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Masshole Theater Avatar 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

Every Monday we take a trip to the Massholel Theater where we take famous movie scenes and give them a twist with the Boston accent, this week we take on Avatar.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Did Hill Man Morning Show crews. It's cold. Right. We have a pair of tickets for sound garden and Nine Inch Nails at the X and eighty senator tomorrow. And a copy of the limited addition the super unknown boxed set from sound garden for the win. Ball so the winner Pro Bowl winner of mass hole theaters today. If you if you win Mascoll Peter today then that is your prize sound garden Nine Inch Nails at the X affinity said there. Will it be nuts up on the lawn like it was that the Keith Urban show I I don't know yeah right we can only we can only hope. So call right now 6179311. AA aft. Rob you've found the actors for today's mass full theater waiter. One was out random Boston guy yeah with a really just the gem of an accident and the other is which are gonna say hi to have their which is my Brothers. Best friend's sister OK commute may listens listen in right now how well the bad guys. That age whatsoever in New York. NG good question now it's time I know right here on the way to Graham okay. What have a dialogue rather lets up have a Heather at provisions apply their smoke shows their religion is similarly muted yeah. All and a Locklear now you said today's film is like. Let's say if today. Epic adventure and and it was kind of the first of its kind of person that whenever he's in theaters this was like the first real 3-D. Film really made for three day OK and I have. No no way to really there's going to be another winning on a couple years means side of a this is Matt polo match. I don't get what's up. And I my partner at. Bomb you ready for Mascoll theater today map. All right take a listen to this film. We have altered the script to take advantage of the unique vocabulary that exists only here. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is spoken only by mass holes it's looking had to fill up pitch at parity which it faults school. Mike got his wicket and the trust me just as the doc. I'm no maverick grad and growing out my mom always said it was wicked thick in their head to head. T and I am. I was amazed balls kid a warrior the jag clan and before that I used to be left on land avoid hasty. Well that I might that'll teach you how we do it over again. Teach you right here anyways like Japanese suicide sec now and they can't accurately reflect pegging JP a scene at a merit a team. Not seek Sally seat and seen any yet. Yeah hockey dad that but he got Matt. All thanks golf I don't know if I didn't know this was I wouldn't know it but I but I don't I never saw the movie. Here are big hurry hurt or. Europe. Techsters. Techsters are getting it tons of taxes are getting low rob yeah we got the answer. I'd I'd can't bigger than anybody that that movie with I'll look bad apple movie. Unpleasant to import time. It's looking hat to fill up at parity with the fall fully. My cup is Wiki then the trust me just as the dark. I'm no maverick grad and growing up my mom always said it was wicked thick and they had kids. I T and I am. I was amazed balls kid a warrior the Jack I plan and before that I used to be looked only at employees began. Play at a bank might that'll teach you how we do it army and teach you right here anyways like Japanese suicide sec and making accurate like Peggy and JP a scene at a merit a team. Not Sally wealthy and seen any yet in the Kia movement hello brown. Yeah when he got that. I really got no idea man real. Or get out there sure. Are yes you want. Are impressive now that's a terrible absolutely. Yeah yeah yeah as I wanna. Protect dropping the the FDA just wanted a quick correction it's just a little nit picky letter forest doubling in Roxbury outside he's he's telling Tony wanted. And a card ballots added details that you brought against him she's a hose chaser and a nice yeah I don't hurt a lot of water I'll I hands GB I cried I yeah I am man. What we're receive problems facing is that guy for Younis bus and these Bosnia. I actually when I I recently. Went through the Boston firefighters. Annual they do there annual awards ceremony thing and salad did us a good lord that's that's a fun does it go and. It's great that two kids now they're the pack. God as they're very happy yeah beautiful wife I love that it's this that he's got two kids now. Yeah. What's north and the hundreds hesitation one. I'm visual manifestation one era and on the main street there and on Daniels is that was station one yes. And that's my. LV nine out Byron this kind of thing isn't the only issue is bang in there feral two and a good friend and artist pop in there rather. Oh in the Sakhalin the thing that's the difference and now. He's got kids now moving into us and yet Sylvia Hanover street Atlanta one engine and Iran and finish out the good. News that. So. I know. There is going to be probably the chances of that actually be incorrect were often sell via broad area and then he he doesn't make up for an hour. Can't get your background Doherty the movie was avatar avatar was the movie never seen I have never seen it either rooted here no designer doesn't think. Too much for me too much for you too much but the booms. Yeah I think you know like I just I don't that type of movie the whole green scream but he's a good Mike Collins reformers movie thing I just can't. When it goes to over the top or can't do like in new Hercules and with the rock you see the unanimity in the attic. I'll try and watch it on track but you know now. He got a given. At least though once viewing just for the fact of what it did with the green screen and are really I mean because that's what I thought going in my kind of watches and everything's gonna look phony and fake. But it really does you know some justice for those CGI graphics we can't tell that you can't tell at all now you are watching it's a Rea. And the storyteller a modern day dances lone wolves yeah amounts to is that what are wolves are with. I think that's a little we will see what holes Democrats. And they're gonna do another one I think a couple of games so on another avatar yeah they are via an intimate and all like now he makes a billion dollars a movie there bring James Cameron yeah he's wrecked he says somebody says they're gonna make it a trilogy yet though that's obvious and the way they're doing is they're filming both the kind of like The Lord of the Rings of filming them. Altogether 978 text for LB LB it's Pocahontas and aliens that's a pretty much Johnson as. Thank you and a thicker than it down on spoiler alert as some act passed senate one taxi says that the blatant rip off of burned guilty. Our brother flagrant Jolie Brad no it wasn't that is that a kids movie at all and I are grateful for that I had never seen that either my kids the tools. There other cars and none of those categories LB seriously check it out you've got to and so shocked that you haven't seen. Yes no absolutely unbelievable movie 508 Texas says everybody should watch it. Just to see the facts. The only guys are you guys who goes yeah those are greening green eyes you know it's elementary yeah yeah Al Gore people. I don't know I do I donate 700 dollars a year now plan to raise. I think we go through and what happens and you know it was a stories like you know I mean they're going in. To the raid that native land because there is and this is what I kind of those cheesy it's an end to an empty medium. Is that enough fossil fuel or whatever that there will keep on in premium yet all right he doesn't have to come up with any daylight he's spending all this money and I guess and a master planners are titanium that's guided and that western coal or gas got put it in. You know the natives tree where they lived on a life what are they gonna discriminate gonna stick destroy the native lands I mean it really sends them messages here cares about them couldn you're seeing these new wild animals can park style eating each other fighting in a war and its highest grossing movie of all time ranked Texas says I believe he typed here. Right well he has both of them so James Cameron has both the toddler who lives there. I like you like hearing around on the employee ocean I don't know what I had my money you know that might not make in three of them. Or LB have you ever seen Titanic a Texan wants that now yes. We got a we went to see it with the winners I've ranked did we record crowd yeah yeah. Doleac yeah. The support guy how when he gives out there when he gives up thereafter. And and that's how I just off I just so overwhelming everything grows on that really count on that avatar grossed 600 million more. And then Titanic really box office hit worldwide brilliant how accurate quote leave any money for to his kids what I've what I've usually done and I. James Q how big a lot of Americans well so. As ever is that this. Put up you always like ridiculous gibberish hello Gerald designer picking up in Lawrence what what's up Joseph. Hey not much I agree with LB. I liked the old classic Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even ago no special sex yeah it get raped at a point you know. I am not that you do it if a movie has like blue people. Right from the start it's just not you can't get into it because there's no such thing Ratner. You know right I think you know none of that that I'd rather see Clint Eastwood like shooting somebody who who's on his grass right. There and when they ask coming out of a birthday coming out I mean have maybe thought he thought I'd a share of the big yeah I yeah.