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Hill-Mail 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of past 24 hours. Topics included Tinder and the Revere tornado.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each you to -- talk. There's the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man out. Hey Greg the reason that a wave of the -- after the fact that there's very little rather watch -- it's an important role. And those can go on the blues -- that plot that was ability. On WAA. I mean. I assume anything. I've Stewart Tracy is sweet on I mean I don't -- Asking -- -- what you said. And the more heart among the kind of asking a bicycle out there keep telling you should -- and I. It pays you. And I understand you're on Baywatch and everything probably used to getting everything you want to. Take it but I'm Tracey my body I mean I'm I'm I'm in for second time I'm Manila Tracy if you're trying to grab the but it it. All right today's they'll mail messages brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on who won the auto mile or online act Cadillac Norwood did dot com. Monday 756. And again. What college and get out and the wrong boot OK I'm happy -- well I. People that went out. -- Making assumptions. That and -- 8:17. Am. I can't get the end -- LB in the wedding that out of my head. Like it's it's -- that W -- and a life jacket you or the odds all important that the guy. A message. Well the job about -- man. Best man. In the wedding to pour him into the -- -- them cover burns my -- and everybody here Richie and Stevie yeah that's he had this stuff me into tuxedo. Monday 950. Side. -- Great news and just then severe weather report. Upload recruit and -- put -- in the area according district didn't take over when we get them. Court of low hanging from a party could -- in the area of what you said it had been reported Glen then kill it. And then met him. No sharks flying around in various there and smoke and oil that we had no reports of is just the tornado not a not a shark bit yesterday and -- Monday 3:45. PM. On it and move on who Comerica. -- been incredible because no access to -- my clavicle -- -- -- And we'll get all the way down the floor that he did well what does what he called all the talk. But you couldn't bring that up technique when my -- it off -- One local that you wouldn't hurt you know support as potent political acumen than it can open up the -- -- better. And -- message but that -- that I didn't do one of those who chose I think that is a host the one of those food shows. You're gonna food and nothing ever -- what you're believable that his the F right here yeah. They aren't legit yeah he would meet somebody who's legitimately. A chain are on the show us. Monday 404. PM. -- -- it's permanent. -- -- -- And that message. -- -- -- -- -- -- As the tornado guys people got -- and god. Yeah Wallace twelve houses or twelve buildings completely destroyed the -- completely destroyed. And at 8:34. PM. So here we. You know is alive -- that but -- it puppy with a bat around between people. Trade group. We've both Lester won't -- I don't know about that is. Not believe -- gonna make a wildcard nine -- And I don't and speed of poppy you know actually funny pitchers. Let you know lit everybody's good you know poppy starts its call yeah that's -- demo. But pitchers when they stand on the mound -- -- date they stare down the bad -- get all certainly in that they get that mud going down and you know. Let me say honestly he's right. This is it model one model everything that makes baseball. Less of this news that -- -- -- -- as I'm concerned look after the game via I look as good for the game showmanship and give it Jeremy. An engaged couple I love it I loved it. Imagine if you know. More frequently in the middle of the seven hour -- it's going on. There was some actual conflict between some players right actually expressible motion and got themselves into. Monday 11:44. PM. Butterfly flaps its wings and create. Never -- here. Greg with Menendez fare increases. And -- -- -- the -- it. And the message. 22 and again. They are great prospect that modern Greg. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you think that the portrait going to be by the end of the week. All the Mary -- -- discover -- they're -- very. Now it's tender Tuesday. At the bizarre stories earlier this morning. I'd -- a lot of I get a lot of text messages from guys who knew nothing about tenders and are suddenly try to figure out a way that they can get nominated and swipe Alaska. Have some kind of anonymous random sex immediately. At the workplace there. RS we learned earlier right behind the movie theater right I've moments after meeting somebody on tender so yes it's tender Tuesday. Six we signed him. Maybe that aren't aren't and that they can -- put away. -- -- and could be felt like I thought that that. Well to brawn and for like two thirds of an inning and gave a sixth round yeah I mean he had at the bit about -- selling your craft that's the shelling won't. Did he do all -- I've not been looked go on the -- open tornado Alley there and yet when he opened up a -- thought business. Well this candidate storm are your new partner that -- -- -- -- right now he's better than everyone as. That they're gonna need it -- that they radioed. We're not. -- Bob and I stand corrected. This techsters several factors that you swipe right -- race. Can I thought -- gotten things -- -- don't -- what is right if you wanna look up the woman gets left and swipe left let you know ideally I don't want she's ugly on her. -- -- -- -- -- I don't let -- be -- and back and what impact the way we looked -- them but. Not break. We'll -- about it it's my beloved cap and all the way to go west and wasn't she now he. So. I think maybe Dodd finally coming to the hill household at the end of the summer. All by a little -- little late kid well get to step we knew I had no idea I got a break you tear there there are gonna be offered their college here to theories and had gone down. So much for Iraq. -- -- only -- on the weekends Jen said she wants to find the dog that can run with. That's though in quite some kind of -- of what you grab dotted sort of a grab a lab but I sure they're armed lab maybe. While -- lab chocolate lab Labrador Retriever monitoring aren't sure. -- I'm twenty times. -- In the paper this morning. -- -- I think that happened Africa and then maybe -- a portal Al. Another news on the other side of the -- is also another sinkhole opened up yet and -- -- There weren't a lack there. There. And then I met Aaron last overall in -- baseball people. Not there with my Xbox the portal to the worst record ever -- that in 190. Man. And there is an accident. -- now or never. And then now -- so it's a 48 Indian. Let's see here 37 years old apple other. Always a bridesmaid never a temple. White and blue flag and that he. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there's several people say a boxer is the best not to dwell runways boxers on the -- -- I don't know what is your -- are really have any relationships and it is. What about an Italian Greyhound always get a dog -- and yet those are trying to you wanted to NBA you can adopt a real great -- now. That's that's a fun thing to do you will -- it to friends of Andrea counts. Down. -- -- in January ad you'll like with the blue language rescue group that -- I go to rescued as a Foster will always be able to use the dog is high energy and that from little. 0:1. -- I don't need to know about every -- -- -- cut it down. Particularly good here. And the message I mean perfect opportunity. Yesterday to go to the mean a bunker. The best Don pretend to care and and and and and be a leader but he just seemed kind of casual about it like. Well it is not a party it was a tornado. What do you want I mean. He's checked out what did Deval Patrick check out -- yeah years two years ago. I mean it's -- luck luck. It's I mean it's easy to understand. Who doesn't do that if you know you're leaving your job. In like a year. That what -- for months thought we didn't know too I mean it people check out the move onto other things. And they're seeing the quite satisfied with the with the support he was getting from -- and also from surrounding communities through. I end he seems to be ordered. Important -- we do this acid. And having them. What about the Brittany spaniel -- you know anything about that. I don't want to -- it into an agreement the audience to them loves them. I didn't dog to run for me to you know my half an Enron case yeah. Senior case yeah two states that run in two way -- bobcats and you know I'm saying now but -- argument -- give me any deal. And -- -- in your escalade and -- campaign with yet -- take him down the beach. Here's -- Texas I think this is -- in a perfect dog for you as a husky. I had not huskies' big -- I haven't seen in June oh geez. It. A doberman. Josh he's agreed to a German Shorthaired Pointer. With one of those stocks and actually like point -- yeah. Now likes stops and then points and knowledge pretty cool. And it worked a lot of great work than those guys -- you may yet. Here's a -- -- as the people in tornado Alley. Must be laughing and freaking them out about the tornado like we were laughing at those people in Georgia during the -- -- yes I say. They might be I don't know. And no I did American Pit Bull Terrier not recommending again. It's that's good -- kids through in -- markets in the via.