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Adult Toy Price is Right 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

We once again go inside Danielle's sex toy dungeon for another round of adult toy price is right, this time we learn the prices of the Peter Piper Puffer, and the Erect Test.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Oh man morning show present. It builds until they've grown to rally. -- -- And today's winners received a pair of tickets for the cult that -- Wilbur theatre coming up on August 13. But that's a show that Mike she'll go to yes it cult and and odd video that's kindly brought in several. Adult toys from her sex dungeon and borrowed oh with a borrowed one okay. Did you do it properly bleach it not -- address the candidates. Brandt brand and is our first contestant this morning good. And I -- impaired credit here why. I used to make -- -- Well what it's and all the hobby or I -- there are there are so it. I'll be -- in San. On. One that's a deal knows exactly when -- lives element is bring flashlight on. It. Europe against Patrick this morning hello Patrick. Hello how are you Patrick. Pretty early excellence have you ever been in the adult toy manufacturing business like. I have not regarded by the -- I'd -- around here is our first adult it is more. On adult toy prices were -- that Brandon should have mentioned the glass pieces because this is in fact it last piece but at the glass piece in two ways so it's called. Beat Peter -- Word for -- -- to be tougher. And but it's -- it looks like. A sex toy with -- and -- hockey sex toy itself the -- part is made out of glass clear glass -- -- handle. It's actually me smoking pipe. But it marijuana -- -- glass pipe -- so the two pieces are fused together. So why now else doing it's your job you know you can take at -- who can smoke. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Though this is poorer. Adopt the -- as let this particular thing is that the again I thought Patrick what would you guess the actual retail prices on this adult. Ago probably about civic -- box for the open broke 75 dollars. -- Brandon. -- -- -- -- 7676. That -- out there about or what sir do you detect air or water 885 dollars. 480. Our dollar really. That a lot here and I apologize via price is a very reasonable 24 dollars. I'm not going desired as -- yes Patrick is indeed. The authors winner this morning legal only in Colorado and Washington. Today and -- -- hello Adam. How are you Adam. Pretty it all right you just heard about the token -- let's see what our next item is this is Mikey who is up against you this morning -- Mikey. It was out of our -- I -- Symantec great I'm gonna happen -- my girl Sunday. All I'm glad you came thank you very much it was unfortunately we left. Baywatch beauty Tracy -- at the dock on the ground and pound for that she's very upset about it yet she continues. Stereotypical -- collect -- as she was walking right up to dock. -- -- now it's it's unfortunate she. She was left behind and she continues to tweet me all day about it she's -- that. Right let's get to our next adult deploy an adult -- price is right. Our next toy is called the erect tests the Iraq -- the -- test this a hand held. Digital monitor that you use to measure the rigidity of your food so it basically has a series -- LED lights. You press it it it's like a little the motor pumps -- little black cat -- a sudden like an iPod that I -- I meet palm size would not work for me that I didn't have a have a bigger yeah okay so it has a little rubber. About the size of a quarter. Conductor thing at the base that you press that against the penis. And using. The same kind of technology that a body fat scale thing the other signal repeated. To see how hard it is -- comes up on the little scale like you're at the at the circus with the. Yeah I know very enamored he would -- ring the -- down so it's like a five on the richter scale isn't exactly. And also are helpful for -- We're using -- -- ED medication that you don't have much to take well don't you know I mean that personally I know I mean if I Viacom a diamond -- and they arrived at five. I mean -- seen it either is there it is that if you know what I'm saying. And would mean when the wind blows it is off -- -- read it either is there it is it. -- out of what do you think the actual retail price of this what's it called the Iraq the -- test the Iraq test devices. Political surge for 99349. Yeah what about you Mikey. It's electronic it's let out a little more expensive so I -- 35 o'clock. 35 dollars Nike brand the money with this theory like -- infection actions actually 130000. Dollars it's a radical and of course he utilize the proper price is right. By going just right above the 34 on the up now you got nice work by you Mikey and you get to go see the -- I don't. I I believe that I may have violated price is right rules and the first confessed that it did say he they both -- Oakland over. And in no I'm making some credible allowance for you know I was I've come -- -- good mood to go ahead and give them tickets excellent I'm -- and and given that it's but I did I did violate official price is right rules silly me.