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Joe Lauzon of the UFC 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

Local UFC fighter Joe Lauzon called in to make up for not making it in to studio to discuss the event he is fighting at Foxwoods on September 5th.

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Yet they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey. Joe's on his on the phone at Joseph would USC one of the best in the UCL a friend of the show. Joseph was supposed to be here today but I Joseph you have you that's not going on he didn't come to town is that correct. Wall yep ask any upload. Was it because you're afraid they'll they now are predominantly. It's now everybody I. Let me ask you LB in his prime. 19891999. You line you now. Who wins that. I. It depends I mean it is I played really eight fight. I'd probably break it nears some Garrett Brett remind you of anything we got he's got it'd probably have a little bit on Eric. It it's like gaining I give myself I give myself maybe. Maybe. 20%. On it if if Joseph was on the ice yeah me. I mean aim on number one item and you know it was a trial on their remains is note. Now that these casually suggested he'd he'd plant the idea Bachmann pretzel screamed my legs broke I wouldn't be streaming radio call in. I would I wouldn't give him heartland wouldn't happen it now. What do you got a B or 888 you know just adding go to sleep yeah that's what I honestly I get a budget you know I'd just I'd ask before we we went in the octagon you'd you just don't snap anything. What do you do pay limited period like Dexter what do you do that sleet moved. What's what's hot what's the percentage of people who he themselves. I've I've choked a little lucky fortunate a lot of people are fighting has ever had when it really. So well because you are your boy Brandon chase so he says that people yearning so. I'd spend. It for granted so that a lot of people in Britain really get. I don't insult really. Have you ever done that a bar. I'm not and and and it's sorry about during a majority of people. Are off and oh yeah. But the quiet tickets start at some nowadays with the lawsuits in America especially with dirty your success and and then the you to get their listeners are OK okay I mean you can't randomly telling people out nobody is let your voice summary of the Sony take your four bud lights I think Joseph just likely as you down a decent. Hear this but I get to get their repeatedly you know take people aren't on your photos at all. Anyone he'd make me choking up in that Ahmad el Nino like he could ultimately back the at a company that some years now chocolate. All of that evil. It was problem if there was anybody it was probably chocolate bill. I would guess that it was probably just let. Now it they did did we hear your child you changing diapers or something you're you view a mini USC guy cannot possibly change diapers yet. That there's achieve their and then you're off real you know when it you know edit edit edit edit my fire. Pay now is that we have to find a local events. We at foxwoods in Maine are you participating in both or either one. I look I'm sure that the meanwhile some of fighting on the September hit point and I take it. He's the 1 I am not sure it's gonna at a time I'd like Richard and I needed chaos and changed it direct because at acquired it looked. One got split. You know yes. If things aren't you know bill in the senate that any detection being a problem. I think the last time you were at foxwoods viewer you were choking out Crockett the golf tournament that I think it might have been. It's. Let's bomb all right so foxwoods at end it was your opponent. I thought it makes you accept the idea like that a lot and lower your credit to person like that I want to upset fighter. I would think is a little bit as now a tall lanky. All the issue here it is a your record now Joseph. I mean not a lot of I guess if you like he has it all Americans like. I'm like these I would eat it without a niners a ball. Garrett pretty good not as legit. Legit. Villages and I. I'm well or are there are tickets available it's not many but it's it's coming up at foxwoods and that's is that in September or the end of August. Our. September 5 marriage and right around Labor Day so. I think the thing you really small. Do you think it is yeah well yeah. Ohno great a. Wouldn't want like one of the best places to go and to see in so. I USC could go to USC dot com or you visit foxwoods dot com get your take is that way. And and we will we'll see it out there I'm gonna go to that event and always I was sure in here today but I always good to talk to Joseph. It could give and excitement and I was you know I just just people making a short. Pressure. None of the other glisan we've play honestly we might if you weren't. We you're we call you out but there were afraid yourself. It's not having won a command and recognize it and then again that nobody criticized wearing glasses don't you know not a guy you see Joe's on top of the world nothing else I perfect I got glasses on and and everybody knows you can't had a male classes.