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Is It Fact Or Schmact 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Did Marilyn Monroe have a higher IQ than Albert Einstein? Is there a bus called the F- train which brings guys to colleges to get drunk? Is beer the most popular alcoholic beverage in the U.S.? 90 % Of elderly men can still get an erections

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now. But it Hill Man Morning Show invites you detest you win it's. Again still leads when I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watched them beat the hell out particularly. Well we don't know the chair was a hold period of veterans groups who demonstrate its diet book facts she Max. Winners received tickets for the EW AA after Sean Bell's show what is at the house of blues on September 2. So call right now to play this morning and challenged Lyndon byers hello Mikey. What's up till dark how are you might. And there are great LA US. Big plans for the weekend Mikey. You know what pictures that you know works eight air that's Sunday don't mr. take it easy. And I. Might he'd be here. Is the most. Popular alcohol in the United States according to a new survey fact Porsche Mac. Well back when our industry can I get my share of its old aunt. While your glitter yeah yeah well you know I and a bag and it was your. Mind. A look at they'll let out of almost order of you know what they show a lot of bears they it started so popular jury trying to be outdoors to indoors financial not gonna hit back. Okay this is a tough point I you know because of the microbrewery industry candlelight Jim cooked it dead dead dead Jews rolled it in and all these guys on the can buy the product to make doron. I've got to I guess you know what I. People of their high tests all you know people love their argue wall bangers right and and I mean it's nothing like he's a screwdriver out good rob Roy. There are around grandparents and they fired around four I'm old. You know what I mean honestly factors because of the microbrewery industry you it's the facts are and it's it's not. It is 41% of Americans enjoyed beard. Wine is tied without hall so honest you outline dollars sector Libby Lewis nobody does and that's completely. Does that anymore hey Colin. Hey Colin how hard not to love that I saw excellent thank you where you're from. I'm almost there Colin 90%. Of men over the age of seventy still get erections factors to map pack. Low it's. Are gonna go to natural a little. Listen. I knew who was it died died Tony what's his name it was like 68 years old the of the odd fellas. Yeah I got a couple. Tony Randall only guy can't go to get a sixty. Right there we'll get Woodward dug in and look at the swingers plays down in Florida. Now we got there by anger at the Mac dinner dates there are due to get people are watching our borders that's a numbers thing I was trying to throw you it's only 73%. Men over seven the only 70%. Of them get their actions and are you there. How are added. Excellent thank you Ed Marilyn Monroe had a higher IQ than Albert Einstein. Fact or math. A Larry if yeah big it was smacked of exactly what had set our gas engine that Debra why into the job is to pay that debt if you think you get them fail. And I think you just say it's a guy out there are all right who's. I don't professors get a feel normal Maryland and around the what do you say and I standards back and 163. IQ for Marilyn Monroe. On six a little over midwest. Good genius yes he sign up to go play a bimbo and Al she was they'll be Smart she loans. Hey Brandon is iris 80 hey guy how are you Brandon. Not bad not bad. Brandon Bair is a bus. That shuttles men. To Wellesley College. To be smashed. That is nicknamed. The aft truck. The act Porsche map. What are you gonna go smack in one of those he's really the greatest college area player in the world and I don't want to what do they say like 200 colleges universities and in two hours of Boston yeah. I you know not for NAFTA and there's a bunch of names for all the girls schools around this area expect that we don't know them and I we don't seminary here anymore as advertised. I. I don't act that aren't that the F truck. The F track wheel drive and drop off the man from Harvard and that's everybody's on a troubled kids to school my you know strongest silly dances. Right you don't have to throw the mixers and IISOK. For the soda. And I got a bit chaperones. I'll get on that Saddam after desert days. I got an apologetic thing. Excelled are guys getting into college I mean I think unfortunately. You need a college ID to consume mass slam since. I read I.