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Inside the Warped Female Brain with Danielle 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

We once again venture inside the Warped Female Brain with the help of Danielle.

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Yet they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well inside the warped screwed up. Illogical female brain death house. It is 719. And I got this tax yesterday during the show. I almost wanted to almost wanted to do it right away yesterday because. I'm bothered by what this guy is going through. And acts like kind of intrigued about what being l.s gonna say about it so. All of a read it verbatim here several text messages from a man yesterday in the 978. Other than that I won't reveal who is correct. I love listening. Danielle. And her female brain insight. On the thirty 35 year old guy. Been dating Marisa who's 33 for eight months. Recently found out that while she enjoys sex Amaechi has not orgasm while. Ego kill her I I found this out. Because her work out routine changed. From once or twice a week to seven days a week and when we talked about it. She admitted it's because she has all orgasms. Now. The thing now you know but yeah I am back at that time. She has a trainer I guess the guy's name is chuck. Duck. I cannot smoke chuckles. This guy is going crazy. He says imagining her. Having orgasms because of her work out. And he thinks it's cheating. Such because she's going to then. That in the orgasm now just if you could. Explain to me. EU say it's a thing that's the thing. What go what is it exactly. A bit dip into it like that though the act of working out certain things. Provided. Pleasure for the ladies. Basically it's considered scientifically it's called an exercise induced orgasm or an. And exercise. That involves your core muscles like your absence primarily doc can lead today now I just it's interesting this guy brings up sojourner about the Saturday. I think it was like nine or 10% of women can happen orgasm just by doing certain exercises in the once it will get you there. Ers that things like climbing poles are climbing ropes yet not liking the spinning any kind of weightlifting that engages your tabs. No wonder mrs. hill loves the spin class I ain't gonna. Wait so it's. You classes them women are organizing app free random and spin class that's why I mean I don't know if with a certain little little portable line looking through that window thing that and again and likely to be arresting officer the death. I am I you know is this being cheating how is it not cheating is masturbation chino. No but sharks not there yeah all of doctor why I'm manner I think that's the big difference not Q and get them this year and trainer when she's doing that until. Chuck is helping her do these core exercises. But what if it was voters conference helping her write better a bit. The current guy very it's got to be a girl girl trainer a home. That's what is he just proves how insecure you idiots are I consider correlated orgasm with chuck in reality check has nothing to do with it okay. Chuck archer gets a watcher and then he gets to be gets to feel the pleasure. Big cavern full on mutual masterly a little legit no it happened about it's didn't want to grow an orgasm I'd be prompt but what about. Getting back pumps. What about the. Accident there that she is going there you know. Clearly it means if she's working out like once or twice a week and then all of a sudden she figures out poll. I really pleasurable and she's now going seventies who isn't she going there. With the intent of doing doing having that pleasure without him maybe she can't have an orgasm during sex she said she has never had with the with them I guess right that's I mean so a lot of women can't have an orgasm from sex vaginal orgasms ever are very different from from Irwin and I say that on and on he's. So that door. So are there. It I'll ask the females who listen to the show. Techsters and collars. At setter. Have you experienced this you can certainly I know it today it's a sensitive subject. But it back and now you don't send Ott you can remain anonymous when he can't but but. Daniel says it's a thing like it's. Eight it's that thing now and apparently. Women are this is happening. All day every day where de corps orgasm. Is appearing. At the Jim hello Chris. What's up Chris. I'd say there's explain grunting and wondering. Well what are. Maybe it does not act. It's the so the activities were what you said. Spinning spinning is that because of the bicycle seat or now that thing is uncontrolled health that the engagement here at your core muscles and your bleak scenario lateral and now. Yelled what about not necessarily EO you can take and be if you're doing certain certain movements in ya gotta think would be electric that. Climbing ropes so a lot of cross thinning may be having an orgasm and then in the middle of your wind. Non. Here's a taxes says. Whatever gets through to the gym right it's an inherently. Our manners and outside news. Hello shame. They got it going what's going well much but my question is is what the problem there have an orgasm at the gym should go to the gym didn't own. In coming home and remote. Yeah just eight years or so and then I'm going to sentences affirmed. It's a guy thinking just disappear or get a female trainer and have your orgasm. 413. Text from somebody who is. Teaching spin what eco teaching are instructed. I've had I I I must spend instructor and I have women come up to me after class and tell me that they am organs. Up three runs thanks for you what do you big they're trying to initiate when they do that but I heard that Al. You just gave me here's a woman who says you just gave me the motivation to exercise seven days a week. And it's a slowdown. It's such an eagle killer I feel like guys pain. Makes you wonder if you're good enough is on I'll let anyone tell. You have you you guys take it so personally have to separate yourself from you orgasm I did steal. And she's fully capable of having an orgasm and you just don't know where the parts in the way in which the manufacturer had kinda gotten. You know with women knew this is all time women it's different guises same basic motions like a distant. Totally happens to me when I do leg lifts when my arms on the bars to. First time it happened I was so embarrassed but I went right back in news again. And again and again and again America Ericsson says. Let's see I've been doing cross it for over two years sometimes during the good why did it can really be better than sex yes what the law work out of the day or out of the dead wrong. This is getting on your am wrapped in all of a sudden. This is cheating if Skyping it's cheating easier said Danielle then this is cheating taxpayers from six a pretext around like someone in Iraq this kid in the an element of I just when I have underway at you know if you'd be saying if this guy goes are at that rate on some days we've all higher. You know when the zoo's rock see now Angie my progress in trying to run the trainer that yeah widgets like Jake for state farm. But another good point the game. And injured your jealous Jerry's so I'll ask. I'll ask you let me every taxpayer said. Would this woman be okay. Would this guy having a woman there while he has an orgasm one victory at trainer woman I think I'll have a few days. I was just like I ownership must have a. That the baton pass more evidence and. That's an odd thought please go light down on our equipment went Finnish bandits. Away transparent since. Well there's an religion aside you hello Mike. Somebody who collude you know your management know in my. Don't let's not I'm not been seen we're gonna see a show and other Villanova that Jamal Abdul and all that exercise. And I grab this I about a cessation that I wouldn't have an orgasm and I thought it was weird and I don't know what to say that in men and women. And Howard do his idol pulled it behind it's not supposed to act up or down and a they've I don't believe and alerts the same guys as women now a lot a look at Drina. Are saying good morning hi Katrina. Hello yo what's up. I above the Arctic out any plan to try that and then get granola. Yeah. It you're at an L are working out int he eastern low for an age your work out whether your right the answer why. Indian and aren't we can't count the fact that you can much alone run and the eats at ease them. Aria thing doubt that you get out on Mac O Jerry and I are almost. We're getting our we're not GA or are we Holland here one that does lead back now and that mattered. Now have you ever experienced this orgasm thing that apparently all these women are experiencing. I have warned you what we do what you do. It was what are they don't read it in and let. I'm still ignore it or Alina well known and beat Jack Wright as early. Were you embarrassed. No not at all shocked actually. Shocked and and and Welsh utterance I'm. Did you try to go back and replicate that that seem routine Sully is the human experience that. Yeah how can she bought the exchange got a gym and around my or would wait downstairs Alison come from. Well I mean this is really just things though the article you read said that more and more women are. Going to the gym for a org has worked core gassing is there real. This you know Nino the last. You or years or. A lot of you know. Different work out types that it really hit the mainstream that are engaging a course become real big thing with classes in maidan a lot of places and stuff and so to focus on those muscles more women are realizing that mrs. Something happens behind. Here's the text says it works for guys cared remember climbing the ropes and gym class I can never and never dealt with a combined awful. I get a book I mean it was like god is like golf for years and then that finally there you know ever rebel senior year. You can do it I know you can get although they have the road kill. Never happened now just never happened this is appointed at least scaled like Kevin Phillips in my class we don't steal the top pick the ceiling like only it was definitely not. Heart out this you not heavily and art as it is here's the texts. That as I wonder if the women ever orgasm looking it appeared on the buy co. Reading this Kindle yet so that's an incredibly ironic I have if you've been an incredibly. And incredibly erotic experience. Every senior in workout attire well if you wanna Wear and then I mean I yeah yeah I own a lot of clearly. It's excellent yeah. It is 731. We have gone inside the war to female brain. A guy. Who is disturbed because his. His girl Marissa. Apparently is having. Constant. Orgasms at the gym with the trainer. And he believes that that is somehow cheating I believe Daniels said. Somewhat have been critically that it was not out there if that is not as if she did the same exercises on her own sending happen. I don't care thick but epic classifies as cheating as a woman I'd still be on comfortable with a well now. This one clearly is very comfortable with that she goes ever did ever have seven days a parade of I use the I never believed their run against its true and well and many say oh German decent that's one sided. It seems like. I guess that it seems like this is a very calm or more common thing that we. To wanting managers are paying attention to Jintao. I guess you'd he's he's somebody deeply. Eyes closed. Watch your final day rolled into the back to her it's. Pay more attention I think that's going to be the new fingered is gonna have a class a ball for exercise court castle class. They should have they should just can't have a core against a club as quickly as yes yeah the new judges or what is it well I don't think yes. Where accidents are caused you is I. I I it. Not a Dina do in the said that GM where they don't have the grunt zone Ratner and yeah I do it yeah I was on the north hasn't. Here's the text that says it's from a guy. And thigh had if I had pleasure during a massage my life would be so digging out so why is this any different. If you are owner this any different during in this ish. That's if you eat it getting like. You know if you happen to spontaneously finish during a massage them they have felt good non that's one thing. If she's actually put in the hands on the unit and give me the assist total other month. Now mom Gretchen and out very interest. Correct we are a full service facility now BI area.