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7-25-14 Hill-Mail

Jul 25, 2014|

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What are real and what is it due to bad. It hurts him average rating and it's pretty interesting. That is coming up after today's hill mail message. Now each you to do talk as they Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions hill man. Thought and that sort this morning about that moment for the obvious and say they're up. I broke out of that Google might help final thought oh well well well now building. Oh right leg or what exactly it. On WA. AA half. I don't like to be remembered. My departed beloved cat once that but I go mail messages today. Rod do you buy Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve visit them on route one the auto mile or. Online. Act Cadillac Norwood. Dot com great people over there ask for Mike acts. That's where John last their bodies and new escalade pull a Jimmy. So what's up Jimmy. I got a you're from the last call him when he got the Goddard with a ten year old yes. Video blog birdie it would just cock fight. I agree that adults. Getting into fights with children because they call that hello Brian. All right check our kids not yet a solemn checked that site -- there's a great debt to kind of urged Europe and there are chewed chicken story just saying hello all my life. Each of you out orgasm while back immediately wanted. She says now why. Is that well if you are trying to work out. That go America that was that was received well Brian. It's all right here are today's hill mail messages we don't have it in 27 told him. So if I quit my god become part open up with that if you want. And listeners I don't know. Amazing topic yesterday. Women. Orgasm main app the gym all day every day that's called the orgasm. Or again. Or no I oh exercise induced orgasm and there was a man whose girlfriend told him that's the only way she can get to that point of pleasure and she does have a trainer so he believes that essentially it's cheating because. But you probably asserting its it amazes me that Darren aren't. 2030 girls and a class due in court just glossed right they should have a specific rundown of what is there any better than getting in shape and having my 45 orgasms murderer good orgasm will. I'm like yeah I mean this is a plus your starter and yeah I usually find that you should conduct a cool orgasm Klein I'm like Pete are you sort of tiger are just certain artists orgasms certified in a camp as in any via different you know. When Tony 720 laurel told him. Very shock over not noted this and an immediate commitment and didn't make. My court. Don't talk about that. And the connection shock. Checks probably the most possibly the most popular trainer accorsi got Jim Wright sports all the ladies went hearts once word gets around. About shock your McCord gazprom's. Schedule fills right up when Tony 737. Or. But would either locked in the top of windows while I in the building happened back what do you expect if they aren't in that. You are now I'm back on its name. Hey here's tax. From a man. Hooked up with a girl. This I guess this would be inside the warped female brain. Wants them now. Apparently they hooked up last night at dark tour house okay. They were going to have. Kuwait this. And she had a bout marks a condom. Wants to know if that means she's a war. Not that mean she's Smart and she's protecting herself that I love and the like are you sure he's kind of she's a whole lot he's freaked out about it. It's exactly what it was maybe they're grossest TD the you don't even know about she doesn't want to catch it right is being prepared Gary from the fifties now and our opponent I carries a condom in his wall and he's not a they beat a like oh really delivered good for her. He the guy only has one for that special lady this will is. As a box it out here it was like Tony's a society is that dangerous let me be just sit PGA costs go up a the 36 snack or you know what I know having. The extent expire for like four or five years. But that's ridiculous animal they've sex kids it's what's on the middle of anything. Does that mean we we see maybe we can do you might be a war if lute. If you have a sex swing. Keeping it might have you ever godaddy now all we are not on more his name here opened a new thing with us at. Kind of sex a lawyer million. Depends on how many were left in the box I techsters you know inhalation problems and so does get out of here Justin. Minded think about it here's my job Magnum boxer twelfth. So he shares session them last night and made they'd they'd do to session abstinence. Sue us moves and seal later we're at 666 days a month's US experts and I pull off midway through our guys have been great and I saw a lot. This is definitely shouldn't show but like a pillowcase like human trick or treating full of the news out. Box those CO you know could I don't know much worse it was sealed though leg one. Now did not rod Beck girl ever embarked upon they're wrong chelios won and it is not right. I that girl puts a hole in condoms to retain her boyfriend and I respect for virtually debt and if you drive and a driver armed serves Ferrari. And checked on them. My question is did the guys leave I'm sure he did and tax there I'm I'm not. If you have a disposable. Cell phone you might be a war and tax assets. And more of a dude yeah. Apple OPEC and prepaid MetroPCS. Lego burn phone and that would be a mistress. If you Wear credible condoms to work excuse me at a bowl champions this guy said tour. You might be I don't. You may be a whore if you ask your partner about any SPD's halfway through sex. Well what with it but I guess he's both bath before a as they wanna be able around here and I kind of feel that's an area directors of acquired abductors news. You could be a hole or if you still have an active MySpace. Back to us with the backpacks. So my space yes it do you still an active MySpace you aren't that girl in Iraq or do you feel what is my right now is like the precursor to FaceBook at the first social network exit technically but. Now hello Steve. Big red what's out what's happening. They let me get to the story straight. Guy goes out. Meets the girl twenty match play at their house bank let and it's a com don't doubt you know why did you are I mean not that. But they should have been no mention in the back bank and yesterday that first quote yeah. That's that's the way it is today I would think should be more of a whore and she was just like all we have condoms and start and Oprah book value apple you're out if you run yet. Courts that's and that's another term how are you don't like. Yeah I got her opponent Barack they'll have more exact copies of the words Danielle doesn't like moist. Can't d.s yeah. Rob dog is a string of an innocent of the other path and the other how best I can remember the other thing. Honest I think that those those are the those are the worst defenders. There's another one that's similar to moist and I can't think of what an analyst at the to talk about that internal surfaces and usually just like those condoms but the. John yeah army views and on the sentence lawyer I know you have a but I can tell you got it nailed down and nobody no effect that that the and this is Joseph yes hello Joseph. Good morning reality what's up man. They acting this guy should be where is he looks over and she's got a tip the box so we're sure it collapsed on them out of the box. Well. One that went homeowner lets say you. Is that without morals. Here's a text that says you might be a war if you have a toothpaste in your purse just in case now. It US SP air bags in the trunk. When the changes Venus can you don't notice. Breakfast the next morning and swept his swept into trapeze handle it blew me so I thought. Well that to maybe get underwear. Change of clothes closet for a camera coach was there something one time about you with panties in your purse or something in me. Underwear is in your purse behind me okay Obama tomorrow right extra wedding. Where is working kitchen my friend's mother. Had brought in extra Sheehan a pair of underwear and her purse. If you let us know she has she wasn't sure she's gonna paint the lines in the press and a Thong on oh that's okay. You know we are motivating the but yet no I don't know typically carry around a pair of underwear isn't a subpoena all text there says the other word is wet. That yeah that would act yes well a clinic but I creeps says it and lacks especially they ask you make of that it enough. No no it doesn't connect it's it's like a destined to wind blown in the 21 hole. Out of it. Open deck I got the final thing. We were. People get killed. Look at some guy out at the moment. Into that could affect that but that's. When people however at 11 PM. He did last time I had a cold air then I would do on big things don't go. That would venom box far. Our support. Office caved in the woods and I have with that anyone. Would doubt. Bob now I don't do that they're probably dead true. And the message big to move was news today. Will Arthur T attempting to buy the company from Arthur ass correct that he would clearly reinstate all the workers yet. An amazing you know in the business I stated we talked about this the other day but this day and age. For workers to stand up for a CEO like that precedent I present president rapist goes to show you an idea what it shows you what kind of you know the company are helping us absolutely it's unbelievable. It's it's really amazing that workers would support a boss like at a low rob. Good morning Ireland what's happening. So it's in your article sort order about tiger if she makes you condoms in you don't need to if she doesn't make you come around and. It's a pretty good philosophy that works and yeah that's the drill sergeants totally totally right on audio spot online learning probably Lewis does a junior. Probably the Vandenberg the greatest drill sergeant of all time will I don't know but reality army rarely hear me yes. Proper surge. But booklet. And and hamburgers. Or is that not. One movie oh you train the guys Meredith Charlie Sheen that movie. Now. I wouldn't you in the drill sergeants. Bring rich part brokerage. Good movie Britain. Is hot does opposite and a gentleman qualify as a trick known dozens while he gets there at the end no evidence that overall delegate the big picture. Yeah and apparently is in which it now kind of was yesterday and I spent the chick flick and I'm telling you apple and when multiple times that moving the neo. I get a place something. If you're not blood during. When he walks in that factory I am happy lifts her up love lifts them up where they belong yeah music's playing. That other chick is going. They kind of Paula. Got the guy. And that whole war. I did not. I hate to phrase it paid out Shia death by everybody Jerry told the greatest scene a bona Barack guy kills while ordering and aren't so nice job lately. When Toni Collette and 26 PM. RadioShack. When I go. In your driveway. At parkway there knowing that they do it do it ended now they'll do it do it. Don't do it hates people who to turn around in his drive. The right way to lose that that's his driveway stay out of his driveway you choose to enter. Red blood boot again probably all told him to do. There are good people who didn't blow it all went to 100 Paul god yeah better than that is. What message. I. The bad Adobe still thinks they're gonna make the playoffs. And it's amazing to me. While what is normally six wildcats six 61 to go to when I mean six nothing. Pickup game every ten to yank it. Thanks twenty weeks. Born. There aren't at. That younger front and open. I got out there are. Oil and I'd like don't look like there might beat them with the fact that under and it is it oh my god. I already. Added and what it I don't expect out. Oh I. I expect I expect our cold now oh and I had a right way. And that message pastors. This skinny old man. Can it noted in the and that it went on Wal-Mart has. I want them like you need. McClure. I want to know. And that that pitch and so bizarre and now but I know that. If he weren't older. That those aren't prepared Blackberry without a while I. I always so that they won't hinder it maybe we can pray their people are more ire. Here are dumb luck see you know or might be interpreted detonated. So we inspect the iron on a Cadillac and they're. All in all I actually think everyone to stop that and why. Aren't we well. And it now looks at what point. The did decide to given up on this year's. There may consider deals is that like August the why why why why why why what I was August Bernard what is it. Why is it that you have to make deals well yeah. A lot of shortsighted everybody is here in last place. This year out you might wanna try to make some deals is to get where to get to move up what is it. And and and and and and in the division for next year. All white Asia nasty as well because there are teams that might be willing to part was stuffed the you need so that they. What your intentions are given a good players now are in the nova and a in the middle of the hunt there is gonna give up guys own. I leave this sort listen this or love about the shortsighted in this of the New England freaking. One way prick fans. 86. Years you've got squat are people just sick and he'll never remember when you used to hear this this old chestnut. Josh. I've been a Red Sox fan my whole life my father's dream he's insecure I give me any thing can I give anything if they can win if they can win a World Series before might. So my father could see it before they die a a case they banged out three and that's not an out. You picked up the finish last these same group care actors that you said soccer last year. Won the World Series Korea and now. When they need it most to get behind them because everybody else in the NL SAL east Sox. You can't do it you can't ride the wave but these guys to the end of the year and then in the off season build bird lake. I just love how like. Yup finally get an ownership nobody can or should the Red Sox could give school hoops to what a World Series for 86 freaking years. And and now I get an ownership group that spends blue Kudrow. As three and Fenway Park to be one of the greatest greatest. A band big venues in the on the planet who I mean you've you've got two world. Soccer power houses playing a friendly over there on my mind at all that they've you know that it's it's not a dumb people follow and you guys you can't you guys get sucked it up. For 61 more games and Wear your red sex here and fly the flag and and and beat the drum for these guys well I'll be your best for you. Not bad for you. You've got guys who are free agents at the end of the year like Lester on what Gomes what was so we're not playing it like if you're not a lot these guys are gonna be in last place laughter this is my point. Why is it in trade everybody last year to trade deadline well because they weren't you should thanks thanks to bear when you were in last place last year July 31 let's. Why trip out you know at what are you gonna get ya get anything. For a bunch of guys we're supposed to be in last place last year and then they then then they actually he's played the way there's most of it's so this is what everybody thinks they're playing the way they they were expected to get super like you plastered his group of just from homily from there are great Cooper Gaza came together and seemed to get a dot. Now this is why this is my points would make it about that today man whereas. I have a bad inning. And any sex does a bad period not some guy yeah right Gary you know guys guys about damage a lack. Now free trade up bomb so I placing a major it's to imagine how air against the patriots fans are now. It's like it's like if they don't win the World Series to set it big they did the fact like making a play cops. You suck. You're you're you're useless you make the playoffs it to that you're not even united a quality team anymore you make the playoffs you gotta be in the AFC championship and a New England. If you lose the AFC championship you sock. Puppets it's like you know you do you wanna be like that that's fine it's true sports fans. But I like falling my team's. Good or bad. I you know I know I look at the big picture you never would have thought you got a World Series last year I've been able I I've been able to be here I've been in Boston probably I'm. Decision oh years thirty. As well as 1818 out Bataan has a 32 years I've been embossed in 32 years I've got to experience Stanley Cup there yeah an NBA championship. Three World Series. Three symbol championships yes five Super Bowls I've done what so the Bruins just in the last this last run they'd been RS two Stanley Cup finals and R&R Stanley Cup championship. I'm Mike and you can't be on the band why now. After Larry what was it won't want to what was the broad street goes like 38 years before exiting polls and say wanna cup sailors on the set once since the eighties. And then I'm I'm and you want me to take a dump and and get off the bandwagon for Gharib. Let me just tell you this if you ain't first you're laughed and Derek yeah how. Yes I had 200 your parent this incredible pass at the legs closed. Me and win. Go to bat boat there we go. It go. Let it. They don't. A little bit it's we don't. And that let me tell you some LB is such a fan of that he just said during his speech that he expects the patriots to win the World Series this year and in that. Impressive that's an ebitda does Tom Brady Hoke but that's how good Tom Brady I got a helping drive today and that means there are gonna talk to a lot. As long as we're talking about patriots I think that's secondary. Might be the best one in the it's probably the best on the air. Players is watching this event now when they go into the start of the hobby or owning not a sound like they're really bizarre I'll be known. It is extremely warm. I thought I called you at all all on in game. He buried it I'm gone through another round acting and now able to Almonte. Are they reading excitement. And again and again what more energized euphoria but the guys 453. Career home runs no hit mostly as a Boston Red Sox years apart they're player for the twins. Came here got a shot at playing full time you guys done nothing but leave his heart. And is knocked on the home plate each and every time you know diamonds on the planes now right and I did during and it's just not enough. I don't older. Monica and write a lot of similar amount of their wet mop network. Central Park factor here specialists and let me finish off. You know don't let him. 719. Old man. Eric Gregg. Maybe it about it. And what. It's. Thank you. For participating during hill mail and getting a mobile lower we appreciate that.