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Hill-Mail 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the pin on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now beats you to your new talk as though Hill Man Morning Show presents Lil man up. Time now for excuses your wife has been used yet. Did and other it is the most it's so you know at the beginning. On WAA. Like today's mail messages brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on route one the auto mile or online act Cadillac nor would it dot com. Landing in 806. AM. They're like Coke. That aren't. Bob and get like a robot or revise. Like a boat they get there and appreciated because what woman walked no 1 o'clock and I bet they like I don't get caught. And the methods that yesterday that inside the simple mail mine woman was upset because again Bonner are part pervert yes I mean. It's useful. As LB said would you rather ride your bike to work I have just these kind of things are used frankly you forget you know think think about the outside yes side is night and drive your car to meet your girlfriend's down the Martinis on Friday and really enjoyed that it was Monday. They're all in Indiana. Well. Are. You won't yeah. They're building there part of my body or you control what does it. Now yeah otherwise. Another issue with guys who. I'm giving it to the public displays of affection so. I'm tomorrow morning we'll go inside the warped female brain at 721 me. And then show lives on from US steel be and hear him say bottom. They've got the shown a great guy in and will occupancy with children while his bills just about this time that that day 8 o'clock. I Texan wants and now if he can downer accidentally looked at Tracy doing them again and that moves I didn't notice I almost dead how is early but yeah I mean America is still. Like guys up buys up anxiety. I. I hope and I hope it in that's a clear violation of your religious code morality and only ever yet fewer votes needed to put that infomercial abrupt about an hour. To me twelve put attitude and again. I'm gonna get it at true is that portrait of obeyed. Our my but he can only in men and ram amount gun and they. Erect then we'll hear that well BAQ. Is that. They look good in Manhattan but with a bag and local theater it that that all mode cratered and all. And the message for what it's not Fat Tuesday today because there will be again LB said he got sick. And then he advocate. Yes I could I went to a convention as a way to switch that's been a crazy idea crazy thing I don't feel old. In the book and read thought about calling your rent these record but aren't part people who gave heading to Oman you know that's great to block. We won't punishment if thank you it's. Doesn't. Interview broadcast. We allowed him. 530 rural he had. Get quote get a clue what you gotta do. What can do you want to sample you. And at that point we get it done that jetBlue story. Big gonna have you hired this guy. I mean I get quietly cut in and he has been so yeah I heard this morning okay yeah. This is just this jetBlue pilot. When David Boston I think it landed like thought now I'm sorry he was arrested. At 540. On Boston Common. Believe that prostitute. And did. They were trying to buy that hammer on the route. It's that's comforting. Compared. And the and a flight I think the next morning the morning third yup I'm sure it would have been fine yep I'm not sure what what's the how one does it take to come down from each I don't know much. You know like I've never done it so I don't know with the cover recovery time is kind of regime Kenya fly a jet when your time and I heard the obviously been decoded by it and the argument he gave to police was I was only trying to get laid out we actually. Channel seven read and that. From his statement that he is that. Basically what he said great excuse. His excuse was I was only trying to get laid I don't wanna there and how many things in app like in the history of the world. How many things has that particular statement been responsible for almost every. Everything comes because Amin and right is only trying immediately. It shows where drug problem we had it. And then how can you trust anyway and you're flying a plane full. Many passengers you shouldn't be summoned ever compromising position however. That's just a shame you know his public we hold the airline pilots to a higher standard. He would those are witnesses there are people I guess they asked that the airport yesterday about it yes that's. Elephant lover Jack you don't turn you know pilots should be held to a higher standard oh it's okay if there hammered. But the heroin sack that sex over the top. I'm in I'm only trying to get laid that's what I'm I'm doing parish I mean RD army excuse. The rates excuse so we are so he has been fired he has been fired allies that is comforting. 640 choose old. Room 911 worker emergency. Effort that the problem we're getting out on the Bloomberg who keeps. Else. Well what they're winning games iMac line now you set on fire he said post all star break yet they were gonna make their run for the playoffs at Georgia. Maybe that's what they're doing it subject maybe that would that used to mr. euphoria all star break and they're on a roll people from the pops me on the ball pat. I think we were open all him. Take Greg wondering. I'm in more where the that they deeply on the bandwagon Bosnian LP and the value sort they're sitting here in the air and head area. The endorsement in China met the B and can I guess that there and couple games out then I'll get back into it that five inevitable walker kid that's what they are easy to read ago now I'm in half.