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Hill-Mail 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the over the weekend on a wide range of topics.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each unit junior talk bears the Hill Man Morning Show presents Gilman. I could well yeah I already that I'm miles wide it's. Ordinary. It. I didn't I hear back there. Bill and get that they had like that about. WAA. Fire sell. You watch last is I hate to be and I hate to be negative but I think he's I think he's gone now wanna mind. Best people on the whole world's mr. Barkley. Doubt day herald's I don't remember his name that's latest said that Steve Buckley I'll. And Arizona got Freddie Mac but he's my idol he mr. Barkley just assured me that died Jon Lester guy and he's a day's gone by Gandhi into combat there is that I was witness so well he's not pulling the cinema and in the bathroom with Steve Buckley and LB. I just I think Iran north there's very very strange. Yeah I had enough I think he as the Yankees. I I know the temperature in yankees. On the other Toyota go all west of the I get bit by it was a Seattle Mariners. I don't yeah are going to journalist. Our rights. Let's see. Good morning everybody of their reasoning well my fiance and I got go my fiance and I got completely lost yesterday. And we were her. There for the cruise a little bit later you would already left same thing happening Tracy being a music and their booze cruise. So prisons as really upset I want to meet everybody is impossible to meet you while at some point we ports. Yes give me cut Hollister and a comedy remembered I'm sure we'll I want you have you learned today we have a lot of events coming up and you'll have you'll have and I want to thank everybody. Who came on the Greg Hill foundation. Harbor Cruise yesterday great music nice the weather was any cumulative realized it wasn't bad it was I mean we did everything on the below decks yes on the poop deck yes and but it was fine it was great listener John she wanted to thank guests and you. Because since Tracy missed the cruise she was it legal rooftop deck now that he was able to handle what is it that well there over there are. Placido had benefited Josh of that. All right today's co mail messages. Roxio by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve visit them on route one the auto mile. Or online. At Cadillac Norwood dot com. Our goal is 7:33. AM. There are lots and it is pretty bird did okay. Every couple. Well after that what you do. And curious there are open in oh Lola. Apple under that it was like I was as an awful story I was awful Friday the poor guy. Went in to be circumcised in the eighties in beat the it is Peter. Still there it's still urged India to talk about it will raise your hand goes right to Protestant god now when when you don't get a lot of during your right cunard yet you're not Kate and it's really it's awful. I will each hand and hand. Are you certain that. Pop. I from the men who look pretty good yeah for a while I was. Thoughts you have chief circumcision is all the replies. Romney eight. 17 AM. Our Brian look at barred Michael begged I would still wonder that this could it is that number they edit let's put it this carpet. What gore calls. And then that's the one I would you know I realized gig as the head of the bandit was at Ohio State. Yes correct because he let the kids make up names for each other's Wear inappropriate one of them finally admitted. One of them was twinkling boob job I like twinkle hoops like yeah like that was my favorite tweet a link was my favorite hash tag until this morning. Now my favorite hash tag is captain happy settle down there settled down captain happy that's that'll be my favorite has tag for the next don't. But it. 5:47. AM. They may not be nice that we're about to get quite that put we will Obama. That will be open bargained for everybody else is still playing baseball. And the mentally tough just how how quickly turn now how quick just just one season ago yeah. While they go world. Series. They were champions they went they're going worst to first to worst LB that's the problem is they're not even in contention. I know you believe. And I get it ya hear homer in the they want me and show this is. Ridiculous that this food is up almost August Burris there are 9101112. Out so people are going to Fenway just to see the part we were able. We'll play anybody here is what you talent they go to drank and now farm and go baseball we've got a chance we play in division all we grew up Thursday as easily passer on these jobs the job of soccer games coming out pads gonna turn after the yeah OK yeah. In our own land. Gave up on W. On the Lyndon byers magnetic action figure. We can do believe in buy it back and back. Again if you think everything aren't yet. From Puerto their noses. Competitive but it didn't do awfully tall. Canadians that's too bad break the magnetic little buy it. Action figures available that you want WA AF dot com only goal in order. In nineteen. And I will grow back at it that being hit it hard to figure played here. Again go to that. Or you're magnetic with it by its magnetic action figure out when it's probably because that's. And then yeah don't look like it wouldn't be collectible hobby is he basically is like mr. potato head you put it newbies and pretty much yes. If throw and knows our glasses listen that's as all of our people idealized I had a discussion now with a listener. On a Saturday. And are they are busting my balls and I said listen if by your your front teeth knocked out would you scorer would no front teeth. Won't play or to get your teeth fixed immediately you get your T why would you care. No one cares or Angela geologic anyway I love you with teeth without if they get it like they say give. There yeah. You know people he got to Dodi get the BP got the resources to get it fixed thank you. Gives you characters something you say to people who have things wrong with them exactly outlook for has rights gigantic more of that later in the morning when a bird hoops and you know it's not announcing a really everybody's laughing it used one ranked lemmings as well. Till it Europe character means what you're we're laughing at what we're telling you gives you character right. All right it's eight boot to this is WA AF in WAA FHD one west Borough Boston. WK FW KF BHD one rocked in Boston. And we are in the middle of listening to your hill mail messages. 701. AM. Armed Delgado. Being beaten all saved elevated. Yeah and then one bad about it but it caught behind what it was there that have been. I don't know why you got a few who. And the message. That was phenomenal quite dramatic yes we can you can you might we played that are right at the of this is probably. Something you'll never hear ever ever ever in the history of any. Hall of fame speech. Of the end of time or from the beginning of time Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies here is Greg Maddux. My brother Mike led by example. Everything I was about to do on and off the field he had already done. I was very fortunate to have a brother that I could learn from. Even Tommy a little bit about science. It has to do with little methane and a lighter and I still get a huge kick out of it today that it. Hi. Our kids are so proud of a point where Garrett part joked you know. So were supposed to believe that a baseball hall of famers lighting his heart's on fire clearly Sheila. I hope I pray for you have a break we get a diplomatic room on the road trip guys you don't leave home. Beat he easy for three days and has improved but now we've joined a big group that often between me and land. Say let's step back for those used it yet belt as they go on out there that. Back that I caught. Back up there. Wounded mentally. The guys made great defense kudos to his lawyer came out well he gets the home confinement because he can't fit in prison death yet. I mean it like he couldn't fit in prison army what do you do you see that steel bed wet when you get. You don't do anything at present yeah. You know premier if your too big to fit in prison years too big a difference and yes it's time to do nothing that senate trying to get a trainer will. When people. All out. Greg you're now with the Mormon and Matt Light will be a regular guest star in this summit patriot is different sets get more. I'm really happy with that bragged I like that. And then men don't look now while many of the great yesterday super insight when it comes to both following an initial for years everyone knows them and thrilled he's a talker he releases. He does get it does a great job well let's not forget that Matt Light during the Hernandez saying. Yes what was it is I mean after nothing. Aaron Hernandez houseful of ya de Matt Light on on the here with that guy his buddy vehicle dock. Pulled field like he does not associated. With one Aaron Hernandez didn't like him and never like them couldn't stand the public would not stand in cut. I don't think you'll only. Great to read it that way when the boat accidents. It's too little rather watch straight base and being able. And those eight on the blues cruise but I would go to. And that is. A five now though booze cruises epic Harbor Cruise whenever at all and I heard it all upon. A great time. The throughout the eighties there was huge. Navy ship out my neighbor. You get. Take little trip right Mike Castle island share and then you go by deer island and share it looking you say that's where everybody's sewage is so we're all our viewers that's learned and I whenever there it is Jumbo jet an excellent it's gonna land on top of a boat. Yeah is it was a lot of fun and Lotta great people came out yesterday and we appreciate.