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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 7-28-14

Mon, 28 Jul 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers. This is where you ladies can ask LB about the men in your life, questions included my boyfriend did not get jealous I made out with another guy, why are his eyes closed during sex, what do guys notice first, and when do you have to get a new bed?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll. -- yes. Yeah yeah yeah. Are you ready to go inside I was born ready to all of -- fired up for an out of our great trips here we go on vacation this afternoon -- we go. Let's start with right now start with a 774 text yeah. I got drunk and made out with -- another guy and my boyfriend of four years didn't even get mad. Is he sleeping with someone else now. You guys -- that stuff -- guys for a girl on girl -- -- early that night it was a guy out now with another guy. Well I mean via. NASA that there that through as a whole younger engineering -- -- the obsessed. We have it's only yes it's kind of grade issue guy. Gosh it was only -- guess what so many years -- No I was little and I don't like what I care for any -- it would -- at a bar near an anomaly then I don't you know I each boy I you know it. That's what we've got a first for me I I it's -- in -- -- Abdullah I don't know when just I want you don't know why would I tell us why he wouldn't care. What was it got ugly maybe I -- -- maybe again and again I don't mean I don't generally I only you know you pick the wrong guy means a hot bartender maybe -- snapped. Just started online dating and it's overwhelming -- how many dudes is it OK to talk to like is fifteen a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I started dating a guy from work a little over a month ago we have a blast and we both really like -- being with each other. I just found out over the weekend that he has been with two other girls that I worked closely which -- why didn't he tell me and. Now he's not a nobody dislike period okay and number two what's what's he supposed to like put up area amid a speaker -- yeah hey it's it's I'll be here I just wanna know I want everybody in the -- you know that guy any I hit -- last night we had a little dinner at a great time went to a movie and she slept over -- Susie and edged Jill I don't want -- to be jealous. Our relationships are over I still like this is. Actually in real life something LB would do like we response to the company wide emails that are seriously Garvey please send out like Kate congratulations to -- sound like. Hey kids there's three days later -- happened but I smashed well last night and -- all wonder and self -- mark that on your calendars if it ain't over -- LB there. After I I. Let's title status I am one of those people that I think it's bogus that people get fired for sleeping with people -- -- I -- -- with coworkers is healthy -- Awesome -- -- what you get to know people you know their likes and dislikes you know they're like they're their final step -- a quarter. You don't orderly -- for everybody already know what the girls like don't have to. You don't on the fly with a thirteen different -- of pizza -- oil for lunch -- -- like. I'll have a choice for everybody else but jewel. Jill likes -- -- on you know -- and I need efficient chips for Gwen and I and and I I needed Turkey sham which foods is I'm with it's a salad and I need the -- on the side and then it shows up and everybody's going to be girls. On one 978. -- why do guys get mad at us if other guys are staring at us my fiance was -- all day yesterday because of this -- that's just needy how what went to. Player -- ER I guess I've never understood that we -- -- we talk about this a lot -- and and guys there are those guys and there's more in on not a small percentage I would house and yes probably. You know me it's probably a 5050 shot but -- I don't wasted emotion that people in relationships split. In two warring about when other people check your. Your coal ports yup it's a compliment doesn't matter how long they scared doesn't matter what they say there's no reason to waste any negative energy. You know like I think it's it's the greatest line ever heard was -- in now bull Durham -- and when she said dobbs. Costner's name is a Costner Kevin Costner was she sleeping with a new pollution I. And she says Costner's named guy and he sees what she's sick and she says would you rather I see his name while I'm sleeping with Q would you rather I see your name. Now I'm really great airline I got great points OK excellent excellent play. My boyfriend ray keeps his eyes closed when we have Sachs does this mean he is thinking of another girl or doesn't mind me hot laser show was what. You gotta you gotta to you gotta do you got to take your game to the next level -- bringing that your bringing a six on attended to the rapper. When guys' eyes are closed -- taken up by another session that -- that -- -- to screen you're not good enough is what's the president guy sized guys' eyes are open and he's looking -- you go -- like your Turkey dinner and just you know. But when you guys and you don't -- exactly if search is really if you -- having a really good session. You're just spinning. You know you like you -- -- like your money you gave putting your head you're like I want this I want that I wanna do this and that do certain day in this learned junior town aren't just like yeah you definitely -- And you're like area and -- next. I hooked up with a guy I met Saturday night at daisies the world money. He kept asking me to call him poppy. I'm not Hispanic and neither is he is that weird. C'mon man it's that time popular three ending and it's it's a little creepy and -- -- you -- wanna be lucky I feel like it's it's it's if you're electing a guy. And it sent a sexy little puppy but if you Greg -- to be like combing a popular in idyllic army grandpa -- I. Yet and -- and it's it's a weird desperate she. Also weird when the white guy says it to the Latina girl legs. They don't call me poppy she's like I don't know. No no. And to stop with that. -- I on the other hand they're both -- searchers he's hammered after an autograph yeah daisies got primary spot where where the fellas and John I totally agree Jim -- Cody would like JP's house I love thirty. Of the eye popping last week and it turned daddy was my dad's. -- Are we are slowly -- Here's a cute I met a guy last night that I think I like how soon is too soon to tax them. Right now but doesn't matter. Yeah he admitted in nineteen any three -- and not for nothing get any oil make them feel good to gay role anymore asthma and always ridiculous in the guidance that would if you think that. -- when -- finally think she's too into another Natasha shall find out if he -- -- -- much as she geeks you know activity she -- amusement taxes -- right back. And if she you know touching you know not forgotten and trying to milk at dinner and a dinner -- movie or not. Now here's the one that I mentioned earlier. LB my name is amber and I think you're -- great name. My book but amber yes my boyfriend and I have been arguing over something that I think is so stupid. I have a favorite sex toys yeah. And have used it yet what the last two guys they dated yeah. When he found out about that. He got insanely jealous and he says it's wrong to use sex toys that you used with other men when your new boyfriend your thoughts. Please not for nothing just to give in the controls on the get after he's got to lighten up. Really well that's -- pretending she never -- -- you -- exactly is that what he's gonna be just about to. We could see its. That you used that was why would you throw perfectly your favorite sex -- you know what yeah she watches it after I mean I don't want question I would ask is it does she used that -- -- on the other boy different now. -- where it. We love you and that that does that mean he's got even on exchange it for a new. Toy of the same sex toy category. But as far as the guiding Joe's the one guy will say about sex toys with -- women. You have to -- big guy. In the long run the control. Once in awhile like when your cabinet session at yet -- he would tease -- -- When you don't hit it well and when -- -- which are six or by yourself no big deal but in order for him to be comfortable with that said six point not be Giles gives guys get chills that way but than there are. What did you bring in a thermos to bed. And he's like finally I got like five starring. It easy he's gonna get jealous you got let him work you got to work it and do it right. That's taken on for the team that because there is zero chance. That guy's probably you know will that sex -- the right way or in any way that feels good to any part of you that's in the suit you gotta you gotta be able to go that are out there are signs are corridors and articulate it -- me what to do know that. But he's got a gun control otherwise who Biggio what are you guys here's the tax what do you guys noticed first at a bar hot body your pretty face. -- -- -- I'll hot body then they then they work they work there where like you're there you go Barney. I check your but it's smoke shall but are we feel to come back from the bathroom in an unusual when you have to understand. If you're willing to put out. It won't matter what you look. Listen this tax from a woman -- of the this is a bit back to the sex -- India she dated a guy who made -- get a new bed because she had slept in the same with the with the other guy who. -- really. Wow Z you just can't get new betting anymore out of play guys if you're moving in -- That's a new -- hung out on a brand new set -- sheets what's the big deal if I was moving in with my boyfriend in his exit slept in that bed -- feel like. -- get rid of the -- Absolutely a 100%. Who bit hard to believe you're single and like I hard to believe your -- -- people -- -- god that's that is seriously you don't -- to be stickler -- -- We are going inside the simple -- mind we do this every Monday at this time on the show. I'm getting married in October and my fiance Kurt hasn't done a single thing to get ready for the wedding right this is gonna be the most important they realize -- and he wants absolutely nothing to do with grange. Why don't guys want to plan their -- Because we don't want to get Mary Tillotson. Spirit to it listen it's wanted to since the pressure via the greatly yeah -- just say this. The stats it would be it beyond its might numbers prove what I'm about to -- them. Most guys. Date girls in -- perfectly happy. Being. Boyfriend and girlfriend for you know when you get series when -- you know he start to move India. And he commits delivered and it commits. Paying for your car and commits -- them there the director of the mortgage the house work. And then go to the nightmare these words. That are told to that guy that's perfectly happy and and actually in public with his girlfriend. When she status. I'm not waiting any longer. We have to get engaged I wanna get Mary -- and that moment that your your stomach sinks to the war yet. And you want to if you know that flight you wanna run you wanna look for any -- -- It's over. I don't like you anymore move out but you know what so you've been together sole line. And the family actually like Hughes Ian Mac -- -- -- Brothers the sisters. And the deal it's just that. Seventeen. Million pound animal is exaggerating and you're back yeah I mean there aren't that. And the next thing you know. There's standard -- tax. Priests and try to act -- -- -- and it's all of learn. After party's -- they have sex and hotel the next day you see your friends -- at the hotel you stand by their race saying congrats. Here -- miserable. And all you wanna do is get to that next day after after party to get them. Completely obliterated. Because you have just ruin your life 937. Tax. Correction. Most important day of her life -- why not let alone are gonna just say this team idea. Leave the little guy alone yeah Letterman joy you do you know and he'll be there we're -- -- to say I deal and then you guys can try and hang on from there. This -- also where no man has ever imagined his wedding. But every woman has imagined their wedding since that they were like -- And like god forbid. Years you say well you know I really wanna have an open buyers you know also my buddies can drink now that's not I didn't imagine -- I didn't imagine it that way we geared to your friends being drunk and on our special. Yeah I get a -- fatal lack of go to great boosters but this is unbelievable -- by the way. I'm getting married today there aren't used to attempt. And I'm thinking and -- to -- camber Bonner investor can Michael restless. If it does it look easy but don't use the best. Like -- I was completely -- in a bull I don't know a six week war. With my mother and alarm over what number monitored -- you that was to set any how they married any -- and have been listening to be published appeal like. Like they jumped in a pool promised what might do and I'm like an -- anywhere and just for the record I have to Wear the best of -- Rain but big joke but that's Campbell the apple. Also it's just extra finger you'll just figure figured pushed on the gamble and lose like the Indy followed the balance all of about my -- are gonna break always the best assessment -- -- a big guilt some of the best ones and I tried to explain. I'm like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not god I'm so happy eleven -- -- love you and. Here's the back 97. I took an eight text that says Greg correction the deacon has been played because of merit. Like I haven't gone as at all -- I. All laid out by thirty bill I really vows and always well thought. That -- -- -- you know that's that's about Sino -- relationship is gonna end up in divorce. When they write their -- and I'll tell us that that. I don't know anybody in any what if it's in for the long wrong Jesse Rodriguez is a priest and an example of the rings on we'll -- -- it and. All right. Young lady who loses this show as an issue -- boyfriend's father. This is very uncomfortable. We will get to that next inside the simple mail mine continues. I feel bad and I wanna apologize to a lovely woman who listens to this show. Mickey and weekends on Twitter because she just tweeted. LB he's description of a guy's perspective of marriage is devastatingly depressing. Now I feel that I really I feel bad because it -- to. Those are absolutely absurd sir sir but by -- bit more than 50% of every marriage ends up in divorce yeah so. I would just say there's. The reason that is is because the -- I didn't wanna get married in the first place. But paying a guilty into it and then try to make it work I give guys like credit you know and including myself you know you view use. You get tilted into it but then you're you know you're. You're trying all in in and says more. I like by the way nice move by re tweeted Mickey's comment -- and David Cohen smooth move here yet he. He tweeted back in -- said that he certainly doesn't speak for all guys. -- -- -- nice guys moved to America it's movement by. Right. Huge you've -- an accurate passer and casting a line into the water. All right now -- We're gonna go back to -- I had a bunch of questions left that we're texted him during inside the symbol -- -- But just a further follow up on something that was said during the segment the group. And created a a hailstorm of responses -- could but here's the Texas that are normally agree with the -- now however. Making someone get a whole new bad. Because they had sex of their acts and it is absolutely. He tells them not because you had to -- -- -- -- think that if you lived in the house -- your next for like I don't know eight years stuff and then you break up. And then we move and get their leaders -- Honestly and -- -- slept there your commitment and an athlete now horse -- and you can't let her take different in bed but people out. But with what about like the shower that's where that will -- that you have agreed to mattress okay -- how well Tampa. Well though they are you have to get off a whole new bad I don't. The big -- on the couch. I'm now and I mean they had six or let it on your plantation I'll be honest I don't think that in -- here through the hoop until the. I mean that is ludicrous and you know what people are texting and there are women texting insane they did that. They got with a guy. And then they made him get a whole new -- because he'd been with the previous girl in the back dead now. Lot of -- has -- new nice -- yeah I -- last mattresses -- a resident -- that they don't -- dollars yeah there though a lot of money. -- it's will now what about a TV Danielle the have to get a new TV if the X watch settle down but that's -- OK but. And on I got the big projection ride right and that's the other thing. When I got divorced -- kept the marital bed both my children conceived and none of the woman that I dated after a problem. Oregon the. Listen I'm Merrill were edited my children and you've been studies Shakespeare -- -- -- -- Natalia. If that question ever comes up that'll be the last time we dates and yes so a lot of well how did not come up -- -- dating until at least the year we. You know what exactly right -- can you imagine you bring -- about your place in the person you know your -- hot and heavy in the kitchen making a really going to be and she stops as she hits the bench does not by the way. -- got a new -- are your tax return now. Here's that Texas as being able to stage five Craig create no not -- -- notes. I can't believe that women do this naked guys get a new dad hello well. Yeah what's up well. That is awed at all by what they do -- you bet yeah. On tiger Adobe -- there -- totally different batteries are doing my girlfriend regarding. Justice that that we -- that what you know I'm the fortunate thoughtful idea. -- -- project and that's that's -- that's yeah when are when are doing -- curry be your next slept here. Here's the Texas that I held out for almost a year but I finally gave in she wouldn't move in with the until I got a new bed while. Wow. Just think and now it's okay that she wrote the baloney pony yours like oh well I don't know like yeah me. It but that's -- but you gotta get a new badly to change the girl abused. The -- you are now using. What are I'm gonna you know what about a new toilet seat of the -- You know I'm. Does that man have the bleach his penis that that's now well I mean that I that I did depending on -- you're dating. I would recommended it'll cost. But. That Nicky and -- as woman looks like a -- current partnership text yes well you guys yeah we're very cute cute. -- and so I'll continue here back where we where. Inside the simple -- mind it happens on them. Monday's. Here WA AF if you're a woman this segment is -- You wonder why the man in your life actually does LB answers from inside the simple -- mine every Monday. I didn't dreading meaning my boyfriend's parents this weekend in New Hampshire -- -- what's the best excuse to get out of it. News you -- women you got it built in. Got some woman problems down there I thought it all of the data that -- not gonna -- -- -- value on that avenue -- an excuse -- excuse you bet. Like convince my husband the man escape he says only girls do it that's not true you gotta you gotta do little man skate and man yeah. I mean hit him yes listen summertime you'd be at the beach and yes I'm -- -- no wonder we're hearing that he is being out tomorrow nobody really slick from Mars what we talked about that for years -- -- pretend -- -- you throw like Larry David don't. Often funny interview again if you want him to -- gave to start grow it out you know. Do do unto others as vigilant TI love it there is a hot guy at work who always flirts with me. I wanna take it to the next level -- but I'm afraid if he's not interest -- it will create a bad situation work battling now -- -- to -- to -- should have texted and what's this what is the -- I'll make sure it's on your company phone and make sure it's your own phone. And should the Texas say hey man are they are totally do you know more what's the deal never just depending company intimate -- -- now that's ridiculous. Terribly good about it. Makes for Arab and -- makes for a better better workplace know that it makes for a better let's -- get -- -- awkward you just have to deal print things you should like it's mostly you don't say things like -- I totally did you know aunts and and say I wanna fallen while I want you to be my -- -- So did just be honest we shouldn't just smashing I think I think your -- gets -- we work in the same place lets smash mouth dug it I think. Call calls on the political cause you get all fired up a new Yankee you know the right instead they show on opera typical call bombed out Monday. Tomorrow and we haven't got an idea but you both -- article -- going to be our parking garage of Daniel on the back and attack in your book I don't like hired. And knock it down your shirt backwards. -- Do you realize how gross -- photos are and that we show them to all of our friends I couldn't agree more. Yeah we're seeing advertised take pictures of -- really that's just weird look at. And and really I mean do you agree commute to its army does detect it turned -- our pitchers. Some do. -- it's usually the ones that are getting multiple ongoing relationship you will be the same time so I wanted to come media. Yeah didn't meet its -- picture the ocean on second beach in Newport saying hey let's let I I I -- yeah let's let's go look up this weekend yes. Non European soccer background I send a picture -- market flip flops he gets an -- -- Career. Nice seeing I got there right. You know it's I guess I'm I'm I'm I'm hanging fruit guy but not when it comes to that stuff Yahoo! you know I mean. Sure and do the do do women shall never. As they do usually don't -- -- I mean is this sacred you know I mean. You know a lot of women if it's if it's actually the boyfriend okay and -- -- the premise that we'll -- that up but if it's -- -- -- smashing. An elderly let's -- leaders to promise me no -- -- I mean really that'll tell -- that. It's like it's Emmys and it it's commonplace thing in fact I think this even happened an episode of the show little Britain wants it it's just like -- I started like OK you know with this new guy let me see picture of him and like different shows John Kerry thanks well. -- -- -- I finally would be killed at least a week -- in the office here. And what have what it hurt it seems like you get there today to get up as an anchor oval where do you work at town hall on how well does this wouldn't what did you. But she's 42 bush and she's she's got her husband just broke up a couple were making up people. Yeah national arena currently actually hit the gun. Since she's been separated just no time for herself she's you know guys guard -- out of work extra before kids get a feel -- to -- to -- lacrosse -- -- -- and twins just a crisis pleasures such -- no me -- -- -- and -- at the opposite she's been looking at me like Turkey dinner because I've been quite strong -- -- -- super -- compliments out in the -- room. But you get air traffic. Arlen thank you plan while -- awesome and here's the text from a woman. Who says all women laugh at jumping game we don't find it ironic at all and I wish you guys think we grew. And and is that true yeah for the most part -- yeah it's hot it's hard and not take -- junk and less years liberal and out. It's -- even if you like moderately and I did take it got picked without looking like you're forced legally get that at some hook finger script Colin. And it's like I do I can -- -- is strangling the. Activist and enough on the planet to duty Sophie where your land -- like -- like the Playgirl posts. Like to generally generate. Just got -- style you know -- you don't have to do better you have to do the -- -- Laguna you know if they hand to make it your feet in the background and sheets all of -- Out of the bed and the TV or LeBron that everybody I got suggest embarrassing watching the old network. Yeah. All and he wanted to shell. Odd enough but look the part that the look and Florida pushed Bradley -- beat the night I -- and you open that. Incredible play several big like three years debating we are out flat out -- America and the the force field -- front of the house. Yes but it but I'll later told -- Hollywood and married and that helped the 40% before we get marriage -- we need to do -- I continued I. How could I wanted to go they gotta do it -- -- like I don't wanna be married to bailout. -- order that. That's worse than being on the bed. That's a little excessive that. And I picked them -- so that's fun Gwen and her acts Glenn it was when and -- And out there and I hit an about I Pat Quinn is a ginger. Yeah collision apparently. Not -- That those hardships never Mika here's attacks from woman I had a guy get all self conscious and upset when I didn't swoon over his junk Mickey ended things over. What are you supposed to make it is similar to a lifetime of self conscious. There's really and really dodged a bullet there we're gonna -- your relationship. It's both the make a big deal. The I'd gotten what that change it's law. You know he's on -- after line yeah I well I didn't -- -- -- hello. Hello Savannah. -- did with some manner. But that ally and what can I do for you. -- -- and -- I'm eating like huge. I want content via the caught everybody being that high and it actually. -- I'm making fun. So what you're saying is that them the male genitalia. Is not sexy at all. Ain't why. I actually had somebody and me I'd nude photo with. There may. Explode and a. Yeah. On my and I -- comparison photos. -- But now Savannah so basically what he's saying is -- told you by the way. Okay. So you when your friends when you are sent a photo this'll help guys out is that guys might think that it -- that it Steelers do that is if you are saying that you wouldn't hear you when your friend that you do you laugh about that the all your friends you just laugh about cracked. And my right -- What you guys -- about how only get that we all -- Oh what I -- and we it might make but there are now that's a rule it is and I. Your rule like that -- -- you do you and I know I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- I'd be masquerade. Really really great I love it -- wallop a look at that thing that is amazing. That is a really nice. I'd like to get that and and then this could. That Yakima you'll. All right here's the one that I was -- him -- before the break. I'm pretty sure that my boyfriend's father. Was watching -- change in the pool house on Saturday well what should I tell my boyfriend. -- if you really bothers gonna deny it right yes it's always the best one is going to be. Your source is forced to choose between Bryant and ray X they're -- of relationship he had to. Should she tell them now -- -- equivalent -- -- don't go right everybody straight to the bars of the -- to -- yet had your people. -- -- -- -- One and done. -- don't. Wildlife I didn't even know you were I am curious curiosity to describe eager grab the father. -- you McCall Syria you know meet me at -- sure yeah. If you don't wanna do it you know at a -- Barbara here's something you know where you're standing in the kitchen nobody else is outside. By the pool and and you bring that up and it's going to be super -- comfortable just do it on an off day which issuing him around somewhere. I -- -- listen. Daniel yes here's a guy says what about the outline of junk in the underwear that's my move is that okay. That is that -- that's that it either of -- yeah area you know like last night I would have black a -- idea is that we have not missing the last like five women that just called and I mean. You say there's a picture -- and let's see that's what you think it PG here well -- clearly if you can't picture. You get an omen that this is not gonna happen to be honest unless your frequent twelve inches of its it's a lose lose every time. Yes pretty much -- Daniel I'm pretty good clean and straight married here and another side of the screen. If you're about her even after above average yet has definitely you've got to be like going to be like that only when I'm up there weren't. Eerie timing could feel weird color they are patient and let me and you can't have a hobby I mean -- thing rain now. -- -- there's the test surely is standing down on ways it can go below judge well. Sorry what's up probably an hour on the ball inside this dark. He sure the most important to. Do open arms up while it's. That. Are off. But they don't warning you heard you like your face in the picture here's the here's the text that says that chick requests. Jump pictures yeah that that should let me see the sick request I wanna see us to pick up a. I need it needs to know you're my guy and man -- and I. My -- -- -- -- -- -- naked for a moment appointees UMass. It's disturbing the the frequency. That which men are willing to share their junk especially when it comes to things like -- That friends that I have answers about if frequent tender user and the late yeah. And is I mean within like two seconds she's -- watch this get to match with somebody starts a conversation and then like three seconds later they've got you know they're exchanging. Photos and sound and like we get burned phone and -- people up on tender they are they doing it like exchanging sex. Voter sex photos and then they're exchanging sex like it -- like within in real life I Aaron who does that yes this is -- means it's it's disturbing you know we should do is we should do tender Tuesday as I like out there patrolling -- I was thinking over the weekend to Burlington and -- -- -- we get -- phone yeah. And an illegal prepaid phone market will set up a fake profile -- -- -- -- and get guys just keep identity secret and keep the photos secret but just I think we really shattered literally thinking about it over the weekend because it's the staff that these guys come out with. Is that may today. It's amazing and Stephen Reid said that stuff on the air coming up to flesh this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- anyone tax -- when I can appreciate a good John -- takes guts policy of the videos that somebody who. She's knowledge in you know she's not making them or she's just she doesn't want us to. She's worried that we've informed guys and now nobody is gonna send them though they insurer friends will be able -- -- right last about three minutes then they had like tomorrow that I'll I'll send it school. This -- is looks great. We're really proud dark matter we have no sensing an -- simulator and a what happened yesterday -- what I have prayer my Lillian rose where's Quinn and the -- is ridiculous the guys on their dirty one guy asked me if I want to go to slam penalize me when he was that's. Spectators though it's not match it's pretty harmony and Soledad is that yeah. And if you want to Sonoma itself we know it's I. Do anything to those ascertainment she told amigos allied signal that was your real name. What are you were just making it up to. And fight I want me your friend yes theory yes -- they'd like -- -- -- -- she's on tender -- And this is the thing where. 27 you know at six miles -- and so she just had a guy come over and came. They've they've turned into regular -- -- really yup. And he didn't -- or name until afterwards he knew her name that he thought she gave enough think aliens that by the -- what's your name and she she was like you know problem blood that's my name he's like well I thought that was -- at an all that was a real name their -- -- awesome she -- case she she met another guy who's like. I think his sexuality my bill of questionable. So and there is so they're they're looking into some others I'm like oh my god only this is amazing Mike. This is gonna be amazing radio thing I have to be here without. Well -- your 1009. Does it to him at that moment. He never ended up now -- get -- and I don't wanna get a couple of night Eddie is the rights and I'm gonna get on the senate is going to be Tanya. This is going to be good stuff. Like -- gentlemen I -- yeah I might have been the rich and LB turn used in their. Credibility. I can. Look at this lady Elizabeth says she's in on the monarchy 87. No show. Hello -- up. What's up -- -- the other day I got a picture my daughter got a picture sent to our. From fifteen year old boy I have ever all the police and everything did you let it interrupt my fault. Now -- -- -- it was said it was wasn't her phone there's that she was using or -- -- Direct face welcome and only are able to access a FaceBook is sort light bulb. They didn't get it somewhere in my -- somewhere in the memory I have -- affectionate dog that you -- I don't wanna get in trouble I wanted to -- most sexual. And the -- -- -- all hands on you that I imagine you don't now magical already begun. Did you go to salt and you know I -- -- gotten I was gonna say did you go have a talk with the kids. I edit are put it on FaceBook but I don't know where -- -- I got to find a way to -- so I can have a little talk with some. He's like take a look at like look at the pictures or anything in the background on the development out of Cutler -- -- him a copy of the. What school he goes so yeah I'm trying to find there was face while he got an avenue detention. -- themselves on base. Strongly strongly for general girls -- probably fifty with the program completed your friend on the show. To talk about John I'm surprised that she might want to disguise the voice that we can do it -- secure his lead I think I think she said she'd be willing to discuss it yes. Of -- on that -- Only I should I shut up you guys who fear and resentment bouncing up a -- I'll I'll show the extent that. Here's the number to call you wanna be on this morning 6179311. A day --