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7-22-14 Traci Bingham

Tue, 22 Jul 2014|

Baywatch Tv Show Star Live In Studio

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. My lord I gotta tell you this is quite a pleasure I just took. -- Fantastic Celtics. -- -- with our next guest. Tracy Bingham that is the most creepy Dorothy I know he didn't wait I'm really I'm framing down. Well yeah he's going mine -- here let me tell you something Casey Bingham has quite possibly. The most enormous boobs average seat to history here -- do O'Donnell tonight I mean I don't I don't yeah. My daughter right. I know I mean I don't look you're beautiful. You're thirty well thank you finally huh well well let me tell you something I am still unlike the alligator I'm I'm still feeling the effects of that -- that -- yeah. Just moments ago back but yeah I mean -- it it those are I assume there -- natural -- they. That my bra and you know the -- for women are listening out there. Used. That command and I'm not only or actually no secret that China and try to. Like maybe is your brom meet them like used robber and an -- -- I like they're just they're there they're vaulted into the. Into the there yet you think about a lot of -- last night at what and the the illicit money there and I tweeted a picture. Danielle says that it's creepy but it's on my Twitter feed Greg don't be a -- this yeah we have done. The star of Baywatch Cambridge's own. -- and everything -- born and raised in Cambridge where did you live in Cambridge when you're gonna. Right near in Europe and across the street means urban school -- Belmont -- where I went I have to you know. You know name drop by did get a high school with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and then car for the -- might -- Stan now Patrick Ewing and -- -- Robinson home. Max it's so that was on Doogie Howser and The Sopranos yeah yeah it is what it -- yeah I was agree. Great when you leave home all planned out good I think are kind of caught and our line of Garcia looked at Matt Damon's body work in and you look at the that they want to look at that crazy and aerial threats and let's be honest I mean he is. You -- you so adorable you know. When I first met Matt is the present I personally it really great to build -- but definitely on a pretty cool yeah I didn't. What do you see him again you're up after about yeah they're little -- got little. Well again I think Korea did he hit on in school. Done. I think. I'm not it was it was really Q he was acute guy is just horrible -- Now on mr. -- growers -- Matt Damon yeah a court test now how do you go from Cambridge. The Hollywood. We you know it's interesting I went from Cambridge the Hollywood because you being the youngest at that and children were poisoned and three girls in my family we get a lot of attention. So virus found you know interest in the arts and theater and music and all that -- the and I just. Decided to go far and I I went out I had to stand by a model I travel I did I had expected to. He contests you know you can't. Yeah with a whiny and -- -- Weiner yeah. It's an excellent. Funny because I used to do on bikini contests and and is to make my own out of my -- pending mean we're just pulling them not yet wasn't going back back ya -- and and the way to win these things -- honestly this is so horrible. It was by applause so I could ever figure out why this one girl was always winning its didn't have a great body throws -- -- is really nice that two people it's 'cause she was a war. I would like Islam if I -- I ask -- that she doesn't. Show the winning yeah. She was bending at the ways -- But she had her song that aside -- -- in -- -- Yeah yeah oh yeah movement. You yeah and apply of course you'll win it it wouldn't get the applause the so I. Saddam and play yeah yeah again I mean you're knocking me down I know in the senate has allowed have been about here's a. Taxed for Tracy -- 617 text I went to school there and she loves hockey players is that true. And did you date any hockey players in school and my aunts you know like I. See any player that but I know someone. -- -- A few people from the -- Yeah now I'm I was always very athletic and a sport I used to always. You know wanna do my Brothers that we're doing yeah. Hockey football baseball did you ever think about being a cheerleader is I actually was -- it -- in high school for a day but where do what's important what are. Let's it was football and I now in effect -- going to catch up I don't. -- -- pretty much not picked up but you know I was told. You that your thing that I get a split I couldn't get up -- Yeah I I I if I weren't good enough. I got the I'm your uncle George has been texting in from Falmouth the -- yeah yeah yeah this article George -- that is amazingly super very tight will be fairly yeah. Yeah it's very very tightly Atlanta and -- in the case. Now we know Martha's Vineyard every summer all nice. Yeah that's apparently -- that you know are now are you ever when you go to the beach. You ever feel like you need to run down the Lakeland on the beach would like the lifeguard. They're coming back whenever I think -- Yeah on the rescue I'll tell you I still have my read and watch -- you didn't help the plaque and I've got one for. -- you do become Electra is on the front cover that it will be -- -- -- -- the collection I LB as a Playboy collection that rivals that of most. Forty year old guys fathers -- and -- is bathroom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and there's just a victory from our trick for me and earth that it could be your W this might 897 points that. How -- you left out but that you were in LB celebrity threesome it was hand you and Erica -- India every yeah. For the I go to players tonight -- -- in the -- in on him. Through Judy's. Enough that they easy on and on her feet that is another matter -- -- -- flatter now what they do now speaking of the other girls. It's been -- the other girls and beyond just no possible way the Longo no possible. You know I honestly no we didn't know -- I yeah we certainly you know. We didn't get a line it was Everett was going to compete. Need to -- -- got in there is no competition panelist Pamela and done when she left the show I was still linemen and that's been karma electric Heymann. And I was married once before and she's actually in my -- -- so you know to say that I had current electorate and you know without and then tacos tonight. Yeah that's pretty an honor that's what -- -- its. Yeah yeah. You understand I wanna I -- you -- and and I'll -- let -- You have any effect on the -- yeah I don't know I didn't want to catch it did you have one bad -- Legos and then and then as a friend like it's -- -- you deliberately in my right downtown Julie Brown really. Amazing but these girls we didn't we -- really with each other just wanted to be hot like Pamela when addition for for -- They threw me in this red -- I thought it knowing and Hackett and it may now. And I looked at the label with -- there and it did fit you know yeah. -- different no one got a -- now. I actually had her crotch and the thing since it that I am wearing that's fantastic whereas the national right out of course it's perfect now. Dominant and play her. So what about Hasselhoff. Half up his brain down I just couldn't believe when I first met him Holly Hughes is really big upper body the bill yeah. Now -- -- -- must have been having sex with some of the girls aren't you know what there's the rumored but he was married you're down the time of course yet. But you know -- Yeah I mean but he never -- down like did you did you ever get the indication that you know he would like to I've always does with -- -- -- Yeah I would ever ever ever -- Course that's where he hasn't -- well -- it's the medical term for now what is really did did you ever have like the indication that he would like to run well. When I first got on its now IA on with supposed to be logging in right. And then something happened and he became someone out -- and I don't really know what that -- spend. Yeah there was that what was that about maybe where you are flirting with a minimum -- well honestly I don't think that they want is ready for an interracial relationship -- -- -- -- I'll lights on on really no added myself and has its line used Hispanic now -- and then it just. Chain till may be the hot so you saying -- as a racist he's -- I personally wanted it to the approached me to do the role but I think guys -- the dynamics of the so it wasn't a big deal. That eat that you were going on that show from like from ground breaking point of view like. It was a huge deal to be the first considered you know in minority already to be on shows such as -- with the number one highest rated down in history. It's still is I know a lot of the cast members -- paying residuals from being constantly and for me it was amazing I didn't know that I was making a difference in the world or. You know being a woman of color on a show like app but it was such an honor and when I first got -- My first check. I got my director Eric my name that they -- -- -- I've made yeah you made it. A little from it straight. -- -- -- watch Baywatch is like massive in Australia Max and I can accidents of them and -- still write titles yeah went Budapest everywhere that's crazy. Yeah. Yeah but yeah well and must not let him later that number is -- I don't know I mean. Just let him run down the beach for their bare boobs bounce around in the there's a plot lines that -- -- -- right. What was your favorite plot. He had to pick one out of all of them -- Every single Baywatch episode the orient what is your favorite. Funny because just at the time when you'd think they would they wanted to do isn't as sort of a generational thing on the -- We had my mom who is you know a nonwhite person commit a white person and get to the mother. Do you know welcome back Carter yeah that's yeah it was the wife. Welcome back party might not play your mom yeah yeah and -- really fun and then there's this big. We do you know I -- adopted and then I find out that she's my mom and then a big hurry -- -- tight -- and a -- -- -- this is. I'll -- I'm sorry I want it done that -- -- I know. Real plot typhoons and a lot of titans California yeah there paramilitary -- and I -- Christopher yeah it's camping now because they'll get is still get a -- When you do yeah yeah -- yeah they do -- they'll let you know -- -- and they go down a little bit. Now when did you did you go crazy like spending money in and -- like you know it did you get into like doing drugs. I know we did drugs and I love my I love my revered being asked. -- Does this morning what are. Iran you know you should do what do you should do a little while commercial. Can you say that again who -- and -- say the what what should I do to men when I do you know what let me tell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I. That's no secrets you should elect a commercial like a revered -- commercial for Russell put up on out of I would love you know we'll put the can Nestle can read between -- -- -- right here yeah -- right there the coolers that right there are you -- -- now I say it's your -- are you engaged and I will be okay now a married and yeah -- I was engaged and more I'm. A minute and a great relationship now but this is just covering new to throw guys like me off. Or she had this I -- not I'm not sure right. He's got the eyes seemed cared -- you're here in Ireland and Italy I'd like to and regulate regulate I don't got a shot. I don't know I don't know I love your bearing trees here gonna go sell my truck. Now what about this this text there wants to know about the surreal life. And what about Ron Jeremy did he declare my god -- Deborah sexson ride and here's the deal just to make it all for the record I did not hook up reminder I never happen acted and well. We are friends though I met him before it on the line. I with a guy and he goes on and on talking about and I think yeah Arctic. He got penis and and everyone wants to -- and then I. An item on and I have never I never -- -- has more now -- with a friend and ally he's very intelligent. -- the piano player he's. Given -- business it -- yeah that's taken. I mean he did the only thing for me with with they had charge and I loved me he comes marshals now is he did that one warrant. We're used a mechanic -- and he was the mechanics overall but any service himself and I upgrade -- -- what -- just never did that. One of the -- just can never get then I was unexpected I didn't get it I didn't know I was comment and and then now when you. You know great and -- tiger or I should examine what is it how you doing -- it -- in the united Internet and thanks to you can never get it reminds us. At the -- hold on to bring you bet -- Okay have a little ladies well and I you -- -- wanted to -- on you saw the inside the owners. Well or not yet there's and a lot of. There's a lot of muted amid the you you're sending your tweeting some new pictures last night right in my general direction yeah it's I can't help it -- -- -- Session now doesn't coordinator and now are you somebody we are you somebody who'll just. And you know play along with my Tennessee on the -- imagine Tracy -- them. I imagine that you just walking around the house -- all the time like in the shower out of the -- are you somebody who likes to be make it a -- I do but you know I let my -- So you just Wear like mormons I just think they're sexy and it monitor them okay so just like warmest not gone -- you know I thought I. Like at the Playboy Mansion I was I was hosting an event every year for the season becoming -- -- economic breast cancer foundation. So I'm in a long story short I thought that. And I ain't broke my. And I ain't what it Pauly Shore push you off. Yeah I'm I don't know what -- actually -- the yeah -- -- totally yeah -- has yet to say I was. -- to the hospital for five days I was attraction and I it was just a map and so I have -- -- my lag from the surgery yes and to cover and sort of bring body -- I Wear my. You regulate more hours and then and nothing else now are you now when you -- on Baywatch. I would assume that it there must've been. Actors. Showing up all the time on the they watched that. Deterrent to. Because they wanted to try to hook up but the girls so that I feel like it's ultimately but I'm imagining like Burt Reynolds and some of the -- never -- like what are cover. Those guys. Where they -- was everybody to everybody must have been the only famous personal world must have been trying to -- -- And I just tell you we each girl each person on the show you know David at -- news from -- -- readies for women yes he's doing a standup paddle board. 26 mile competition panel this week and I is amazing but we each had about I don't know four different security guards on a trailer and a time to mean you couldn't. You couldn't go you couldn't go anywhere -- there's always someone lurking around to get our young not yeah that's not to have security we have Christopher. -- shot -- would have been -- council now for. But they're allowed to help create a bad hand -- -- in the community and the senate -- -- you -- -- -- and improve -- well listen. Just to tell. The. On somebody said that day you read in the interview with the -- where you said you had a three some. Would with a boyfriend. And and there and somebody had a problem with controlling their. They're they're bodily functions the unit do you remember that story here. You know anything about you remember that particular threesome her. This somebody's texting and right now I did I hit it. A good thing they said that day soon you two oldest story with that you'd think you told us well. A cartoon that's probably manager. -- -- and I don't you know I. Member of that now again in -- -- -- -- boyfriend's friend or something happening and now. Now all right good but I know I remember I told it would tell you of course of course it would yeah she would tours while I mean who hasn't had a migraine I mean don't care who doesn't have thousands of threesome. You know I'm -- I mean who has good possibility. Who has since. Are there are so listen what he was so I -- how. How -- are you you're here for a long pay period and I'm not I'm here yeah. Yeah and I'm here and cost an arm around them here state and yet and you are amazing and so do you just decide -- like because he you know you talk about posting stuff and he has got to look through hey this person wants me do this and this is what I wanna do -- this is how do you figure out what you're gonna do -- well I love. I love the bit that's a look entertainment -- you know communications pilot posting acting and modeling and it's just it's just me I'm just. Isn't outgoing -- gallon afterward and and and I love being here -- I think you should take over the span. Sure you shouldn't the yeah yeah. Tell -- -- I'd be fired right now yeah. Yeah like at 9 o'clock Florida. I don't need to steal it. -- the video contact. Contact -- -- and forget you all you are you gotta be content on -- I can't -- just like and I'd like to correct I have. Federal directing credit.