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Its Fact Or Schmact 7-24-14

Thu, 24 Jul 2014|

Today we learned The five days of the year that fall on the same day every year. Can peanut butter be turned into a diamond. Are Tree's sexually attractive. Did King Edward have a chair for oral pleasure

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- leaks when -- I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watched them beat the hell out particularly. Well we don't know the -- -- -- hope -- -- Batman real students say it's -- -- facts she Max. We overslept a little bit LB seems awake and alive and die and ready to Boca where Baxter Max this morning. So call this number if you like to play 6179311. AA out. 6179311223. If you win today you will get act. A pair of tickets for the EW AA after hail storm show which is -- the palladium coming up. On November. 29. Good morning Cindy. Hi how are you -- excellent thank you where do you come from. Manchester, New Hampshire or Manchester match OK at dynamited the Manchester by the city's -- -- whom what do you do -- -- OK hey listen coming up after LB sports. We're gonna get to crazier than Danielle. And today's subject is believe it or not a female US postal workers you have a great story that the great stories though yet have you already -- with the would be heard it -- don't get to -- his -- to go crazy from. All right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get a period -- this one is amazing and happy birthday how old you. Already at forty send him to -- happy -- day. CDV. Gates. April 4. June 6. August 8. October 10 and December 12. All fall on the same day of the week every single year. Fact or should -- Letting go -- it. This is a complete guest says this as a staff know when everything wanna look up in their life even mean. The king of useless information gossip because it's their birthday -- and I believe that that you just like to teach people I'm gonna go -- You're gonna go back in fact it's which is amazing program. Because I. I was trying to figure this out yesterday how does that work -- -- what you don't have the same. Friday the thirteenth every year but it fits with it's probably -- let's say. I mean I them that would mean every Friday December he -- I declare -- because I feel like this is worded a little funny is it that they all they follow on like. Like what was the first day he gave out -- like April April 4 sodas April 4 followed a Friday every single year or is it April 4 and all these days. All on a Tuesday. Every -- like they are they all fall on Friday -- -- -- fourteen you know I don't understand -- I think it's the second part of Oregon -- that -- fault they also on the same really began for me it is. They always follow on you know a Friday on the same day of the week every year yes -- -- really did so -- here at all this scenario and how we. News but given the next year yes it -- an -- Thursday an editor. And that's because recorder gate -- game the year I can see that it's okay. That might be what it is hello Alex. -- it will yeah how are you Alex. Very well thought out how it's in the. We're doing we're doing great some of -- got to sleep a little later than others. However what do you do Alex. And human resource is okay. Alex under extremely high pressure. Peanut butter can be turned into diamonds. Fact portion act. Once that. Go away at. -- -- On the a enough kids you -- your being your rookie year being naive everything I am aren't -- isn't everything that is out being made up of some weeks some weeks we all everything contains carbon. So I'd Yukio carving that one went to crush it it becomes diamond so. But it might be a small diamond dignity because there's not that much like a human body you can crash it into a diamond. A dock so what he says I it's it's it it's it's a fact it is a thing of course you are you are absolutely correct now. I have not allergy. Yes so I could not win -- that -- -- not diamonds. Aware than -- the hope diamond and we've got the very prestigious net diamond on display must tell you when I guess street. Peanut butter I'd love -- That it's it's the go to yeah. Trick you would you have a problem surviving are -- just aren't just don't want to know whether banks no problem like you and peanut -- as -- desserts like -- -- like a peanut butter soft some complete -- of aluminum. But we've -- -- -- -- -- that would be complete -- I mean it's it's it's -- go to you followed Jeff. Clearly you're right let's object. -- the base. -- where you come from. I come from -- Erica. All right. Those who suffer from it didn't grow feel -- Are sexually attracted. To trees. Jeff stacked urged -- that. Attracted you free yes and sexually. On the approach actually really. When that. Sorry -- strawberries towards you one more time I guess those who suffer from dander -- Philly are sexually attracted to trees. I didn't feel -- an episode because it sounds like dandruff. And yet I would usually attracted tree you know it's funny in the in the is that the -- -- the spring -- wait you -- these. I go back you're gonna go back it is. It's absolutely nailed treason yeah yeah. You ever seen a hot sampling. That looks like she wants it costs while you're on your your afternoon walk through the woods and him and all the sudden yes there at that pine tree and that. Pine tree is nice dress provocatively. -- hello Derek -- what's up Derek. Same -- weary from. I ordered warrants on its way out -- right -- excellent all right. Derek king Edward the seventh of England. Had eight share. That he had custom made for oral pleasure. Back or -- -- -- -- Our way -- -- Hot receiving as. But does that. As it's just care facility -- even to make -- a question -- -- would do anything. Anything. I yeah I would bad guy would give his his right arm -- for that his wife promise to give them -- -- for the passengers are -- ago. -- and pitch mattered I got a little tricky -- did you only because I wanted to fully acknowledged this guy has not only king of England. But kingdom of a -- yeah he had a chair custom made. For three systems and a how to position for each person ain't going to be an outcry in the -- in the because it goes crazy medieval. Now this guy. He's served until like nineteen. And they're not here yeah if these college serving if you what it's what they are reunion we bring your rain. You -- over though he had the custom threesome chair that was probably loaded up with Paris gilded gold and then you have -- diamond --