit Beckett back on the train wreck. Never thought the -- we stand by me and didn't know enough. Lay down and the other track like Gordon did that feel the vibration -- -- -- -- -- -- willing -- -- OK I'm -- now. And that that good movie stand -- me. Can I ask you a quick quick opinion poll I had it for whatever reason not much to watch last night codec. So I ended up it was it was like the focus of everything online on Comcast. So I watched this movie with Greg Kinnear. Called. Heaven is for real okay. -- I had -- you know -- out Rob Kurz of course you're saying it struck it Kevin and I -- -- it was that like sponsored by the that church I mean -- god but. Outside I don't I'm certain my god. Supposedly a book I know it's a book so supposedly real story about a kid who went to have them you know believe it -- not. You don't believe it. -- -- -- is. An inmate that stuff up gas it was a little hokey -- I don't know did you -- did you Iran enjoy it is -- well I thought it is. Cool just for the fascination factor you know how they laid it out because I -- written or read the book and had you know heard about it. Yeah but it did have those you know. And it she's moments overall I think was a good and it's a great -- family -- you know is our spiritual challenge for you that you tragic and a good spiritual like having a movie once a week yes. That one I was looking to add a family move into the collection I thought that was time you know decent for noted that it one in what are some other family films either Israel and old man old -- -- -- -- dolls Nemo -- meanwhile and I'm all on his own loop in my house pay it forward. All of should learn realize the full value overall goal of the year for if it always -- good story I feel good with -- -- -- and now on the I watched that over the weekend complete BS the kid's dad was a preacher and they were short on money so he wrote the book about how this kid went. And I mean that's really it's your kids make it about -- story about your kid in order to sell books that's really -- and -- the lowest in the alone I think and a million little pieces it was all a -- that putting any and you Oprah what do you think decrease in the reverence to all week they did they -- -- -- down detail -- how can you gentlemen are going to be all. After our program. And. -- -- I love that LP -- it -- -- wouldn't that the director and I think about that from his playing days and got a couple laps post that they have that. And that until they did. I am sure that they do is -- me me and yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet they go to law. The whether it's like yeah. And -- a lot of great cameos. In shark NATO tonight including Robert Hayes of airplane name Boston rock who's -- cook. Flying the plane that that I NN is -- enzyme yes and then of course sacked Kerry or who's hot and it. Or poorer and here who were. Room. Vivica a fox. Smoker. Kelly Osbourne. Andy Dick Kurt angle Billy Ray Cyrus. Still -- Kelly good bunker. Kelly rip -- -- our brand new owner Al Roker Matt Lauer. All making an appearance in shark made note to tonight's amazing. The second one -- NATO to the second one tonight at 99 scifi I think 41 -- Effective at helping here Greg and I need -- help -- get a call earlier high profile crimes. Said that the manipulative move in and it's particularly my autobiography. But the white paper about right for my name is an idiot like. I look like per student and all of these -- you know while autobiography. That he. Here's somebody says have you seen that to our Twitter commercial also known as the movie -- But I have no I haven't seen it though not as. I mean yeah that's what this thing felt like last night I actually I was waiting at the end like I because these religious people they they have -- ago. I was waiting to see that like the Lutheran Church or something senator club or somebody that didn't produce somebody had like executive produce this movie. -- -- -- With Greg Kinnear. -- -- -- I don't get this straight the babies born with some of the other kids do that oil what a crappy way to -- -- that there have been in Connecticut. That people went to hospital. The -- working -- said no she's not ready to have the baby yet irrational -- they get home -- -- a -- -- and the guy dropped the -- into the -- but the kids about cancer -- it's arrived when you're at ten -- you're -- now they have a great story about. About numbers that people be sick of -- and look at those nurses -- of course yeah like you're -- -- go -- you're not ready yet I'll never forget when the -- nurse at the Brigham and women's -- -- when we were having Julia. We got there it was like here early in the morning like 3 AM or something GAAP and non. Jen is like walking in there you know in and can barely move and and you know in the end and in extreme pain in the stopping every five minutes and it and then our scouts. -- -- They all act like this. I thought we got Garcia yeah you know I know -- really comfortable yeah. Bit. The times. More than seventeen. Again. And right back yet that the ran out on black but but but but I game they not be so why didn't. And then rebel group still has no number oh -- it. -- -- -- -- -- Hands you believe it will be old. I've read that I can I -- -- -- I'm glad that. Yeah you can bet I bet he -- out there -- -- -- -- last -- about it -- think about it I'm glad I -- It can definitely -- he had an idea that never yet been adamant that and I got that -- about I mean I've done and I think it's an. -- didn't look at what -- yeah. When does an American Arabs in my. You know what maybe maybe we can bring some. Somewhat to the Sox. And we did a mid season and joke is legally own name that rap -- again you've got to try to do that. Let's see if maybe. Maybe that brings a little lock free yankees. I went into offered -- did that and I don't -- either good delivery did it it is one any cougar. Questionable lyrics but I but I'll -- -- -- -- 48 and then. -- -- The about it. The the Texas as -- -- of me in town because I just said I can't believe that if I did say this I had my sincere apologies because I don't like people say. That I just said we when we had Juliet yes yeah I say fellowship where pregnant where we weren't we weren't spread. That was sent that my vote numbers. -- 58 and again. Now I know why can't we all other men are able to get -- -- you got to get them what I saw a big hit. -- -- And the message. -- -- a to me that in 34 AM. I know you guys are saying we should never hit a woman but I wasn't. Really want to hit it. And then that yeah that's chamber is not a Bieber gets up nicely -- the agency when he brought that grow up was a make a wish girl -- when he was accepting an award and neighbors. Given the award -- -- -- and guys that you know what he's probably pretty juicy -- Orlando Bloom got into a scuffle with Justin Bieber and last night know what happened. If they were in EV. Early Wednesday morning. But each other's faces allegedly beat army eighty rude comment about Orlando's ex marine and occur. And and not stuff that he so let me say about it I don't know exactly where -- -- -- war. Yeah actually yeah I. Ravioli in -- Orlando where. Will reportedly took a swing and just install -- love thank you Orlando Bloom down connect we appreciate I don't think he I don't know that he's under regular sized -- -- -- a little -- Was it a fair find a good. He's going to bottom about a bunch of much games in response Selig. Jump not jump I'm Orlando -- can you imagine like they'll wannabes. Like to go like get knocked in Orlando -- space after I dared to take a swing at -- that they're. Their meal ticket Justin Bieber one source told page six in New York Post Justin is at one table in Orlando was another. Bieber and his party were walking past -- table in Orlando refused to shake -- and then Bieber says something -- to Orlando like she was good. -- Yeah -- -- -- -- -- the kid is just is public. I think probably faster we'll probably go because it's so he's not at all. Like is there -- no. There's like no. It'll legal drinking age and ID theft or -- you I mean did not because of money and I'm not that Spain yeah Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- bottle service -- Is walking by telling Orlando Bloom to smell his fingers there have actually affect -- all right yeah. I don't believe he is group in everybody's sexy and saying Orlando Bloom is not. Bruno Mars idol armies like -- vital and regular she's not one of these -- at giants would imagine Hollywood.