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Is It Fact Or Schmact 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

25% Of Penises Are Bent/ 11th President Had a Tramp Stamp/ Wearing Socks Can Increases your Orgasm South Koran Lady Fails Drivers Test 777

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Not your schedule I don't. And now. They Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against ill lead. It's when I was in Bangkok Thailand and my wife does he now particularly. Well we don't know the chair was a hold their radios Batman real students say it's time to have facts she Max. Today's facts she Max winners will receive. A fifty dollar gift card for wall burgers alone plus. Plus two VIP passes. To the event on Saturday in annual hall. Which is celebrating season number two of wall burgers August 13 it's out. On a and north the Borough. All right 11. Of all penises. Are and like Bill Clinton's win Iraq fact the Porsche Mac. I'm Lou Bennett face back on that. I'm way to work 100%. Kid it's all in how you tuck your underwear while you talk it down there and it's a bad about it packet to decide you're gonna get it did it'll be cricket if you get straight up and down I got the apple and aero. Anything that you always looked at talking to track. Can't increase toes like if you weren't ill range motion yeah I guess it is here and I think you're right they'll. It is the fact you really aren't. At that yet does that why. What what was going to be a third well look at you know not enough and how you play yourself if you're left handed right handed that that adds to the real leader cursor to change your hairline girl it's not something yards to the Italian you know so you something if I mean the Kurt Muse like it it's like account which you hear that a that's. They're hey Jack hole. Oh what's happening joke. Alert or he'd come from. I don't make great video ports excellent and what is it that you do for work. Are okay club written. The eleventh president of the United States. James Polk. No idea had any trainer paddy tramp stamp apps you globally act Porsche now. Just like LB does. What are it. The tag Mac. Back in the day now tattoos they do 11 June 11 president. Well I you know yea you remember they used to brand to the people they thought or which is ranked these did you Daryl Johnston it I mean they locked in the square in shackles and through rotten tomatoes your face. If that happened like when he was like fourteen or some had a bad experience then turned out to be the president got off back. You aren't yes some nickel back just because maybe something is like that and that was. Determined agers a major experience is like and he got to get detective turned him into a great guy to become the price. Well I will tell you us. He did not have a trim stampede did have a tact to go I he may have been the only president habitat due. It was indeed Chinese letter that meant he eager. So he had an early Chinese. I I because I. Yeah. James Bolton president. That chick and here is you're right about that alone right at that. What's Brian. That where do you come from Brian. I felt that time strategy game Molina courtyard. OK. Eighty. Per cent of couples Aaron. Wearing socks during sex. Reach orgasm. While only 50%. Of those who do not Wear socks. During sex too easy reach orgasm. That backed or she Mac Brian. But there are okay. I looked back the. You say he's sad fact I yeah I get a good for you my friend it is well now. That if you have a circulation issue of blood flow in your legs yeah net stockings. Now will help solve that issue a final which means a blood flow will be some flowing back out front here lags far. Through earlier genitals. Which we all now blood is what makes the big Villa de gras and now who how alarmed. I had puzzled by using this fall line fat. Hey is there anything hot air than an old man in his vengeance is that. Oh in Stockton tonight because he has this circulation yeah. Velcro shoes that I expect I'm sure it would urge. Robert ways span on hello hey Jim. Good morning Jim how Mario. Body where do you come from. OK a woman in South Korea. I don't know past. Has failed her driver's test 777. Times you know that is not major now is send an. Factors factor smack the yeah. I mean I've got so believable that everybody AKI mean opera and it's period there are no rules or regulations or how many times you guarantee. And I just do era Smart anyway for Simon does it affect how it is if four rules owner that poor woman you know what. She might wanna give up when she gets to 800. She is failed her driving test. 700 and probably acts in two cars in her own driveway at three random yet. Oh I get a pay I don't know what happened in the Mir. When I left and Bill Clinton is fine them. Somebody must have been getting in the parking is somebody hit me in the parking lot C then I guess he looks like into white piano that I was convinced that I hate Barack that has nothing to do with me I and. Somebody must scrape meanwhile in part I would I would enter is there anymore some. Is there anything. Worse than the people that perceived to have to pull into a big it's an open parking spot up. That there's only enough room for a contract are because your driving an SUV I then there's an SUV and the other one and two slides over and then they Shanahan has some skinny crickets on warrants Kravis. None and a great big problem for chain Ares is trying to get in that door when there's not enough run to get in that door that that is a real issue.